161017 Sunny - Youku “MY SMT” Ep3

daemon-the-procreated  asked:

The first smt game i played was devil survivor record breaker 2, im still playing it and love it. I got smt 4 the other day and love it too! What amt game should i play next?

I’ve always thought about getting Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne…maybe that one?

Or people can reply to this post with their suggestions! (^Д^)ノ

anonymous asked:

[Different anon] Maybe my perspective is skewed since I've only been a fan of these games for 7 years, but I for one hope there aren’t less spin-offs. I actually like how they (intentionally or not) took the approach of "1 or 2 entries of Series A, then 1 or 2 entries of Series B, etc." It keeps a steady release of games coming while the actual content relatively different between games, or at least "different enough." (Actually had more I wanted to say, but I went way over the character limit.)

I’m with you. I’m not advocating there be fewer spinoffs, but that the current SMT release schedule may not accommodate them, at least not to the degree we were used to. What was the last non-Persona spinoff game released? Record Breaker, last year. Before that? Soul Hackers, in 2013. Both are ports. The last original spinoff game was vanilla Devil Survivor 2 in 2012. The times have changed and Persona spinoffs are probably the priority. I’m sure we’ll get one of those next year.

Chances are good that Atlus will port something to the Switch as their initial offering to test the waters, but considering the resolution jump, it probably won’t be a 3DS game. Catherine? That said, I could see them putting in extra work to bump up Persona Q’s dungeons for an indulgent THE GOLDEN FES rerelease. I would love to see a totally original spinoff. However, maybe Sega doesn’t want to “dilute” the SMT brand that way and instead wants more games under its banner?

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people will always have different opinions abt different things and its not okay to tell someone to 'go choke' if they say smt u disagree with, esp regarding the context that it was said in. grow up.

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