*sobs tears of joy*

【Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub】Fake Dating AU (Part 2/12)
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*sobs sweet tears of pure, condensed joy and happiness*

happyflowey  asked:

Hysteria comes up to Xeno, screaming and crying tears of joy. He hugs his leg, sobbing jibberish of "I missed yous" and " I loved yous." The Vinktory Hysteria looks on at his alternate in surprise, and gives Xeno an awkward, " I don't know what he's doing" kind of smile.

[Xeno, Absolutely Startled by Hysteria’s Sudden Outburst, Stares Down at the Inky Flower for a Moment before Glancing at Vinktory. He was a bit Surprised of There being Two Hysteria’s Now but He was mostly Confused. He Lifts Up His Leg a little, Looking Down at the Hysteria. He was Quiet for a While, trying to Figure Out What to Say.]

*…Uhm… W-what do You mean You’ve Missed me…? Darling I uh… I Think You have the Wrong Xeno…

im so pathetic it’s been two days since ichihime and renruki became canon and im still crying tears of joy and sobbing whenever I look at kazui and ichika .. but still my babies had babies and they all achieved happiness 😢