*sniff sniff*

I liked the idea of Snorkmaiden giving Snufkin etiquette lessons so here you go.
  • Snorkmaiden: Alright, lets begin your etiquette lessons!
  • Snorkmaiden: Lesson one; when out in society, put on pants.
  • Snufkin: ALL the time?!
  • Snorkmaiden: Um, okay...let's start with something more simple. Dinner etiquette.
  • *the two of them seat themselves at the table*
  • Snorkmaiden: First, you put your napkin on your lap-
  • Snufkin: Wait, what am I going to need another napkin for? I already have this neck napkin.
  • Snorkmaiden:
  • Snufkin:
  • Snorkmaiden: That's a tie.
  • Snorkmaiden: The napkin is to keep your pants clean!
  • Snufkin: Now I have to wear clean pants? Where does it end!?
  • Snorkmaiden rings a bell and Sniff walks in with a tray.
  • Sniff: Dinner is served, because I should've known there was a catch when Snorkmaiden invited me to dinner.
  • Snorkmaiden: Now, what do you say, Snufkin?
  • Snufkin: Thank you, Sniff.
  • Snorkmaiden: NO! YOU DON'T GIVE THEM NAMES!! ...*sigh* just watch me.
  • Sniff serves Snorkmaiden her dish.
  • Sniff: *picks food up* it's a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Snorkmaiden slaps the sandwhich out of his hand.
  • Snufkin: Wow, Snorkmaiden, I don't think I could ever be as classy as you.

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