Ich setz’ einen Schritt nach dem andern,
ich dreh’ mich,
ich falle,
ich fang’ mich auf,
es ist nebelig
und es regnet.
Mein Weg ist steinig,
doch den nehm’ ich!
Und ich geh’ mein Weg,
solange es für mich noch nicht zu spät ist!
—  basis noir soninja | text.

anonymous asked:

Ich will gar nicht wissen wie viele Mädels gestern geweint haben als das mit Reus und seiner Freundin bekannt wurde! Ganz ehrlich solange der Kerl Tore für meinen Verein schießt, ist mir scheiß egal wen er knallt. Von mir aus die Kardasian und Paris Hilton zusammen oder den Sammer von hinten oder aber auch dieses blonde Model. Hauptsache er knallt das gegnerische Tor ordentlich voll!!!!

Das nenne ich doch nen perfektes Statement ^^

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The Leader of the free spirit movement.

Solange Piaget Knowles has always caught my eye, even when in the same frame as beauties such as my Aquarian sister, Kelly Rowland, and leader of the beehive, Beyoncé. As a new member of the beehive, yes I have succumb to my love of this captivating entertainer, I cannot help but direct my attention to the superstar’s younger sister. An uninhibited or fiercely independent person is the textbook definition of a free spirit is. A free spirit is someone who has decided to stray away from the norm, attempting to fit into society’s box, and craft their own unique “normal”. Solange leads the free spirit movement in my opinion. Yes, there is indeed a movement taking place.
I believe a free spirit encompasses so many traits. Fierce individual, consciously awake, heightened sense of self, truly marching to the beat of their own trombone discounting anyone who does not understand. Skimming through her Instagram, one can immediately gather an idea as to the type of person she is. Her pictures are so vivid, her photos so intriguing that they immediately grab your attention and her music is a groovy type of melody.

The woman is a fashion killer and has left her sister in the dust in that category and her looks are so outside the box. I have always admired Solange’s ability to separate herself from the shadow of her sister. I would dare someone to exclaim, there’s Beyoncé’s sister! No, no, she is in her own lane, it’s “look, there’s Solange!”

Solange Knowles inspires me.. she’s such a beautiful soul. She just exudes happiness and a love for life. It’s so refreshing to see.