How can you NOT love these two?

Just cuteness….Just so so cute…

Maybe I should show the men in my life their chemistry…?  So they can be sweet like this too?

Of course it would probably help if I were a cute as THIS Emma!  

But, it just appears that they are best friends…

Best friends who can sell on screen…

And off….Take note ladies and gentlemen….Love should look like this.  Then again…my luck, I’m fascinated with it, and they are probably really mean to each other.  LOL

Nah, Still adorable.


Spider-Man 2.1 - MJ and Louise shoe shopping deleted scene

Here we learn how really emotionally abusive MJ’s home life was, and her motivations for marrying John. It’s a quiet little scene, so I can see why they cut it, but oh, poor MJ.

We all wear masks, Spider-Man. But which one is real? The one that hides your face, or the one that is your face?
—  Green Goblin