Jon x Sansa Parallels with William and Mary of England

William was two years older than Mary. Jon and Sansa have a three year or soage gap.

William and Mary were first cousins. Jon x Sansa are first cousins.

Mary was his maternal uncle’s daughter. Ned Stark is Jon’s maternal uncle.

Island Nation on the west loyal to his opponent- Yara is currently team Stannis to some degree.

Mary brought up in a different religion (Anglicanism) than her father (Catholicism)- Sansa follows the new gods more than the old (until recently).

Mary taught mostly “music, dance, drawing, French, and religious instruction”(Wikipedia). Sansa is also mostly taught to be a lady.

Mary was passionately obsessed with Frances Apsley, an older girl in her court (Aka Margaery Tyrell).

Mary initially didn’t want the marriage but fell in love with her husband later, which is how many imagine Jon x Sansa will be.

William was a warrior and often on campaign; Jon is a strong warrior.

Mary and her sister purportedly did not get along but still love each other; Sansa and Arya don’t get along often but still love each other.