Jeanne Schwartz (22 July 1887 -  31 October 1970) supervising the work of her four little nieces: Solange, Nelly, Jhanine, and Juanina. Jean Schwarz, who was the of the Paris Opera, trained her four nieces to dance. Solange (12 November 1910 - 24 April 2000)  has become the star of the Opera and interprets most strikingly some of Serge Lifar’s Ballets, such as Entre Deux Rondes and Le Chevalier et la Damoiselle. Photo by Serge Lido in La Danse: Masques, 1947.

I never really noticed the cast of The Proud Family before. (the ones that weren’t the main characters). Like I’m impressed on some of the people they have on this show and I didn’t know at the time. 

I’m reading this list and I see: Mos Def, Samuel L. Jackson, Vivica A. Fox, Gabrielle Union, Solange, Ashanti, and Lee Thompson Young along with a bunch of other people. and then they randomly had like Al Rocker, Carlos Mencia, and Steve Harvey.

Das zwischen uns, das war wie der Wind. Stürmisch, pfeifend, eisig und rau, voller Zorn, aber ebenso mild, berührend oder zärtlich flüsternd. Solange es frei war, konnte es all das sein. Wenn wir es festhalten würden, blieb uns vermutlich bloß Luft in den Händen.
—  Jennifer Benkau, Dark Canopy

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Kann man dir bei kik schreiben ?😌

Solang du mir keine Nacktbilder schickst, geht das klar ✔️

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Name: Kiana 

Nickname: KiKi

Birthday: September 28, 1994

Star sign: Libra, Scorpio Moon

Gender: Female

Height: 5′6

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Romantic orientation:Panromantic

Favorite color: violet, red,blue

Time and date at the current moment: 5:20pm. 3/28/2015

Average hrs of sleep: 4-6hrs

Lucky number:  7

The last thing I googled: The French Quarter

First word that comes to mind: Pizza

How many blankets do I sleep under: 2 

Too hot favorite fictional character: dont have one

Favorite famous person: too many to name

Celebrity crush: Lianne la havas, Solange, idris alba, Micheal Ealy…theres more but thats all i can think of at the moment.

Favorite books: Kindred, In Search of Satisfaction, any Stephen King book, any scifi/african american type books

Favorite animes: aint about that life tbh

Favorite tv shows: scandal, OITNB, HTGAWM, The Walking Dead, a different world, adventure time, loiter squad

Favorite musician/band: TOOO MANY TO NAME

Favorite games: Uno, dominoes, connect four, War, Tag

Last movie seen in the cinema: Project Alminac

Dream Holiday: idk

Dream job: anything where im traveling 

Wearing right now: nothin’ ;)

Last book I read: Roots

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