kimjongunsvagina asked:

What are some really great rooster teeth content blogs? I need more on my dash.

I know of a few really great ones that I follow. Lemme see here…

I can name off a few people that I’m friends with/ would like to be friends with that have awesome blogs:

alittlebitgayandmore memespin deannachu mogarsjones allegrolite-archived (they make such good music and oh my god grace your ears with it) horrificsmut micoovav officialachievementhunter teamladsngents

Some good Funhaus ones are:

grillems (obviously) fuhnhaus funheist demodisks

Good ones that I’m mutuals with:

ah-and-rt ro0sterteeth roosterwho mavinbro jackyourpattillo

Some RvB-themed ones:

dumbspacemarines agentnorth-dakota recovery-one cili-ai wyomingsmustache

Random ones that I love very much:

chefgeofframsay churchsmemory jacktapillo missdiddlez mogar-smash raynarvaezs-jr raynarvaezjr roosterteeth-ruined-my-life ryanhayywood