SHINee × SPICA - Tonight’s View

Whatever it is you imagined, I’ll show you everything

The starlight that shines brightly from far away (such a beautiful view),

the wind that knocks on my shoulders (such a beautiful view)

It all shines on me and I dream once again (show me more, the next view)

The sun that will rise tomorrow morning is for us (such a beautiful view)

We tightly hold hands and it raises me up so I can sing again 



sometimes i want to crawl to you and hide under your skin. but when i am at the verge of making it. i remember that there’s no place for me in your body. not even between your fingers — not between the sighs that left your mouth. and it’s so unfair that you are all over me. between the blinks in my eyes. between the air leaving my lungs. so i leave — or at least i try to. because i’ve made the worst mistake. i made a home of you — a home of someone who doenst even made love to me.

tracks for when you really are tired, broken, and in love hurt. listen

SPICA only have vocals, they don’t have dance nor the looks or the variety skills nor the stage presence. For me KPOP is more than being able to sing, it’s being able to PERFORM! So even though you say SPICA is the most underrated group ever, I really don’t agree.

“The Maiden [Virgo, the Constellation], who carries an ear of grain [the first-magnitude star Spica - Στάχυς, "ear of grain” and name of the chief star in the constellation Virgo, Spica Virginis] in her hand, is no other than the Dynamis hêliakê (“Power of the Sun”) that cares for the fruits of the Earth: for that reason, She is identified with Justice, who alone causes those fruits to sprout and come forth for the benefit of men.“ (Macr. Saturnalia, I 21.24)