#Changmin #BigTime I want him to sing this again..live!! “Big Timeまた見たいな、、、。 #changmin #チャンミン #ちゃんみん #東方神起 #TVXQ #SMT”

So every Shawols think that Taemin dyed his hair to purplish sliver color because of SHINee’s comeback…but…how about IF it was just for his photo shooting (ohboy with Minho) or filming the VCR of their concert only…and actually will dye another color for comeback?? Can’t wait to see the new image of our fairy prince lol

It’s May already..I trust that it’s time to release something…SM!!!

official-combeferre asked:

I see you talking Ferrejolras and have to join this is my ultimate ship OKAY SO AU where Combeferre gets a cat (I always headcanon him getting a 3 legged black cat that he rescued and named Annabel Lee) and then Enjolras (who pretty much acts like a cat) is the most JEALOUS PERSON EVER and it becomes a war to see who can stake their claim in Combeferre's lap first whenever he sits down

YES THE LAP COMPETITION THING IS SMT I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT BEFORE ACTUALLY ALSO: if Enjolras beats the cat she will wind herself around Ferre’s neck and glare at Enj

Howard Heyman here, announcing the new blog.

Hello fans! Howard Heyman here, Second in command at Balance Decay.

I decided to make a new blog that will focus solely on the development of the game and not on fan appreciation.

I take no issue with the direction of this blog, and that direction will continue to be taken here in this blog, but for a more in depth look at the development of SMT-R I recommend you checked out:


Someone born with a golden spoon in their mouth, but someone just with a wood one…the real “fair” is not existing in this world…

SHINee debuted in 2008, an era which kpop is not yet a worldwide trend in the society. They are part of the one to build a bridge, to let the people from all over the world to know kpop, to know SM, to know the culture of Korea…

In 2008, the location their first debut performance is a park, a very common park! No grand stage, no luxury costumes, no backup dancers, no laser effect, but just 5 little boys, promoting themselves by their own and gave the fans their handmade lollipop candies!! Omg, think of how their company “upgrade” the promotion nowadays? (5 individual teasers for 1 member, Chinese version album, Chinese version MV, international live debut showcases blah blah blah…)

SHINee is famous, you have to admit this! Their fans come from all over the world, they have a huge fan base too, but, somehow, I may think of they are a little bit underrated by the media…they are so damn talented, hard-working and kind-hearted!! They are so real for me..just like a close friend? They are the very few kpop group which can stand for 6-years-time and can still keep this high popularity…they write their own songs, even write for other idols, the main dancer can sing amazingly great!!!! The rappers and vocalists can dance like a boss!!

They are angels for me…HERE, SHAWOLS, our 5 shining boys are going to comeback probably in May, if, normally you will give 100% effort to support them, THIS TIME, PLEASE give 500% effort and support to them!!!!

Sorry for my bad English, but I would like to share my feelings…after hearing that news…

Come from love and peace.


Remember that when you come to play the game.”
“What … what game?”

“The only game. The game of thrones.”   

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