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Multiple comics currently in the works! Work’s picking up though so I’m not sure if any of them will be up soon… The script for “Special” is complete though and it’s looking like it will be 20 sticknotes at least. And I promise to make each of you cry by the end of it! ^w^

Still working on the story for the Mistakes arc thingy but hopefully part 2 of that won’t be too far behind either. And there will be some other mini comics scattered in between as usual so don’t worry!

Charlie, Angel, Molly, Hilda, Crymini, Vaggie, and the silhouette wolves that I’ve been retooling into extras all belong to @vivziepop and I LOVE playing with her characters! She’s working on getting the legitimate Hazbin Hotel series it’s first pilot right now so go show her some support! X3

Zodiac Tag Rules: Pick your main characters of your blog, could be 1 or all of them, and state which zodiac sign they are. You can present it anyway you like! once you’ve done it tag others whose sims you want to know better

(thanks @notquiteaberrysim for tagging me)

Charlie is very much a cancer.

Cancer virtues: Emotional sensitivity, tenacity, nurturing

Negative traits: Over-sensitivity, negative moodiness

Em você que encontro a força para continuar de cabeça erguida e seguindo em frente, quando tudo desmorona de uma vez é difícil levantar a cabeça e seguir em frente mas encontro em você a força para continuar. Em você, na sua fé, esperança e vontade de vencer.
—  Are you really okay, Charlie?