*smashes beer can on forehead*

Finding Closure (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,809 (Jean-Ralphio voice: “I’m the wooooorst!”)

Warnings: angst, language, car trouble, mentions of alcoholism, mentions of bad home life, revisiting childhood home, tw: seizures (mention), medical emergency (mention)

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -

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Me: *wearing dude clothes and a binder, purchasing a men’s wallet*

Sales clerk: “Oh, there’s no price tag on this one– I need to go check the men’s wallet section to find one with a barcode. I’ll be right back, ma'am.”

Me: *internally screaming*

Christmas Comes Early Part 9: The Wedding

Continued from Part 8, Jughead and Betty are getting married soon and it’s time for their bachelor and bachelorette parties.

“We missed you at Ethel’s party last night.” Veronica said knowingly as Betty climbed into the passenger seat of her red convertible.

Betty smirked.

“Did we miss anything monumental?” Betty asked as she put her seatbelt on. Veronica had picked her up to go to the bridal shop for her final dress fitting and then for lunch at Pop’s.

“Not really. Same old, same old. Reggie got drunk and smashed beer cans on his forehead. Cheryl was rolling her eyes a lot. Ethel was being the perfect hostess, as always. Kevin hooked up with some random hottie. Yep, pretty typical.”

Betty chuckled as Veronica maneuvered her car through the snowy streets of Riverdale.

“So, the limo is picking us up at the house at 8pm. You bought a hot dress, right?” Veronica asked with a sly smile.

“Hot dress, check. Limo? Is that really necessary, V?”

Veronica feigned shock.

“What? You don’t think a limo is absolutely necessary for my girl’s big night celebrating her forthcoming marriage?”

Betty laughed.

“Oh, yes. Forgot who I was talking to for a brief second. Thank you so much, Veronica. I’m really excited!”

And Betty meant it. She hadn’t been out with all of her girlfriends in a quite a while. School and work and being with Jughead took up so much of her time. She was ready to have a night to let loose, though she’d miss Jughead, she knew a bachelorette night was a rite of passage and she couldn’t wait to see what the night might have in store.

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Title: Burn - Keidge Week Prompt 1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Keidge; mild implication of Shiro/Matt
Summary: Pre-series with slight ret-conning. Big Brothers Shior and Matt decide that Katie and Keith might be good friends and decide to arrange a meeting between them at a Garrison-centric bonfire.
Standard Disclaimer: If you read and enjoy this, please give it a like/ reblog so I know if I should write more.
AN: Because, honestly, I kinda like the idea that Keith and Pidge met at least once briefly before the whole Kerberos thing. It’s also got some of my own headcanons in there, so please enjoy.

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Hi friends! Below is a snippet from my current project- just your typical boyhood-best-friends-who-grew-apart-and-then-reconnect-one-summer-in-their-homophobic-american-midwest-small-town au.  You know, same-old, same-old. 

I am now, at four chapters and 45K, officially halfway finished. I clearly cannot be trusted to update unfinished WIPs so it will not be published until it’s complete, which is likely to be at least another month and a half. 

@recallthename has been a hero of a cheerleader, but I’d love for some others to enjoy this little moment and anticipate the completed work with me!! 

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rockymountianhigh  asked:

Does white pride bother you?

What the fuck is white pride?
When have you ever heard white pride come out of anybody’s mouth? When has this term ever been used other then by clandestine Neo Nazis or pseudo tough internet white boys? What do pride yourself over?
Genocide? Slavery? Systematic racism? Gentrification? Oppression?Discrimination? Oh, celebrate your lovely white pride over 12 beer cans smashed on your forehead, while your conservative flag waves in your lily white wind, all while your white sheets cover your acne infested face all while enjoyin your daily mud wrestlin festivities. All these joyous activities I’m sure has your inner hillbilly ready to celebrate as we speak, but just know nobody is celebrating with you and if we are, we’re celebrating how your are the zenith of how low a humans intelligence level can achieve. And boy you should pride yourself at these results & the results are in, you are a fuckin dumbass.

anonymous asked:

piss off feminazi. you are the reason people hate feminists. ''HAAAA MALES, SOOOO WEAK AND SHODDY WITH TERRIBLE BODIES.. YET THEY CAN LIFT, CARRY AND DO MUCH MORE THAN MOST FEMALES CAN...... OOH...... OH WELL THOUGH WOMYN ARE BEST!!!111'' Fuckin piece of shit lmao.

Ladies and gentleman, here you have a fine example of the maturity and eloquence of your average man. Too cowardly to come off anon, doesn’t know how to use punctuation and thinks writing in all caps makes him somehow more likely to be taken seriously.

This is the internet equivalent of smashing a beer can on your forehead to prove you’re manly.