*sobs quietly into her pillow*

But, guys. Claire/Alex. I mean, magine the possibilities:

  • The first time they meet, it’s nighttime. After arriving at Jody’s, Claire locked herself in her room in order to avoid any social interaction. Alex picks the lock, at around 2:00 am, and whispers “hey, angel baby” in her ear.
  • (She may or may not have murmured something about the newbie being pretty hot, beforehand.)
  • Claire waking up and nearly punching the other girl out of self-defense, but just missing and settling for growling angrily at Alex for waking her up.
  • Claire shoving her head under the pillow, while Alex blathers about nothing in particular, just so she can get a reaction out of the blonde.
  • Them squabbling over who gets the first cup of coffee.
  • (They end up sharing more often than not, and although Claire isn’t too keen on giving up her Java, she likes the idea of Alex drinking out of her- their- mug.) 
  • Claire is the reason Alex stopped smoking weed, because the blonde hated the smell, and she had already seen so much death happen that she thought it was stupid of Alex to get high for kicks.
  • Alex being totally disgusted at the idea of that popular dude asking Claire out.
  • So disgusted, in fact, that she threatens him behind the lockers, and tells him to stay away.
  • When Jody finds out about this, Alex tells her that she only wanted to make sure that the dick didn’t hurt Claire. 
  • (Neither of them really buy that.)
  • Cas, Dean, and Sam visiting, while Alex and Claire bond over shipping destiel.
  • Cas nervously asking if Claire had been seeing any boys, and the blonde snorts.
  • “I don’t think you’ll have to worry about me dating any boys, Castiel.”
  • (She may or may not have winked at Alex, afterwards.)
  • Claire often having nightmares over all the crap that’s happened to her. Alex hearing her sobbing quietly onto her pillow, so she gingerly crawls under the covers and holds her tightly.
  • The dreams still come, and as a result, so does Alex.
  • Claire not wanting to fall asleep, just so she can revel in the comfort of having someone that cares enough to do this.
  • Alex waiting until the blonde inevitably falls into a deep slumber, before pressing soft kisses to her hair.
  • Claire and Alex going from bickering to bantering to flirting, while Jody and Donna watch from the sidelines.“
  • Jodio, I think the gay may have rubbed off on them.”



Confession - A Broadchurch Fic

Ok so here’s my first ever attempt at fan fiction. Actually it’s the first thing I have written since school, which was <cough> 15+ years ago. I have a new found respect for people who do this regularly, it’s taken me forever. And for those who understand how to format text that contains people speaking in it. Who knew that was so hard.

Anyway, it takes place in the hotel room from 2x04, based on what would have happened if he’d had a nightmare while they were sharing the bed. I’m on the good ship Alec x Ellie, but this can be interpreted how you see fit. 

If you hate it, don’t tell me. I’ll probably cry!

Ellie’s awareness came back to her slowly as the bed’s gentle shaking dragged her from sleep. For a moment she was unsure of her surroundings. Her mind leapt to Fred, but she quickly remembered he wasn’t there.

Pretending she wasn’t awake she lay very still, processing the realisation that to her right Alec was quietly sobbing into his pillow.

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Su was already halfway down the hall before Lin stopped her. Grabbing her little sister by the wrist, Lin quickly covered Su’s mouth and shook her head before she could protest. Lin could see the confusion in her little sister’s eyes, but Lin didn’t want to risk explaining until they were further away from their mother’s bedroom door. Lin let go of her sister’s wrist first to hold a finger up to her lips in a gesture of silence, before pointing back towards the girl’s bedrooms. Su tried to pull away from Lin to speak, but Lin shook her head firmly again and mouthed a single word. No.

Lin took Su’s hand in her own, more gently this time, and led her reluctant sister back to the bedrooms. Once there, Lin broke the silence with a harsh whisper.

“What are you doing out of bed?”

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anonymous asked:

may i suggest a theme for fic? How about carmilla attempts to seduce laura 3 or 4 times and laura;s still oblivious

The answer to the first question is always yes please.

And here you go, maybe it’ll get a title and stuff later.


God, Laura… she’s so… pathetic. She’s so clueless, sitting there, chattering at her computer with a baggie of bear spray under her desk. She’s so ignorant, flitting around campus as though she might actually be able to save her old roommate, to make a difference in this cracked and defective world. She’s so childish, her box of cookies open beside her, hot cocoa steaming, like sugar and chocolate might stabilize her careening Earth. Laura is so goddamn innocent. And I don’t know what to do with her.

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