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“Smile Dog”  © deviantArt user Snook-8. Accessed at her deviantArt page here

[For my interpretation of the Smile Dog creepypasta, I took additional inspiration from The Rake (who’s doglike in the original story but everyone seems to forget this), the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who and the Nina Chimera from Full Metal Alchemist. Spread the word.]

This malformed creature is simultaneously pathetic and horrifying—a naked canine form twisted into the shape of a man. Its arms and legs end not in paws but with human-like hands tipped with iron claws. Its head is dog-like in shape, but enormous pale eyes peer from behind its long greasy hair, and its mouth is twisted into a disturbingly wide, disturbingly human, smile.

Born of bad dreams and transmitted through images, roucheis are psychic viruses given cruel solidity. Their appearances are so uniquely horrible that they linger in the mind long after the beast itself has left, allowing them access to new psyches to spread their influence along. The suggestions given by a rouchei to its victims in their dreams are generally propagative—forcing their victim to show the rouchei or its image to more victims to spread its net of influence—but it can also, over time, warp people into violent puppets or send them screaming towards suicide. If a rouchei cannot properly influence one of its thralls or if it is feeling playful, it will resort to bloody violence.

Each rouchei has a unique appearance, but all of them appear as a sickly, twisted amalgamation of dog and man. If an image is crafted capable of conveying a rouchei’s haunting appearance but is suitably distinct from any existing rouchei, a new rouchei will be created. Such events are relatively rare, so roucheis prize particularly creative artists as reproductive opportunities. Despite their appearance of ill-health, roucheis are remarkably strong and agile, weaving between opponents in combat to strike at the weakest and tearing them to pieces with long claws and oddly blunt teeth. Roucheis do not need to feed, but enjoy consuming parts of their victims in order to spread fear.

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Hello people, I tried to do  a Veigar (from League of Legends) redesign based on the modern Yordle designs

This started as a fast sketch….and I accidentally stylized and rendered it a lot more than I shouldn’t but…yeah anyway.

A few words about my way of thinking about this redesign.
For me Veigar is 3 things

- Big magician’s hat
- Big magical gauntlet surging with power
- Big magical staff with more power

…I think you get the point…and of course medieval attire as much as possible along with over the top fantasy elements.
As about his Yordle design I feel like he would be close to something of a stereotypical black cat with yellow eyes.

Hope you like it, cya.

This time I would like to show some concept art, a skin idea for Singed that had been discussed over and over again.

Bartender Singed

Here is my take on this, the idea is pretty simple and basic and there is probably still place for changes…but I will leave that for Riot wink wink

So why I suggest this skin? Various and OBVIOUS reasons

-His quotes, I mean really “Shaken, not stirred.” , “How’d that taste?” , “To shake, or not to shake.” , “How about a drink?” or “Mix, mix, swirl, mix.” I mean really, those are lines that a bartender could easily say, not to mention there could be an added line “Pick your poision” Ha! Awesome right?

-Contribution to old lore reference from the Journal of Justice (Volume 1, Issue 27) not sure if still canon (probably not) but there was a deal between Singed and Gragas for helping the Graggy Ice industry by providing brewing machines and creating a partnership. So yeah this skin idea is not entiiiiirely fan fiction.

-..wait I need more reasons to have this skin? Uhm..it would be fun! I mean come on! Filling the rift with beer foam while running around is pretty awesome!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this idea as much as I do!

Rito plz ;)

PS make sure you check the pic in FULL VIEW.

Viktor, the Machine Herald.

I’m actually semi-pleased with how this came out, Viktor was extremely difficult to draw, I had to study all his weird ass geometry of his machine parts. As reference I used his current in-game model and not his splash art as there are some slight differences there. 

I tried to pose him as the intimidating and proudful herald he is…but let’s face it deep down hemight be just lil sad human making up machines to cover his weaknesses (acolyte fangirls don’t kill me i’m jking)

I really like him anyway but I’m not even average good on playing him since I don’t usually play mid lane, mages and assasins are just too squishy for me bro.

Anyhow, enjoy this and forgive me if any parts of him are missplaced, I might actually edit him at some point if something bothers me too much.

That’s all folks!

(PS If the picture shows to dark on your screen do adjust it, I worked this on a laptop so its contrasts might be silly, my bad.)