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Ereri/Riren Doujinshi List (4)

More details and it’s a bit more organized this time :3

A lot of them are R18 (probably all of them, but maybe there’s some that aren’t…)

Bottom Eren:

Cleaning Eren and Levi | DICTIONARY/Hachiko | [R18]

Starlight Parade | DICTIONARY/Hachiko | [R18]

Andromeda | DICTIONARY/Hachiko | [R18]

Fascinating Sensation | Dictionary/Hachiko | [R18] (*Eren turns into a child)

In a Soundless Voice | Parallax/Can | [R18]

Do Not Cross That Line | Aoboshi | [R18]

What’s Yours Is Mine, and What’s Mine Is My Own | Yinghua/Sinba | [R18]

Secret | Yinghua/Sinba | [R18]

Double Affection | Yinghua/Sinba | [R18]

Dancin’ with My Devils | Yinghua/Sinba | [R18]

From the Broken Night | Yinghua/Sinba | [R18]

Sometimes the Cute Subordinate Has to Wait | Yingua/Sinba | [R18]

Nowhere Near Complete | Yinghua/Sinba | [R18]

If You Don’t Tell Me You Love Me I’ll Kill You | Yinghua/Sinba | [R18]

Distances | Yinghua/Sinba | [R18]

You Pig | Qjui | [R18]

L->E<-L  | Qlapz/Valero | [R18]

The Black and White Cat and Levi-san | omt/Omatsu | [R18]

On a Full Moon Night | Callot! chiko nagino | [R18] (*Werewolf Levi)

How to Spend a Sweet Night | maico/sanshita | [SFW] (*Child Eren)

The Uncontrollable World | Shikke to Ajisai/Itamu! | [R18] (Warning: Rape, Levi/Eren, Erwin/Eren, slight Mob/Eren)

No, No and Thank You for the Meal | SP-chi/Mino | [R18] (Warning: Rape)

The World Has Been Waiting for You | Makkuro/Makkurona | [R18]

If There is Love | Makkuro/Makkurona | [R18]

Love Lesson | T.K-Cinema | [R18]

Dear Marvelous | I wanna U./ASAGA China | [R18]

Bottom Levi:

H Sketch One Touch | Hideyoshico | [R18] (*Hanji x Levi, Eren x Levi)

Rum Coke | ParasC (Chimi) | [R18]

Thirsty | Qlapz/Valero | [R18]

Look at Me | NO*MARK | [R18] (*Vacuum cleaner as a dildo;;;)

Despise Me If You Want, but I’ll Still Love You Anyway | LOVEPOTIONNO.9/Ichinomiya Shihan | [R18]

Love You till Death | Iogi/Shima | [R18]

Happy Birthday My Sweet Honey!! | SpringLOVE | [R18]


(Bottom Eren) Week 1 | DICTIONARY/Hachiko | [R18]

(Bottom Eren) Smells 1 | Doro Coppelia/Komatsu | [R15] (*Omegaverse)

(Child Levi/Eren) 1 Hundred #1 | Doro Coppelia/Komastsu | [SFW]

I still have more doujinshis for a fifth list!
(if there are any problems on this list, please tell me!)

[1] [2] [3] (Not a Love Song)


But anyways, this is my version of Erwin and Levi’s lovechild lolol :v Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you~

Lewis Smith

The future commander of the survey corps


I made him in the middle of boredom :v #stillanamateurthough