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Okay but that's the exact same thing they said with Sophia at first wtf. Also Celine looks like a mix of Sophia and Daniele so like do they have a face search for girls that look a certain way

Literally every girl looks the same (and this is coming from a white skinny brunette) and they are all “fashion models” and “students” (except for Danielle):

Same girl, same tactics. 

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Hi! I wonder if hold hands with your bf or gf is really necessary every time you go out. I mean, couples in love can walk one beside the other without the need to hold hands. It's normal. Unless you are trying too hard to sell a fake relationship as real. Ugh. 😠😠😠

Hi Anon,

Oh I know though those who believe in all this could argue that when you’re faced with tons of paps then you’d want to hold onto that person to give them comfort at a time when the paps are all over the place and you’re a bit exposed.

Personally I loved the method adopted by Liam last year.  That’s the way to do it.

I also love Paddy. 

And the barrier Zayn put between him and Gigi this week with the phone in between their hands was a masterstroke. 

They’ve all always been last at holding hands and making it look real anyway, or dragging them along behind them or in front of them in a way that looks anything other than romantic.  

Them’s not goals. 

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melly lmao that tatoo artist zayn was with tattooed eleanour lmao i can't

I guess the tattoo artist Jon Boy is a popular guy this week! Promo from Zayn (that tied in with a Zigi beardy stunt and got syndicated in dozens of major publications), and promo from Eleanor (who also apparently happens to be with Sophia!):

For SOME Larries, Sophiam were real because they were low-key in the first few months of their “relationship”. Like, okay… Sorry to break this to you, but just like Payzer, Elounor, Zerrie, Haylor and now Zigi, Lounielle and Chiam, Sophiam were always fake. Since the beginning. Just more orchestrated, so people who don’t pay too much attention to Liam, could believe it and still to this day embarrassing themselves thinking about them as a real couple. And even wishing them to come back so you could pretend again you care about Liam by posting cute pictures of the said never real couple.

Sorry but your “mom” is not coming home.

Dance For Me

,,- Więc co? Nosisz te całe rozkloszowane spódniczki, obcisłe rajstopy i chodzisz na piżama party ze swoimi przyjaciółeczkami? - zapytał, nie kryjąc ironii w swoim głosie i sprawiając, że młodszy chłopak wykrzywił usta w grymasie.

- A nawet jeśli, to co? - zapytał ostro tancerz, unosząc swoją brew do góry i krzyżując ramiona na klatce piersiowej. - Nie na tym polega balet, Louis. Balet to nasza pasja. Piżama party to tylko miły dodatek, by obgadywać takich dupków jak Ty.“

Lub AU, gdzie Harry tańczy balet, a Louis, wbrew własnej woli, powoli staje się oczarowany zwinnym pierwszakiem.

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