*spirited away

worth the wait

“imagine debuting.”

park minhyuk turns his head and raises a brow. he looks at moon bin, staring up at the ceiling of their training room with arms folded behind his head. “what?”

“debuting,” bin repeats. “imagine debuting.”

“we’ll get there,” minhyuk says. “we won’t stay here as trainees forever.”

“i know. i know we’ll debut, but think about it! imagine us on stage, all the lights and cameras and our own music blasting through the speakers, and we’re wearing those little headpiece thingies like cool idols do,” bin says, sweeping a hand across the air like he’s imagining it in front of him now. “and there’ll be a huge screen behind us with the name of the band we’ll be in, and our logo, and there’ll be so many fans, cheering and screaming and shouting, and not just here but all over the world. we’ll go on tours and tickets would be sold out in less than five minutes, and we get to see the world and go places we’ve only ever dreamed of visiting.”

bin props himself up on an elbow and looks at him, a little out of breath, eyes bright and twinkling. “wouldn’t that be great?”

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anonymous asked:

what if when yuuri first moved to detriot whenever he felt homesick he would put on spirited away and would quietly repeat chihiro's "i think i can handle it" after her father says "a new home, a new school. it can be a little scary"

That’s so adorable!