*sobs so hard cuz the feels*


Ok so Baz likes reading. I am 99.9% sure about that. So all I can think about is how he must read a lot. I just imagine him one time just sitting on the couch reading *insert sad book here* and trying so hard not to cry because Simon is also in the room and Baz is thinking there’s no way he’s going to see me cry and he’s trying so hard cuz he knows it’s going to happen in the book and he’s just waiting for it to happen. He’s expecting it so that he doesn’t feel the shocked heartbreak. But the sad part happens in the book and even though he expects it, he can’t hold it in and he just starts full on sobbing. Simon is next to him in a matter of seconds asking him what’s wrong and Baz falls into his chest just crying and telling Simon that the character in the book dies (or something equally as tragic). And Simon is so happy. Not because Baz is crying, but because he trusts Simon enough to cry in front of him because Simon knows that Baz is kind of standoffish when it comes to feelings, but he trusts Simon enough to cry in front of him. And I honestly get so happy when I think of this.

i’m gonna cry

so the flashdrive containing my icons FOR ALL my characters ….

guess what

all that hardwork….drawing, hours of working to get them right on a tiny 2ds…gone….their all gone…and i’m just crying cuz i had worked so hard on them…………i…d-don’t know what to do..i can’t stop sobbing…

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i feel so torn right now i can’t even bring myself to make new ones…..that was 4,560 worth of icons down the drain……..

Just some emerald headcanons

-child’s usual friend group usually consists of Ruby, Sapph, and Wally. Him getting to know wally was a bit of a strange path, because wally was dealing with recovery stuff, explaining to his parents the “impossible” rayquaza stuff, etc. But Emerald was determined to be friends.

-no one really knows Emerald’s thought process. It seems he likes some things at some point, but it changes swiftly at another point (his decisions to wear his hair up, his stilts, etc.)

-Emerald has a naturally shouty voice. He’s not mad or anything, it just comes from him having to talk over the crappy people that were in his life prior to meeting crys and everyone. He can try to talk quieter, but it feels a little unnatural for him.

-Debates debates debates a lotta stuff

-He’s been learning about tech stuff, thanks to the influence of good people in his life.

-lives with frontier brains yeeaaah

- sort of okay with momcrys? Feelings complicated on his side.

-he’s not fond of using family terms because he absolutely hates his old family and to identify “new family” with the same terms sorta messed up to him.

-sometimes prankster? Learned a few tricks and how to make over-complicated mechanical things just for a long build up to a hilarious result. No one knows where he gets the time to build those contraptions.

-knows a lot of messed up facts and repeats them sometimes

- “if you didn’t feel pain you could bite through your pinky finger just like a baby carrot.”

-no one will e v e r trust him with an actual gun (he tried to get ahold of one just in case). If he needs a defense line because his pokemon faint, he gets a paintball gun. Eat paint, sird!

-He’s wary of new dex holders, and as for his seniors, he’ll talk to them but he prefers the company of those he knows best.

-visits crys for a week every few months he can get to johto

-best at hide and seek. Sometimes you’re involved in the game wether you like it or not.

-depending on the day he has, sometimes he can get a bit of short tempers.

-very fond of wally, speaks gently for his sake even if wally knows he’s usually loud

-the phrase “biological parents/family” gives him anxiety


-he will literally shoot rude tourists with paintball guns

-romance is weird. His friends are weird. He doesnt know how to put ruby and sapphire’s relationship into a good category of bitter rivalry, platonic friendship, or romance and it bothers him so much because WHAT ARE YOU TWO TO EACH OTHER

- thinks ruby should clarify what the fuck he’s thinking

- sticks with wally quite often actually. Time with him is calming and emerald likes to help wally escape the constantly hovering over him parents even if wally is used to that hovering.

-emerald once cried because like wallys parents are so kind… like they’re involved…. caring… why couldn’t he have that longer…..

-person who’s caught emerald sobbing a bit the most: ties between wally and Tucker of the frontier brains. The kid is pretty secretive and its hard to catch him crying but Tucker knows his hideouts and follows and wally is the only one to bother to follow and check on him when everyone else is enjoying family times and he just like leaves

-emerald can’t really get mad at wally cuz it just makes him feel guilt for some reason

- laughs with blue about the supposed ship wall jokes cuz some actually believe its real, but alerted her silv actually thought it was real and she ended the joke.

- knows more about every one of his friends than they do (seniors get drunk but he always stays sober just to hear the stuff they talk about)

-slowly leaning towards liking platonic better than romancy stuff

-“fuck you i will wear this dress”

And that’s what i got give emerald a paintball gun 2k16