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Bana çok bilinmeyen 5-10 tane tumblr hesabı önersene ^^

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How do you think Harry would react if the missus had to go to bed every night with spot cream over her face on her pimples? Specially when they first started dating and she was a bit embarrassed and blushy about it and cringed about him seeing her, but all he wanted was cuddles. I imagine him to be suuuuuper cute about it and make her feel loads better 🙊

It wouldn’t faze him a bit! He’d tell her she was ‘So cute with your little creams on, love.’ And kiss her all over and and snuggle her close when they crawl into bed. And he would be all like ‘Might have to borrow some ah that.’ while prodding at a spot of his own on his face. ‘Smells nice too.’