*spirited away

I had to search the meaning of the word eloped, and apparently it means to escape in some way with someone.

But just a second ago they were explicitly saying that she was spirited away, so what’s going on exactly?

He’s dead. The photographer’s dead and I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that it’s not a secret and that fact spread around the town.

What the fuck are these ladies saying?

Where? She lives?

That’s very strange phrasing right there. Are they talking in metaphors or something?

At this point Mr Cop man is the only person in this show I actually trust.

Please don’t turn that trust on me.

Understatement of the fucking century there.

“You know usually I would be wary about getting in a car with a stranger but after all the shit that happened I’ll jump into a fucking truck being driven by an ax murderer if it means getting away from this town.”

anonymous asked:

I'm a spirit worker and I've done acid way too many times ahhhh I feel like I've made a huge mistake I just did it a time when I didn't believe in spirit work. Was this a bad idea? Should spirit workers just stay away from drugs?

No, I think spiritual drug use is completely valid for spirit workers. I just think it is wise to be careful what you ask for.