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Who's your favorite winteriron artist?! Cat-solari's style is cute (those baby Winterirons *KILLED* ME!) Akabanii's art style and colors ALWAYS pop out, Kelslk-art did only one piece, but it's SUPER cute...You think they all plot against us before sharing their beautiful fanart?! X_X

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Where to Buy (One Piece) Figures

Actually here, have a post version of my page too. Share with more people!! Buy all the figures!! Descend into figure buying hell and have no money!!!!

Solaris Japan - Ok I’ll be frank, I’m part of their affiliate program and I do get paid if you buy through them. I have used them before, they often have figures that are sold out elsewhere so they’re good for finding rarer figures!

Hobby Link Japan aka HLJ - This is currently my number one shop for new figures! They have slightly higher prices than AmiAmi but the reason I shop more here now is they let you cancel pre-orders with no repercussions. So if I don’t have the money when a pre-order is nearing release I can cancel the order lol. Another great feature they have is their Private Warehouse! The PW lets you store paid for items for up to 60 days and you can combine items in it into different shipments to save money on shipping. HLJ will also only charge you if an item is in-stock. Shipping is charged immediately if you choose to have it shipped right away, if you select to put an item (even an in stock one!) in your PW you won’t be charged shipping until you create a shipment.

AmiAmi - They used to be my number one store for new figures as they offer a nice discount on pre-order figures but they tend to have rather expensive shipping as they pad their boxes a lot. They’re still a wonderful shop however! One thing they have over HLJ is a pre-owned section! The filters don’t really work though on it so don’t use them. They will also combine shipping but only by month. Payment is not due until figures come in stock.

Mandarake - Go here at your own risk, you will be broke very quickly! Mandarake is a chain of second hand stores across Japan. They have an online store but each store charges separate shipping. An item will say which store it’s from under the listing. Because they are physical store items may have sold by the time they get to your order so they don’t charge you until they confirm they have the items. They also have an option where on checkout you can select to cancel the order if certain items in the order are sold out. Be warned, shipping is not calculated until they message you with your order total and a payment link and if you cancel an order too many times they will ban you from making future purchases. Also while most of the stores have store fronts one of them does not. Sahra is a warehouse and all purchases are guaranteed and you will get your shipping total at checkout. Also Mandarake does carry a LOT of doujin but orders containing 18+ doujin can only be paid for with a credit card and this does NOT include Visa debit cards which I found out when I first started shopping there. I have since gotten a credit card lol. One last thing, they will say that pretty much every box is damaged. Unless they show pictures of actual damage it’s not, they just say that since it’s not brand new off the shelf.

Nippon Yasan - NY is the place to go if you want Limited + Exclusive POPs or FAZ figures. They are one of two Japan based international distributors that get them. Their prices tend to run a bit high however. Payment is not due until figures come in stock however you may pay earlier if you wish.

Big in Japan - This is the other place to get Limited + Exclusive figures! I only recently started using them. This is because while some pre-orders you can pay when they come in-stock, others will require upfront payment. You’ll know which when they cancel your pay-later order on you like they did to me once OTL

Rakuten - Rakuten is a collection of many stores so be sure to check the feedback on each store! Some have been known to carry bootlegs. However there are many great stores on here. The site can be a bit interesting to navigate as while it is in English it reads like they just ran it through google translate lol. Some stores may also not ship internationally and you will need a shopping service for them.

Yahoo Japan Auctions - YJ!A can be pricey as you need a shopping service to bid. I use Buyee which there is a link to at the top of the website. Remember, it is a Japanese website so you may need to look up the kanji for certain search terms. You can find a lot of awesome stuff here.

Fril - I’m not entirely sure if you can use a shopping service for this place. Fril is a Japanese app that lets individuals sell items. I have a friend that is spending time in Japan and she’s been purchasing items from it for me. I know you can download it in the US app store but you need a Japanese address to buy from it. I’ve found some really amazing deals here though, like a 300 yen GLC Ace!

CrunchyRoll - CR is really good for instock figures. Most US based distributors tend to jack up prices a lot but CR tends to stay true to the Japanese prices. Also if you don’t mind waiting a couple months after the initial Japanese release of figures they tend to have really great deals of the day (or is it weeks?) on pre-order figures which DO include Limited + Exclusive figures. I’m impatient though and can’t wait for them to get their stock in lol

Tokyo Otaku Mode - TOM does not actually currently carry any One Piece figures however I have spoken to them and they have said they are working on getting distribution rights for more One Piece merch including figures. I’ve purchased non One Piece figures from them in the past and I am really thrilled with them, they’re a wonderful store. They have two warehouse locations, one in California and one in Japan. They have frequent deals and specials which include Free Shipping BY EMS FROM JAPAN. My first figure from them fell under one of those specials and that sealed the deal for me lol. my physical invoice in the package also came in a very pretty original art clear file which is totally cool. I really recommend signing up for their newsletter so you can get in on the deals and specials. I will update this section once they start selling One Piece figures.

My Figure Collection - MFC is a site where you can create an account and keep track of the figures you own, have ordered, and want to order. Listings for figures will also tell you if a bootleg exists for it or not. They also have a section for users to sell their own figures. The user base is international and there are lots of great deals to be found. I’ve bought several figures from sellers on MFC as well as selling my own figures through it. Also if you want to add me as a friend my account is zia89!

Ebay - Ebay is kind of a last resort for me as it is rife with bootlegs. My main rule of thumb is, if the seller is from China stay away, if the price is much cheaper than you’ve seen elsewhere, stay away. If the seller is from Japan it’s most probably safe. If the seller is from anywhere else make sure there are lots of good photos of the figure, not just stock photos. Look to see if there is a gold or silver Toei sticker on the box or a sticker from a distributor. This isn’t the be all end all in telling a bootleg but it’s a great place to start. Many figure listingson MFC will also have pictures of the bootleg if it exists so you can compare with those.

Conventions -  Lastly convention dealers rooms! Most dealers rooms jack up prices like you wouldn’t believe. For the most part I say it’s not worth buying figures here unless you can’t buy online and you REALLY want a figure. The prices aren’t worth it. One example is when I wasn’t really collecting yet I bought a LE POP Swimsuit Nami figure at a convention for $110. She sells on Mandarake for between 4000 and 5000 yen which at the current exchange rate is like $34-$42. It was a gigantic rip off that I regret to this day lol. So check what the figures you’re looking for are going for online before going.