Even if Kentin was an asshole in this episode (because he really was, I’m so mad, omg fml) I’m glad we’re getting this arc, because Kentin was a fucking ghost of who he was before; he kept everything inside.

Have you compared the relationship Candy has with the other guys? They talk, as basic as it sounds. We know more stuff about the other guys, what they likes and dislike, what they aspire to be, but with Kentin, we know nothing, even though we’ve known him for longer. And that’s unfair.

Even if he was a fuck boi™ in this episode, I want to know what happened to him, why he’s acting like this, why he wouldn’t tell the person he loves the most about his problems.

He’s fucking insecure, the military school didn’t do anything good to him, he didn’t improve in all these years, though he himself thought he did.

I’m super mad at his behaviour still, but I want to know why someone as sweet as him, pulled off this façade to be accepted by others.

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Looks can be deceiving…

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