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Prinxiety OTP prompt fill

Person A: Did it hurt?

Person B: *rolls eyes* Let me guess, when I fell from heaven ?

Person A: No

Person B: What?

Person A: *grins* Did it hurt when you fell for me?

Prinxiety…like literally who else could this be talking about?

Anxiety was sitting and the table, absentmindedly enjoying a hot cocoa and flipping through a comic when his boyfriend came up behind him, hugging is shoulders and pressing their cheeks together.

“What’s up babe?” He asked, reaching up and patting Roman on the head without taking his eyes off the page.

“I have a question for you.”

“Don’t you know not to say that to anxious people?” Anxiety said, already feeling nervous.

“It’s a very important question.” Already his mind was whirling with horrible possibilities.

“Shoot” he said hoping he sounded confident.

“Did it hurt?”  Anxiety rolled his eyes, instantly relaxing.

“Let me guess, when I fell from heaven?”  

Roman let out a chuckle, moving to sit in the seat next to him. “No”

“What?” he asked looking up at his boyfriend in surprise, Prince was absolutely grinning.

“Did it hurt when you fell for me?”

Anxiety couldn’t help but snort at that, “ Oh God.” He said laughing and leaning in to plant one on the smirking side.

“Yes. Yes it did.” He said adopting a serious tone. Prince slapped his shoulder lightly. But he was still grinning.

What a cheese ball, Anxiety thought turning back to his comic.

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Imagine,, yuuri and victor sharing a very warm and loving kiss,,which started as a very warm and loving hug,,and they love holding each other so much,,and their lips were just RIGHT THERE,, and it's not even a real kiss bc they both start giggling in happiness against each other's faces,,and then they try again but they can't stop smiling,,oh,,,*clutches chest* oh lord...

god that is 90% of their kisses

Victor will be leaning back on the couch with Yuuri in his lap tracing Yuuri’s skin, snuggle him, push back against the fingers playing with his hair, and just enjoy the touch of his lover RIGHT there. Then a boring commercial comes on and Yuuri does that thing where he shifts and looks at Victor and his eyes get all wide and shiny and they’re leaning in without thinking. 

The kisses always start as soft little pecks with a pause to just stare at each other. Then the pauses get shorter until they makeout while tracing over the other’s skin, holding hands, or playing with too soft hair.

Victor always gets huffy while kissing. Letting out little noises from his throat and nose. Yuuri curls and uncurls his fingers in Victor’s hair. Never tugging, but playing with it aimlessly.

And sometimes they have to stop and giggle because gosh! This is love! A year ago this man wasn’t in their life, and now they can’t imagine life without them. It’s just so silly to think of them not having this. Not having these moments. They’re just so giddy with happiness they can’t anything BUT LAUGH. 

And then they, naturally, kiss again and then the show comes back on and Yuuri goes back to nuzzling Victor’s shoulder while snorting because, “Oh my god Victor, YOU KNOW my ear is ticklish.” but still not removing his head from perfect kissing distance so y’know? 

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This makes no sense I've seen literal porn on my dash and I'm under eighteen so for Tumblr to allow poem but block innocent fan art is fucked up.

*SNORTS* oh my god

Expensive Headphones AU; It's the Least I Can Dew

“I need Mountain Dew Red!” Rich was panicking the alcohol had messed up his SQUIP and kept repeating itself over and over again sending random shocks through his body causing him to panic. The only way to shut it down was Mountain Dew Red and he needed it, now before he did something crazy.
Michael sighed wiping the tears off with his sleeve.
‘I don’t know what I expected, Jeremy doesn’t need me anymore why would he listen to me…’ Looking down at his phone he saw it was 11:44 and groaned. ‘Damn it, mom’s going to kill me.’ He got out of the tub he had been laying in, heading towards the door. He opened it but was surprised when he felt the full force of someone running straight into him.
“What the fuck?” Looking up Michael saw the person that had run into him was the ass-midget himself Rich.
“Do you have Mountain Dew Red?”
“Do you have Mountain Dew Red? Please, I need it! Now!” He looked desperate and slightly scared.
“Uh, y,yeah here…” Michael reached in his pocket and pulling out the bottle he originally brought for Jeremy. Rich snatched the bottle out of his hands chugging the drink before throwing the bottle aside with a scream.
Michael watched in confusion as Rich’s body convulsed before finally he stopped and looked straight at Michael.
“A…are you okay?”
“Okay? I’m better than okay that thing’s gone! I can think, I, I can-wait, what am I going to do now? That was the only thing that helped me, why’d you give that?” Rich grabbed Michael by his sweater before letting go. “Jesus Christ…sorry I’m just confused​.”
Michael couldn’t hold back a giggle as Rich talked. “What’s so funny?”
“You said confused like conthused.” Rich covered his mouth, his lisp. It had been so long he forgot how bad it was.
“You tell anybody about this nerd boy and I will kill you.”
“Whatever you thay.” Rich thought about punching Michael but refrained remembering what could have happened if Michael didn’t give him the drink.
“Thanks, but why did you have Mountain Dew Red?”
“I was here for Jeremy but he really didn’t want to talk to me.”
“What are you like his boyfriend or something? Nothing wrong with that.” Michael’s face turned a bright red before shaking his head.
“Nah, Jeremy only likes girls. Besides we’re just…well used to be friends.”
“Oh, I’m sorry man.”
“It’s okay, I was just going to walk home.”
Michael got up but was stopped by Rich.
“Maybe I could walk you home?”
“I mean, I’m leaving too and you look like you need someone to talk to.”
Michael thought about it for a second before nodding his head.
“Cool, it’s the least I can…Dew,” Rich said lifting up the now empty bottle. Michael snorted.
“Oh my God, that was bad.”
“Don’t worry, I have worse.”

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Number 45 . Any of the pairing from the love square :)

“Tell me a secret.” 

Marinette stared at her hands, holding them up against the clear, starry sky, and considered.

She could tell Adrien she was Ladybug… and then she’d reap the consequences on all sides.

She could tell Adrien she was in love with him… and then he’d never look at her the same way again.

She could tell Adrien how much she’d dreamed of a moment just like this…

She dropped her hands back to her stomach.

“Once I got someone akumatized by I accidentally stealing their phone.”

…That was too heavy for the moment, probably.

Laying beside her on the cool, damp grass, Adrien let out a long, loud snort. “Oh my god.”

Marinette covered her too-warm face and mumbled, “I didn’t mean to, but…”

Adrien had tumbled into full-on laughter by then, bright and scandalized and delighted, and Marinette relaxed into her choice, no matter how embarrassing it was.

Worth it, she thought as Adrien’s warmth settled something deep inside her. So totally worth it.

No Need To Knock

Because I’ve written a bit of Virgil looking after Roman, now it’s Roman’s turn! <3 Also on a03 here.

Roman is incredibly nervous. It’s a feeling he’s been getting too familiar with- and of course there was that dreadful spike in Anx-Virgil’s room, and ever since then it’s crept up more insistently than on average. 

“Uh, Roman?” Virgil’s voice is loud, with a slight echo, and Roman cringes at how he automatically flinches away. “I can hear you pacing a mile off, just come in, no need to knock or anything.”

Roman clears his throat and shifts on the balls of his feet, keeping himself in limbo, just outside of Anxiety’s room space. “I-uh- no offense, Hot Topic, but I’d rather stay put.”

He can practically hear Virgil’s answering eye roll. “Of course, I know the doom and gloom is a bit much.”

“No! Well- yes, sometimes, but I meant-” He scrubs underneath his eyes in paranoia, but there’s no eyeshadow. He gathers a bit of courage. “I’m feeling rather… unsure and I think going in your room would… heighten it. That is- I don’t want to put you to any trouble.”

Suddenly, Anxiety is in front of him, a crease between his eyes. “You’re feeling ‘unsure’,” he echoes, complete with hesitant air-quotes.

Roman fights with his instinct to act affronted and storm away. Instead, he says, “I’m just a bit worried. About- about you, I mean.”

He didn’t realise how easy it was to make Virgil look absolutely flabbergasted. His mouth gapes open. “Um, well, that’s…” He scratches the back of his neck. “New?”

Emboldened by the lack of sarcasm, Roman continues: “Look, it’s just- you’ve been in your room. A lot. And, yes, I get it, familiar bubble yada yada, but it’s- I’ve noticed it’s been a bit. Much.”

Virgil is biting his lip. “You noticed all that, huh?”

It still floors Roman how shocked Virgil can sound. “Look, Patton and Logan noticed too but they- they didn’t want to push you. And- and neither do I but-” He sighs. “I don’t like the thought of you cooped up in there when you don’t want to be.”

Virgil blinks. He makes a quiet humming noise, very similar to when he revealed his name, and Roman doesn’t really know how to react. He sounds anxious, there’s no other word for it, and the last thing Roman wants is to make things worse.

“Listen, I was only wondering if you’d rather visit my room for a bit?”

He almost laughs at how Virgil’s mouth immediately drops open again. He scoffs, but Roman is beginning to recognise when it’s just a front. “Is that a request or a demand, Sir Sing-a-Lot?”

“An invitation.”

Virgil rubs his temples in thought. “Not that I’m saying no but… aren’t you concerned about what might happen?”

Roman tilts his head. “What do you mean?”

“Well, what if I ruin it? I don’t know what’ll happen, what if I start….um, turning the walls black or melting your Disney posters or-um-”

Roman shrugs. “You didn’t worry about us messing up your room, why should I?”

Virgil pauses. “True, but… but what if-”

Roman cuts him off with an extravagant hand-wave. “Trust me, if my room starts looking like a Dementor’s hit it, I’ll send you packing.” Then, at Virgil’s panicked look, he adds: “I was joking, Virgil. It’ll be fine. Besides, if you could conjure up more Nightmare Before Christmas posters, that’d be flippin’ sweet man.”

Virgil half groans, half laughs. “Nice try.” He swallows. “Alright, then. Okay.”

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catfish - jared x soulmate!reader (part two)

quick recap,,, “Jared: They wanna meet you” and thats what u missed on catfish


my masterlist!  part one!

there will be a part three that basically just like a fluffy date lol

and some lovely lil angels wanted to be tagged so here u go my loves! @defenestrate-yourself-please @zoe—murphy @shadeswritings @goawayjules @1two-player-game1 @yikesyellow @bluestghost @singlucysing @michaelmell-protectionunit (if i forgot you im so so so sorry. reply to this part to be tagged for part 3 i promise i wont forget)

word count: 2,268

warnings: so many perspective changes, i didn’t proof read it, swears (duh), mention of genetalia (jared says dick), um and i think thats it???



Y/N: uhhhh

Jared: I can pick you up from school on Monday?

Shit, school. If you saw him at school you wouldn’t be able to just walk past without tackling him in a hug… and then he’d find out.

Y/N: i don’t know if i’ll go to school that day, i think i’m coming down with something.

Jared obviously knew you were lying. So he lied back.

Jared: But we have that special assembly

Y/N: we do??

Jared: Yeah I forgot what it’s on but I heard it’s super important.

Y/N: shit then i guess i have to go

Y/N: what period is it?

Jared: End of the day

Perfect, you could just go last period and leave and not have to face Jared confrontation until… Tuesday.

Y/N: u know what?? just remembered i have plans?

Jared: Can’t you get out of them? I feel like I’m worth it ;)

Y/N: lol of course you are! but it’s family bowling night so,,,, no

Jared: Well it’ll happen eventually.

Jared was right, it would. A lot sooner than you wished, too. After quickly convincing your parents to skip all but last period, you texted Jared good night and then fell asleep full of anxiety of the day ahead.

Days have passed. The amount of times you have seen Jared pass you in the halls and you haven’t said anything is unbearable, for the both of you.

Jared would have to pretend like he didn’t know who you were and continue just walking, Evan’s talking mumbled by his thoughts. He didn’t even make eye contact with you and has only seen you in his peripheral vision.

And, fuck, his peripheral vision didn’t give him much to go off of but you looked fucking amazing. A million times better than just seeing you on Instagram from his phone. Seeing you out of the corner of his eyes for a split second every now and then almost killed him.

Jared: Wait I have no idea how to do APBio project

Y/N: ugh too long to type and explain

Jared: Then just FaceTime me lol

Y/N: uh…..

Y/N: my hair is messy

Y/N: and im in my pajamas

Y/N: so no

Jared: and I care because????

Y/N: i care!

Jared: Fine then call me

…Should you? I mean, there’s no harm. It’s just your voice. But what if you get major phone anxiety or he thinks your voice is ugly.

Y/N: i was about to go to bed :( sorry

Jared: Bullshit it’s like 10pm

Before you could respond with a snarky comment, your phone started buzzing and Jared’s ringtone (which may or not be ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’) started playing.


You answered it but immediately muted yourself.

“Uh… hello?” You said nothing. “Y/N, I know you’re there, it stopped ringing,” he chuckled a bit. You face flushed when he said your name. “Ok, whatever. Anyways, so this project. I kinda dozed off when Ms. Years was saying all the instructions so I thought I could ask someone else from the class but the only person I know was absent and so I tried to ask Ms. Years what to do and she just gave me, like, a vague and sarcastic response and I remember you talking about Ms. Years and you’re probably a good student so…”

As Jared rambling continued you started to feel more and more guilty. You clicked the home button and went back to texting.

Y/N: jared tbh i really don’t wanna explain i barely even get it myself i wouldn’t know how to explain

You heard his phone vibrate and he stopped talking and sighed, “Okay, we’re doing this. Well, y/n, I really don’t to fail this project. I can barely hold a C so I need to get a good grade on this.”

Y/N: i thought u were like,,, top of ur class??

He chuckled, “Yeah in all of them except fucking biology. That godforsaken class will be the death of me.” You laughed and your feelings sank when you realized he couldn’t hear you.

Y/N: bio is like the one class im good at

Jared chuckled and your heart fluttered, “Of course you are. But…” he dragged out the word and you frowned.

Y/N: i know, im just nervous

He sighed, “I guess I’ll ask someone else?”

Y/N: sorry :(

“Yeah, yeah.”

And with that, the call ended.

Almost a week passed and Jared wouldn’t barely talk to you. If he did it was one or two-word answers. So when he sent a paragraph it surprised you.

Jared: Ok so I wrote into Catfish I wanna get your opinion on my letter.

Jared: I’ll just copy and paste

Jared: “Yo Nev and Max,

It’s ya boy, Jared. So y/n is my soulmate, I haven’t really talked with them for long but, get this, I’ve never heard their voice and they’ve only sent me one picture! I know. And, even crazier, we go to the same school and are in the same grade! So when I looked for a y/n y/l/n in our yearbook, I did not see the face from the pictures but someone completely different! I know, it’s wild.

If you would help me, that’d be dank lol thanks.”

Jared: I feel like it’s funny and they’d prob pick it up because it’s not like any of their other stories!

Jared was obviously being sardonic and passive aggressive. In any normal situation, you would’ve responded with wit but all the things he said started to process in your head. You could almost hear the gears turning in your brain.

Jared: y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i’m so sorry, jared

Jared: …y/n, why did you lie?

Y/N: i was insecure and scared? i know i know thats not a good enough excuse but i never thought id get caught

Jared: You never thought one of these days one of us would just crack or cave at school?

Y/N: i almost did plenty of times tbh

Jared: The amount of effort it took for me to not just run up to you whenever I saw you were…. tremendous

Y/N: how long have you known?

Jared: Literally since the beginning lol

Y/N: gdi

Y/N: im so sorry

Jared: Can we, like, actually talk now or FaceTime or something, please?

Jared: It’s in the middle of the day so dont say you were about to sleep


Jared: Oh no what is there more?

Y/N: im aNXiouS

Jared: So fucking am I! Actually seeing your face and hearing you speak at the same time is literally all I’ve wanted since I had a panic attack on your thigh

That warmed your heart made your goofy smile stick onto your face. Something surged within you and you decided to make a bold move.

Less than a ring later, Jared’s forehead popped up onto your screen. “Holy shit, you initiated it,” he breathed. Your camera was facing the ceiling, “Where are you?”

“Contemplating whether or not to hang up and just cry instead.”

Jared gave a shaky breath but you saw the corners of his eyes scrunch up, meaning he was smiling. “Someone grab the camera my baby said their first words!”

You snorted, “Oh my god, Jared.”

“Fucking hell.”


“Just… so much happened in a split-second, I got a little dizzy.”

You stifled a laugh but your smile was still ridiculously wide, “What do you mean?”

“You laughed, no, you snorted, y/n, and damn it was adorable and made my heart, like, stop for a second. Then, oh boy, then you said my name and my heart stopped again and then I almost hung up the call to call an ambulance.”

“Why didn’t you?” you pressed on, teasing him.

“Prop up the camera so I can, like, look at you while you talk,” he told you, not answering the question.

With a shaky hand, you obeyed and the camera showed you, cross legged on your bed, and fiddling with your fingernails. “Now you do it.” You refused to make eye contact with the camera but out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Jared look at his screen in disbelief and immediately found something to lean his phone on. You really could only see his torso and up, but it was more than enough.

You looked up at him through your eyelashes, your nerves eating away at you.

“Shit, you’re stunning.”

The corners of your mouth perked up, “I would say the same but from what I’ve seen, you’re much more adorable in person.”

Jared smirked, “Damn right, I am. But holy shit, I just want to take a moment to appreciate your… charismatic smile.”

You snickered, throwing your head back a little, “Charismatic? That’s not usually a word I hear to describe someone’s smile.”

“Not just someone, you.”

“Jared, you’re such a sap.”

“It’s a charming quality, right?”

You and Jared stayed together, talking, for hours. You only realized it when the sun started rising through your window.

“Shit, we have school, Jared.”

“Wait, just… Stay right there.”

You did and you saw his phone flash. “…Did you just take a screenshot of me?”

“The sun made your skin glow. It was too enchanting to not take a screenshot.”

You giggled at him and saw the screen flash again. “Jared!” You scolded, “You’re lucky you’re my soulmate.”

“Sorry! Your laugh was captivating.”

“Did you just pause me?” you asked him, feigning offense.

He snickered, “I wanted to see how photogenic you look in these screenshots. Just gimme a sec.”

“‘Kay but you owe me a Redbull!”

“Deal. What time is it?” he asked.

“Six. Why?”

“Maybe we should both take a quick catnap and I’ll pick you up,” he offered.

“And end our fifteen-hour call? Never!” you laughed, doodling on your arm.

“Y/N… stop drawing dicks on my wrist.”

Jared ended up opting out of picking you up because he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you for an entire car ride. So as you were waiting for Jared in the cafeteria, you bit your nails and looked around the room again as if he’d magically appear.

Jared, however, saw you. You had your back to him and Jared couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He swallowed his fears and slowly walked up to you, a Redbull in hand.

Before he could reach you, some girl he sort of recognized walked up to you and started talking to you. He couldn’t hear the whole conversation, it’s was like quiet mumbling, but he could tell you were on edge and not really paying attention to her.

Suddenly, Jared and the girl made eye contact. You only then realized it was Alana. She waved at you, “Hey, Jared! How’s your morning been?”

Both you and Jared froze.

Jared took a deep breath and cleared his throat, unaware of the blush forming on his cheekbones. “Well, I owe y/n here a Redbull and I wanted one too but the store only had one, so I guess we’ll have to share it.”

You slowly turned towards him. “Jared,” you breathed. “…JARED!” you now screamed, sprinting the short distance between you and clutched onto him, tears rolling down your face.

Jared staggered back a bit but took your embrace and wrapped his arms around you. “Holy shit, this is real. You’re real,” he said quietly in disbelief.

It felt like hours you two were just there, with each other. Finally.

Alana snapped a picture just before you and Jared slowly pulled away from one another. He held his hands on your waist and you held his biceps. The both of you just stared at each other, smiling, and taking in every feature. “The janitor’s closet next to the math wing is, like, never used.”


“If you lovebirds need a secret place,” she winked and walked away. Jared’s face flushed and you could only muster up a nervous laugh.

After lunch, you didn’t have any classes with Jared. So by the end of the day, you were craving him.

You leaned against his car, waiting for him. Once you saw him exit the building, you called out to him, “Jared, hey!”

He looked instantly relieved to see you and jogged to your position. “Need a ride?” You nodded and held his hand in yours. He squeezed it then let go, “Get in.”

The car ride home was silent, but not uncomfortable. Just being in his presence gave you joy. When you reached a stoplight, you grabbed his right hand and pulled it towards you. You held it on top of your thigh.

“It’s gonna be hard to drive with one hand,” he chuckled.

You rubbed the back of his hand with your thumb, “I think you can manage.”

He got to your house not too long after and when you let go of his hand, both of you felt empty. You sighed, “So…”


You gathered as much courage as you could in a split second and leaned over the console, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Before Jared knew what was happening, you were out the door, walking to your house, and waving at him.

Jared raised a hand to where your lips met his skin and his felt his hot cheek. He probably was the same shade as a stop sign, but he didn’t care.

With grin basically tattooed onto his face and a twinkle in his eye, he drove himself home, feeling like the king of the world.

Let Me Be Your Light ~Phan~

Oneshot. A blind fan meets Dan and Phil and asks them to describe each other, and confessions are made.
Rating: T- quite a few swears oops sorry
Warnings: Mild self-hate. Brief mention of cancer

You are the loveliest people omg xxx reviews are the food of love and I am peckish, so please tell me what you thought!

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Request: hii! idk if you take requests for stiles, but could you do one where the reader has liked Issac a while but he doesn’t feel the same, so stiles goes to comfort her and ends up accidentally gushing his feelings for her. thank you! <3 

warnings: just fluff, more fluff, kisses, and fluff.

gif cred @lovemusiclifexx


They had been sitting in the clustered little cafe around half an hour, but she still hadn’t brought a finger to her mug of cocoa. She sat with her legs folded to her chest, black jeans skinny and tattered, a comfy over sized white sweater drooping around her front. Her hair fell in tangled waves around her face, and her bright eyes bore intently into the marshmallows floating atop the surface of her drink.

“Hey, earth to (Y/N),” Stiles snapped after the fourth time of trying to get her attention.

“Wha-sorry,” she shook her head, blinking away her stars and raising her eyes to Stiles’ bright coppery brown ones.

He leaned forward a little in his big green sofa chair, his blue flannel hung loosely around his shoulders. He took a deep breath, his lips parting as he blinked, “you’re thinking about him, aren’t you?”

“Am not,” she fired back defensively, her cheeks flaring up.

“Oh come on sweet cheeks, you haven’t touched your cocoa in thirty minutes, and that stuff is usually a cure to anything for you,” he chuckled.

“How do you know that?” she stammered, arms folding.

“Because I know you,” he smiled. His little dimples arose on his cute cheeks, his bright eyes crinkling as he watched her response intently.

She sat quiet for a minute, toying with a string on her sweater, “am I good enough?” she asked at last.

Stiles gaped, taken a back, “obviously, what, why?!”

“Well because apparently he doesn’t think so,” she pouted, lower lip jutting out.

“Ugh, Isaac? That guy? Really?” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Hey, don’t say it like that,” she huffed.

“Well I’m sure you have better taste than in sunshine haired werewolf boys with commitment issues,” Stiles leaned back in his chair, tapping his foot against the polished wooden floorboards.

“Stiles,” she warned.

“Right, sorry, sorry!” he raised his hands in defeat, tilting his chin to the ceiling, where golden lights came trickling down from strings.

“You say it like you know better,” she teased, “do you?”

His eyes flickered back to hers, “maybe.”

Her hands wrapped around her big red mug as she took a sip of her not so hot drink, the chocolate making her feel bubbly and good just like Stiles knew it would. 

“Enlighten me,” she smiled.

“Oookay,” Stiles ran his slender fingers absentmindedly through his messy brown hair. “I think there’s someone out there who really cares for you, like a lot, like you’re their whole world,” his voice lowered seriously. “I think he loves how your laugh sounds, and he just wants to hear it all the time, to know you’re happy and that he can give you everything you deserve.”

He finished quietly, his eyes burning holes into the oak table and basically looking anywhere except at hers. He breathed in the scent of freshly brewed coffee and warm pastries, his heart doing flips. The cafe was practically empty by this point, and they were the last two to be sat in the cozy back room.

“Mm,” she contemplated, setting down her mug when he finished. “Now where do you think my mystery man is, Mr. Stilinski?” she beamed.

“Probably closer than you think,” he tried weakly.

She stared at him for a good few seconds, eyes flickering up and down her friend with interest, and then she burst out in a fit of giggles.

“What?” stiles chuckled, throat rumbling from the sight of her sinking into her laughter with little wheezes for air.

“Phew, you got me for a second there,” she snorted. “Oh god,” she covered her face like she always did when she ugly laughed, but Stiles just grinned. He loved her ugly laugh.

“What?” he said again.

“Oh nothing,” she bent forward in her chair and placed her palm to Stiles’ knee, “it was a good act though.”

“Act?” Stiles pondered, buzzing with electricity from where she touched him.

“Well you know, Stiles the nerdy goofball, lecturing me on love? Yeah right,” she winked.

“Heyy,” Stiles said with mock hurt, the butterflies in his stomach dying down, “you’d be surprised how knowledgeable I am in that area.”

“Oh please, the farthest you’ve managed is a high school crush, and lord knows she’s not going anywhere near that area,” the girl snickered.

Stiles let out a giggle, resting his palm atop the girls hand. She didn’t flinch away, but she tensed, just a little.

“Okay, so I’m a little lacking in the relationship field. But you had a crush on a dumb jock of a werewolf with raging hormones,” he fired back playfully.

“Ouch,” she said.

“Too soon?” Stiles asked, wondering if he’d hurt her feelings.

“Nah,” she smiled, “I don’t need that loser,” she decided.

“There you go!” Stiles beamed, “you finally came around.”

“I guess I just needed the right person to show me how,” she squeezed his hand lightly.

“Here,” Stiles said, moving his hand and raising a thumb to her face. She dipped back a little, but he shushed her protests and wiped the excess whipped cream from around her mouth anyways.

“Oof, thanks,” she said. “Wha-EW!” she giggled when Stiles licked the cream off his fingers with a smirk.

“What?” he snickered, “can’t waste. That would just be selfish.”

“Well, you’re right there. You’re not selfish, Stiles Stilinski.”

“Aren’t I?” he lifted a brow, frown settling in on his full lips.

“No,” she insisted. “You care too much about the people you love to hurt them,” she said, “one of the many wonderful things about you. Coupled with the fact that you buy me hot chocolate all the time,” she smiled.

“Well, I know how to treat a lady,” he said, giving her a nudge.

“Oh yeah?” she challenged.

“Hey hey hey, don’t judge. I bet I’m way better at this stuff than you’d give me credit for,” his warm brown eyes crinkled happily.


“Like I give great cuddles.”

“From practicing with your pillow?”

“Okay well I’m a good kisser, I bet.”

“From practicing on your hand?”

“Fine but I can fend off anyone who gets in our way.”

“From practicing with that flimsy thing you call a bat?”

Stiles stopped, eyes narrowing as he suppressed a smile, “you can make fun of me, but don’t you dare make fun of my bat.”

They burst out laughing in sync, wiping the tears from their eyes as they bent over themselves with giggles. When they finally calmed down enough to take a breather, the girl had propped herself on her elbows, leaning in towards him, and he mimicked her gesture.

His eyes flickered over his, and his voice came a whisper, “you’re really cute when you laugh, you know that?”

“Wow, guess you can add being a gentleman to that list of yours,” she blushed.

He sighed, his face saddening, eyes drawing away.

“What’s up?” she asked, tilting his chin up with her fingertips.

“You know what else I’m good at?” he said with a sense of defeat.

“What?” she said, so close to him now that she could breathe in his cologne and warm aroma.

“Falling for beautiful girls who can’t even see the power they have over me.”

For a second, she laughed. It was instinct. He was joking, right? That’s what Stiles was best at, jokes. But then her eyes came to him, and she noticed his hesitant gaze, tilted lips, and trembling fingers, and suddenly it wasn’t so funny. Stiles, the adorable and dorky Stiles, suddenly seemed far more intimidating in front of her.

She bent back, her heart faltering, “oh.”

The cafe seemed to spin around her. The floorboards were gone, the coffee’s scent was making her dizzy,  the lights were blurring.

“Yeah,” Stiles said softly. Then, when he saw her spaced out expression, “you okay?”

“Y-yeah,” she shook her head, taking in a long breath and focusing herself once more, “fine.”

“I’m sorry,” he said at once. “I shouldn’t have said anything, I-I m-mean that was dumb, obviously. I guess I was wrapped up in the moment and you’re whole fall for Isaac just got me all over the place,” he stammered, placing his head in his hands.

“Hey, no, Stiles, look at me,” she soothed, pulling his hands gently away from his face, “I’m glad you told me.”

“Really?” he rasped, fingers trembling against hers.

“Yeah, I was just so oblivious that it never even occurred to me you could feel like that, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say that,” he said quietly.

“No, but I have to. You’re my best friend Stiles, you’ve always been there for me. So there for me that I never even thought twice of what we meant to each other besides that. You bringing it up just woke me up, shone a light for me, reminded me that…” she trailed off.

“That what?’ he murmured, golden flecked eyes darting over her face.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe he is closer than I know,” she said. “I mean, who’s there when I can’t stand being alone or afraid? You. Who makes me laugh more than anyone else could? You. Who puts me first, the person who I know I would fight for the same way they would fight for me-” she babbled, fireworks erupting in her belly, suddenly wanting to melt under Stiles’ gaze.

“Loving you just comes so easy that I’ve been taking it for granted,” she finished.

It was weird for her, to stare at her best friend and suddenly see him clearly. His adorable freckles, the distinct blink of his eyes when he laughed, how much more vivid his eyes looked up close, the way he would twitch his nose or touch his face when he was nervous. It was like seeing him for the first time.

“What are you saying?” Stiles breathed.

“I don’t know what I’m saying,” she admitted, her heart doing bounds.

Stiles bent forward, so close their noses almost brushed each other.

“Okay. What are you feeling?” he tried.

“I’m feeling,” she whispered, heart going into overdrive, unable to think clearly from being so close to him.

“Yeah?” he breathed.

“I’m feeling…” she blinked down at his lips, and he tilted his head like he was daring her to try something.

“I’m feeling kind of like I want to kiss you,” she said, her last words coming muffled as she spoke them into the breath where her lips met Stiles’. They were soft and warm, intoxicating, even, and god did Stiles know how to use them. He brought a hand to her cheek, fingers sliding across her flesh and into her hair as he bent more deeply into her mouth, sending electricity through her veins. She detached herself for a breath, but he was back at once, and there was a sudden urge for dominance as the two molded their lips together with more pressure, dipping back and forth as one leaned in harder than the other. Her hands went to his hair, brushing through his soft locks and tugging softly at them, the smell of the cafe being drowned out by his gentle aroma, and the brief taste of him being enough to have her hooked, to know she was going to have it bad.

Stiles pulled away with a long breath, his big eyes blinking open to hers, their foreheads touching.

“Wow,” stiles said breathlessly.

“Wow,” she repeated, instantly hating the way her mouth felt without his lips pressed to hers. “I guess that practice on your hand really did pay off,” she giggled.

“You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?” Stiles’ eyes crinkled, his lips twitching.

“I really tried,” she laughed.

He brushed his nose lightly to hers with a big smile that filled her whole being with joy.

“You really make me crazy, Stiles Stilinski,” she said in awe of him.

“Do you think,” he started nervously, “I can continue to make you crazy? I can be, you know, the only guy making you crazy, maybe?” 

“Maybe?” she repeated.

“Yeah,” his cheeks warmed.

“More than maybe,” she decided.

maniacani  asked:

Please tell me Keith and Lance AT LEAST got some bonding moments during Lance's at home stay after the accident. We need some fluff for aftercare here ;u;

[The Voltron Family] Lance’s Accident: The Road to Recovery (1, 2)

So Lance was staying home to recover from his injuries and burns for a month or so, and his Daddy Keith was working at home to take care of him. He actually felt bad cause he even needed help to take a bath, walk to the bathroom and eat. His Dad didn’t deserve this. 

Lance: *mumbles while taking a bath in a tub* I’m sorry, Daddy Keith.
Keith: *sighs* *scrubs Lance’s back* I told you, Lance, it’s fine. I don’t suppose you can cook and clean yourself when most of your body are full of burns?
Lance: *frowns* Yeah, but still. 
Keith: Your Daddy Shiro can’t exactly work from home. Besides, I can just relax at home while I write my book. No big deal. Now close your eyes, I’m gonna turn on the shower now. 

As soon as Lance was done, his Dad had to dress him up with fresh new pyjamas and comb his hair. He went back to bed all tucked in like a baby.

Keith: *hands on hips* So! Lunch. What do you want to eat, buddy?
Lance: Fish and chips? Maybe a little lasagna and pizza on the side? *smiles*
Keith: *frowns* You have quite an appetite. Not sure about the pizza but fish and chips with a little lasagna are doable. Be back, sweetheart. *kisses Lance’s forehead*
Lance: Thanks, Daddy Keith. *preens* 

When Keith went downstairs, his phone rang and it was Shiro.

Shiro: Hey, baby. How’s Lance?
Keith: He’s fine. Though he wouldn’t stop apologizing to me, which is ridiculous because I’m not the one who’s injured. *sighs* I’m preparing our lunch now actually. *enters the kitchen and starts his preparation* How’s work?
Shiro: Same as usual. Saving one brain at a time. *snickers*
Keith: *snorts* Oh my god. You are such a nerd. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: You love meeeeeeeeee~ *sing songs*
Keith: I do, unfortunately. Anyway, I gotta go be Master Chef now.
Shiro: Alright, I’ll leave you to it. See you later, darling. Love you!
Keith: Love you, too, nerd. *chuckles*
Shiro: Tell Lance I love him, too and he needs to drink his meds.
Keith: I will. Now get off the phone, Takashi. *smiles*

Keith headed back to Lance’s room carrying the food he prepared. He placed the tray on the beside table and Lance was a bit shocked to know he’d be eating in bed. Keith just grinned at him. He went out and came back with his laptop.

Keith: Scoot over.
Lance: *gasp* What are we— *gives space for his Dad*
Keith: *sits on the bed beside Lance* We’re gonna watch some Netflix while we eat lunch. I haven’t started on Stranger Things yet, so I thought we could go with that. Also, your Daddy Shiro called and said he loves you.

So the father and son watched the series while eating lunch. Lance would get scared at some parts and he’d scoot closer to his Daddy Keith that they ended up cuddling just like when he was a child.

Lance: Oh my god. *covers eyes* Why are we even—
Keith: Hush it, Lance. You’re missing the good part.
Lance: Daddy Keith, let’s just go back to Sailor Moon.
Keith: Don’t be such a chicken, Lance. Man up! And we’ve watched Sailor Moon 20 times now since you were a kid. Time for you to move on.
Lance: I can’t! Usagi is my one true love! One just not move on.
Keith: *laughs* Oh my god.

Shiro came home with the kids around 7 in the evening because they needed to buy some school supplies for Pidge and Hunk’s projects. They were a bit surprised that the house was so quiet so they all went upstairs to Lance’s room. Inside they saw Keith and Lance fast asleep. Lance was sleeping by Keith’s shoulder and Shiro could see that Keith was running his fingers through their son’s hair before falling asleep. Keith’s laptop was on top of the pillow, Stranger Things still playing.

Shiro: *smiles and turns to Pidge and Hunk* Why don’t we go prepare dinner now and let’s just call your Dad and brother when it’s ready?
Pidge and Hunk: *giggles and nods*
Shiro: *closes the door* So, what do you guys want for dinner?
Hunk: Homemade pizza?
Pidge: We haven’t had that in weeks, Daddy Shiro!
Shiro: *chuckles* Homemade pizza it is.

Filling in the Blanks

It’s a slow Sunday, and Sherlock’s just out of the bath. He slips into his dressing gown, reveling in how, well, relaxed he is. Out the hall and into see John, who’ll no doubt be tap-tapping away on his laptop-

Oh. Except he isn’t. He’s sitting in his armchair, writing in some sort of large notebook. He’s taking long pauses in between words, tapping his pen on the armrest as if trying to remember something. 

Sherlock bends down from above to steal a kiss. “Hey,” he says, and then he spots Rosie sitting on the rug, playing with her teddy.

“Ooh, hello!” he says to her, and she looks up at him in delight. Years ago, perhaps he would have been embarrassed at how easily his voice slips into ‘baby speak’ but now… well, it’s lovely. Who bloody cares.

Sherlock joins Rosie on the rug, and teases her by pretending to kidnap the teddy. She bats him off enthusiastically, giggling.

John smiles. “You two are a right pair.”

Sherlock nods towards the book. “What are you doing?” 

John blinks and hesitates. Oh, Sherlock spots. Slight nerves. But why?

“It’s… it’s a baby book.”

“What’s that?”

John snorts. “Oh, God, come on, you must have had one. I bet even Mycroft had one.” 

He holds the book out to Sherlock. Sherlock stands to take it, and then pretends to pass it to Rosie, just to make them both laugh.

John shuffles off the armchair to join them on the floor. “It’s something… I’d wanted to do it from- from the start, I think, but…well. Everything.”

Sherlock reaches across and squeezes his hand. John swallows, then continues: “Anyway, it’s like a memory book. For her. You can include- you know- facts and photos and things…”

Sherlock opens the book and laughs out loud. “First word? Oh, John, come on-”

He looks up, expecting John to be laughing with him, but John is just grinning at him and shaking his head. “No, I’m serious.”

Sherlock glances at Rosie, then up at John. His heart is beating a little faster than normal. “John. Your daughter, your child… her first word was not my name.”

“Cross my heart.” He kisses Sherlock and Sherlock hardly even registers it, he’s still so shocked. “Well, she could only manage Sher, but that’s at least one syllable right, so I’m counting it.”

Sherlock scans down the rest of the book and feels his mouth quivering.

  • First word: Sherlock.
  • First home: 221B Baker Street.
  • Favourite place: 221B Baker Street 
  • Parents: John & Sherlock 

Sherlock has to hand the book back. He doesn’t want the pages getting wet. 

John props the book up next to his armchair, and pulls Sherlock into a hug. He waits a few moments, for Sherlock to get his breathing back under control, then says: “I was thinking- as long as your case inbox isn’t too intense… if you wanted to help me fill it out?”

Sherlock stares at him, at Rosie, at this family John has let them become. “Yes. Yes, of course. I-I’d like that. Very much.”

I live for Marius with literally no verbal filter. I mean, consider it:

He’s been dating Cosette for a while now, and they’re happy. They’re the kind of couple who can comfortably talk about pretty much anything. So, when he starts to wonder if maybe he might possibly be bi, she’s the only one he tells.

That is, until he walks into the Musain for a meeting one day (holding hands with Cosette), sees Courfeyrac wearing ridiculously tight skinny jeans and a fitted t-shirt and says- quite loudly- “/Damn/, I like guys.”

The whole room goes dead silent. Everyone stares. Then, suddenly, Cosette snorts. “Oh, thank god. I thought I was the only one appreciating Courf’s ass.” All the others are beyond confused. Courfeyrac looks delighted.

anonymous asked:

Request? Isaac crushing on a bad girl and the pack knowing about it. Half of them encourage Isaac to ask her out (Scott) but the other half make fun of him bc she's too hardcore for him (Stiles). Make her bestie Danny bc I miss him :(((

Musical Inspiration: “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry

Pairing: Isaac x Female Reader

Isaac slams his locker shut and turns to head to class when he sees you walking down the hallway toward him. Well, past him.

He sighs as he watches you go by laughing with Danny as the two of you make fun of Jackson for doing something stupid over the weekend.

A hand on his shoulder draws his attention away and he turns to glance at Scott. He’d already known it was his best friend. Scott’s the only one that gets it, wanting someone no one else thinks you belong with. Anyone else would have been laughing at Isaac’s crush right now and throwing it in his face how different the two of you are. Well, except maybe Erica but he’s pretty sure she’s just rooting for him because she thinks he’d be hilariously awkward about asking you out.

“Hey,” Isaac tells his friend somberly, glancing back at you one more time as you walk away from him.

“Dude, you should just do it already,” Scott says giving his shoulder a comforting squeeze as he follows Isaac’s gaze. “Just ask her out.”

Isaac sighs. He wants to. God, does he want to. But he’d almost rather spend the rest of his life pining than risk a rejection from you. Anyone else he could recover from but not you. “Maybe,” he answers grudgingly. “I’m probably not her type.”

“Who’re we talking about?” Stiles asks as he saunters up.

Scott’s already rolling his eyes because he knows what’s coming, just as well as Isaac does.

“No one,” Isaac says, trying to avoid what he knows is coming.

“Oh,” Stiles hums. “So, Isaac when (y/n) sees him?” He’s already laughing before he’s even gotten the quip out.

Isaac gives him a flat look and walks away but he can hear Scott smack Stiles upside the head.

“Ouch,” Stiles complains. “What was that for?”

“We’re his friends, we should be encouraging him,” Scott scolds.

“To ask out a girl he has no chance with?” Stiles asks incredulously. “(Y/n) is way too hardcore for him. She’s not just the bad girl that skips class and sneaks out to see her boyfriends. She totally beat the shit out of that guy from Dalton that wouldn’t take no for an answer at Danny’s party last summer.”

Isaac strains his ears extra hard to hear Scott’s reply to that. “Doesn’t matter. Maybe Isaac is exactly her type, we don’t know. And neither will he if he never tries.”

Isaac bites his lip and continues walking, letting his friends’ chatter fade into the background.


So, he’s decided. He’s gonna do it. He’s gonna ask you out.

He looks for you after school, trying to get it over with before he loses his nerve. He finds Danny and Jackson sitting on the front steps but you’re not with them.

“Uh, Danny, hey,” Isaac approaches, shoulders hunched up to his ears, hands buried in his pockets. “Do you know where (y/n) is?”

Jackson snorts. “OH my god,” he scoffs like he knows exactly where this is going, and he finds it hilarious.

Danny elbows Jackson in the side. “Be nice,” he scolds with a little smile, because when is Danny not smiling a little. He turns his gaze to Isaac. “She had to skip out early today,” he informs. “Do you want me to tell her you’re looking for her?”

“Yeah,” Isaac says but then shakes his head. “Wait, no. Um. Just—“

Yeah. No. Wait. Um…” Jackson mocks him, before fixing him with a glare. “Doesn’t matter what you want, loser. I’m gonna tell her anyway, so get lost.”

Isaac shakes his head at Jackson’s behavior but listens and walks away. He doesn’t see how you or Danny can hang out with that jerk.

Well, it seems he’ll know soon if he really is a nobody in your eyes.


He’s on his way to Stiles’ jeep the next day when someone calls out behind him.

“Hey, Isaac!”

He turns and there you are, looking all bad-ass and gorgeous. “Hi,” he breathes.

“I heard you were looking for me.”

“Oh, yeah, I—“ He stops speaking, looking around the parking lot. He feels the weight of all of his friends’ stares from every corner of the lot. Suddenly, he feels a lot less sure he can do this. “I just— wanted to ask, um,” his eyes search frantically for some clue to a question he can ask and his gaze rests on the helmet in your hands. “I wanted to ask where you got your bike.”

“Oh,” you seem surprised by that question. “Dante’s over on Ninth.”

“Oh, cool,” Isaac nods like he’s actually heard of the place.

“You thinking of getting one?” You ask, seeming interested in his existence for once.

“Uh, yeah. Maybe.”

“Well, my Agusta handles really well,” you tell him, licking your lips and glancing over at it across the lot. “I totally recommend it. Do you… wanna go for a ride?”

He feels his eyes widen and his mouth fall open a bit. “Y-Yeah. Yeah, sure.”

He follows you over to your motorbike and watches you straddle it with confident ease. He stumbles trying to get on behind you and hopes you haven’t noticed as he settles himself up against your back.

“Hey, Joey,” you call out to one of your other friends. He appears to be about to get in a truck with someone else but he pulls himself back out to see what you want. “Since your bike is in the shop, can we borrow your helmet?”

He sighs heavily and gets out of the truck to walk over helmet in hand, eyeing Isaac the whole time. “Yeah, sure.” He doesn’t actually sound all that sure, but hands over the helmet anyway.

“Thanks, man,” you say, slapping him on the arm as you pass it back.

Isaac puts the helmet on, making sure it feels snug and then wraps his arms around your waist as you bring the beast to life.

He clings to you the whole ride and it’s quite possibly the best experience of his entire life. The freedom of feeling like he’s flying coupled with the girl he’s crazy about. It’s enough to give him a little of the courage he was lacking earlier.

When you pull back into the school parking lot, he climbs off the bike and takes off the helmet. “That was… really great.”

“I know, right?” You pop off your helmet too, hanging it on your handle bars and grin, patting your bike, “I love this thing.”

“Hey, um, do you wanna go out sometime?” Isaac blurts, and then feels awkward about it. Here he’s been squished up against your back for the past twenty minutes and now he’s asking you out. That’s gotta be kinda weird.

You study him for a second and a knowing grin takes over your face. “You’re not planning on getting a bike, are you?”

“N-no. Not really,” he admits, handing over your friend’s helmet. “I just… kinda panicked at the last second and latched onto whatever I saw first. Which. Was your helmet.” He gestures to your own helmet. “Which lead to asking about your bike.”

You take the extra helmet from him, holding it in your lap as you stare at him with a grin that’s making him a little nervous. “Yeah, okay,” you say abruptly.

“Yeah, okay I’m a huge dork or?”

“Yeah, okay I’ll go out with you,” you laugh. “Although. You are a bit of a dork.”

He could be embarrassed about it but you wink at him when you say it. Still, he ducks his head with a nervous laugh. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” you assure him. “Dorks happen to be my type.”

Take that, Stilinski. Who’s laughing now??

Fic: What You Need

Skank!Kurt/pocket!Blaine, inspired by this picture. ~1670 words, PG-13, fluff.

“Oh, goddammit,” Kurt said, staring down at the narrow yet surprisingly deep crack in the pavement below the bleachers. He had fumbled his lighter while pulling it out of his pants and dropped it, and from the looks of it, that lighter was going to be gone forever. “Great. Amazing. Just what I needed.”

He took a seat on the low concrete divider that helped support the metal seats, wondering what would be the fastest way to get his cigarette lit. Most of the Skanks were off in Columbus for what they were calling “Senior Ditch Day,” like they needed an excuse to ditch class, while the few that hadn’t gone were nowhere in sight. Kurt was mentally debating whether he should go buy a new lighter from the closest 7/11 or try to hunt down Quinn when a bright flash and a loud crack startled him from his thoughts.

“What the-”

“You need help?” A warm voice asked. Kurt whipped his head around trying to determine where it was coming from. “Down here!”

Kurt nearly fell off the wall and cracked his head open.

Keep reading