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(some of) The Team & their Instagram accounts.

No one has a bio except Fel because Thea is still working on hers.
Sara doesn’t do that kind of thing (Me tbh).
and Felicity made Oliver’s but like Sara he just decided to go without.

I don't understand Negan's wives...(mini rant)

If Negan risks his life out there in a walker infested, dangerous world, to make sure I have what I need to survive and look pretty without me even lifting a finger you best believe I would do anything he wants both sexually and affectionately, willingly of course,  just the way daddy likes and prefers it 😉 

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And honestly, as long as Negan takes care of me, what he does outside those sanctuary walls is none of my business because if daddy wanted me to know, daddy would tell me 💋

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I mean, what is there to not love about this man who respects consent, lays no hand on a woman, treats her like a queen, and showers her with nothing but love and a few naughty comments here and there?……..And all he asks in return is to be respected and for his significant other(s) to be faithful to him

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a message to my 14-15 year old teenage girl followers: being a teenage girl sucks - yes - but 14 and 15 are truthfully the most awful years. you’ll get through this though, stay strong and dear god do not compare yourself to others!!

I was tagged by the adorable @fairy-pot-mother to take a hit ✨💨I had some fun with this one 🎇🎆🌌

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A few scenes from @thrillingest’s So Let Us Not Be Lonesome fic~ I’m still in love with the first chapter and the interactions between all the chars ;v;

The end of our 2nd generation girl groups :(
  • KARA: Disbanded
  • 4Minute: Disbanded
  • 2NE1: Disbanded
  • Wonder Girls: Disbanded
  • T-ARA: Disbanded
  • SISTAR: Disbanded
  • Currently the only 2nd Generation Groups left are: SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, Miss A, f(x), After School, Nine Muses, Girl's Day, Davichi. (However some of these groups I suspect will disband, but their companies have not said anything yet)
The Girls’ Soccer Team That Joined a Boys’ League, and Won It
AEM Lleida recently conquered 13 boys’ teams in a junior regional league in Spain, where women’s soccer remains mostly a sideshow.
By Raphael Minder

I don’t know them but I’m proud of them


The Boy Squad + Instagram