11 Minutes of SMT IV Final gameplay

// Hello everyone and thanks for the welcome :) Let me just introduce my little caring potato. The hardworking and very caring nurse and kingsman agent Jinyoung! Worried about everyone, even outside his job, with a pained side to him. He also works/owns a little shop which is also a safehouse for kingsman agents.

So if anyone wants to plot/rp uhm just like this post and I’ll get to you or smt? (While I still work on my plot page for more ideas :3 )


This is probably one of the more unusual re-interpretations I’ve seen of the Jersey Devil. While it doesn’t much resemble a weird dog/deer thing, it does retain the gangly proportions, but with a boost in size. 

Rather than a supernatural monster, this Jersey Devil is a pre-historic creature that survived the ice age. See the Kazuma Kaneko/SMT version for smoething a little more traditional in appearance.

Sculpted by Kenzo Okamoto. SMH magazine, Vol. 4, 1996.

If you have to get up at 4:00am, waking up to this woman is worth it! @sophiabush looking amazing for our SMT for @nbcchicagopd #onesquadmakeup by @debraferullomakeup and hair by me! #thatface #texturedbob@traceymattinglyllc

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hello! Do you think they have already chosen specific day or a period for CO (like early November or smt like that) and everything now is a preparation for that big date? I want to believe that they really know WHEN it's gonna happen (not just later in the future) and it's easier for them to go through all stunts and BG, waiting for that day. Also, what's your opinion about how soon CO will be?

Yes I do. Soon. Definitely earlier than the date you mentioned but I am not going to take guesses.

It’s almost tiiiiiiiime.

Tracking currently estimates that it could even arrive by tomorrow morning, which would be just barely after day 1 in Japan. It’s been a long month working, so I’m excited to give this a good proper sit down and see what’s new in the world of SMT. Eeeeeeeeeeek

(No translation stream, though, sadly, before anyone asks. I don’t have the hardware, alas!)


Aside from desktop wallpapers, I also made some for phones.  Here’s my Persona collection so far.

Dimensions: 1440x2550 px

My DeSu 1 and 2 phone wallpapers and HQ versions of these on my Imgur