“Colors” of the Sun

The human eye can only see a very small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, less than a billionth of a billionth of the whole thing. Considering the amazing things we can see with our own eyes, what wonders are we missing out on with the rest of it? Fortunately we have developed instruments that can detect much of the rest of it and software that can turn this data intopictures that our eyes can interpret.

The image below represents eleven slices of the electromagnetic spectrum (and two other forms of detection in greyscale), only two of which are normally visible to the human eye. All of these images were taken of the same event and yet look very different. This demonstrates how you can observe many different things from a variety of wavelengths.

Six of the images are depicting the emission spectra of eight different iron ions at various temperatures ranging from 600,000K – 20,000,000K (1,000,000 – 36,000,000°F). These highlight varying parts of the sun’s corona and flares, giving indications as to the local magnetic field lines of the sun. One of them is looking at a piece of helium’s emission spectrum at 50,000K (90,000°F) and tells us about the sun’s chromosphere (upper atmosphere). Another looks at 160nm, belonging to carbon at 10,000K (17,000°F), giving hints about the uppermost portion of the sun’s photosphere (lower atmosphere).

Three of the other images show portions of the spectrum given off by the sun’s black body radiation. Each of them reveals details of the sun’s photosphere (surface) and indicates temperature differentials. One of them is in the ultraviolet, 170nm, another in the visible range, 450nm (blue/purple), and the last is a broad sweep of the visible spectrum, what it would look like to the human eye.

This image only covers pieces from 9.4nm to about 7000nm: low energy x-rays, ultraviolet, and visible light; it doesn’t incorporate gamma rays, high energy x-rays, infrared, microwave, or radio waves, each of which can yield its own fascinating discoveries. Imagine what more there is for us to see and learn by looking at the universe with “wider” eyes!


In the next few days I’ll be covering some of these topics in more detail such as the composition and range of temperatures of the sun, how these things produce different wavelengths of light, what the two greyscaled images are, and what different wavelengths reveal about the rest of our universe.

Image Credit
Further Information:
Sun Primer
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory
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31 Insanely Clever Products To Organize Your Whole Life

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Clothespin Carrier

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Houses Necklace Display

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GRID-IT Accessory Organizer and Tablet Pocket

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Motorized Tie Rack

It’s like Cher’s rotating closet in Clueless…only for ties.

Keyboard Note Holders

Have a lot of things you need to remember? Let these guys help you out. They display your reminders right where you’ll be sure to see them: on your keyboard.

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Ti ho visto lì e ho pensato “Oh mio Dio, guarda quel viso”, assomigli proprio al mio prossimo sbaglio.
—  Taylor Swift, dalla canzone “Blank Space”.

Wow, I love it, incredible dress …

I WANT IT !!!!!

my favorite sugamon headcanons are the ones where they take care of each other in quiet ways that still scream out “i love you”

for example:

  • namjoon leaving sticky notes everywhere in the recording room reminding yoongi to eat
  • and vice versa
  • yoongi leaving sending namjoon simple and straight-to-the-point texts like “you have to shower later” or “you’re doing great”
  • also vice versa
  • namjoon making yoongi comfortable on the couch when he takes his naps on there
  • yoongi dropping a jacket on namjoon’s shoulder when it gets cold
  • namjoon giving yoongi space when he needs to focus
  • yoongi sitting alongside namjoon in comfortable silence when he knows namjoon feels lonely
  • yoongi and namjoon silently cheering each other on in each other’s solo careers
  • namjoon and yoongi sharing the couch to sleep
  • just yoongi and namjoon supporting each other no matter what, and they do that sometimes without even having to say words

I don’t really get physics and all that math stuff like I feel like they just made up those numbers and formulas to seem smart and get lucky when they make space ships

Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741 from Hubble

How could a galaxy become shaped like a ring? The rim of the blue galaxy pictured on the right is an immense ring-like structure 150,000 light years in diameter composed of newly formed, extremely bright, massive stars. That galaxy, AM 0644-741, is known as a ring galaxy and was caused by an immense galaxy collision. When galaxies collide, they pass through each other – their individual stars rarely come into contact. The ring-like shape is the result of the gravitational disruption caused by an entire small intruder galaxy passing through a large one. When this happens, interstellar gas and dust become condensed, causing a wave of star formation to move out from the impact point like a ripple across the surface of a pond. The intruder galaxy is just outside of the frame taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. This featured image was taken to commemorate the anniversary of Hubble’s launch in 1990. Ring galaxy AM 0644-741 lies about 300 million light years away.

Image Credit: Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI), J. Higdon (Cornell) ESA, NASA


Marcius Galan 

Bandeirinha (Bunting), 2013

Inert, 2013

Intersection=0, 2013

From the series “Geometric Progression”


Marcius Galan explores the metaphorical capacities of space and our relation to it through his wide- ranging practice which includes installation, sculpture, photography and video. 

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hi, could i ask your opinion on something? i need to know how an agender/nonbinary person would fit into our culture. i tried asking my elders but one blatantly ignored me and the other called me a weirdo & said we're a "pure race" whatever that's supposed to mean.... any non transphobic indigenous australians know the answer?

I’m not sure I can personally answer that question because I am a cis woman, however I do have a few non-binary Indigenous followers who might be happy to have a chat with you (to those people, please message this person if you’re up for that, help mob out xx)? However I do know that there is no one way to be Indigenous. There is space and a place for you in the community. It’ll take some time to figure out what you can and can’t do regarding men’s/women’s business and what cultural dances/duties you can partake in… but don’t feel as though you can fit in because your elders don’t understand you. Sorry I can’t be of more help. :( Xx

I want to sleep. 

I want to fall, fold myself into dying light, 

That cold and calm unknown, 

The blindness that whispers, 

That wellspring of black things. 

I want the night to swallow me whole. 

I want to tumble and churn, 

Through shade, out of space and time. 

I want that Elsewhere to eat me alive, 

To drown in the dark 

And wash up gently on the shores 

Of tomorrow morning.

Words by jaiwrestledabearonce

way back in 2013, i did a four page strip for the boom! adventure time winter special, but it got cut due to space reasons or something. i don’t think it was/will be ever used, but i still really like the first page of it, so hopefully it’s ok for me to share it here >_>;

it was about marceline being the santa claus of ooo.

oh my god.. dec 5… the day i shed an entire waterfall of TEARS bro i am telling you. first up i’m gonna be meeting my bestfriend in the morning and spending an ENTIRE DAY with her and I will probably just burst into tears the minute i see her theaustralianswiftie… also meeting a bunch of other cuties and who knows i might get a bit emo. but then ALSO it will be the 1989 tour and ofc i’m gonna get hella emotional in the lead up to taylor performing like my emotions will just take over and i will be crying before every1 else.. and THEN when taylor is actually performing.. like at least three times during her performaance dude i am TELLING YOU… first when she comes onto the stage because my emotions will be like JFHAJF and then when she sings a sad song and then when she sings a REALLY happy song because u know.. i might even get so hardcore into blank space that i start tearing up.. who knows. and then there’s the OFF CHANCE that I might get to meet taylor that night and holy shit.. let me tell you.. the tears will be streaming my friend, i will stand in front of that v tall v beautiful angel and just blubber out ‘thankyou i love you’ and it will be so embarassing.. but ANYWAY that is the tru story of my tears on dec 5