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  • PARKER: I’m so conflicted about this calendar thing.
  • PARKER: I realize how stupid that is.
  • PARKER: I’m going to do it, because I don’t want to let the Glee Club down… but man, I really don’t want to.
  • RACHEL: No, no it's not stupid Parker.
  • RACHEL: Maybe talk to Mr. Schue about it. If you don't feel comfortable doing then you shouldnt do it, at all.

finnhudsonrps-deactivated201510  asked:

Hey I got in a twin rp and I need Lea gifs. I was wondering if you could link me to the gif hunts you use? Yeah I have no idea what I'm doing.

Hey, buddy, I bet you thought I was ignoring this, huh? I’m sorry it took me as long as it did to answer, but here you go! I hope it helps you づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ .


General: 12345

Seventeen shoot: part 1 || part 2

On Ellen

Spring Awakening

Elle shoot

With animals

With Kids

With a nerf gun


Kid’s Choice Awards

Louder release week

At Coachella

BBBB glee promo

Wallmart Soundcheck

Teen Vogue

Glamour UK shoot

L’oreal AD

100th episode celebration

San Diego album signing

Cannonball video

Acoustic cannonball video

New Year’s Eve

Third WatchTaste for a cureGlee along


General: 12

Sorted by place

» In her apartment
» At work (in the restaurant)
» At the Lima Bean

Sorted by emotion or action

» Smiling

» Kissing/making out: 12

» Flirty: 12

» Bitching at people

» Singing

» Applauding

» Using her phone

» Talking: 12 (downloadable)

» Sad: 12 (downloadable), 3

» Crying

» Angry: 12

» Primping

» Evening beauty routine

» Slushed

» Eating and drinking

» On computer

» Wearing her engagement ring

» Drunk

» Walking away

» Confused

» As Tina

» Hugging

» With stars

» With short hair

» Worried

Sorted by season

» season one:12

» season two: 1 (downloadable), 2

» season three:1 (downloadable), 2

» season four12

» season five

Sorted by performance

» Torn

» Oops I Did it Again

» Roots Before Branches

Sorted by episode

» All christmas episodes

» Ballad

» The New Rachel

» Britney 2.0

» The break up

» Journey

» The Quarterback

» A Katy or a Gaga

» The End of Twerk

» Movin’ Out

» The Puppet Master

» Previously Unaired Christmas

» Make Over

» Frenemies: 12

» Tested: 12

» Opening Night: 12 (downloadable)

» Trio: 12

» Glee 100: 12

» New directions: 12

» New York: 12

» Bash: 12

» The back up plan: 12

Sorted by ship

» Finchel/Monchele: 1 (downloadable), 2 

» Faberry/Achele: 1 , 2 

» Blainchel/Learren: 12

» Puckleberry/Lark: 12

» St. Berry/Groffchele: 12 (downloadable)

» Brochel/Dea: 1 , 2

» Pezberry/Riverchele: 12 (downloadable)

» Samchel/Overchele: 12 (only in Movin’ Out), 

» Hummelberry/Colferchele: 12 (only in The End of Twerk)

» Shueberry (Rachel and Will)

» Tinchel (Rachel and Tina)

» Pieberry (Rachel and Brittany)

» Julyberry (Rachel and Cassandra)

» Danchel (Rachel and Dani)

» Rychel (Rachel and Ryder)

» Roseberry (Rachel and Marley)

» Huntchel (Rachel and Hunter)

» Cherry (Rachel and Mike)

» Rachel and Kitty

» Smytheberry (Rachel and Sebastian)

» Rachel with mom

» Rachel with dads

★ A mix of Lea as herself and as Rachel 

Genenal: 12345678910

With short hair



Being adorable


Wearing pink

With text


» Gif hunts123

» FC Packs: 12345


» rpgifs 

» fuckyeahglee

» gleerphelpers

» gleereactiongifs

The Corner, a Kurtbastian Fic

written for The Kurtbastian Project week four, day one: First Kiss

Title: The Corner
Words: 3,093
AO3: here
Summary: Kurt and Sebastian have a very specific place that they met, and became accidental best friends. Now, months later, Sebastian is coming to the realization that they’ve always been more, and has a string of idiotic behavior that follows.

Things had been going really well for Sebastian Smythe, lately.

His freshman year was flying by between managing a full course load in pre-law, and playing lacrosse everyday as a student athlete. Not that he needed the money, but getting that lacrosse scholarship to NYU had been the best thing that ever happened to him, besides that one threesome he was in a few weeks ago…or was its a few months ago?

Sebastian Smythe of 6 months ago would never forget such a tremendous sexual experience. He might have even taken complete notes the next day just so he could relive the memory, and brag about his prowess for the rest of eternity.

Well, that was the old Sebastian Smythe - the one that wasn’t friends with Kurt Hummel.

Yup - that Kurt Hummel; the boy whose existence he once loathed the year before. He had hated his hold on Blaine and his quick wit and his ability to match Sebastian insult to insult and his stupid, gorgeous, blue eyes-

Regardless, how Sebastian and Kurt were even friends had happened by accident. Twice.

Keep reading

I need you||Smytheberry
[Rydel stood looking into the mirror, with a sigh as she attempted to wash her face trying to make it look less obvious that she obviously had been crying but the fact her eyes were still red easily gave that away. Hearing the knock on the door, she headed towards it and gave a small smile, while opening the door.] Hey.. Thank you.. [Was all that she said, before she gave him a tight hug which wasn’t all that tight and honestly she was just happy to see him at that current moment.]