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1. write your name in song titles

Kids In Love- Mayday Parade

Alone Together- Fall Out Boy

J (the) Judge- Twenty One Pilots

All The Small Things- Blink-182

2. why did you choose your url?

because Muke and Josh Dun make me happy

3. middle name?

Olivia Maria (something else i don’t remember)

4. if you could have a fictional/fairytale pet, what would it be?

Dragon would be cool, but like a size of a big dog :3

5. favorite color?

black I guess

6. favorite song?

I CAN’T ANWSER?? but atm Missing you- All Time Low

7. top three fandoms?

ummm I don’t know anymore, too much drama everywhere it stresses me out so much :/ 

8. why do you like tumblr?

Idk at this point I am just addicted

9. tag nine people

bluehope2013 punk-roquer gaby-m-k badassurie, 5sositoff, stillstreetjosh, justthegoodgirlsreject, sunshinedunshine, mikeygetsmyheartracing (sorry if I am annoying I just wanted interact with some of my mutuals :3)