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Do u mean the east sea clan a literally a group of fishermen? And I remember Ymir said she did not like herring and Reiner seems did not know about the word "herring"? So Ymir is from the east sea clan and the Hometown ppl don't know about the sea?

Hello Anon~!

In the newest Snk ANSWERS guidebook, Isayama has clarified Mikasa’s “Touyou” clan means “East Sea” instead of “Asian”, since the word  “東洋” has confused many readers. Before the release of the guidebook, I used to think that “Touyou” people would have Japanese surnames~!

And yes, In my crack theory post about the East Sea Clan, I suggest most of them are fishermen~! If there is a common surname among the clan, how about…


(lol why not? We have Yeager the hunter, Ackerman the field man and Reiss the rice dealer.)

And in Snk chapter 38, Ymir found a canned herring in the Utgard Castle. After she handed it to Reiner, Reiner was shocked that he did not understand the text on it:

More important is, there is a possibility that Reiner did not know about the word “herring”!

So what is a herring?

Read more: Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus)

Herring is a marine fish. A species of fish living in the sea. 

So Ymir has eaten herring before and she knows about the ocean!

Perhaps the Hometown is located far away from coastal region, thus Reiner doesn’t know about the text on the canned food neither the terms like “herring” and “ocean”.

In the Snk Crack Theories Week, @momtaku has suggested Ymir might be an Ackerman (and I agree too, since it seems Ymir sees Historia as her liege~), what if Ymir is also an East Sea person? Why not both mmmm, just like Mikasa

Snk Theories: Ackerman Timeline

I really want to know what had happened to Ymir 60 years ago. Perhaps she’s the descendant of the Ackerman family and the East Sea clan and being persecuted by the King of the Walls. Ymir said she “died in order to bring happiness to many people”, may be she was forced to sacrifice herself and turned into a mindless titan, so nobody of the two family can know the “lost history of the world” and pass it down to the next generations (chapter 65)?

I hope in the coming Snk 86, Isayama will show us the Ymir’s letter (and Ymir herself) and other stuff about the Ackerman+East Sea Clan…

from what i remember jean and marco laughed quite a bit compared to the others in canon but the thing is for jean he’d fake a laugh to be a pompous asshat and for marco it was always just nervous laughter in awkward situations. neither had a moment with a genuine “that’s really funny!” kind of laugh??

i feel like you’ll never really know what their actual laughs sound like unless you know their form of humor (especially for marco), then it’s very easy to get a laugh outta them and honestly it’s beautiful when it works

like…. when marco laughs he’ll usually start w a giggle but when he breathes in he SNORTS and then he breaks into his cute whiny laughter and if he can’t stop snorting he’ll cover his mouth and nose bc it’s embarrassing to him but its actually the cutest thing ????

as for jean,,,, u know that sound the windows make when you’re cleaning it and it squeaks against the towel?? just imagine that sound except it’s coming from jean when he laughs (and like, it usually starts w him trying really hard not to laugh and just kinda “pbPPBT–”)