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Two brothers follow their father’s footsteps as “hunters” fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.

it just occurred to me that Sam… doesn’t know that Dean plays guitar??? he says “drums” when the PR girl asks what Dean plays, and iirc he gives a bitchface at Dean fiddling with Lucifer’s guitar. obviously Dean didn’t tell him about Robin and Sonny until a couple of years ago, which is when Dean learned, but it’s surprising to me that in all those years Dean never let it slip that yeah, he knows a few chords.

so now not only am i emotional about Dean and guitars and not having a stable childhood to learn to really play like he wanted to, but also about how Sam still doesn’t know Dean as well as he thinks, that more often than not he believes or expects performed!dean rather than who Dean really is.

Can you believe that Misha Collins is a literal real life person that exists?

Can you believe that Jensen Ackles is living and breathing on the same earth as us right this very second?

Can you believe that Jared Padalecki is an actual human being that loves us with all his heart?

Can you believe that, out of thousands of years of civilisation, we’re privileged enough to be alive at the same time as these three men?

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MIMI! how are you still alive with all the rockstar!dean floating around??? those sunglasses! that jacket!! DAMN!!!

I. Am. Barely. Functioning.

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Oh, trust me sweetheart, I know.

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Barely functioning.