Satan has a hold of France, we need to knock him off his perch, we are the soldiers of the army of the church…

So I just got back from seeing the Book of Mormon and I am so amused by thinking of BoM AU with Enjolras and Grantaire it just works so well, the pretty boy that’s trying so hard and the sloppy geek…

Imagine them singing You and Me But Mostly Me (”Cuz I can do most anything!”“And I can stand next to you and watch!”) Then they go to France and meet all the amis who are all the ridiculous missionaries in their sparkly vests (this au is HORRIBLE) And Enjolras is trying to help Grantaire control his gay urges but instead just gets some of his own… malfaux lets rp this please I’m not kidding.

(And btw baby Aaron Tveit would have been suchhhh a good Elder Price omg)

Talk to me about this AU reply to me about this AU this is important.


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halfrobotchicken’s Author Interview

We assume everyone is familiar with what is arguably the greatest Brittana fanfiction rom-com to happen EVER (2859, DUH) so we are thrilled to bring you Haflrobotchicken’s hilarious Author Interview!  Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions and to the fandom for sending them in!

1) What do you think are your particular strengths as a Brittana writer? What do you wish you did better? (Submitted by Lindsey via email)

I’ve been told I write decent dialogue.  I hope that I captured Brittany and Santana’s voices in there somewhere.  While actually writing 2859, I thought every chapter was crappier than the one before. Reading it again a year or so later, I realized that there were some pretty sparkly moments. (Sparkly = moderately funny.)

I wish that I had done soooo many things better.  I wish the story had been a little tighter. I wish I had a beta for the first half of it. I wish I had written with a bit more emotional depth. I wish the ending had been not quite so abrupt.  I wish the sequels had been planned a little more. I wish I had come up with a better title!!

To answer the question more generally, though, I wish I wrote details and nuances better.

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anonymous asked:

hc that nico paints will's nails a lot, esp when he's nervous or jittery bc it calms him down so will is walking around camp with sparkly pink nails lookin bomb as heck and after a while aphrodite kids led by piper end up going to see nico when they want to make their nails extra pretty. nico is really good and will is so happy because dang he's fashionable and his boyfriend is the best


I CAN’T EVEN PAINT ONE NAIL IT’S SO COMPLICATED and i don’t like it but mom/sis says i gotta look feminine and i’m like ‘sure i’ll do it in an hour’ but alas my nails are still virgin

braidedribbon asked:

In a universe where Nori a sort of ruler among the thieves and crooks - Everyone ships them. Other thieves organize circumstances so they meet. Other guard make Dwalin the only one available to see Nori when necessary. Pickpockets slip things either 'from' or for Nori into Dwalin's pockets. Dori, Ori and Balin organize /numerous/ mandatory family dinners. Nori and Dwalin are clueless.

thieves leaning against their cell’s bars and gossiping with the guards, Balin hearing Dwalin’s friends giggle and mention what was up, Dori and Ori half kicking out Nori’s buddies out of their house but stopping to coo over their idiot being so clueless… yes


It has come to my attention that at least one user is advertising my Venetian accents as retired and I want to get it out there that this is not the case, nor will it ever be while I’m still lingering on FR.

My lists may open and close sporadically, but I try to have the ones in current demand open. If I had unlimited gems, I’d do as many prints as needed to see everyone gets what they want a bit faster, BUT WE ALL KNOW A GEM GENE IS COMING AND I HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR SPARKLY DRAGONS.

If anyone is trying to sell you or anyone else one of my accents above 500g, please don’t let yourself be ripped off. Come to my thread and throw yourself at an order/ping list. Heck, I might even have some spares lying around.

IF YOU’RE A SELLER WHO NO LONGER WANTS ONE OF MY ACCENTS, let me know and I’ll help you pass it on to someone on my pinglists for the original price of 500g. Sorry if you were made to pay more than that :c

Also a reminder that I am currently trying to get enough preorders for a print of my Venetian Male Imps, Both Male and Female Wildclaws, Male Skydancers, Female Ridgebacks, Male Snappers and Male Pearlcatchers

But guys? This is just the day 1 of her 1989 tour in Tokyo. She still need to perform tomorrow. You get what I mean? More thrilling surprises. More sparkly costumes (crop tops). More groundbreaking performances. More mind blowing vocals. More enchanting visuals. More creative choreography. Last but not the least, more lucky fans who’ll meet Taylor.

How to protect yourself: Lightworkers are highly sensitive, sparkly, and empathetic individuals.We not only feel others emotions but we can also absorb them. People are naturally drawn to the light that healers exude. This means we will attract all sorts of people into our lives, especially those in need. The emotions we absorb from others can manifest into our own energetic fields either physically or psychically or even both!  Source: http://spiritualitytemple.com/spiritual-quotes/

So I just woke up with lots of notifications and I’m in tears. I followed the people who reblogged and followed me but I got blocked…. Right.
I wish i could still give Taylor my letter, that’s all. :)
Today I’ll have a LED, being sparkly and maybe the poster, I still dunno. But I’ll have a white tee which says 89 with a black jeans. Not much but everything from yesterday is now stinky. 😂