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Sleeping Lions 

Letter To Daddy 

Before Spencer

Roadside Attraction


You Make Me Wanna Jump

Alone Together




Kiss And Tell

The Day After

Five Years Later 

I realized I'm gay

I know I said I was bisexual but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and all my life, I have never been attracted to guys, I just told myself I was. I remember in Middle School, when all my friends were talking about the cute boy in class, I just said, “He’s not my type.” I eventually said that about a lot of guys to the point where my friends thought I was weird. They were obsessing over boy bands, I was obsessing over The Spice Girls or Taylor Swift. I remember there was a boy who I was really good friends with and I thought, “He’s nice and not bad looking so I’ll crush on him.” This continued through high school and my first couple of years in college. Looking back, I never really felt any attraction towards them. But there was one female friend of mine that I would get this weird feeling around. It was like butterflies and I would look at the door to my college classroom waiting for her to come in. One day she texted me saying she was sick and wouldn’t be in class so she needed me to take notes for her. My heart sank when I realized she wouldn’t be there. I think I knew I had a crush on her but I didn’t want to admit it. I had those feelings for years about other female friends but never with guys, not even the guy I dated in high school. I think the only reason I said I was bisexual was so when I came out to my parents, they would have some hope I would be with a guy. Saying, “I’m bisexual ” didn’t feel as right as saying, “I’m gay”. I feel much happier saying this than ever before. I’m gay and I’m happy with it, finally. I finally feel like I’m the real me. Im out to two of my friends who are also gay and live in my town. I feel like a better person and friend now that I’m finally me.


1st - List of my f/f ships that crashed and burned… too many to count, take your pick -_- 

2nd- List of my f/f ships that lived happily ever after… Spashley, Brittana, Doccubus 

3rd- List of my woc/woc ships even given a chance to make it at all… Emaya, Jocelyn/Camila, Sara/Adele?

Do you know how hype I was to see spashley? I had my question all ready too. That show meant SO much to me when I was a young little confused queer. You have no idea. But my integrity is more important, that’s why I’ve chosen to no longer attend.