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tooflyforajedi asked:

What have they done to you

 Kai washed her hands in the sink, as well as washing the needle she had just recently used on herself. Across her side was the fresh stitches and she looked up at smian…and she smiled. 

<I>“It’s quite alright smi, I just had a disagreement with some pirates, who tried to uh…”</I> She waved a hand around. <I>“Teach me a lesson.”</I> She shrugged, wincing as it pulled at the stitches. 

She her arms, were bruised, and her outfit was torn, but besides it all, it seemed that the stitches were the worst of it…at least on the outside. 

She lowered her head, her mind, which was always so calm, was like a stormy sea, and she start d to cry.

Smian gave an almost comical groan, his head rolling back before flopping forward as his eyes landed on the interrogator as if by accident. “Look–I don’t know anything. The job was dealt by a broker–I have no idea who ordered the bounty.” He shifted uncomfortably, his hands fidgeting in the cuffs. He absolutely hated being restrained. The cuffs were too tight, the room was too small, and he really didn’t want to be here in general. Smi’s mind was not on the person before him, and he barely spared a thought for their questions. His current concern was getting out. There was always a way to give them the slip–he just had to find it. His mind was still whirling from the failed attempt at requisition. The merc team never left his mind, try as he might. He had grown accustomed to that gauge disgust–and while he he’d definetly done worse, turning on the people who were supposed to be his allies still left a sour taste in his mouth. It wasn’t quite regret he felt. It had been necessary. If they would have continued, they would have killed Mir–or worse, they’d have escaped to tell someone about the Jedi. Information like that was more valuable than any pilot ever would be. His only other option to keep himself and the people he cared about safe was to kill Mir. That was a sin he couldn’t live with. @thegrayjedimaster