etsyfindoftheday | 7.23.16

STEAL OF THE WEEK: mini glitter jars by anastasiamarieshop

choose from fat or fine glitter in many color options — these are only a few — starting at only $3.50!! sparkle city.



This site sells lovely hand dyed fabric up to 18 count in aida and up to 40 count in some linens. They’ve got standard fabric that they hand dye as well as fabric called CRYSTAL that has a kind of sparkly glittery stuff woven right into it. They’re having their annual 25% off sale on July 25th. I’m sharing because I thought my stitchy friends might want to check it out. 

My favorite is called Tycho 

and there’s this one called legacy that looks super old and weathered 

and of course they have other stuff too


Inja and I were going through the channels and there was a shitty monster snake vs monster snake movie, only the scene we saw was a couple making out in a car. The guy opens the door and goes down on the girl, she leans back and is enjoying herself. Suddenly giant snake appears and drags the guy off. She’s pouting about how he stopped but doesn’t open her eyes. The snake enters the car. She moans harder than before and comes and goes all ‘oh shit you’re so good’ and looks down. Presumably sees the snake. Screams. Cut to black.
B movies are magical