*sobbing can be heard*

ICE arrested California father of 4 while he dropped kids at school in a harrowing video

  • Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, an undocumented man with four U.S.-born children, was arrested by ICE while dropping his kids off at school.
  • On Tuesday, Avelica-Gonzalez, who has been in the U.S. for more than 20 years, dropped off his 12-year-old daughter and was on his way to drop off his 13-year-old child when immigration official detained him a block from his daughter’s school in Los Angeles, the LAist reports.
  • “My dad always takes my little sisters to school,” Avelica-Gonzalez’s 19-year-old daughter Jocelyn Avelica told LAist. Avelica said the immigration officers had been following him in a car since he left the house.
  • Avelica said her dad was “really scared” and didn’t want to pull over. Immediately after he pulled over, immigration officials wearing police jackets took him out of the car and arrested him. 
  • His 13-year-old daughter and wife were in the car, and his daughter began to tape the incident. She can be heard painfully sobbing throughout her father’s arrest. Read more (3/3/17 11:45 AM)
Back to the Past (Alternate Ending)

A/N: Okay, so here’s the thing. The ending is changed, and the beginning is changed, and the middle is changed. And basically, everything is changed. But some things are similar, so you’d probably notice! Okay bye!

“Y/N, are you okay? Did they do anything to you?” He touched your face, concern in his eyes. You were speechless.

He didn’t look like he hated you. He was worried, scanning your body. He looked at the cut on your face, and sighed, shaking his head. Tears gathered in his eyes, and he pulled you close to him. Your back still ached, so you groaned, and he let you go quickly.

“I’m so sorry, I should have never left you there alone. This would have never happened if I thought of a better plan. It took all of me not to go back there and kill the other two. I really wanted to, but I had to make sure you’re okay. Y/N, are you okay? You haven’t said anything. I need to know that you are fine.” He looked at you, the tears finally falling. You laughed, staring up at him. He was puzzled, his eyes searching yours. You wiped the tears from his cheek, a smile on your face.

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the signs crying

check moon!

Aries: Look at the slightly angered, pained face. She is crying. And these teardrops are not made out of water. They’re like heavy drops of fire, smashing from the sky on the ground. After the flame burned down, you’ll see tiny, yellow flowers growing out of the ashes.

Taurus:The angels cry, oh, how the Angels cry. Those holy tears, do not dare and try catch them, therefore the angel will be even more hurt. Watch his beautiful face, even saddened it is out of our realm. But despite the outer, pretty shell do not forget: the cries out of pain are real.

Gemini: When a pixie cries, these tears will sting on your skin. Like little syringes they go their way far into your veins. Maybe the pixie will be wiser, next time she tries to play with the gnomes. Be quiet - maybe you can hear her. Echoing sounds of her doleful, pained voice, and the sound of ringing bells, when she flies away to hide her face.

Cancer: This is a cascade. A tsunami you cannot survive. Once the water has swallowed you, you’ll stay under water for as long as it wants you to be. And so are his tears. So is his sorrowful sobbing, every time he tries to catch his breath, every time he reaches for air.

Leo: You can hear it, see it, even smell it. These tears smell like antique, expensive perfume of an old Hollywood star. With a torn, dirtied dress, our forgotten Marilyn Monroe sits on a bench, her sobs can be even heard from the next street. A tiny amount of golden fluid can be found in her big teardrops.

Virgo: Is this snow falling on the ground? Or is it her iced tears? Beautifully they reflect in the sunlight, they are perfect, just as perfect as she tried to be. Oh dear, what a poor little girl. After all, when she sits in her room - so quietly and still - you’ll never see the art she does.

Libra: Imagine it: a flower girl. With big, green eyes and bowed, full lips, her petite sobs may be overheard easily, but she just tries to be as pleasurable as possible and to keep up her beauty. Her tears are full of deadly poison, the air she breathed was polluted by us.
Water her, please

Scorpio: The smell of iron is in the air again. The Scorpio has cried pure blood this morning. You can feel it. The air is still vibrant and every and each deep emotion and every and each part of their strength and power was put in the process. Don’t step in puddle of blood. It can sting like acid.

Sagittarius: Ashy, grayish, salty drops are falling from her checks down on the ground. While she runs through the woodland, the sun is rising carefully, not daring to wake up the world now. Birds are chirping but fly away quickly as they see that the teardrops transform into magma. Magma that crushed every living being underneath it.

Capricorn: It was eyes like the one of a wolf that started at you. Focusing. They hissed ‘get lost!’, because it was simply mere irritation, maybe even some kind of pride, what made him act this way. And tonight the wolf was howling. Like he was lost. Like he was left by his pack. The loneliest wolf, the must hurt, the most misunderstood. The day after you saw clues for his presence, as he left traces in the mud. But you never saw him cry his big wolf tears yourself. You never will.

Aquarius: Silence. Listen well. There will be silence first, before you will hear the sound of a single, small waterproof touching the surface There is nothing in the room, till this tall bucket of water. It’s been standing here for god knows who long. Just this crack in the roof is filling it with a tiny amount of water per day. Today it will be enough water for it to overflow.

Pisces: Alice is crying. Alice is crying, and so she is crying a sea of sweetened honey tear drops. In the sea is living every kind of creature, from the smallest fish, to the biggest, bluest whale. Even mermaids can be found in here. But our Alice is not watching, she just carries on in her paper boat.

I'm falling a little bit more every day when I'm stalling

Part one | Part two | Follow the series on AO3

@amalasdraws has been very patient and helpful with this, thank you x100

Takahiro wakes up to the sound of that annoying ringtone Tooru picked out for himself, specially, when he calls.

It’s dark. The sun isn’t up yet and peeking through his curtains, so he contemplates ignoring the call. What if he just rolled over and accidentally called him like he did last week?

He lets the call go, groaning and rolling over. He doesn’t open his eyes and the phone stops, so he tries to relax, to go back to sleep. Fucking Tooru and his inability to properly lock his phone at night-

The phone starts ringing again, and Takahiro feels a hard, heavy lump form in his throat. The dread gets him up and checking his phone.

It’s Tooru.

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Jerry's Rick
Jerry's Rick

This legit makes me cry. It’s Jerry and Doofus Rick’s theme music from the episode Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind (S01E10).

Cold Hearted (BTS AU) | Chapter 8

Genre: Post zombie apocalypse

Pairing: Jimin X Reader (Mature…I guess…Ish??)

Will contain:  Violence, Mentions of blood and death and the gross stuff, Fluff, Angst, smut (Wiggles eyebrows.) and major character death.  

Synopsis: The world was once booming with sound, streets full of people, there was always just, something. Lights, the lights that made people feel safe in the dark. But that world soon got took over with silence and darkness. Leaving people alone with creatures they did not know would even exist.

A/N: I felt like updating twice, I had them ready but was way too nervous to post. 

Word count: 5.6K

Chapter 9

Originally posted by fairybcby

( I love this gif, i feel like it fits, imagine Yoongi with his dark hair, and I was meant to use Hoseok for the last chapter gif, so here:) ) 


It’s been a day. No one has really spoke to each other, its mainly silence. Yoongi hasn’t left your side and you’ve avoided Jimin.

Tae returned to you guys after the incident and hasn’t spoken a word since. Not even to Wonho who has worried about him every hour. But Tae won’t speak.

In that day, Yoongi even let Jungkook hold you while you cried. You’ve been clung to both boys since. When Yoongi was tired, Jungkook would carry you on his back, By the time you were awake again, you’d walk hand in hand with your boyfriend. You found another location. A family home. You’ve all decided to stay here for a few days and clear your heads.

Jin and Namjoon went on a rampage and killed every Lurker in site. You feel safe now. But you feel alone without Hoseok making sarcastic jokes and brightening the mood.

Currently you all gather in the living room of the family home. No one speaks. Jin sits with Jimin who also hasn’t tried speaking to you.

Namjoon sits alone. I.M and Wonho sit with Tae, Wonho trying to make the boy smile, sometimes it works.

Jungkook sits in front of you. Your hands playing with his hair to pass the time as Yoongi sits beside you on the sofa. He is quite a distance.

“Maybe we should all just, sleep.” Namjoon suggests.

“What good will that do?” Yoongi replies.

“I just want to pass the time okay.” Namjoon sounds irritated.

You notice Jungkook drifting off as he leans back slightly. You move so he rests down on the floor and you move closer to Yoongi. As you go to touch your boyfriend he moves away.

“Yoongs…” You try.

“I just want to be alone okay. I’ve had you by my side, I haven’t had time to-” He doesn’t finish his sentence as his voice chokes. He needs to cry. You nod understandingly and let him leave the room in a rush, everyone watches him. You look over to Tae who has worn the look of guilt on his face since the incident, but not once has he cried.

As you look at the other body’s slowly drifting to sleep, you decide you want to sleep alone. Just be by yourself to think over some things. You quietly make your way from the room. Passing a few doors but stopping in front of one. Muffled sobs can be heard on the other side and you want nothing more than to hold him in your arms. But you respect his request of being alone and make your way upstairs. The home still has the main bedroom, the bed is decent enough to sleep in so you make your way there. Creaking open the door you look at your new place of rest. Yoongi would like this room.

You feel tears start to form in your eyes, but before you can let them out a hand is on your wrist and you turn to face a sad eyed boy.

Jimin stands before you, his eyes glassy. He followed you. Of course he did.

“Why did you have to avoid me now? I needed you.” He sounds hurt, only making you feel guiltier. “Forget what we’ve done. It’s about Hoseok now.” You can’t help but cry. You let yourself cry. Something you felt like you couldn’t do today, you felt like your other would be annoyed.

“I need you.” You manage out. Looking straight into his eyes. “Please don’t leave me.” You beg of him, realising how much you missed him in just one day. “I want to forget, I don’t want to remember he isn’t here. He was the first person I saw, he taught me to be strong and I can’t be strong without him here.” Jimin eyes you sadly.

“You want to forget?” You nod.

“That’s why I always sleep. He’s alive in my dreams.” Jimin takes a step towards you. Bringing his hand up, he taps your heart.

“He’s still alive in here.” Your heart only beats faster. You look up at Jimin who already let his tears go. “I can make you forget for a while.” He whispers, leaning closer to you. You become selfish. Not even thinking of anyone but yourself as you accept his offer.

His lips gently land on yours, letting your tears mix together as he cautiously moves his lips with your own. You hear the door close only presuming he kicked it with his heel. His hands lift you by your thighs, only for a second as he places you on the bed behind you. You tug on the sweater he always wears. Parting from you to obey your wish he straddles you. Lifting the sweater over his head, you only eye up the body that was hidden underneath, shocked to see abs, but he looked so skinny. You don’t have much time to look as he’s already trying to pull your own sweater over your head. You obey and lean up, letting him slide it off your body.

You only want him more as he eyes roam body for the first time, licking his lips he leans back down, He leaves small, but delicate kisses along your collar bone, moving to the top of your breast as he sucks slightly. You allow it, not thinking of him leaving marks, he’s done the one thing Yoongi hasn’t. He’s marked you as his. Your breath is getting heavy as he trails his kisses to the top of your stomach and slowly down.

For a moment you wait for Jin to interrupt you as Jimin fiddles with the button of your jeans, finally getting it lose. No Jin is seen. He moves from you and stands up again, removing his own jeans. You eye him with hunger for his body. His toned legs making you want him more as you slide your own jeans down your legs.

Your almost bare bodies are together again, lips attack one another and your breaths mix together. Jimin catches your small moans that you begin to release with his own mouth, trying to keep you quiet.

“You’re so beautiful.” His words sending you over the edge, you need him. Your hands run down his back and find their way to the waistband of his boxers, Sliding them down. He nips at your neck as he slides your own underwear down. Is it too late to stop? You know you don’t want to.

“Are you ready.” He looks you in the eyes, you look into his own lust blown eyes and nod. You don’t realise this is the moment your world changed.


 Your bodies move together, a layer of sweat covering you both. You try to conceal your moans with his lips on yours as he thrusts into you. Messing up on being silent you moan loudly as he bites your shoulder, trying to conceal his own moans.

You find your nails digging into his back as the movements become faster. Both of your breaths are heavy and you can’t ignore the bed occasionally knocking against the wall, praying no one can hear you.

“Jimin I-” You try to speak but can’t.

“I know…Me too.” He manages out. Thrusting harder as you both reach your highs. Your back slowly arching off the bed as Jimin laces his hand with yours, holding it above your head. Kissing you harsher than before. You both moans into each others mouths, He lets you finish your high before pulling out from you and releasing himself.

His body collapses onto yours, moving off you, you find yourself cuddling into his chest, feeling it rise and fall with his heavy breaths.

“That was…” You start.

“We really fucked up.” He finishes.

“Yeah…” You agree. He reaches behind him and pulls a pillow to your stomach. You laugh as he cleans you with it.

“Let’s pray no one uses that.” He chuckles with you. He holds you a while longer until he breaks the silence. “We should go back.”

You groan not wanting to move. He laughs as he moves from you. You can’t help but stare at his body as he changes back into his clothes. Picking your clothes from the ground he throws them at you.

Huffing you get yourself changed.

“How do I look?” You question.

“Like you just had sex.” Brilliant.

“You look flustered.” You comment. You’re both screwed.

“Wait.” He moves over to the broken window. You watch as his body starts to look cold. He just looks like he’s been outside.

“You’re not that dumb after all.” He nudges you when you make your way over to him, feeling the breeze on you, cooling you down.

“You ready?” He questions you. You give him a small smile. He leans down to place one last kiss to your lips. You still feel the areas he’s touched burn slightly. He opens the bedroom door, the home still filled with silence. You both cautiously step through the long hall.

You let out a gasp when Jimin is pinned to the wall.

“I fucking knew it.” Jungkook talks through clenched teeth, holding Jimin by his sweater against the wall.

“Jungkook.” He mumbles out.

“No. I fucking knew it!” He pulls him off the wall to smash him back into it again. “I woke up, Worried about her I came up here and I could…I thought it was Yoongi…I was furious…then you both started talking.” He looks at you. “you really fucked up.”

“I know…” You quietly speak.

“How long?” Jungkook turns back to Jimin. You know what he’s asking

“Since the night we got attacked at the house…” Jungkook scoffs.

“You’re kidding me.”

“Please don’t tell Yoongi.” Jungkook only smirks at you.

“Oh no, I won’t. I want to see him beat the shit out of Jimin when he finds out from you.” He shoves Jimin away. “Well done Jimin, you…The one everyone trusts, the one Yoongi trusts to protect her, has literally just fucked her behind his back. You really are a true friend.” He walks away from you both. Stopping at the stairs he speaks one last time. “I bet the innocent thing was a fucking act wasn’t it?”

Once he’s gone Jimin only turns to you.

“What have we done?” Those are the only words you speak.

“I can’t face them.” He returns to you. Deep down you only hope Jungkook knows what you just did.

You just face your fear, Walking down the stairs with Jimin in toe. When you reach the living room, everyone is looking at you. Oh no.

“what’s up with you both?” Wonho questions.

“Yeah you’re acting like you’ve done something wrong.” Namjoon agrees.

“Who is this?” The voice comes from behind you. You turn to look at your boyfriend.

“No one!” You rush out, he only frowns at you. Brushing it off he pulls you by your hand and seats you back to the sofa, throwing an arm over you.

“Just let me have you by my side, being alone sucked.” You only smile at him. You can’t say anything. “I need you okay?” He looks down at you.  For a moment, you freeze.

“I’m…Always here.” You feel worse. He smiles at you lovingly and kisses you softly, pulling away as soon as it began.

“Let’s just, can we start again?” He questions you, you know he means the stuff that has happened over the last few days. You think it over, nodding at him only making his smile grow wider. You need to stay away from Jimin before you get in too deep. But you already know it’s too late.

“We found some canned food, doesn’t expire for another year which kind of freaks me out.” Jin takes you both out of your loved-up state. He eyes you up for a second.

“do you want help preparing it?” I.M offers. You already know the poor family that left this home behind literally left everything, so it wont be hard to find some plates or bowls. Jin accepts his offer and they both disappear. You notice everyone is slowly trying to pretend like nothing has happened, you guess that’s the only way everyone can deal with the loss of someone so special to you all.

You look around the room some more, noticing Tae still seems off while Wonho sleeps peacefully with his head resting on Tae’s legs. Jungkook eyes you with anger filled eyes while Jimin awkwardly sits on the floor near him. Namjoon seems to be in his own little world and you decide to leave him to it.

You look back to your boyfriend, smiling softly as you hear the little breaths he releases, He’s sleeping and you couldn’t be happier, it seems like an odd thing to be happy about, but he is always so stressed, a frown upon his face most of the time. Seeing his relaxed and in peace face warms your heart.

“I need to speak with you.” You frown, until you realize its Namjoon, he’s looking directly at you. He has never wanted to speak to you alone before, this only makes you nervous. Moving Yoongi’s arm from your shoulder you make your way out the living room. Namjoon directs you to an empty room and closes the door behind you.

“You’re observant, I’ve always like that about you.” Okay what’s going on? “Tae isn’t right.”

“Well no shit, how would you feel if you just sho-” He cuts you off.

“No. That’s what I mean. He hasn’t shown any sign of being sad about it, he only shows guilt. I know he would feel guilty but, Tae has a lot of emotions. Something isn’t right. Can you keep an eye on him?” You have never been ordered to do something, well at least not for a while.

“Um, sure.” He smiles at you and just leaves you alone in the room. Maybe Tae has been a little different than what you expected. But its normal, right?

Leaving the room you’re stopped by Jin. Where is I.M?

“You…You have to make a fucking decision.”

“Jin just stop getting involved.” You snap at him.

“Stop!? No! You are going to ruin the both of them…”

“I know okay! I know!” You feel your eyes well up.

“Then why won’t you stop!” He loses it.

“I’m falling for him!” You admit. Finally, you break. “I’m fucking falling in love with him and I’m scared…I’m so fucking scared.” For the first time his eyes soften and he pulls you into a hug.

“You aren’t the only bad guy…But I don’t forgive you.” Understandable. “Neither of them deserve this.”

“I know, I wanted to tell-“You can’t finish the sentence.

“I know…” He pulls away from you. “I’m just as bad for keeping your secret. I’m just begging you to decide and tell Yoongi. You know he will hurt Jimin.” That’s the main reason you won’t tell him. After seeing him at his pure anger state. You fear for Jimin’s life.

“Go get Yoongi…I…I need him…I can’t.” Jin’s eyes widen. You’re beginning to panic at the thought. He rushes off and you hear him shout for Yoongi. You don’t notice you are on the ground, clutching your chest while you rest on your knees. Things fall silent. Too much is going on too fast.

“Hey, baby look at me.” You look up into his deep shades eyes. They look tired. “Breathe okay…Its okay….” Yoongi calms you, giving you space to breathe. You focus on his hand on your thigh as his thumb strokes along your jeans. You feel your breathing becoming steady. You notice a few more sets of shoes and when you finally look up Jin, I.M, Wonho and Jungkook all look at you with worry.

“I’m sorry.” You whisper.

“Don’t be stupid, it’s all a bit too much.” Wonho speaks. “I didn’t know him long, but still.” You smile sadly at him. Looking to Yoongi whose tired eyes only look worse.

“You should sleep.” He shakes his head.

“I need to make sure you’re okay.” He’s an idiot. You really didn’t deserve him.

“Ad youll only grow weak if you don’t sleep.” You notice the others have gone. Leaving you both in the hall alone.

“Come to bed with me?” He questions. It’s innocent, and you know he wouldn’t try it.

“Of course.” He pulls you to your feet, holding your hand in his as he takes you upstairs. Please not that room. You don’t realise you were holding your breath until he goes into a completely different room. You felt relieved.

“Nice, they still have bedsheets.” He pats the sheet and dust flies off them. “Okay no.”

“Oh be grateful!” You laugh. He joins you before throwing his body on the bed. You cough as dust flies in the air. “Thanks babe.”

“Anytime.” You lay net to him. Feeling not only happy, but slightly wrong as he wraps his arms around you. Your skin still burns with Jimin. You lips still feel his touch.

“Yoongs?” You question, turning in his arms so you come face to face. He looks at you.

“Yeah?” He moves a strand of hair off your face, making your stomach flutter as he presses a kiss to your nose.

“Tell me of the time you spent with him. The year without me, and the times before. Tell me your happiest times.” He knows wo you speak of.

“Thought you wanted me to sleep?”

“I want to see you smile.” You know your words touch him.

“Okay let’s see…Oh! There was this one time in Osaka-.”

You spend the next few hours laughing at stories of Hoseok, not once do either of you cry. You remember the good times and learn of things you never knew. You felt happy in this moment. It was all you needed to forget for now.


“Dammit wake up!” You hear the muffled voice. Scrunching your face, you open your eyes. Its pitch black apart from the light from the moon. You are shocked to see I.M.

“Can I help you?” You question.

“It’s Kihyun.” Suddenly you’re wide awake. Causing Yoongi to shuffle around before sitting up in bed.

“Um, kid?” I.M rolls his eyes.

“Kihyun. He can’t fight…” Okay, he woke you for this?

“Why should we care?” Yoongi doesn’t sound happy, he’s always hated being woke up.

“Well I just figured it out, he defends himself with a gun. That’s it. If someone was to knock him down, take his weapon and fight him. He wouldn’t be able to fight back. He’s pretty weak.” He sounds excited.

“You have no idea how much you might have helped us. But why tell us this now…” You question.

“Because he knows…”

“Knows what?” Yoongi questions. I.M ushers you to follow him. You look at Yoongi who only looks at you back. You decide to follow him.

“Why didn’t you wake the others?” You are getting curious.

“Honestly? No idea.” Great. You follow him down the stairs and he leads you out the house.

“Yoongi go wake the others.” He immediately obeys when he sees the site infront of him. Rushing inside.

One by one you all gather. Slowly reacting to the site.

An “X” marks the floor. But it’s not normal. Its written in blood, chills run through you. He’s found you.

“Why hasn’t he attacked?” Namjoon wants answers.

“He’s preparing…He always plans.” Wonho is next to speak.

“Then so will we. After we find somewhere else.” You shake your head at Namjoon’s words.

“No, we can’t keep hiding, we only look scared. If we stay here, he knows we are ready.” All eyes are on you.

“Not going to lie but she’s right.” Jin sides with you. You can’t help but smile.

“Fine.” Namjoon gives in.

“Dude…” Wonho breaks your short silence. Moving over to I.M. You watch as he turns the younger boy around, a piece of paper is safety pinned to his jumper.

“One month, signed with a H.” Wonho reads the note as he gets it off.

“Hyungwon…” I.M whispers.

“So Kihyun didn’t do this?” You point to the bloodied “X” on the floor.

“It would have been his idea. But I’m glad it’s Hyungwon.” Wonho makes eye contact with you as you speak.

“Are we ignoring the fact he literally snook inside and pinned it to my back?” I.M argues. “Little shit.” You can’t help but laugh.

“Be thankful it was him.” Wonho returns.

“Oh no I am, but still. Creepy. He risked enough telling how long we have” I.M shivers at the thought.

“One month. We train hard okay?” You all stand around Namjoonas he gives his orders. “And you. We really got to train you…” He points to Wonho who only nods, he knows he isn’t good enough to fight. He must work hard.

This was the night you all knew you signed your lives away. You didn’t know who would survive.


2 weeks later

“Stop pressuring me!” You scream.

“Stop slacking then! You are one of the best fighters!” Yoongi screams at you. You have both been arguing constantly the past two weeks. The pressure is getting to everyone, slowing tearing the group apart.

“I can’t fucking fight without thinking about Hoseok okay! I’m trying my hardest! Maybe you should stop getting on my back and do some fucking work yourself!” He is taken back by your outburst. raising his hands in a surrender as he backs away from you.

Once he’s gone you let out a frustrated scream, kicking at a street pole. “Idiot!”

“Seems you need me?” You recognise that voice instantly. Turning to Jimin you only let out a huff.

“Where to?” You speak. He only smirks.


You ignore the pain in your back as you’re pressed against the cold wooden door. Hiding your head in his shoulder as he holds you up. His hard thrusts making it impossible for the door to not thud.

“Jimin…” You moan out. He knows you’re nearly there. You clutch to his shoulders, adding to the marks you left only a few nights ago, you and Jimin did this whenever you argued with Yoongi or needed relief. This has happened nearly every other day for 2 weeks.

He moans out your name as you feel his legs shake. He pulls out as he places you back on the floor. Releasing over you. The one thing you never risked was bringing a child into this world. His head rests on your shoulder as you both calm your breaths.

Finally recovering he gives you a small, but meaningful kiss.

“See you after training.” You only laugh, knowing its true, you’ll both need each other again. You pull your underwear and jeans back up. Watching as he buckles his belt.

“See you later princess.” He kisses you once more before leaving the room. You only got away with this because everyone was too busy being over trained. You step out the room, making your way to your own room where you retrieve your bow, time for round 2 of this shit.


Day 28

2 days. It was only 2 days until you were to attack Kihyun. You finally have a rest day and you all spent the time either sleeping, or just alone. It’s like no one even knows each other anymore.

“Here.” Yoongi passes you a sweater. He always rotated between two. Sadly, the other day you tore Jungkook’s sweater you always wore and you even cried, you thought he would be mad, but he only laughed at you and said you’re being an idiot.

“Bout time I wore my boyfriend’s clothes.” You laugh, removing your old sweating and pulling Yoongi’s soft one over your head.

“Suites you.” Tae speaks. He’s become more vocal.

“I didn’t not see you in the room…” You trail off realising he just saw your body.

“I don’t care. Its only boobs.” Only boobs. Wow.

“Yeah well that’s the first time I’ve basically seen them.” Here we go.

“What now?” You frown at Yoongi.

“I’m just saying. We haven’t even had sex yet, like I was fine without it, but how am I meant to show how I feel about you when you won’t even sleep with me.” You can hear the anger in his voice.

“Well considering all we do is argue, I don’t want to know how you feel about me.” You retaliate.

“Then maybe you should show more effort.” He spits back.

“Effort!?” You shout. “Stop picking arguments!”

“Stop pushing me away!” He shouts back. Making you both fall silent and Tae awkwardly leave the room.

“Well maybe I push you away because this is all that happens when we spend time together.” You speak the words more calm.

“Fuck this.” He goes to leave the room.

“See! You always run away, we never sort it!”

“We can’t sort something there no point trying to fix!” You know everyone can hear you.

“I’m trying to fix it now!” You shout at him.

“Don’t bother, you won’t even be intimate with me anymore!” You clench your fists.

“Why does that matter! People go months without having sex until they feel ready, stop pressuring me to do everything!” His eyes flash with anger you’ve only seen a few times. You stop instantly. He realises the stage he’s in and he leaves the room in a hurry. You now he has anger issues. You’re just glad he walks away from it now, He knows he has to cool off.

“When will you two stop fighting?” Namjoon walks in the room.

“When we go back in time and never dated.” You know you’re being harsh but you really weren’t in the mood.

“Yeah. You’re funny.” He sits on the sofa, laying down and closing his eyes. This is your cue to leave. You decide to do something you haven’t done in a long time. The place you have been staying has a porch, just like your old home.

You sit yourself on the steps and look up at the sky. The stars shine bright. You close your eyes as you let the breeze glide by you. You focus on the sounds of leaves rustling and just the sound of the wind blowing by in small rushes.

“Are you okay?” The owner of the voice sits next to you.

Opening your eyes, you turn ton face him. Jimin. You think his question over before you can’t hold it in.

“No.” With that, you break, instantly being pulled in his arms.

“Let it out.” It takes you a moment but you do.

“I’m so stressed, I’m fucking tired. I’m tired of arguing, I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of sneaking around. Jimin I’m so fucking scared. I’ve never felt this scared in a long time.” You feel him stroke your back so you only continue. “I miss Hoseok, nothing, no one has been the same since he left. My feelings are fucked up and I-” You stop yourself there. He pulls away from you, wiping his thumb under both your tear stained eyes.

“First of all, you are the one that’s the strongest here, we have all broke down of the last few weeks, Hoseok would be so proud of you, you know why? He was out best fighter. You move like him, we all spoke about it, you fight exactly like him. I’m scared too, we are all scared, I fear losing anyone else, especially you. But…can you finish that last sentence?” You want to tell him, but you don’t want to admit it. You give him a smile. You tap where your heart beats, then you move and tap his own beating heart.

He looks at you with slight wide eyes before he relaxes.

“Me too…” He whispers. Cupping your cheek, he brings you to his lips. Sealing your unsaid words. He knows. He knows and he accepts it. You move yourself closer to him, moving your lips with his like always, and like always, it felt perfect. As his hand rides up your thigh you deepen your kiss. You want to suggest something but you don’t have the chance. Jimin is pulled from you and you don’t even see where he is gone. You only realise when you hear the thud.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Oh no. You turn. Jimin is on the ground, struggling underneath the dark figure as it tightens its grip around his neck. You shoot up. No no no.

“Yoongi stop!” You panic, running over to both boys. You panic as Jimin struggles, holding onto Yoongi’s hands trying to pull them away from his neck.

“Yoongi you’ll kill him!” He isn’t listening.

“That’s my girlfriend!” Punch.

“You’re disgusting!” Punch.

“You’re meant to be my friend!” Punch.

“How fucking dare you kiss where only I should!” Another punch, you cry at the sight on Jimin’s face slowly becoming covered in blood.

“Yoongi please.” Your voice gets weaker. You’re pushed out the way by Jin, Namjoon following behind him as they both pull Yoongi away from Jimin.

“Why would you do that!” He screams at the boy laying on the floor, trying to stand back up. He only saw you kiss.

“Yoongi…” Jimin tries. Yoongi tries to kick at him but the boys pull him back.

“I told you! I told you once he kne-” Jin starts but doesn’t finish.

“You knew!?” Yoongi screams trying to shake them off. “That wasn’t the first time!?” You’re scared.

“You need to tell him!” Jungkook shouts, shocking you by helping Jimin off the floor.

“You as well! Is this a fucking Joke!” Yoongi looks at you, pure hate in his eyes. “How fucking long!?” He shouts at you. You shake your head. “Tell me!”

“Since the first attack…” Your words are quiet. You know he heard you.

“You little shit!” He breaks free from Jin and Namjoon and for a second you fear he is coming after you, but he turns around and throws himself to Jimin, Jungkook can’t pull him back in time before Yoongi is throwing punches again.

“Stop it…Please.” You only cry more, this shouldn’t have happened. Wonho steps in and pulls Yoongi away, Tae replacing Jungkook and holding Jimin up. He’s completely battered.

“You cheated! With him! I fucking trusted the both of you!” Yoongi is now almost screaming at you.

“All those times you were missing, you were with him, weren’t you?” His voice goes quiet. You can’t answer him. “Please tell me…You didn’t…” You only look at him before the sorrow Is replaced with fury.

“Yoongi no!” Jungkook shouts. But it’s too late. He’s knocked you to the floor. He didn’t hit you, but he pushed you hard enough.

“You fucked him! You wouldn’t have sex with me but you’ve been…I feel sick.” He starts pacing as everyone watched the scene unravel. “When was the last…I don’t want to know.”

“Today…” Jimin mumbles out. Why did he tell him?

“T..Today…” Yoongi stutters. “When did it…”

“A month ago…” Jimin keeps answering him. He’s playing a dangerous game.

“Get away from me.” Yoongi doesn’t look at anyone. He means all of you.

“Bro…” He pushes Jungkook away from him, almost knocking him to the ground.

“You fucking knew! They were fucking behind my back this whole time and you… Both of you!” He looks at both Jungkook and Jin. He begins to back away.

“Where are you going?” Namjoon questions him.

“I don’t want to be a part of this shit anymore.” With that he turns and walks off, not looking back.

“Yoongi!” Namjoon shouts. Before you know it, he has ran inside and is back out, a backpack on his back as he chases the broken man. What have you done?

All eyes are now on you.

“Fucking say it, I’m a whore, I fucked up, I know!” You look at Jimin, you get up off the ground and take a step forward but Jin stops you.

“No. You’ve done enough.” Your heart breaks at his words. You can only watch as Jin Takes Jimin from Tae. Propping him against him as he walks him back inside. For a split second, you make eye contact with Jimin. Your heart hurts for what you’ve caused him. You look away and find yourself walking away from the group.

“Where are you going?” Wonho asks.

“I’d be better alone.” You don’t look back.

“Fuck no.” You hear someone run after you, soon realising its Jungkook.

“Go away.” You spit.

“Look, I fucking hate what you’ve done. You know I’m in love with you, but you clearly don’t feel the same. There is no way I’m leaving you alone, so if it has to be just us again, so be it.” You glance behind you.

“It’s not just us.” You point behind you making Jungkook turn.

“Not being funny but we need to find the other two” I.M speaks.

“We are with you…” Tae next.

“Every group has to split.” Wonho is the last to speak.

“What are we actually doing? Going after Yoongi?” Jungkook questions the boys as he stops you in your tracks, wiping your tears. Why would he still stand by you? You need to talk with him.

“We find Kihyun…” You speak.

“Excuse me.” All four of them say.

“I’m going to kill him.” They all stare at you with shock.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Wonho tries to argue with you.

“I have nothing to lose now…” You mumble to words to yourself, walking away once more, This time with the others by your side.

“We will help you…Always. You fucked up, but you can’t do this alone.” Tae sounds brave. You feel proud of him.

You walk for a few minutes in silence until Jungkook speaks to you.

“Do you love him?” You look at him.


“You know who…” You think his question over. For the first time, you say the words out loud.

“Yeah…I’m in love with him.” Jungkook nods, accepting your answer. Throwing his arm over your shoulder like old times.

“Let’s do this!!!” I.M yells. You all laugh.

Time to get yourselves killed…Probably.


A/N: Kinda shocked I even wrote smut, was that even smut? Like it was minor but still. (Btw…This doesn’t mean Yoongi X reader is done;) who knows what will happen…)

Warm Tea

Patiently lingering on the couch, I switch through TV channels, wishing to find an interesting show. With no success, I settle on a old cartoon from when I was younger. Setting down the remote with a sigh, I curl into a tiny ball on top of the soft couch cushions. The baggy sweatshirt that hangs off my shoulders provides comfort to my body and mind. These are the toughest nights for me. Staying up late to see my boyfriend when he comes home from work. Most nights, I end up falling asleep in the same place I am now, but I’m determined to be fully awake when he arrives tonight. He isn’t granted much free time so usually this is my only chance to speak to him in person everyday. You would think Xiumin would be prepared to leave his bag at the front door of our apartment and head straight to bed, but he hasn’t done that one night since he’s returned from his world tour. No matter how many times I beg for him to get rest, he insists he has enough energy to stay up and spend time with me. Even when he has awful days. I can tell he’s frustrated by the way he clenches his jaw and responds with short, snippy answers. Some nights he rants to me about how he wasn’t able to nail his new song’s dance perfectly or sometimes it’s just the issue of the other members annoying him. Other nights, when he’s in his usual jovial mood, he drives home, greets me with a smile once I wake up and realize his presence, and then makes us both a cup of late night tea. Having warm tea at the latest time of night with him is one of the moments I’ll treasure forever. We’ll chat about both of our days, me usually starting since he’s usually too worn out to talk much. But that doesn’t stop him from always being attentive, nodding his head to everything I say or chuckling when I share a story of embarrassing moments that had happened that day. By the time we finish our teas, Xiumin always insists on cleaning the kitchen while pushing me to climb into bed without him. It’s routine for him to take his nightly shower before joining me in our shared sheets. Turning off the lights, Xiumin brushes any stray hairs from my forehead, settling into bed while pressing a gentle kiss to the crown of my head. It’s not hard to drift off again when I’m wrapped tightly in his arms with his hand slowly drawing shapes on my back in a calming way. I can’t prevent my eyes from drooping by the time it’s midnight. Resting my head against a pillow, I allow my mind to relax as I think of a certain someone’s arms that will soon rock me to sleep. The cartoonish voices coming from the television ease me into a deep slumber. Not only had I worked hard at my studio today, I’d also made sure to come home and cook up a meal for Xiumin. Not too much longer, my eyelids close and I’m faced with darkness. My head shakes back and forth, jolting me awake from my sweet dreams. Frighteningly glancing around the room, I’m surprised Xiumin isn’t home yet. Realizing the vibrating is coming from under my pillow, I reach for the disruptive noise and pull my phone out, the bright screen blinding my tired eyes for a split second. Swiping my phone brightness down, I see the caller ID. It’s Suho. That’s odd. Answering the call, I hesitantly bring the phone to my attentive ear, wondering if there’s been some sort of problem at the studio. “Hello?” I greet, not being able to stop the shaking of my vocal chords. The heavy breathing at the end of the other line doesn’t help my nerves. “Y/N?” Suho asks. His voice cracks just speaking my name. “Suho, is something wrong?” I ask. Silence is my answer for the longest time. Muffled words and something that sounds like sobs can be heard in the background. “There’s been an accident.” Suho responds. By the way he sounds, I can visualize the tears running down his face at the moment. Suho speaks again as I clap my hand over my mouth. “Xiumin was in a wreck and he’s in a very critical condition right now.” Before I can gain some sort of composure, tears pour out of my eyes, flowing down my cheeks. Sobs wreck my chest at the words and it’s beginning to be hard for me to breathe. “Y/N?” Suho asks, his voice sounding extremely concerned. “I’m on my way.” I whisper. Hanging up the phone, I rush outside to my car, not worrying about my attire. The whole way to the nearest hospital, I swerve between cars and even run some red lights, but nothing is on my mind except Xiumin. What I didn’t know was I was too late. Xiumin had wrecked hours ago when he’d left the studio to surprise me for a dinner date. Some idiot had hit him from behind causing his car to swerve off the road and into a ditch. Xiumin had stopped breathing long before anyone had reported the accident. Suho had been trying to break the news to me slowly, not wanting to hurt me. What he didn’t know was my heart broke the second he spoke the word “accident”. -Admin Minnie

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Cinderella Part 2

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Warnings: Swearing, Social Anxiety

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

Request: So I was wondering if you could do a Bucky X female!reader fic where Tony throws a huge masquerade ball fit with gowns, tuxedos, masks, and everything and the reader is a friend of one of the female avengers and ends up getting invited. Then Bucky and the reader could dance and later after the party find out who the other was. (The reader could be hanging out with the avenger she is friends with at the tower or something)

For @sebastiianbarnes  - Sorry I got a little carried away and had to split it into two parts. Hope you like it!


The next day Wanda tried calling Y/N several times, but she wouldn’t answer. Wanda and Nat had talked about it last night and as far as they both saw Bucky and Y/N were having a blast together, they were even dancing awfully close the last time Nat saw them. Becoming increasingly worried Wanda decided she had had enough and she was going to confront Bucky to find out what the hell happened. She was almost to his door when she heard Bucky and Steve talking in Bucky’s room. The door was opened slightly so she could hear every word they were saying. She was about to walk away when she caught the word Cinderella and knew they were talking about Y/N.

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The Art of Letting Go.

PROMPT: After you know Harry is cheating on you, all you leave behind is a tear stained letter. 


There’s no way that I deem appropriate to start this letter. 

How about: “Hi, how are you doing love?“ 

But that sounds so funny to me, we do live together after all. Or at least used to. But I still wouldn’t know how you’re doing anymore, anyway. 

I’ve always thought you and I were happy with what we had, I’m sorry I didn’t realise you weren’t happy earlier, I would’ve left before it got down to this. And I want you to know that it tears me to shreds, that I have to write everything that’s related to us– in past tense. 

And I don’t want you to feel bad or guilty– that is if you still care enough about me to feel like that. 

Now I feel really stupid and I don’t know why I’m still writing this, I should’ve just left, I just know I can’t talk to you face to face anymore. 

I’m glad you’re happy even if the cause is someone who’s not me, I know you’ve been stressed lately, you had a lot on your mind and I wasn’t there for you as much as I’d wanted to. I just wish you hadn’t lied to me though, and I wish I didn’t find comfort in your words the way I did. 

You can say I’m mad at my self, more than I’ll ever be at you, because, I knew what’s going on– not in its entirety, but that gut feeling was there, I was a coward for not confronting my self and ending this misery for the both of us. 

But can I really blame my self? I loved you too much for it to be easy– letting you go, that is. 

But anyway, this is getting long and I have to go. I’m sorry for everything. 

Y/N xx 


A heart wrenching sob can be heard amidst the quietness in Harry’s flat. And he knows, he has no right to be heartbroken. 

But he is. 

He remembers why he fell in love with her. The way she smiled at him– like there was no one else important in the world but him, how she always knew how to make things better, how to keep him sane and insane for her. And the way she was always so considerate of his feelings– even now for fucks sake! When he ripped her heart and stomped on it till it turned paper thin. 

But what he doesn’t remember is when he forgot all of this. Was it the seductive looks he got amidst the chaos of his hectic life? Was it the thrill of knowing that this is something he’s not supposed to be doing? Was it worth it? He doesn’t think so, and he had been beating himself over being so aware of what he did, and that he fucking did it, because you didn’t deserve this. You really didn’t. So he clutches the paper that has such fragile feelings written on it, and vows to never hurt you anymore, that’d he’d let you go because who was he to ask you to stay? 

 It’s true, what they say. 

“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” 


 A/N: Ello! 

 Hope you enjoyed this! Have a nice day xx

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(this blog just started but I already love it! ) how the companions react if the institute replaced sole with a synth? not sure why they would though

Cait: When she realises that it’s not actually Sole but a synth… “INSTITUTE BASTARDS” she flips and totals the imposter Sole, her breathing is so heavy afterwards it’s almost as if she’s hyperventilating, but in reality it’s her raw emotion pouring out over the one person who cared about her, being taken from her, she’s a cataclysm of emotion, immense anger and hatred but also a tremendous sadness, she just wants her friend back.

Codsworth: The great sadness Codsworth felt in the 210 years without Sole sets in again, he finally had them back in his life, but as soon as they came back they were gone again, replaced by the Institue. Codsworth enters low power mode, gently landing on the floor, perhaps he will never recover.

Curie: Begins to tremble and break down, screaming and crying as she collapses to the floor once she realises that Sole is gone. Curie has to be carried away by MacCready as she is so distraught she cannot move from her collapsed state, she can’t stop crying over the loss of Sole.

Danse: A great pain manifests in Danse’s throat, he feels the need to cry but  can’t, a soldier’s greatest loss is the one of their brother/sister in arms, he finds out at the same time as Curie and looks on in despair as she has to be carried away, he can’t believe the Institute got the Brotherhoods greatest soldier, he can do nothing but report back to Maxson.

Deacon: “Oh GOD no, fuck… fuck… FUCK” Deacon’s emotions are all over the place, he is so distraught that Sole is gone he cannot even stand, Deacon leans against a wall and gradually descends to the ground, his head in his lap, nothing but sobbing and a the odd outburst of emotion can be heard from him.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat acts suspiciously of “Sole”, he knows it is not his companion. He backs away from the fake Sole, growling and raring up at the imposter every so often. He may only be a humble dog, but Dogmeat feels his heart break over the loss of his Sole, he returns to Red Rocket where he first met Sole, hoping one day they would return to him.

Hancock: Sole never had a problem with Hancocks habits and from time to time joined in, however when Sole started to act strangely, Hancock picked it up pretty fast, but when he found out it was an Institute synth? “Ah shit… so they got you too then?” Hancock could say with nothing but despair, if the Institute could get Sole? All hope is gone as far as Hancock is concerned, he prepared for the biggest high of his life yet, secretly hoping it would end the pain… permanently.

MacCready: Mac just sat, sat with his head in his hands, similar to Hancock, he came to the realisation if the Institute could get Sole, then there was no more hope, MacCready rose from his chair and looked, looked around as the other companions broke down, he took it upon himself to be strong, if not for himself then he would be strong for the others.

Nick: Nick pondered, he pondered and pondered but when the time came to stop pondering he knew that the Institute must be stopped once and for all and if he couldn’t do it he’d certainly die trying, but for now he mourns the loss of his dear friend, Nick returns to Diamond City, closes the agency early and just sits and smokes while he reminisces about the good times. Not many saw the good in Sole quite like Nick.

Piper: It looked like Blue, it sounded like Blue, but Piper knew it wasn’t her Blue, Piper was flooded with a raging anger as well as feeling as if her world had been torn away from her, in the split second her rage took over she drew her pistol, but as quickly as she had, she was grabbed by Danse and taken away from that terrible place, kicking and screaming for Danse to let her go. When far enough away Danse did let her go, she could do nothing but collapse on the dead grass, curl up into a ball and cry out for her Blue to come back to her, she had never wanted anything more in her life than for Blue to come back and hold her one more time.

Preston: The very person he owed his life to had been taken by the Institute, his leader and dearest friend was now gone, like MacCready he watched as the others broke down around him, seeing such strong willed individuals in a state such as this broke him, he felt as if he could not cope, the pain had become too much and Preston to had to take a walk, when far enough away and a quick check to make sure he was alone, he fell to his knees and let go, the composure he had held, sobbing powerful enough that his body jolted with every breath, when it stopped Preston wiped the tears from his eyes and sat quietly for a moment, he was in no way religious but, he prayed that it was all a horrible nightmare.

Strong: An anger more powerful than Strong had ever felt before, if his hatred of the Institute was strong because of what they did to him, it grew a thousand times that day because of what they did to his human, “Strong kill all Institute… Strong swear it.”

X6-88: Whether X was involved or not was irrelevant to the others, the Institute had taken the one person that had brought them all together, that had made them into a sort of family, as far as everyone else was concerned, X was Institute and therefore was the enemy, foreseeing this X had vanished from the area, it is likely he returned to the Institute, but as the executer of a successful mission or as a vengeful companion of Sole?

So this one took a while (I’m extremely sorry anon it took this long), I wanted to really capture how I think the companions would feel and what they’d do given the situation, I hope you guys like it!


the flames, swallowing the harbor
homes burn. ships burn. sails—

the departure didn’t happen
quick enough; more is lost than

can be counted. Heard a voice sob
“That’s my whole life there— there

in the bay, right there in the smoke.”
running souls. a gentle people, some

bleeding while they push and pull
and lift their wounded, console

the searching, “They’re missing from
me— my babies!” shepherds herd an

innocence, begging it abandon loose
weight. Pots, pans, portraits, personals

papers. Flee! beyond this place Go! to the
city beyond the hills, where it’s safe

Go! “But that’s my life back there,” he
says through chattering teeth, in line

at the next city gate. The guard unmoving
in his high dress observes, “What life?”

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Lav? If you can hear me, please don't worry about Slyphy. We'll take care of him until you get back! And if we suddenly are able to understand what you say, i'm sure some of us will give messages to him for you.

*Sobbing can be heard from the void.

Christmas Eve

Daryl Dixon Imagine

You’re trying to get a gift for Daryl as Christmas is just a few hours away and you haven’t gotten the chance to get out and look for something. Daryl on the other hand has something big planned.

word count: 1496

approximated reading time: 8 minutes

It was one day before Christmas and I had nothing to give to Daryl. Of course we had agreed to go without presents as it pretty much meant risking your life to get out there and find something but judging by how Daryl had been acting the last couple of days I was pretty sure he had something up his sleeve. While I had nothing. Well, nothing than myself perhaps.. But that wasn’t really special since we had been dating for about eight months now and giving myself to him was more or less a daily thing. Just thinking about it made me blush and giggle like a teenager but with Daryl everything felt so special… So right. I’ve never felt anything like that before and that alone was reason enough to go looking for a present. I wanted to give something to him, a symbol of my love, something he could have with him when I wasn’t around. Maybe that was cheesy. Maybe he wouldn’t even like it…
No, he would definitely like it, he was just acting as if he didn’t but deep down I knew he enjoyed our love as much as I did.
Maybe Carol could help…

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