*spirited away

good things i did today to help me feel more real:

- help my mom and dad put their new mattress on their bed
- studied some more russian
- took a long bath and listened to music
- took a pill that boosts testosterone (thank u @vaeolus)
- pet my cat until he got fed up and walked away
- put on all clean clothes
- washed my face and brushed my teeth
- now i’m folding laundry and watching spirited away
- later i might go to the gym

Two nude souls

Love between two nude souls
will be volcanic; Mount Vesuvius
screaming incomprehensibility in
a tomorrow’s recurring nightmare;
where it will turn you to cinder. 

You will watch, mouth agape from
an outside the grey of marrow exposed
from the white of bones.

Cinder will ponder eternity and
exchange sorrow for ash; whilst
the spirit in you blows away gracefully
in the arms of forgiveness and
eventual peace:

The gust of a cold winter wind which
travels long distances to reenter
the weakening lungs of the one
you most love.