I wanted to write something, and, as always, this is probably a bad idea.

Here’s the obligatory disclaimer: I do NOT have children of my own yet. However, I’ve spend a significant amount of time around them for a long while now. I’ve babysat, looked after, warred with and taught children of various ages - from itty bitty tiny wrinkly baby burritos to lanky, sneering 12 year olds. 

I’m not claiming to have divine knowledge. A lot of this will vary by individual person (I mean child, but yes, children ARE people.) But I do have some interesting theories that I haven’t heard anyone else talk about before, so I figure - better late than never!

The first thing I want to address is the simple idea that whatever children do, they do it on a totally LOGICAL level based on their previous life experiences. By which I mean - if a baby is crying because you took away its toy, that baby is JUSTIFIED in being THAT UPSET about such an insignificant thing. 

The amount of Bad Things that happened to Baby are uh… very small. Chances are, it’s had a pretty cushy baby life. It gets food, it gets love, and it’s sense of object permanence is not yet a thing, so it doesn’t understand how the capitalist machine is working against communities to take away the commonwealth. 

In this case, “my whole life” is like, 6-7 months. Listen, if you had only been on this planet for less than a year, YOU’D be drooling over rattle toys too. And you’d also be similarly displeased at tiny things which no longer bother you now.

The thing is - this is not only applicable to babies. This is applicable to ALL people. We deal with our problems and REACT to our problems using the scope of knowledge available to us. When you’re 4, the worst thing that you have experienced will probably be your Day To The Pool getting canceled. If that’s the Worst Thing, then YEAH, you’re gonna cry about it! You’re gonna throw a tantrum! 

And then in 5 years, you’re gonna grow up and learn that 4th grader Lilly is a Traitor First Class and you’ll cry about her stealing your stickers - and the Canceled Pool Day won’t bother you as much because you understand now that there are bigger things to worry about.

With that behind our belt, let’s move on to my main concern. 

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If the Gods were with us (literally)

Zeus herds all twelve of them onto the bus with
enough time left to linger and sneer at women on the corner.
Spends his free time with the boys, or in crowded streets, where even Hera wouldn’t notice where his eyes and hands end up.

Apollo sits in noisy bars,
drinks shitty beer and chain smokes in the corner.
He has a guitar, waxes poetry to deaf ears, whispers prophecies of a future they fought to defeat.

A quick head count reveals Hermes missing, running off through Cairo’s streets again.
He’s gotten a job as a taxi driver, loves his new dominion on the road.
Practically robs tourists blind and they don’t even realize it happened.

Poseidon rides a feeluka down the Nile to the Mediterranean.
Swims in the clear waters and fishes on the rocks, he’s got nothing but time in his hands, and the fish on his plate is the best way to spend it.

Hera paints her nails with gold,
buys into the unmonitored, uncontrolled luxury.
Treats herself like the queen she is, and in the middle of the desert, she sits back in an empty villa watching the sun set over the poor and smiles.

Hephaestus builds ashwai'yyats on the outskirts of a growing city.
He creates art from cars torn in half,
works metal with the men. While Aphrodite,
a continent away,
spends her time in a hamam.

Athena budgets her time between universities.
Listens to lectures by Americans on
the new arts of war and is thrilled
by the strategy, the pure art of war.

Ares sits in the back,
shakes his head in disgust,
leaves in bitter silence.
Flies to Gallipoli and wanders trenches
dreaming of the easier days.

Artemis works at a woman’s shelter,
attends forums where she asks men not to speak.
She does not ask twice.
She fights the establishment, even if it feels like a loosing battle
from within the patriarchy, they’ll take the victories they get.

Hades sits among the tombs
of dead Kings and breathes in the quiet.
The mortals shuffle or cough, create noise where there shouldn’t be,
but they aren’t meant for the silence of the dead.
At least, not yet.

Demeter travels for food, samples delicacies from the farmers themselves, drinks fresh juice and bread from the oven.
Settles into a small Greek village and tries the wine, everything but the pomegranate one, of course.

Dionysus walks up and down Istaklal on nights.
Hops between bars and clubs, where the music is so loud that it sounds all the same.
Takes shots in the back of the bus and gets kicked out by the driver.

Hestia stays at home and waits for her family to return.

—  The Gods on Vacation
In defence of Roscommon/South Leitrim

There have been quite a few sneering and cruel remarks about the people of Roscommon/South Leitrim that voted ‘No’ by a narrow margin(51.48%) in #MarRef. That was surely a disappointment for the 17,615 constituents who voted ‘Yes’ but more soul destroying for that county and a half was the attitude of many social commenters who took the opportunity to belittle and demonise the entire population there. Screwed over by government on issues like healthcare access, job creation and clean drinking water, these are not people who deserve that treatment. These are people who are mostly used to being forgotten about and not noticed. Some things to note:

* Several other constituencies had incredibly tight votes - Donegal West was Yes by .05% or 33 votes - it was a very closely contested referendum in other rural areas. It’s a shame there were any constituencies that voted ‘No’ but to be the only one is unfortunate.
* These are counties ravaged by emigration and the flow of younger inhabitants to urban centres and jobs. Sligo, Dublin, Letterkenny and Galway are typically the places where they live and vote. Ros/South Leitrim doesn’t have an urban centre larger than Roscommon Town (5,700). The younger voter is evidently a Yes.
* Having canvassed voters’ opinions in the area* in the run up to Friday, I noticed there was a disconnect with the Yes campaign and message that I hadn’t encountered in Dublin. Many rural people felt talked down to and alienated. They felt shouted at. They got left behind by the Yes campaign which is worth reflecting on.
* 17,615 people in Ros/South Leitrim voted Yes. I hope they are joining the rest of the country in celebrating this proud moment in our nation’s history and not downtrodden because some cloistered urbanite(s) have decided it’s a good time to hit the culchie thicks with a stick.
*This weekend is a time for unity and for us all to share in this wonderful moment in Irish history. Anyone who wants to tell you different is missing the point and needs to be told where to go. 

YES to equality.

* Though raised in South Leitrim, my constituency is Sligo/North Leitrim. Not confusing at all. Thanks electoral commission. I live in Dublin with my family. I voted Yes in #MarRef.

** EDIT: This article originally featured a tweet from novelist, Marian Keyes, that I removed after correspondence with her on Twitter. It seemed the fair thing to do after her sincere and total apology for the content of the tweet. End of.

Steve was a little bit shocked if anything. Between him and Bruce sat an orange looking potion on the desk. “Person A in your pair will take this potion.” Professor Snape sneered, laying a hand on Bruce to demonstrate to the class. “It will synthesize the effects of pregnancy on the human body. You will carry for two terms, at some point in the second term you will give birth and then for a week and a half you and your partner will have to take care of a newborn baby.” The professor explained. “This is designed to put you off starting families of your own any time soon. The effects of the potion will be instaneous and you will likely find out the first hurdle to pregnancy within a few minutes. Now please. Drink up.”


A warm quiet, the kind that makes up summer breezes in the dead of night. It sits on his skin so smoothly. Dean is placid like the lake of his dream long ago, when the world was at its most turbulent. He closes his eyes slowly and takes an even slower breath. One hand rest on his stomach, the other is entwined with Cas’. The mattress cradles them, as does the room. Time itself seems to wrap around them and cushion them here.

Cas squeezes Dean’s hand, as close to breaking the silence as he’ll get. Dean just smiles and squeezes his hand back.

The world keeps falling apart and apart and apart, built on a foundation long past its expiration date. Somehow this is solid. A fragile, tiny little thing the universe only acknowledges long enough to sneer, and an endless being born from void and light.

Let the world crumble as it will, they will remain and rebuild. Just like always.

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Shadow of True Self

My muse went missing and you decided to go find them, you soon find yourself in a strange place and in the middle of the room is my muse, but they seem… Different.

Byzas looked at the british man in the room and sneered, “Well, hello there Eyebrows. Why did you come/ My day was perfectly fine before the world’s worst dad and empire showed up!”

(I chose no inseceruties so get ready… and hi!)



To use an obvious John Waters quote, they were all ratted up like teenage jezebels at Miu Miu. Cha-cha heels on their feet and so fuckin’ beautiful they couldn’t stand it themselves. I know that nice girls don’t wear cha-cha heels, but who said they were nice girls?

And yes, I’m mixing up the Waters films, but does it matter? This woman exists in 90% of them, so to make it easier, we shall simply christen her “the Baltimore lady”, as having only visited the city via the medium of cinema I’ve come to assume that all ladies who live there have a certain look about them: that of a pissed-off juvenile delinquent. Freshly released from reform school, they wear their fashions with a scowl/sneer; they’re free women and their lives are about to begin. Their clothes say they are in command. But then again, a ruffle and a shiny layer have always had the power to say that. Is it their fault everybody’s jealous of them just because they’re pretty?

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans


By Natalie Dembinska

You guys are encouraging an unhealthy obsession with B! Eridan. Thank you. 

  Eridan hated the heat. But he couldn’t hunt. So he was stuck watching the campsite, while Nepeta hunted. It wasn’t like he couldn’t fight, but when it came to tracking and killing something with his bare hands, well…It was better left to Nepeta. 
  It wasn’t that he wasn’t built for it, or that he was some small, wimpy thing. He was nearly seven feet tall, with a lithe body that was nonetheless strong, with shoulders that, while not broad, were nothing to sneer at. He was strong, but his strength didn’t, erm, lay with his strength. He was fast, agile, and talented in magic.  He had tattoos all over his body, white, that channeled his magic, in place of a wand. He could take whatever some little beast had to give him.
  When he had pointed all this out to Nepeta, she had stared at him until he sat back down. So he was on fire duty, making sure it stayed nice and hot for when Nepeta came back. He shifted, trying to find a place where he could reach the fire and not feel the brunt of it’s heat. 
  “Heat’s goin ta make my fins fall off.” He muttered to himself, not watching his accent when as he was alone. There was a ruslte and he jumped up, spinning nd looking into the forest. 
  “Wwho’s there?!” He snapped, still not watching his accent. The tattoos on his bare arms began to glow softly. He began summoning a protective bubble when something swung out of the trees and nearly hit his face. He made a sound he would never confess to and stumbled back 
  He called out a fireball and glowered at the thing hanging from the tree. It was a woman, hanging from her legs, her arms crossed over her chest.  She grinned at him, hanging from the tree. 
  “Hello there, mister Ampurra.” She said, grinning at him. Eridan growled and reached up for her.
   “Come down here, Neps.” He said. She continued to grin and shook her head.
  She was short, stocky, strong. A little chubby, but mostly muscle. She came up to past his waist, just under his chest.  Hanging from this branch, her mouth was just above his. 
  “No.” She said. “Come here.”
  She was smirking in a way he didn’t like at all, but he came closer anyway. She gabbed his cheeks and pulled him closer, pressing their lips together and kissing him for a few seconds. 
  “You’re immature.” Eridan snapped. 
  “Well I can’t reach you when I’m down on the ground.” SHe grinned and reached for him and he took her down, setting her on the ground.
  “Flushed for you, Ampurra.”
  “Flushed for you, Neps.”

  Eyy, just a little thing I wrote up.  I wish I could do more. I will probably do more and post it on my writing blog. Anyway, thanks for these lovely asks, I am so happy about them. I’ll do more with them when I have more time. 
  Not quite sure about my Nep yet. She’s a badass and totally cool, but I couldn’t portray that well here. 

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Gom being jealous that their lil sister is rly close with her childhood friend who happens to be a boy

Akashi: “Hello, how are things?” Akashi sat down next to the boy his sister had been playing with.

“Uh, I’m good.” The boy sneered at Akashi.

“Oni-chan, what are you doing? We’re playing prince and princess.” The little girl tried to shove Akashi out of the room.


“It’s kids only.” She snapped at him.

“But…Can I not join you?” He asked politely. She shook her head.

“No way. It’s only for little kids.” She pushed him out the door.”

“He gets to play with you, so why can’t I?” Akashi mumbled, just trying to get along with his only sibling.

“Cos I like him better.” She slammed the door and he heard her say: “Now, I’ll save you from the evil dragon!”

Aomine: “Hey, brats, what time is this kid going?” Aomine burst into his sister’s room.

“Daiki! What are you doing! You’re messing us up!!” She yelled at him. He stared her down.

“And just what am I messing up?” He crossed his arms.

“We were trying to have a dance party, but you ruined our routine. That’s why I hate dancing with you. You don’t even know the steps!” She ranted about his lack of dancing skills.

“I…What?” He looked to the other boy for help.

“Don’t look at me, baldy.”


“Daiki! Go away!” She closed the door and turned her music back on.

“WELL PONPONPON IS A LAME SONG TO DANCE TO ANYWAYS, BRAT!” Aomine shouted to the closed door. His dad stood at the top of the stairs, looking at him disapprovingly. Aomine waved nervously and retreated to his room.

Kise: “Hey cutie, what are you guys playing?” Kise sat down next to little Kise and smiled at her. She smiled back but looked away quickly.

“Cards.” She said bluntly.

“Cool! Can I join?”

“Only people who aren’t my brother can play.” She said.

“What? I can’t play?” He whined. She shook her head.

“I can play.” Her friend who was already playing stated. “I’m not her brother.”

“Yeah I know.”

“So, you can leave.” He said.

“HUH?” Kise shouted.

“You’re loud, leave. Go find a girlfriend.” He sassed Kise some more.

“Yeah? Well grow some teeth you pumpkin!” Kise stomped out of the room and slammed the door behind him. “Why was he so salty?” Kise mumbled.

Midorima: “What are you up to?” Midorima sat down on his sister’s bed and watched her play with toys with her friend.

“We’re playing, nii-chan.” She rolled her eyes. The boy nodded in agreement.

“I see that.”

“You can’t play with us.” The boy crossed his arms.

“Why not?” Midorima pushed his glasses up.

“’Cause you’re old.” He stuck his tongue out.

“I’m barely 16.”

“You’re stupid. She doesn’t even like you.” 

“Yeah, go away, nii-chan!” His sister stuck her tongue out as well.

“Fine, but I must add, with that attitude, people are going to beat you up, nanodayo.” Midorima left the room.

Murasakibara: “Hey, brats. Dinner’s almost ready, what time is he going home?” He asked his sister.

“Never!” The boy cheered.

“NEVER EVER!” Murasakibara’s sister cheered louder.

“Annoying. Why not?”

“I want him to be my brother instead of you!” 

“Why? He’s lame. He can’t even reach high things.” Mursakibara smirked.

“He’s nice.”

“Nice? I’m nice.” He defended himself.

“Hah! You just called us brats, you call that nice?” His sister’s friend snapped.

“Shut up, I’ll crush you.”

Kuroko: “Hey, are you playing nice?” Kuroko sat down next to his sister. Her friend groaned.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there. What are you doing here?” His sister asked. Kuroko widened his eyes.

“I..wanted to see what you were doing.” He mumbled.

“Yeah, well, no one asked you to.” She snapped.


“Why don’t you go hide or something, I bet we won’t even find you if you stood on the table in the kitchen.” Her friend sassed him.

“Well, I want to-”

“My friends are the only people who will play with me.” The girl crossed her arms. Kuroko sighed.

“I guess that’s fine.” He walked out of the room. The boy stuck his tongue out one more time, and Kuroko came back, covered his sister’s eyes and flipped him off.

“Thank you for being her friend.” Kuroko smiled sweetly at the boy’s stunned face.

So this sketch was a fiasco but whatever. I’m trying to be confident in my mistakes as well >:3 She ended up looking more like a teen and her legs are askew.

Shikatema baby #5~ <3 The only daughter and last child. Link to my headcanon on how they got five kids. Link to descriptions of each child.

Description I wrote previously on this daughter ;)

“And lastly, their last child is a daughter - the apple of Shikamaru’s eye. He just loves his one and only daughter. She has a ferocious grin and a terrifying sneer that makes Shikamaru’s heart melt while the rest of the family (including Temari lol) look on like =__=;;;. She scolds all of her elder brothers and though they treat her merely as an annoyance on the outside, they care deeply for her and take her opinions quite seriously. She has a deep bond with the second child that’s not as apparent as her bond with the fourth, with whom she’s bff’s. She bosses people around (particularly her second brother) and can be quite cunning and manipulative. As a daddy’s girl, she often uses her charm on Shikamaru to get her way and get her brothers in trouble. I can see her tricking her opponents to gain victory before smashing their skulls out of joy, not necessity. She also shares a strong bond with Gaara. Along with her fourth brother, she enjoys bossing the softie Kazekage around, often arguing as to who gets to play with Gaara first. Shikamaru becomes very jealous of Gaara whenever this happens. She’s skilled at stealing and concealing and even manages to sneak into Gaara’s caravan as a child, putting her family into a frenzied search (Shikamaru cries lol). Gaara is shocked to uncover her in his luggage and after placating her furious parents, allows her to stay with him in Suna for a month. She grows to love Suna immensely and probably moves there permanently as an adult. As a teen, she gets a tattoo on her back to match Gaara’s (bringing a sigh of exasperation as well as a tear of joy to his eye) as well as “Suna” on her shoulder without her parents’ permission. The most cunning sibling.” 


“I have these meetings with really powerful men and they ask me all the time, ‘Where are your kids? Are your kids here?’ ” she says with a sneer. “It’s such a weird question. Never in a million years do I ask guys where their kids are. It would be comparable to me going to a guy, ‘Do you feel like you see your kids enough?’ ”  — Amy Poehler,  MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE 2015

ginger and kennedy: violet and pearl aren’t mature enough to take the crown 

violet and pearl: *amazing looks, poised af, always kind and helpful, never disrespect the bitter old ladies or their (hideous) styles of drag, support each other, believe in themselves* 

ginger and kennedy: *incessantly insulting the other queens, never show versatility or vulnerability, incredibly unprofessional top four speeches, sneer at others instead of educating them, painfully average runway looks* 

“All my life men like you have sneered at me. And all my life I’ve been knocking men like you into the dust.“

GoT Edition - (16 of 20)

(guys, i’d like to point out that i wrote this like 45 minutes before 10.22 premiered so no this isn’t a coda, and no, this isn’t going to stick to canon much because i wrote this before canon even occurred so) lol #hipster

 “You’re not leaving.”

Dean whirls around, shoulders tense, eyebrows furrowed. 

“What?” he snarls, taking a step towards Cas. The angel presses his lips into a thin line. 

“You’re not leaving,” he repeats, and Dean sneers. 

“Yeah?” he asks. “You gonna stop me?”

Cas tries to catch his gaze, but Dean looks pointedly at something just to the side of his head. 

“If I have to.”

It’s a simple statement and Dean’s blood boils. Cas, of all people, to stop him. As if he could. 

“Get out of the way, Cas,” he tries again, voice cold and temperamental, but Cas is just as steely in his resolve. 

The mark is orchestrating: the gun at his side comes up to rest at level with Cas’ chest. The closest distance between two points is a straight line, Dean thinks, a chill rocketing down his spine as the mark considers the pros and cons of sending a bullet straight through Cas’ heart. 

Cas’ eyes drop, his gaze twirls around the barrel of the gun once before he’s ready to meet Dean’s eyes again. Try as he might, he still can’t catch his gaze. 

“Get out of the way,” Dean repeats.

Cas takes one step forward, then another. 

Heat rises up in Dean’s chest. It’s unnerving, to have the angel look at him instead of the loaded chamber, to have the angel step towards him instead of away. 

“No,” Cas mutters calmly. In a few seconds, he has the tip of the gun pressed against his breast. Dean clicks the safety off. The mark pounds in his arm, in his head, in every blood cell that rushes through his body at every given moment. 

“Go ahead,” Cas tells him, “go ahead, but I want you looking at me.” He takes hold of Dean’s jaw and turns his head a mere millimeter, finally, finally, catching his eyes. 

“I want you to look at me when you kill me,” he starts again, “I want you to look at me and remember how I pulled you from the hell fire that tore at your tendons and skin. Remember how I tore up the laws of heaven, the laws of man and angel and God, so that I could rewrite them with you. For you.”

Dean’s breath laps at his lungs, never fully reaching the air outside his lips. Now that he holds Cas’ gaze, he can’t look away. 

“I want you to look at me and understand that you will destroy someone who never stopped believing in you, no matter the hurt and no matter the cost. Understand that when this bullet rips through my body, you will lose a part of you that you’ll never forgive yourself for destroying. Because I know what you are to me, Dean Winchester, and I know what I am to you. If I am correct,” he pauses to lick his lips, “you still need me.”

Dean’s eyes are a different kind of glazed over now. With a conscious effort, he lowers the gun, cringing as it catches on the fabric of Cas’ button up, right where it sits over his stomach. 

He clicks the safety on. 

The Freedom Fighters are such great characters. In an early draft, I had Jet here alongside Smellerbee, Longshot, and Sneers. I thought his fate was ambiguous enough that he could be brought back. (And Sokka agrees with me. Take a look at “The Ember Island Players.”) Nope. The world of Avatar is not the Marvel universe. Here, dead means dead.
—  Gene Luen Yang, The Promise (commentary)

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