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There For You

Fuck titles honestly. 

OKAY! For that one anon who wanted cheerleading langst! 

I honestly didn’t made it THAT angsty, just…you know, small moments when you are vulnerable and feel bad, but he’s okay, the team and Keith arrive and patches him with love! 

1.4k words so, read under the cut (: 

Ps. I honestly didn’t beta’d so, pls excuse any mistakes on it! D: DONE RAMBLING. ENJOY. 

Disclaimer; Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

It was a clean break.

Lance traces the cast around his foot, fingers barely touching it, almost as if afraid to make more damage.

He passes the white hard surface in what could be wonder, already imagining the colorful marked names of his squad and the ‘get well’ messages from both his team, friends and family that the entire cast will be decorated with as soon as he’s out of the hospital. A warm feeling travels inside him at the thought only to drop abruptly on his stomach in the last second, remorse and guilt replacing any of the warmth from the beginning.

Lance sighs, pushing his healthy leg up so he could be able to lean his elbow against his knee and rubs his face tiredly, dirt and sweat still covering his face. The brunet scoffs as he feels the dried tear tracks on his cheeks; he rubs them angrily, huffing annoyed.

The small ER room he’s inside in is quiet and it makes him even more anxious than when the doctor was putting the cast on his broken foot. He doesn’t like small places, that’s a given, but being in a cramped place plus sitting alone inside one with small to almost no way to move easily around, it’s worse.

It only makes him recall the voices from before; the taunting, the teasing, the mocking bombs that were thrown before the game and after half time. Lance can still clearly hear the Galra Squad’s laughter as he laid on the ground in pain even now.

The brunet takes a deep breath, closing his eyes to control the unleashed tears, and then he exhales shakily. He tries to recall Allura’s soothing voice as they carried him towards the ambulance.

“You haven’t ruined anything, Lance.” She had said, even before he had the chance to open his mouth, her voice strong and firmly, the very same way she shouts orders to the entire squad. Strong, caring and graceful like a captain should be. “Screw the competition and the entire contest; you are what is important, so hush now and focus on breathing through your nose, follow my lead.”

He barely had the time to look back at the field and catch Keith’s worried eyes, trying to break free from his coach’s hold, hand raised as if to reach him. Lance couldn’t even send him a reassuring smile before the door of the ambulance closed.

Hunk and Pidge had been by his side the entire ride to the ER. Both of the had left the bleachers as soon as he had fell to the ground. Hunk had been rambling about his newest robobeast that served pancakes in hopes to ease his mind and distract him enough from the gruesome sight of his broken foot and Pidge went on and on about the new updates she had made on Rover, the small robot that helped her win first place on the science convention from last year, making him laugh with small teasing and the newest memes.

It had helped, honest to God, it had; but the humiliation of his screw up in front of the entire school still lingered inside his mind. He had let down his school, his squad, his friends, his family and himself.

He had let the Galra squad get into his head. He let them poke and slash at his buried insecurities. He allowed them to distract him during their performance.

“You will never be good enough.” One of them had said, their words echoing inside his head like a broken record, “You don’t belong in the field. You will never be on the same level as Allura, you won’t ever accomplish anything.”

He had believed them.

Lance groans and lays back on the bed, rubbing his eyes stubbornly before moving his arms over his eyes, blocking any light around him.

He hears the door open a few minutes later and quiet soft footsteps make their way to his side. Lance limits himself to hum as a greeting, not bothering to remove his arm.

“Lay it on me Doc, I might never walk ever again or do cheerleading. I can take it.” He jokes, chuckling wetly under his breath but it comes out choked and forced.

The person besides him stays quiet and then suddenly, and arm grabs his wrist and lifts his arm from his eyes. Lance stares wide eyed at the sight of his boyfriend above him.

Keith stares right back at him unblinking, his navy blue eyes scanning every corner of his face before sighing and leaning down, lips pressing themselves above Lance’s dirty eyebrow.

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Sasusaku Month ‘17: Day 3

Prompt: Chemistry

Title: Warmth Like Home.

Rating: M

Summary: The mattress under his body was comforting, but not as much as her warmth. And he needed it, just as much as she did.

A/N: So thanks to this review I received on ff.net, I decided to change a few things in this story and I added a few things too. I hope this edited version is better than the previous one.

Warmth Like Home

It was one of the dark and cold nights of winter that the silhouette of two human figures could be seen, walking on the road covered with snow, in a small village near the land of lightening. Chilled, light gusts of wind; blowing their hair, and the cloaks that covered their bodies. It was a quiet night may be because it was already past midnight and every living soul had already gotten into their comfy beds and slept, saving themselves from the immense cold. The voice produced by the friction between the ground and their feet being the only source of sound.

But the dark of the night and the freezing temperature didn’t bother them at all, for one of them was the last surviving Uchiha and the other one was the strongest kunoichi of Konoha. Their steps were steady, currently heading towards a place to spend the night in, perhaps a cabin or a small cottage out in the snowy plains.

They kept quiet, not uttering a single word, just enjoying the cold wind- well, one of them was. Haruno Sakura seemed to be fond of the contemporary atmosphere, a melodious sound being hummed by her, her steps like a 4 year old kid, small jumps and dancing patterns, her hands would occasionally sneak out of her pale-white cloak and touch the falling snow flakes, and the heat of her palms would melt them away.

He kept on watching the same scene repeat over and over again, his eyes firmly kept on the woman next to him, memorizing everything that occurred at that instance. Uchiha Sasuke was never a fan of cold, let alone snow fall. As a child, he would avoid going out during winter, hide under the warm blankets, in the hugs offered by his beloved brother or the warmth of his mother’s lap. He smiled at the memory, feeling the slightest of pain in his chest.

“Sasuke-kun?” Sakura’s voice made him break free from his thoughts as he saw her green jades looking into his dark pearls, “I can see some light over there.” she said and he followed her eyes to a place at some distance from their current location.

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Bite Me (Part I)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (no pairings as of yet!)

Warnings: Minor character deaths, violence, the occasional swear word

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,436

A/N: This is my first ever fanfic. It’s a slow burn all around thanks to my inability to write without sounding like the opening of a biography. Thank you @wheresthekillswitch for giving me the baby push that I needed to put this out there. Received well or not, I’m four chapters in and have no plans to stop. These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

What overloaded my senses the most was the drastic change from warmth to a harsh cold. Goosebumps were immediate in forming on my skin. 

Had the power gone out again?

My arm extended towards the foot of my bed, searching for the soft fabric of my blanket. My fingers were met with a scratchy sheet right about the time that the smell of mildew and…was that sour meat?… hit my nose.

My brain kicked in.

This wasn’t my bed.

This isn’t my room.

Unsurprisingly, this wasn’t the first time I had been in a situation like this. What was surprising is that I couldn’t remember how I had gotten here.

“I think she’s awake.”

The voice made me freeze in place and I stilled the shivers that had been slowly increasing in magnitude, cursing myself for not wearing socks to bed with a knife tucked into the side. That’s what my uncle had trained me do. In the five years that he had been gone, I had let the habit slowly slip. I had let myself start to believe that I was safe. Like an idiot.

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Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki continued to stare at the door for several moments, his heart pounding hard in his chest.

“Loki, how do you know that low-born?” Thor asked warily.


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Terms & Conditions

Clint Barton x Reader

Summary: On a long mission with Clint that has the two of you sharing a small hotel room overseas you make a ‘no strings attached’ agreement to pass the time, but when you see each other for the first time since returning to New York, you’re not sure you can forget him as easily as you had hoped.

Word Count: 2944

Warning: mild profanity, smut, little bit of angst, fluff

Italicized/indented sections are flashbacks to the mission.


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Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-4

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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Originally posted by kibaems

Tao Pov.

The ground below my feet barely made a sound as I landed another one of my flips. I continued to jump and flip working on my skills to keep them sharp and flawless.

From the corner of my eyes I saw Y/N move into the practice room located at the back of HQ. “Can you teach me to do that?” she asked as I landed another flip, I turned my body towards her and looked down at her “are you done with napping already Y/N?” I said instead of answering her question. “ I wasn’t very tired, can you teach me how to do that?” she asked again. “Sure, but only a little bit, we don’t want another moment like Chen, do we?” I said smirking she laughed lightly and shook her head. I walked over to the wall and grabbed a staff, handing it to her “here let me show you how to hold it” I said once she had it in her grasp.

I adjusted her arms so she was holding it properly and showed her how to swing it around her body. “So you go like this” I said making the movements with my hands to replicate how it should go. She watched then looked down at her own hands trying to replicate what I had done. She swung it slowly and looked back at me to see if she was doing it right “just like that, just a little faster” I said showing her again, moving my hands faster. She did it again at the same pace to get the movement right and after once more but faster. She looked up at me and smiled a big toothy grin“you’re a quick learner, try it once more” I said crossing my arms to see if she could do it all on her own. She swung it once more, this time she swung the staff a little too hard and I smacked her on the back of the head. She dropped the staff and put both hands on the back of her head, rubbing the spot that she hit, with a frown on her face. I reached down for her, swinging her up into my arms “you ok?” I ask moving her hands to check the spot she hit, a small bump forming. “I’m ok, can you kiss it better?” she asked looking up me with hopeful eyes “sure” I smiled, she turned her head away from me to expose the bump. I leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her skull “better?” I asked once I pulled away, she turned back to me smiling “better”.

“I think thats enough for today” I said placing her back on her feet “yeah” she said looking back around the room. I moved to pick up the staff and put it away so I didn’t lose it. “Can we go get ice cream Tao?” she asked turning back towards me “I don’t see why not, someone has to get groceries soon anyways so why don’t we do that too?” I asked walking towards her. “Yeah!” she said excitedly, usually excited to get of HQ anyways. “Ok go get changed and we’ll go” I said, starting to grab my jacket and baseball cap. She ran towards the stairs and ran to her room going to change from her pj’s to something more suitable for grocery shopping.

A few minutes later she ran out dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, a t-shirt and grabbed her own jacket. I lifted a smaller cap for her placing it on her head. “Alright let’s go” I said unlocking the door and letting her run through the door to my car. I locked the door behind myself, walking to the car and unlocking the doors. She opened the back door and placed herself in her car seat. Whatever member was home at the time was in charge of carrying her seat in case it is ever needed for a quick getaway or we need to get somewhere. I reached in and buckled all her straps and closed the car door when I was done. Stepping into the driver’s side, I turning on the ignition and put it in drive. Taking off towards the nearest grocery store. As we drove I turned on the radio so the silence could be filled.

In no time at all we had made it to a grocery store, getting out of my side I walked around to get Y/N out only to see she had already unbuckled herself from her seat. “Ready to go Y/N?” I asked, she gave a big nod and hopped out of the car walking towards the carts. She grabbed at one of the carts but wasn’t strong enough to pull it free from the others. I walked towards her and grabbed the end and gave the cart a tug to free it without her watching. As to not seem like she could do it all on her own. After it was free of the other carts I lifted her up and put her into the front of the it so I didn’t lose her in the crowd. We walked through the front door and started to grab the things we needed as we traveled through. “Can we stop at the toy section Tao?” she asked as we neared where the toys were “we are already getting ice cream isn’t that enough for you?” I laughed as we started to pass the toy section. She looked at them, then looked back at me “you’re right” she smiled looking forward again.

We came up to the cold section and grabbed all the things that we needed before we stopped in the ice cream section. “Alright Y/N what kind of ice cream do you want?” I asked looking over at the child who started standing in the cart. She looked through all the flavors before stopping at the cookie dough, she pointed at the biggest tub. Her head turned back towards me “can I get that one?” she asked trying to make her eyes as big and puppy dog like as possible. I looked back over to the ice cream in search for a smaller tub, finding one I pointed it out to her “let’s get that one instead ok?” I said to her. She smiled and nodded surprisingly as I grabbed the small tub in my hand and through it it in the cart, turning back to head to checkout.

We pulled up putting our items on the belt, Y/N passing me the items one by one.

After we payed Y/N and I headed back out to the car so she could pass me the bags. She passed them to me with some difficulty as they were quite heavy, especially for the small child.

As soon as we loaded all the bags in the car, I lifted Y/N into her car seat and began to buckle her in. “Alright Y/N when we get home you need to help me put the groceries before we can eat ice cream, ok?” I asked leaning into the backseat so I could look at her. ”Yes!” she yells bouncing in her seat. I smiled and stood back up, closing the back door and going around to the driver’s seat. Getting in, I started the car and started heading back towards HQ.

When we got back to HQ, I drove around back to park and noticed some of the other guys cars parked there. Y/N seemed to notice to and got excited, bouncing in her seat. I parked and pulled up to a parking spot and parked, getting outside and taking Y/N out of her seat. She ran to the trunk and started to try to open it. I chuckled at her, shaking my head. I unlocked it for her and let her grab at the bags, trying to bring them into HQ, while I grabbed the rest of the bags and locked up the car, following Y/N to the door of HQ. Which she was also trying to open. “Its locked, remember?” I asked looking down a her. She turned to look back up at me “oh, right!” she said stepping away from the door so I could unlock it. As soon as it was unlocked she swung the door open to see the members there with guns pointed at the door.

As soon as they saw it was us they put their guns away, tucking them into their holsters “we thought someone was trying to break in” Kris said standing at his full looming height. “No Y/N just forgot that we need to unlock the doors for her” I said moving into the room, locking the doors behind me.

Y/N, apparently unphased by the guns being pointed at her head a minute ago, ran into the kitchen. Her pigtails bouncing behind her. Sehun who didn’t care what we were saying followed after her, lifting her onto the counter.

“Hey munchkin what did you do today?” he asked leaning towards her bags, putting away groceries. “Taosy and me went to get groceries and ice cream, oh and he taught me wushu too!” she said looking at up at him. He froze midway between putting away the ice cream to turn and glare my way. “You taught our baby wushu?” he asked in a deadly tone. I rose my hands in defense as all the members glared at me “ok listen I only taught her one basic move, only one and it was very, very beginner” I said trying to defend myself against them.

“Is that true Y/N?” Xiumin asked, she looked over to him taking her attention away from the ice cream Sehun had clearly given her. “Yes I had a stick that I swung around” she said looking back down, happily eating her ice cream. “Alright fine, but no one is teaching her anything else like that, understood?” Kris asked using his leader voice. “Yes boss” we all responded immediately, until a small voice answered “no.”

We all turned back towards the small child on the counter and laughed, sure she was going to persuade us in some way, at some point.

wow that took me a long ass time to write. I’m sorry guys, its just hard to find time and when I do I’m not entirely sure how to write about a child in a gang.


Pairing: non-specified-relationship Rob Benedict x gender-neutral!Reader x Richard Speight Jr

Summary: Just a little something I whipped up for @your-not-invisible-to-me in a KoC group chat…

Warnings: very unspecific story, super friggin’ short

A/N: God!Chuck smut coming soon later so stick around for that!

Originally posted by nothingbutcuddles

(Y/N) was crying. They were crying very very silently, to the point where neither Rob nor Rich, who just came back from filming an episode of Kings of Con together, would notice had they not realized the silence that ensued when they both announced their arrival to their shared home.

Both men knocked on the door before entering (Y/N)’s room, where it was dark and both men shared a worried glance at each other, a wordless conversation. Rob sat on the foot of the bed while Richard approached their side, placing a comforting hand on their arm. “Hey, sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, Rich, I’m-I’m okay.” Clearly, they were not, and it broke Richard’s heart to see them like this; so in despair and him unable to help them with whatever they were going through.

“(Y/N), you know you can tell us anything, right?” Rob voiced out from where he was. “We’re here for you, whether you like it or not.”

“What if you both leave me one day?”

“Now, now, (Y/N), you can’t seriously think you can get rid of us that easily, do you?” This evoked a small laugh from them, making Rob exhaled a sigh of relief.

“I suppose not.” They replied with a bashful smile, as if unsure why would two great guys such as Rob and Rich would ever spend time with a person like them.

“You’re our brightest little star, (Y/N), and we’ll make sure you never burn out.” Rich said reassuringly, grabbing for Rob’s now-outstretched hand, extending his free one for them to hold.

“We love you very much, okay?” Rob squeezed their hand, a genuine smile spreading across their face.

“I love you guys too.” They said softly, realizing that you found a family, a home, in the two men.

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Taken pt. 2

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2316

A/N: So here is the second installment of Taken. I’m not sure how this turned out, but I hope you guys like it. I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything but I’m on summer break now and will probably be posting more. Also just let me know if you want to be tagged in this series or anything else that I write. 


Warnings: Nightmares and some angst (I guess)



Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live a normal life? I do. To have a normal family. Normal friends. Normal… everything. But the thing is, I don’t even know what normal is. I have no idea what parents and friends are. All I know is the cold dark walls of this cell and  the agony of a knife at the hands of horrible men. That is where I am now, in a cell listening to the drops of water that is unseen in the pitch black cell I current call me home. When all of a sudden i hear the door at the end of the hall that is outside my cell door open. Your stomach sinks and your breathing and heart rate increases because you know what is coming Large boots stomp down the corridor and stop outside of your door. You scramble for something to cover your mouth with even though it’s futile. You take off the rag that is around your body and cover your face just in time for them to open the small gate on the door and shove the gas cans through. Despite your efforts, as the gas fills the cell you begin to feel light headed it starts to spin. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and you lose consciousness just as you hear the sound of the cell door opening. 

You wake up with your heart hammering in your chest and the familiar sound of a heart monitor that is beeping in sync with your heart. Your breathing is so rapid as you try and slow it down. You begin to take in your surrounding and for some odd reason you were expecting to be bound by leather straps, instead it was a soft blanket that was draped a tossed your body. You look around the room and notice a figure sitting haphazardly in a very uncomfortable chair. The room was darker because the lights were off except a small light behind you so you could make out much of the figure except they were very large and had dark shoulder length hair.

“Good evening Ms. Y/L, I have notified Dr. Banner and Mr. Stark that you have regained consciousness.”  Stated a voice that seemed to come from the walls. As the voice spoke the figure next to you jumped up scaring you with their sudden movement. They walked over the light and turned it on and you could fully see who they were. The chin length hair that you saw before was a warm chestnut brown and he had stubble on his face that showed he had not shaved in many days. He was quite handsome, however, the most striking thing about his were his eyes. They were the bluest blue you have ever seen. They made you feel like you were home and that you surrounded by a warmth you have never felt before  you swear that you have never met this man before this moment, yet, his eyes are so familiar to you that you know that you have seen them before. As you stare that this man your heart beat quickens again as well as your breathing. He walks to the side of the bed with his hands stretched out in front of him as if one movement to quick and will cause you to run away like a small frightened animal.

“Y/N?”  He spoke in a rough voice?

Y/N? What does that mean? Clearly your confusion was displayed on your face and the man closed his eyes and took a deep breath, disappointment and saddened draping his features.

“Oh good. She’s awake.” You turn you head to see another man with tired yet kind eyes and very particular facial hair leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed in front of him.

 “Glad our Terminator 2.0 is back to her normal self. How are you feeling Y/N?” As he said this he walking toward the foot of you bed revealing a man with a white lab coat. All of a sudden you hear the faint beeping of you heart rate skyrocketing.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Asked the man with the coat as he walks into the room. He reached for you and out of reflex you push him against the wall and cabinets full of medical supplies.  You pulled the wires that connected you to the bed.

“Y/N stop!” yelled the man with the blue eyes.  You got off the bed, your heart hammering in your chest. The man that was at the foot of your bed moved in front of you and you stopped because he was blocking your only exit. He started to move towards you and said “Y/N you are okay.” 

You look behind him towards that  door and ran for it. He tried to stop you but as if it were instinct you threw you fist at his face and it made a sickening sound when it connected. He landed on ground and this was your chance. Running through the door you took a left and you could hear someone shouting at you and footsteps following you. You reach an elevator but you can open the door because you can’t find a handle, so instead you try and pry the doors apart and you see a dark cavern below.

“Y/N please stop you are safe.” Pleaded a voice behind you. Turning around you see the blue-eyed man from before.

“Why do you keep saying that?  What does Y/N mean?” you ask.

“That is your name.” he explained the man. Name? “It’s what you are called. My name is Bucky.”

“Okay Bucky, where am I? Why don’t I know my name or even anything else? It seems like important information.”

He slowly walked towards you with outstretched hand like before. He said, “You are at the Avengers compound. You live here. You had a run in with some very bad people who erased your memories.”

All this information was making your head hurt. You squeeze your eyes closed and run you hand through your hair. “Why would they do that? What the hell is an ‘Avenger’?” you asked in a strained voice. Opening you eyes you stare back into his sky-blue eyes.

“They did because you are an Avenger so that means you are incredibly powerful. I’m also an Avenger and Tony and Bruce are Avengers too. We fight bad guys because we have special skills.”

“Who are Tony and Bruce?” you ask.

“They are the two men from before.” Bucky said standing a few feet away from you, concern written all over his face. “Will you please come with me back to the medical room?” he asked softly giving you an outstretched hand.

“But what about the one with the coat? Is he a bad guy?” you ask in a small voice.

“No he is a doctor. That’s what doctors wear.” he replied.

“But is he a bad guy?” you ask again.

“No he is a good guy and he is going to help you. 

You stare back at Bucky with wary eyes, “If I go, can you stay with me?” you ask grabbing his hand. You don’t know this man but looking into his ocean blue eyes you can’t help but feel like you trust him with you life.

“I will always stay with you.” he replied. He led you back down the hall where you came from. You arrived back at the room and you saw the man in the lab coat checking the other man’s face. When you saw the man in the white coat you felt your stomach drop again. Your steps halted and you grip on Bucky’s hand tightened. “It’s okay. He’s a good guy.” Bucky whispers in your ears. He leads you back into the room and says “Y/N this is Bruce and Tony.” Pointing to the respective men.

— Later that day—

You talked with Tony and Bruce a bit after having Bruce check you out and he gave you “a clean bill of health”. Tony showed you around the compound, with Bucky in tow of course, and introduced you to various members of the Avengers and giving sassy remarks about everything and eveyone. You favorite so far was Natasha, she seemed like she was a capable woman who knows a lot of secrets but also could have a good time. They all however, seem sad when they met you. When you asked Bucky why, he said because we were all friends before and they are sad that their friend doesn’t remember them. I get it, I probably would be sad too. So there you were, in the room you had before with all the pictures of you, rather someone who looks like you, spread out all over the bed. Bucky said that when you joined the Avengers you loved to take pictures of everything and everyone you met. Bucky was sitting next to you going through each picture and talking about the memories that you can’t remember. You noticed that out of all the hundreds of pictures there wasn’t any of you and him.

“Hey Buck?” you asked looking up.

“Ya” he said putting the picture in his hand down.

“Why are there no pictures of us together? Clearly we are close because I feel safe with you, so why would I have pictures with everyone else and not you?”

After a moment  he answered, “Because those are for another time.” He checked the time and saw that it was almost midnight. “It’s getting late, you should probably go to bed.” he says standing up. You stood up with him and started to pick up all the photos.

“Uh okay, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You ask.

“Ya if you want to see me.” he said looking at the ground.

“I definitely want to see you tomorrow.” you say way too fast. You look down blushing, suddenly finding a corner of a picture incredibly interesting. He chuckles, “Alright doll see you in the morning.”

When he leaves you look around the room looking at all the books and records that you seem to have collected. Bucky showed you how to play a record on a record player so you take one off of the shelf and begin to play it. The sounds of an artist named Kansas fill the room.

I close my eyes, only for a moment

And the moment’s gone

All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity

Dust in the Wind

You pick up the pictures off of the bed and put them on the dresser. You then lay on top of the covers realizing how tired you were. It was exhausting meeting everyone today, you just felt so bad for not remembering them but Bucky said that you shouldn’t feel bad because it wasn’t your fault. Bucky. He is amazing. He knew exactly what to say and he was just so patient with you. As the song continues to play you let the drowsiness take over.

Now, don’t hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky

It slips away, and all your money won’t another minute buy

Dust in the wind

All we are is dust in the wind

You wake up cold, naked, and strapped to a table. The room is white and the all too familiar smell of sterilization invades your nose. You hear a pair of shoes walk over to your table.

“Good your awake. We shall begin.”

The man disappears and comes back with a knife. “This is only going to hurt just a bit.” he says with a evil smile on his lips. He brings the knife down to stomach and begins to cut. The white hot pain sears over your skin and you let out a guttural scream.

“Y/N!!” a frantic voice says. “Wake up!”

You also hear someone screaming out in pain, then you realize that it’s you who is screaming. You slowly open your eyes and find the ocean.

“Bucky?” you ask in a raspy voice.

“It was just a dream. You’re safe.” you break down in tears. What was that? Why would I think of that? These thoughts race through your head as Bucky brings you into his arms as you sob your heart out. As you begin to breath normally you ask Bucky, “What the hell was that?”

“We will talk about it in the morning. Do you want some water?” you shake your head yes. And he begins to untangle you from him. You grip him tighter and whisper “please don’t leave me.” You see his heart break in his sky-blue eyes. “Doll, if you want something to drink I have to get up, but I will be right back.” he says. You release him and he stands up and leaves without another word. He comes back and you’re in the same spot he left you. He hands you the water and you chug it like your life depended on it. When you’re done you handed it back to him and he sets it on the table behind him. He then sits on the edge of the bed and you curl into yourself. “Do you need anything else?” You shake your head no. When he gets up to leave you whisper “Can you stay with me please?”

“Of course doll.”

You scoot over and pull the covers back let him get in the bed with you. When he lays down you instantly attach yourself to him by putting your head on this chest and wrapping you arm around his torso, breathing in his scent. You relax your tense muscles when he wraps his arms around your waist. You stay in silence, only listening to the sounds of your breathing before the exhaustion of your nightmare takes over and you slip into you deep unconsciousness.



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I love your blog! What about some angst with Shanks, Ace, Law, Killer and X Drake where they have a really nice dream about their s/o but when they wake up they remember that their s/o has been dead for a few years already

(Warning: Death)

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Small Bump (Barry Allen imagine)

Prompt: Barry and Y/N are engaged and she’s pregnant with his baby. They are both metahumans and very much scarred of what that could mean for their child.

A/N: Hey, guys ! Here’s a little imagine of Barry Allen. The next chapter of ‘I’ll breathe again’ will be online in a few days.
Hope you’ll like this one,
Enjoy, Jaymes.

« Barry! »

I turned to my fiance, features tainted with anger. I had come to work a little bit late, at Star Labs, where I helped Cisco design weapons against the meta-humans, including one against me, to find my soon-to-be husband redecorating the labs to make it more ‘comfortable’ for me.
There were pillows everywhere, at least four different machines to monitor our baby’s health, a fridge full of food and stickers with a ‘ not to touch’ note on everything that could ‘potentially’ hurt me in any way

« Hey, babe » He answered in a small voice, the one he used when he knew he was in trouble. « I was just… »

I put my hands on my hips, glaring at him with the most exasperated expression I could

« Damn, she’s pissed » Cisco muttered to Barry. Of course he would have helped him. « Good luck on this one, bro »

Barry glanced at him for a second, clearly annoyed, before looking back at me. I was currently about fourteen weeks pregnant. Barry had know for about two months and the team pretty much found out soon after. Ever since, each of them had been extra careful with me, treating me like some sort of fragile little doll ready to break. My fiance had been the worst. He had freaked out at first, not at the idea of being a father, but with both parents metahuman, the odds of our child being ‘normal’ were pretty slim.

« Too much ? » He whispered to me, apologetically

« You think ?! » I answered, pissed. « What is all this ? And … ‘Not to touch’ ? Are you serious ? »

« It’s chemicals, Y/N ! What if you inhale it ? Or … or … what if one of the bottle breaks and ends up on you ? »

« It’s a lab, Barry ! »

« I can’t say I disagree with him » I heard Caitlin say behind me.

I turned around, noticing the scientist and Iris walking into the room

« It’s … a little bit too much » She told Barry, then turned back toward me. « But you really shouldn’t touch anything in the lab »

« It’s for your own good, Y/N » Iris added

I let out an exasperated sigh, sitting on a chair.

« What am I suppose to do, then ? I’m forbidden to help in the lab, to use my powers, to help Barry … Am I really going to spent the next six months doing nothing ? »

« Think about my little nephew, Y/N/N » Iris joked

« Nephew ? » Cisco exclaimed

« Or niece » Iris corrected. « But I have a feeling it’s gonna be a boy »

I stopped listening to them, turning my gaze to Barry, only to find him looking back at me. He walked to me, knelt in front of me and put his hands on my thighs.

« I know it’s not perfect, Y/N » He whispered so only I could hear. « But I’m trying to protect the both of you »

« We’re gonna be fine, Bear » I reassured him with as much conviction as I could, but even I didn’t believe that.

« You don’t know that. This baby could be like you, or .. like me. It could be a speedster »

We had already talked about that and, according to Caitlin’s estimation, if I was indeed growing a speedster, there was a chance it could be dangerous for me. I couldn’t regenerate my cells like Barry, so if anything went wrong, I would probably end up dead.
The instant I saw sadness in his stare, I regretted getting angry at him. I put my hands on his cheeks, dragging him closer to kiss his lips.

« I’m worried too » I admitted. « But, as my futur husband taught me in the few years I have been with him, you need to have faith and keep hoping for the better … I’m hoping for the better, Barry. In six months, I’m gonna give birth to a beautiful baby, and you’ll be in charge of diapers change »

« Diapers change ? » He repeated, a small smirk forming on his lips

« Payback, Allen. You have no idea how much you’ve annoyed me since I told you I was carrying your child »

« Oh, really ? » He joked.

« Hm hm » I nodded. « A real pain in my ass »

He laughed before bending down toward my little baby bump to kiss it

« I love you » He said, starring right into my eyes. « Both of you »

« You guys are disgustingly cute » Cisco suddenly spoke, breaking our intimate bubble

« OTP material, Cisco ! They have to be disgustingly cute so single people like us can hate them » Iris explained with a serious face, like she was teaching him something really important.

I laughed at that, glancing at Barry only to see him smiling back at me.

« Well, sorry to break it to you, but we need to get back to work » Caitlin announced. « Y/N, get to the cortex, it’s time for your check up »

« Yes M’man ! » I enthusiastically answered, making everyone laugh. I abruptly got up from the chair before suddenly feeling incredibly dizzy. I tried to gain back my balance but ended up collapsing. Barry was there is a second, helping me staying up.

« Y/N » He called, completely freaked out. « Babe, what’s wrong ? »

Cisco, Caitlin and Iris were around us quickly. I noticed Iris had already put out her phone to call for help

« I’m fine guys » I whispered.

« You’re not » Barry worried. « You just nearly fainted, Y/N »

« I got up too fast » I explained. « It’s nothing, I promise »

« Did you eat today ? » Caitlin asked, probably already knowing the answer.

I wasn’t that big of a fan of breakfast, it was no secret to anyone.

« Not … really » I admitted, shamefully.

« What ? But … Y/N I left you a plate full of pancakes and I brought you your favorite pastries from the bakery this morning ! » Barry said, clearly irritated.

« You know I don’t like to eat in the morning » I defensively tried to explain.

« Man, you just scarred us to death Y/N/N » Cisco answered, putting his hand on his heart to aggravate his words. « You gotta think about mini you ! Maybe she’d like a breakfast ! … And, yeah, I settle the bet for a ‘She’ »

I looked down, knowing very well they were all right.

« See, that’s exactly what I was talking about » Barry angrily said, irritated by my behavior. « I’m doing everything I can to help you but you don’t even take care of yourself ! If you had been alone, that fall could have seriously hurt you, or the baby. Why won’t you take this seriously, Y/N ? This is your health we’re worried about ! You’re acting like … like it doesn’t matter to you if the baby … »

« Don’t you even dare finish that sentence ! » I yelled back, shutting him up.

Ever since I had told him about the pregnancy, this was the first time Barry had been mad at me that much and the fact he was implying I could want something bad to happen to our child hurt me deeply.

« O…kay » Iris interrupted. « How about I take Y/N to the cortex so Caitlin can check everything’s in order and you go grab some food, Barry ? »
He didn’t even answer or waited a second before vanishing in a flash.

« C’mon, Y/N/N, let’s go see the baby girl ! » Cisco gently said, offering me his arm.

Not wanting to protest, I let him help me walk to the cortex where Caitlin was already setting everything ready.
None of them had said a word since Barry had left but I could feel their eyes on me.

« I just texted my boss I won’t come to work this morning » Iris suddenly announced to break the awkward silence.

« What ? Why would you do that ? » I exclaimed.

« Well, I gotta make sure my nephew is okay »

« Niece » Cisco answered back.

She shot him an exasperated look, making him smile.

« Iris … »

« Don’t bother, Y/N. I’m not leaving you alone. »

And because of those damn pregnancy hormones, I started to cry while Caitlin was applying a gel on my stomach
Iris sat next to me, clasping my hand in hers. Caitlin and her didn’t say anything, both waiting for me to calm down.

« You know, Y/N, as your doctor, I can’t say I disagree with Barry on how you’re … behaving » Caitlin started, making me feel even more guilty. « But, as your friend, I understand why you act that way »

« You do ? » I whispered, surprised.

« We both do » Iris added, squeezing my hands.

« When you came to me about this baby, we talked about all the risks. » Caitlin explained. « I told you carrying a speedster could lead to miscarriage, or hurt you badly … even deadly. I said that having both Barry and your powers could have a devastating effect on that child, that the chance a baby could survive were not as high as it should be. It’s understandable you would try to distance yourself from this, to built those barriers to protect you from the potential loss of a child, but, Y/N, that day, I forgot to say one more thing. »

I let the tears wet my face once again, listening carefully to her words.

« I forgot to say that we, as team Flash, have seen incredible things. That the odds don’t apply to any of us … I didn’t tell you that, besides all that could potentially happen, your baby can and will be fine. I believe you are going to give birth to a beautiful little boy »

I suddenly raised my head toward her, a hand covering my mouth in shock

« What ? » I muttered in a strangle voice.

She turned the screen she was looking at a minute ago in front of me, pointing to the very small baby

« It’s a boy » She said in a breath. « A healthy little boy. »

I barely heard Iris shout of joy and Cisco yelling back. A million thoughts were running back and forth inside my head. I felt Caitlin hand squeezing mine in comfort, but I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen. I sat up, unconsciously putting my hands on my stomach.
There was a gush of air before I felt a hand weeping a tear on my cheek. I didn’t think for a second before throwing my arms around his neck, enveloping him in a tight embrace. For a moment I was scarred he was still mad at me but, soon, he hugged me as hard, literally crashing me onto his chest.

« Barry » I whispered.

« I love you » He simply answered. «  So much. I didn’t mean what I said, Y/N, I’m so, so sorry »

« I know you are »

« Everything will be fine, Y/N. I promise you, we’ll be okay »

He took a step back, starring deep into my eyes, his hands cupping my face

« We can do it » He muttered, his voice filled with emotions

I didn’t answer, closing my hands around his wrists

« Say it » He suddenly demanded. « I want to hear you say it »

I closed me eyes, letting his words sink in, believing him.

« Say it, please »

« We can do it » I finally replied.

He smiled, taking a step to kiss my forehead lightly. The atmosphere was suddenly broken by a laugh. I couldn’t help it, all those emotions building up in me were just too much.

« Barry, we’re having a boy » I said in a breath, hardly containing my joy.

He turned to the screen, which he had probably already seen, watching intensely before a single tear escape his eye. I brushed it before kissing his nose, which was about as high as I could get.
He looked back at me, his stare full of love, wonder and admiration.

« I love you » I whispered.

He got closer, putting his forehead on mine

« We’re having a boy » He muttered with a shaky voice.

« We are »

« A … a baby boy »

I laughed, glancing back at the room only to notice that Cisco, Caitlin and Iris had left, letting us have some privacy
We stayed like this, in each others arms, enjoying this tight embrace, before the sound of a voice rang through the speakers

« Hm … guys » We heard Cisco say over a microphone. « You need to come take a look at this »

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Can you do a preference where you overhear them saying something about you to another boy that hurts your feelings? and then they find out you heard or you tell them and they're really sorry and there's lots of fluff ILY <3

Oh my goodness someone has finally requested something! Thank you so much for this lovely request and I hope it did it justice!

By the way, it’s almost 1 AM here and I have the world’s worst headache so I only did Cake/4 but if you guys like these then I will definitely try and do Mashton tomorrow! Also, since it is 1 AM, I didn’t edit this at all so I apologize if there are any errors.


You quietly creep into the house that you share with your boyfriend, Luke. You had seen Ashton’s car in the driveway, which means that they are probably writing songs and you don’t want to disturb them. 

You have just come back from a jog, so you take off your sweaty sneakers and set them by the door. You are just about to quietly head up to your bedroom when you hear voices coming from the kitchen. Normally, you’d just ignore them and go upstairs, but you heard you own name which immediately interests you.

Slowly, you tip toe toward the kitchen, trying to catch what they’re talking about without making yourself heard. You hear Ashton’s deep voice speaking first.

“I know it’s probably hard to handle, but it’s not like she can help it,” he says.

Luke groans. “Yeah, I know. But I just wish she could control her anxiety, you know? Like it would make my life a thousand times easier.”

You feel your entire body tense up at these words. Anxiety is something you’ve struggled with since you were a teenager, and Luke had known about it almost since the beginning of your three year relationship. You had tried to hide it from him at first, but he had begged you to open up to him and let him help you. He was constantly assuring you that you were no burden to him and that he was always happy to help you whenever you’re feeling anxious. Little did you know that it was all a complete lie.

Part of you wants to just go upstairs and pretend like you never heard this, but before you know it, you find yourself walking into the kitchen. You clear your throat loudly and both boys immediately snap their heads toward you.

Luke notices the tears that are forming in your eyes and the sad expression on your face and he immediately knows that you heard what he’d said. He opens his mouth to try and explain, but you hold your hand up.

“Save it,” you say quietly. “I’m sorry I’m such a burden.”

With that, you turn and jog out of the kitchen and quickly up the stairs to your bedroom.

“(Y/N) wait!” Luke says, following closely behind you.

You beat him to the bedroom and immediately shut the door and lock it before he can come in. He knocks loudly and yells your name repeatedly, but you just sulk over to the bed and lie down face-first. You let your tears flow steadily into your comforter as you try your best to drown out his yelling.

“Please, (Y/N), I didn’t mean that like it sounded!” He yells, his voice becoming thick with what sounds like tears.

As angry as you are in this moment, you still hate the sound of him crying. You sigh and push yourself off the bed and slowly walk over to unlock the door. He hears the lock click and immediately pushes it open and pulls you into a bone-crushing hug.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispers against your shoulder.

You pry yourself off of him and back up a step. He looks up at you, tears filling his blue eyes and you cross your arms over your chest.

“How could you say that?” You ask, trying to keep your voice strong.

He shakes his head slowly. “I promise you that I didn’t mean it like it sounded. Ashton and I were just talking about Mikey’s anxiety and then he asked how you were doing with yours and I told him you were doing okay. I didn’t go into too much detail. But when I said I wish you were able to control it, I just meant that I wish you didn’t have to deal with it. I wish that you could live life anxiety-free because seeing you happy is just the most amazing thing in the world.”

You look at him for a few seconds, trying to measure the sincerity in his words.

Finally, you cave and pull him back in for a hug. He lets out a sigh of relief against your hair.

“You’re not a burden. You could never be a burden, baby,” he says softly.

You pull away and look up at him, reaching up and wiping away a tear that has fallen down his cheek. “You’re off the hook this time, Hemmings,” you smile.


You are laying in you and Calum’s shared bunk on the boy’s tour bus as you struggle to keep your eyes open for more than three seconds. You have joined them on tour for a few weeks because lately you and Cal have been really struggling with the distance.

Unfortunately, jet lag had caught up with you really fast and you had slept through most of the first three days that you’d been here. You felt bad for not spending much time with Calum, but you couldn’t help it.

You are just beginning to drift off to sleep when you hear the boys getting on the bus. They had gone out after their show to get some drinks and hang out for a while. You, on the other hand, had bailed out so that you could go get some much-needed rest.

Their voices are drifting through the bus and you try to ignore them, but then they suddenly catch your attention.

“So how is it having (Y/N) out here with us?” Michael asks, his words slurring slightly as he’s clearly had one too many drinks.

Calum doesn’t answer immediately, and a small part of you begins to worry that he changed his mind about bringing you out. Your fears are only confirmed when he finally answers.

“Boring as hell,” Calum laughs. “I mean, she never wants to do anything. It’s basically like it was before she got here, except now I feel bad every time I go out without her.”

Tears begin to gather in your eyes as the boys loudly continue their conversations, thankfully moving onto different topics. You’re still wide awake when they finally make their way back to the bunks to retire for the night. Calum pulls back the curtain that encloses his bunk, and he is surprised to see you awake.

“Hey,” he smiles, speaking softly.

He quickly climbs into the bed and leans over to kiss you. You turn your head at the last second so that his lips land on your cheek instead. He gives you a confused look and begins rubbing his fingers against your side soothingly.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.

You look up at the ceiling and sigh quietly. “I’m sorry I’m so ‘boring’,” you say, repeating the word he’d used. “I wouldn’t want my jet lag to cramp your rockstar lifestyle so I’ll pack my shit and get out of your hair tomorrow.”

Calum is silent for a few seconds, obviously shocked that you had overheard him. He puts his arms around your waist and pulls you up against him. You try to move away from him, but he keeps a tight hold on you.

“I didn’t mean it, baby, I’m sorry,” he says softly. “I was a little buzzed from the beers I’d had, and it just sucks that we haven’t really been able to spend any time together yet. I know that it’s not your fault and I never should’ve said what I said.”

“No, you shouldn’t have,” you say, finally ceasing your struggle and allowing him to hold your body against his. “I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to do much these past few days. But you of all people should understand what jet lag feels like.”

“I know, and I do! I completely understand how it is, and I’m sorry about what I said. Just, please don’t leave, okay? I don’t care if you end up sleeping for the next three weeks. At least I’ll have the chance to hold you in my arms and see your beautiful face every day,” he says.

You can tell that he’s trying to keep himself collected, but you can hear the slightly frantic tone in his voice at the thought of you leaving him.

“I love you,” he says when you haven’t spoken for a few minutes.

You finally sigh, giving in. “I love you too, idiot.”

More Jasper Hogwarts AU

for @cindersart because I ruined the Titanic au so I’ll give you this instead

Jason has no idea why he’s sprinting down the corridors after the first year Slytherin he’s never met before. The twelve year old had appeared out of nowhere, tugged on his robes, and muttered the name Piper between gasps of air. That’d been enough to get Jason to leave Leo and the other Gryffindors behind and chase behind the small blur of green. Part of him knows it’s ridiculous that he’s running around like a loon because someone mentioned Piper, but the rest of him would never get over it if something happened to her because he wasn’t there.

The first year turns around a corridor and Jason can hear voices yelling, one of them clearly Piper’s. He’s memorized it by now, the way she draws out some words and clips other ones short. It’s also easy to tell it’s her when she’s yelling at the top of her lungs.

He swings around the corner and sees a mix of Ravenclaw and Slytherin students packed tightly together, and in the cracks between bodies he spots brown hair and braids. Jason rushes forwards, pushing students aside that quickly step away and head off to where ever they actually should be right now. He’s nearly broken through the ring of bodies when Piper lunges forwards at a Ravenclaw boy, her fist cocked back and ready to fly. Jason shoves the last two students in his way hard and dives for her. His arms wrap around her waist and pull her back just far enough that her swing misses the boy’s nose, the missed blow only spurs Piper on. She starts thrashing in his arms, tearing at him to get her hands on the other student.

“Let me go!” she screams. “I’m going to kill him!”

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Meeting Meghan

Okay, here’s the surprise. A little fanfic by yours truly. You ever wondered how Meghan and Puck truly met? You’re about to find out.


   So, how do I begin? Once upon a time…..Please. Let’s try that again.

    A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…..Nope, still not feeling it.

    A close up of the sunrise on an African savannah accompanied by African chants that even people today don’t understand…A bit lengthy, don’t you think?

    All right, in order to save myself from more embarrassment, let me tell you a secret. The beginning of a story is crucial to its’ survival. Since I pretty much exist because of stories, I think I know what I’m talking about here. If you have a shit beginning, chances are people aren’t going to hang around to hear what may be a shit ending. Even now, I’m probably not doing myself any good rambling on and on like this. So, I’ll just get to it.

    Before, Meghan became the Iron Queen, before the war, hell, before we even knew the Iron Fae existed, I was given a task. I was given the order by Lord Pointy Ears himself to watch over his so-called “progeny,” to protect and defend her no matter what. Then, on her sixteenth birthday, I was supposed to give her a potion to make sure she never finds out about our world. You know, if I were Oberon, I would’ve sprung for a car, but, hey, what do I know?

    But, you guys know how well that went over.

    With a dramatic description like that how could I take it so seriously? Still, if I wanted to keep my pretty little head attached to me, I had to follow Oberon’s every command.

    At first, I wasn’t so thrilled to be given a mission that pretty much amounted to baby-sitting. I had to leave my home, a nice home by the way, for more than a decade, because my boss couldn’t keep his Royal Johnson in his pants. But, I didn’t let it get it me. When life hands you a bowlful of crap on a daily basis, you learn to just roll with it.

    For the first few years, watching over Meghan was a piece of cake. Despite having a half-Fae child on their hands, the family lived surprisingly normally. For me, as you could guess, normal equals outright boredom for me. A mundane house in the middle of suburbia isn’t exactly a premiere hotspot for tricksters like me. There are only so many times I can mess with people’s gardening hoses and scratch at their windows before it starts to lose a bit of the flavor.

   One day, though, that changed. Leanansidhe, the great and powerful pain in my ass,  took Meghan’s human father away, mostly likely to keep him as one of her many playthings.

   After that, things began to get a little more complicated. Wanting to escape the Fae’s presence, Ms. Chase took Meghan and moved down to Louisiana as quick as she could. For a moment, I almost felt sorry for the woman. I could relate to the need to escape something so badly, but knowing deep down that it couldn’t be done. There are some things in life that we can’t run away from and the Fae is one of them.

   Wow, that turned a little gloomy, didn’t it? Sorry folks, my flashbacks can be a real bitch. Moving on.

   With Lenansidhe’s interference in mind, I knew that I couldn’t protect Meghan the way I’d been doing for those first couple of years. I had to get closer to her, become her friend so that I could defend her from all things. This meant one thing, the thing that I hoped that I didn’t have to do under any circumstance, my final resort.

   I had to go to school.

    It was tricky, finding out where I had to insert myself in order to give the kid the best protection possible. But I have to give this to Leanansidhe, she gave me one hell of an opportunity.

     It was on Meghan’s first day of kindergarten in Louisiana that we met. Of course, she probably wouldn’t remember it that way. The minds of children are sometimes warped by interacting with the Fae. Sometimes it’s harmless, sometimes not so much. Either way, I knew that being there wasn’t going to cause her any harm. The last thing I need is for Oberon to chew me out for giving his daughter brain damage.

       All right, boys and girls, pop quiz. What’s the downside to having glamour? Trick question. There really isn’t, at least, not in this situation. With my glamour, I was able to convince the kindergarten teacher that I was just innocent Robbie Goodfell, a scrappy looking five year old with scabby knees and a beaming grin. Of course, there were no need for questions like “How were you enrolled in this class” or “Where are your parents?” All she did was smile, nod, and wave me along to go play with the other kids.

     Toys were littered all over the floor with kids playing and talking all around, blissfully unaware that a new kid had entered the room.

       Normally, this was my kind of place. All this playing pretend and laughing was exactly what I needed to live. But I couldn’t let myself get distracted now. I had a job to do. I had to look out for Meghan.

     Kids were in small little groups everywhere, playing different games or just moving around. There was only one kid who was by herself. Three guesses who that was, ladies and gentlemen.

    In one corner of the room, Meghan played with a set of blocks, stacking them higher and higher on top of each other. She did this with far away eyes and a deep concentration that would have been very hard to find in little kids. I guessed she was still upset about the disappearance of her mortal father and probably wondering where he had gone.

  Oddly enough, I had a strong urge to be there by her side, making her laugh and helping her forget all about the idea of missing fathers or things that were just simply gone. Maybe the Fae weren’t the only things I had to protect her from. This girl, this princess, maybe deserved something more than this sadness. Maybe that something was me.

     As we all know, first impressions are the most important. I wasn’t the type just to go up to her and introduce myself. Where’s the fun in that? An introduction has to be memorable, even if it is going to be forgotten anyway. And I knew just the thing.

     With a small, roar-like yell, I ran towards the stacked blocks and knocked them over, sending them all to the floor. I landed belly down in front of Meghan, laughing as sweetly as only a child, or a glamoured Fae, could.

     “Hey! You knocked over my castle!” a small voice shouted, snapping me out of my mirth.

    I looked up at the girl with a huge smile, clearly not intimidated by her tone. But the look she was giving me. Sheesh, it could rival one of Oberon’s. She was definitely her father’s daughter. Her arms were tightly crossed around her chest as she looked down at me with a harsh glare. Damn, for a little girl she was pretty good at it.

     Her eyes, clearly her mother’s, had a small fire behind each one, while her mouth had a firm look about it. Already, I could tell she was going to be a force to be reckoned with someday. She would be stubborn, reckless, a handful of the highest proportions. It’s a good thing I’ve had so much experience dealing with these kinds of people.

     Through all of that, my grin didn’t fade. I just put my chin in hand, trying to look childishly innocent. “Sorry, princess, but I was just playing dragon. Dragons have to knock over castles. It’s the rules,” I said, my voice sounding weirdly high pitched.

   Ugh, there’s a reason why I don’t like glamouring myself to be too young. But, once again, it was for the job. My dignity had to once again be sacrificed.

     Meghan pouted, clearly not taking my excuse as answer, though I could detect a small smile in her eyes. “You’re going to help me make a new one, mister,” she demanded, sitting back down and rearranging the blocks.

      I chuckled again until she gave me another look. “You’re joking,” I mused, starting to get up off the ground. It appeared that giving poor Robin Goodfellow orders runs in the family. No matter, she’ll get used to me. They always do.

      Groaning heavily, I got up to sit beside her and start reconstructing the castle. Meghan’s eyes went back to that far off place again, full of concentration, but not fully aware of what was going on around her. It’s weird saying this, but that look has no right being on the face of a young child.

    I decided it was time to introduce myself. I already made a great first impression by breaking something. No use in making it worse by having this big awkward silence.

    “I’m Robbie, by the way. What’s your name?” I asked.

    She looked away from her blocks, almost a small hint of a smile on her face. “Meghan,” she said simply.

   “Nice to meet you, princess.”

    This time a full smile danced on her lips and, suddenly, the room appeared as if it had grown a little brighter. We both went back to building, a small silence growing between us.

  “Hey, during naptime, you want to find where teacher hides the snacks?” I asked.

   And the rest, as they say, is history.

Dark Turtle AU

If your whole life has been a lie, how does one tell the truth from the lie? And what can make someone double take on everything they've ever know – friends, family, even their own past… and doubt every second of it? That happens, when you fight your ally, because you never saw the enemy next to you.

Chapter 1

They stood still, back to back to back to back, waiting, and taking in their surroundings. The room was silent, not even the breathing of the many people there hearable. It’s only natural – they were all ninjas. The darkness was broken only by the moon’s ray through the windows, landing in a circle around the four figures in the middle of the room. Well, four turtles to be exact, but it’s not like it matters. With their eyes closed, they each took a small, silent breath and gripped their weapons tighter.

The shadows around moved quietly and quickly, almost with fear. And rightfully so. The four figures in the light might not look it, but they were the very best of ninjas here. And although they weren’t human, they were highly respected and acknowledged among their peers and others who serve the clan.

Someone moved. The one with the staff – his eyes opened. Already, he scanned the dark area was forming a plan. His dark brown eyes danced from one corner to the next, catching every movement.

Next, the one with the dual katana. He slowly opened his blue eyes, his head going from left to right. He was assessing the danger, waiting like a predator to find a weak spot in the enemy’s formation.

Then the third – the one with the twin sai. He growled, scaring any nearby shadows to move away. He looked ready to shred through anyone. He cracked his neck, giving a very threatening vibe towards the opponents around.

And finally, the fourth moved, holding his nunchakus with his hands and under his arms with a smirk on his lips and a glint in his eyes. If the third one scared the shadows, this one terrified them. He seemed more excited to fight than any of the others.

“How much longer do we need to wait?” the fourth one, smallest of them, asked, clearly impatient.

“Until the Master gives the word,” the katana user answered back with some authority, his voice low and cold as he focused, like a leader would.

“Fearless Leader’s right on this one – we don’t need a repeat of last time…” the growling one grumbled. He was easily the most muscular of the four, yet seemed rather small.

“He’s right you know… Besides, I found all of them…” the bo staff user shrugged, tallest and most skinny of them, a grin on his face as he pointed into the corner of the room.

“I counted twelve – three for each of us.”

“Twelve against four? C’mon, that ain’t fair. Don’t they know they need to do better?”

“Yeah bro, I agree. Three just ain’t good enough.”

“Guys, focus… He’s watching.”

The four turned stone serious, getting back into the previous mood. Silence ruled over the room again, as four pairs of eyes flickered towards a figure standing on a balcony above the room, arms crossed over his chest and his cold eyes staring back. The moonlight reflected off his silver armor, weapons and even his helmet, giving him an even more menacing look.

“Begin,” the man’s voice was gruff and empty, almost cold; as all hell seemed to break lose.

The first one to get into a fight was the smallest one. He charged in, swinging his weapons around and knocking out one of his trio before the ninja had time to react. The other two jumped away to get some distance, but that did little to stop the nunchaku wielding ninja. With a grin, the little one extended the chain between wooden sticks and swung it towards one of the two, managing to chain him up. With some effort, he hurled the chained target into a wall, effectively knocking him out. Turning to the last one, he twirled the chain in the air, taunting his opponent. Seconds later, the last opponent was slammed to the ground, chained up and knocked out.

“And then there was one…”

On the far left side, there was a roar of anger and a distinct crash as someone went flying straight through the wooden wall of the room. The sai user bore his teeth, narrowing his eyes on the two ninjas. They each took a step back in fear, but managed to stand their ground and look the wild ninja in the eyes. Big mistake. In a moment, the muscular ninja charged forward, his speed much greater than the duos, and knocked them to the ground. He knocked one out with the blunt of his sai, while pinning the third one’s arms to the ground with his weapons.

“Strike three… your out.”

The tallest of the four jumped in the air to avoid the katana aimed for his legs, and smacked his staff into the attackers head, knocking him to the side. Landing neatly on the ground, he delivered another smack to the stomach, just to make sure. The other two charged forward, their weapons stabbing and slashing at him, yet the bo user evaded all of that. He moved away until he felt his shell against the wall and frowned slightly. The next attack, coming from a dagger, was blocked by his staff, while he used his long legs to kick the other ninja into the chest, sending him flying. The last one swung the katana at his head, but the taller ninja raised his bo and blocked again. Giving a grin, he simply lifted the staff quickly and let it hit directly into the opponent’s jewels, making him drop to the ground in pain.

“You really should get some protection for that.”

The leader locked blades with two of the three attackers, gritting his teeth in concentration. There were sparks flying in the air as metal met metal. Letting out a small growl, the turtle pushed at the locked blades, managing to free his weapon. As the two staggered a bit from the sudden push, he jumped into the air and used on leg for each of the two, and kicked them away. Landing perfectly on the ground, the leader slowly stood up and turned his attention to the last one, his eyes narrow. Without a sound, the last enemy ran forward, katana at the ready, before being blocked by two swords. As his blades locked once more, the shorter ninja used one of his legs to swipe at the other man’s, managing to get him off balance. In the moment of weakness, the dual katana user moved like the wind, knocking his opponent to the ground and crossing his weapons around his neck, pinning him down.

“Well fought, but not good enough.”

Silence was in the air again, accompanied by pants and groans from the beaten ninjas. The four quickly moved away from their locations and went under to the balcony, sitting down in front of the metal man with bowed heads.

“Michelangelo,” the Master’s voice echoed in the room and the said turtle winced at the tone. It didn’t sound happy…

“You are quick and agile, yet play with your opponents too much. Give no quarter, no matter what,” the smallest of the four bowed his head, eyes closed.

“Raphael,” the sai user swallowed as he looked up. “Your aggression and strength might help you in most situations, but you do not think too far ahead. Never, under any circumstance, leave yourself weaponless,” the said turtle bit his cheek and looked at the side.

“Donatello,” the tallest of them blinked at the Master, hints of fear present. “Your deduction and perspective abilities serve you well, yet you allow the enemy to push you too far before you act. Use your instincts more if the situation comes,” the bo user nodded solemnly.

“Leonardo,” the leader looked up sharply, at attention. “Your skill with the blade is almost unrivaled, yet you forget you are in open combat. Always pay attention to your surroundings and do not let the enemy surprise you,” the katana wielder gave a bow of his head.

“…Despite the mistakes you made today, this exercise was your best so far,” the four beamed at the praise given, even if it wasn’t much. “As such, I deem you ready to venture out into the city now. Naturally, you will be accompanied by either Tiger Claw or Bradford, but night patrols will be your main responsibility. I expect you all to preform your duties with seriousness and concentration as you’ve shown in your training.”

The four were shocked to say the least. Finally, they were getting out of the lair and into the world! They’ve heard so much about it and only seen a few glimpse here and there, but now… now they were actually going to see it!

“Thank you, Master Shredder. We won’t let you down,” Leonardo said, remembering the gratitude they owed for this freedom.

“I know you won’t.”

“Yeah! Did you guys hear that?! We’re finally gettin’ outta this place!” Raph cheered, punching the air in his excitement. The tails of his black mask danced in the air as he moved, while the scarf wiggled. Then again, all four of them had the same attire – black masks, red scarfs, dark wraps around their fingers and legs and dark gloves up to their elbows.

“Raph, calm down! You know we’re not supposed to be this excited,” Leo frowned, his arms crossed over his plastron.

“C’mon dude, you can’t say you ain’t excited! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon,” Mikey grinned, poking the leader in the shoulder.

“I’m with them on this one Leo. Just imagine what we can see and learn! It’s impossible to not be excited!” Donnie smiled, giving a helpless shrug.

“Well, you can, if you’re Leo the Bored!” the sai user smirked at his brother’s expression.

“Ohhh snap! You just gonna let him say that?” the smallest ninja asked, trying to hide a grin.

“…You’re right,” there was a moment of dumb silence as the trio looked at their older brother in shock. Did… did they hear that right?

“We should be excited,” Leo added, giving a smile. “I’m just… worried, you know? There are so many things that could happen and it would be my first real mission as leader… I just don’t want any of you hurt,” his voice dropped a bit as his brothers shared a look.

“Nothin’s gonna happen Leo. We can take care of ourselves just fine, you saw that today. So stop bein’ a downer and let’s get movin’! Tiger is probably waitin’ already!” the second oldest gave a smile, setting a hand on the leader’s shoulder.

“Raph’s right. The probability of us finding any actual trouble in the short time span we’ll be outside is relatively low, especially considering the time and locations,” Donnie summed up, smiling as his brothers tried to fully understand what he said.

“See? It’ll be fine!” Mikey ginned wide, showing his white teeth.

“And if you’re still, not convinced, Tiger is gonna be with us.”

“I get it okay. I get your points,” Leo laughed and shook his head. “Thanks,” he added, looking at his brothers. “You guys ready to do this?”

“Heck yeah!”

“You are late, cubs,” the firm voice of the turtles’ trainer made them wince slightly.

“Forgive us Sensei, we were simply getting ready,” Leo explained in short and moved closer to the tall Tiger mutant. He had his paws cross over his chest as he stood by the door.

“I take it the Master was pleased with your exercise?” the green animals gave a bit of a sheepish look. Honestly, they had the best relationship with Tiger Claw out of any other members of the Foot Clan. He was strict as shell, but he did care somewhere deep down. Or maybe he just didn’t want to lose his snacks? One could never be too certain…

“We’re here ain’t we?” Raphael spoke up, shrugging it off as nothing.

“Fair point, cub. But today, we shall see just how much more improvement your skills will require,” the older mutant moved to the door and opened it up, revealing the world of the turtles.

It was night, the sources of light being street lamps and an occasional light from a building. The air was chilly at first, but it quickly became a nice cool and comfortable temperature. There were some sounds of cars and TVs or radios as well as an occasional bird or cat. The four brothers stood with wide eyes and mouths, staring into the new, unknowing land.

“Now then, shall we proceed with our patrol?” Tiger managed to get them back to reality as the ninjas shook their heads to focus.

So, I’m working with @mesacat13 to work on her TMNT AU. She’s the one with the ideas and drawings, and I’m the one who writers. 

skittidyne  asked:

7, kuroken? ovo

It’s not that big a deal.

Kenma has been rehearsing the phrase in his head, repeating it so often that he’s practically hearing it in his sleep. People keep asking him how he feels about Kuroo getting scouted by a school outside of Tokyo to play volleyball, how he feels about the fact that his best friend moved away, out of reach for an entire year

It’s not that big a deal.

He’s on a train to go visit Kuroo now, tucked into the corner of his seat, eyes stinging as he stares down at the Pokemon battle on his DS screen. They’re getting close to the station that he ones, the announcements coming in a cheerful female voice over his head that’s just clear enough for Kenma to make out.

And maybe he’s not as excited as he should be. Mostly he’s nervous, trying to ignore the squirming, anxious feeling in the pit of his stomach. He’s not used to being apart from Kuroo, and no matter how much he tells people that it isn’t a big deal (it’s not), he’s not sure what to expect from a reunion like this.

He clips the lid of his DS shut once the voice announces his station, looping the strap of his backpack over one shoulder and sliding out of the seat, head ducked slightly amongst the crowd of other disembarking passengers.

Besides, it’s not as if they left things very clearly. Apparently, Kuroo found confessing his feelings easy but deciding what to do about them hard. Kenma worries the cuff of his sleeve between his fingers, stretching to step over the small gap between the train and the platform.

He’s used to knowing where things stand with Kuroo, and the confusion only makes the knot in his stomach wind tighter.

Kenma lifts his head up, intending to scan the platform in the hopes that Kuroo is already there and he won’t have to find a spot to wait around and text him from. In his pocket, his hand is already wrapped around the shape of his cellphone, the weight of it a small comfort. He doesn’t get the chance to look at much, though, before he has a face full of black shirt and strong arms around his back lifting him up into the air.

Out of reflex, his hands fly up to grip Kuroo’s shoulders. He’ll have to deny that yelping sound later, he’s sure, but maybe Kuroo’s excited laughter kept him from noticing. He grins ear to ear, holding Kenma up in the air like he doesn’t weigh anything at all, eyes crinkling at the corners.

And there’s no uncertainty in his face, none of his agonizing about labels and distances and what their relationship should mean. It’s just Kuroo, bright and beaming and happy to have him there. Kenma finds his mouth curling into a small smile, balancing his weight on Kuroo’s shoulders to lean forward, pecking several small kisses against his mouth, Kuroo chasing after each one.

“Can I come down now?” Kenma blinks, leaning back slightly, kicking his legs uselessly in the air. Kuroo laughs, shaking his head and shifting his grip to sling Kenma over his shoulder instead.




Rick led you and the rest of the squad through the roads of Midway City, after having to vacate the plane as it got shot down. You walked beside Harley and Deadshot, Slipknot had just had his head blown off by Rick, meaning you and the rest of the squad were on high alert. You all now knew that it wasn’t some ‘scare’ bullshit; there was an actual ticking time bomb in your necks. You were positive that Mr. J would know what to do when he eventually got round to saving you and Harley, so it didn’t scare you. Just making sure you and Harley didn’t get blown up before that, was your main concern.

“How do you reckon Joker turned her?” Deadshot shook his head at Diablo. “She didn’t need to be ‘turned’, she was already crazy. He got both sisters wrapped round his finger.”

You couldn’t see. It was pitch black, as you had a black mask covering your face. All you could feel were his hands guiding you, gingerly walking forward. He ripped the mask off you, as you saw you were standing above multiple open chemical vats. Taking a step towards the edge of the rickety platform, you peered over the edge, seeing the acid bubbling away.  

“Question.” You turned to him staring into your eyes, he cupped your face. “Would you…die for me?” he questioned. “Yes.” You said, without hesitation. He spun around, raising his arms. “No that’s too easy.” He turned back, placing his finger on your bottom lip. “Would you…live for me?” “Yes.” You repeated. “Be careful Y/N… Do not say this oath thoughtlessly.” He placed his tattooed hand on your mouth, staring deep into your eyes. “Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power. Do you want this?” “I would do anything for you, Mr.J”

He pulled his hands away from you, curling them up into fists, that signature smile sat upon his face. “Then, do it my dear.”

You smirked at him, sashaying towards the edge of the platform. You raised your arms above your head, Joker watching your actions intensely. You dove into the acid below, going right down to the bottom, before swimming up to the surface. Taking a deep breath, you started to giggle, looking at Mr J, who had made his way to the side of the container. “You proud of me, Mr.J?” he cupped your face, bringing it to his for a kiss. “God, you’re so good Y/N.” You laughed together, throwing yourself back into the acid.

“Hey, crazy. Get moving.” You scowled, turning round to Flag’s annoying face. “You know maybe I should just kill you now. Seeing as we are all going to be dead at the end of the night anyways.” You growled, hissing at him as you walked over to Harley. “Anything from Puddin’?” she asked, popping the bubble she just blew with her bubblegum. “He’s coming for us sis, he just needs a little extra time.” You smiled.

“Stay here.” Rick said, getting the other squad to follow him further up the road.

“We are being lead to our deaths, you know that right?” you questioned the other squad members. “Of cause we are. This is suicide.” Boomerang stated, looking at you like an idiot. “Alright, grouchy.”

At this point, everyone in the crew was getting pissed off at Flag’s secrecy and you all wanted to know what the hell was going on. Deadshot seemed to be the first one to explode as he stormed over to Rick.

All of a sudden, the army of people were shooting at you. The war broke out, with everyone spreading out. You and Harley were working together, as sisters’ shood, taking out as many of these creatures as possible.

“What the fuck are they, Flag? They aren’t terrorists, their fucking creatures.” You exclaimed at him pissed off. He stared at you before walking off, “Wanker.”You said under your breath, walking over to the squad. Before you could get over there, you spotted a fluffy pink unicorn, stuck under the dumpster. You squealed picking it up, running over to the crew. “Look what I found!” you giggled, cuddling the unicorn before Boomerang snatched it off you. “Pinky!” he exclaimed, as the rest of the crew excluding Harley, looked at you both as if you were crazy. “Give him back Boomer, I found him first!” you pulled at the unicorn. “You’d be smart not to do that, Shelia.” He growled, pulling just as forceful on the unicorn as you were. “Shelia? That ain’t my name stupid!”

The unicorn began to rip and you gasped, “Look what you did Boomer!” He growled at you, making you release the unicorn. “My mom taught me to share, could we share Pinky?” you pouted at him, his face softening up. “Works every time.” You thought to yourself.

You and the squad came up to a rather tall building, where the doors had been cracked and there was a large amount of wreckage at the front of the building. “Hold.” Rick commanded, raising his hand.  “Let me finish this.” Deadshot said, visibly pissed off. He stormed towards the building, pulling the door making the glass door finally smash. “Spinney door!” you exclaimed, running around the spin door a few times before joining Deadshot inside the building. You all walked through the reception of the building, looking for any ‘hostiles’ as Flag so elegantly put it.  “Pretty empty, easy peasy.” Boomerang stated, making Deadshot look at him. “Don’t make me shoot you.” He snarled at him.Boomerang laughed at him, making you throw your arms around him. “Don’t shoot Boomer! He’s my bestest, bestest friend!” you exclaimed at him, causing him to tense before warming up to you. Harley grabbed your hand, sneaking away to the elevators as the rest of the squad got ready to engage. The ping of the elevator caused the rest of the guys to flinch, looking up to you andHarley waving down at them.

“We’ll be off soon Harley, Puddin’s getting closer every minute.” You exclaimed clapping your hands together. You were checking the phone for any messages when one of the creatures busted through the front window of the elevator. The creature pushed you over, making your head bounce off the wall as Harleyswung her bat at it. Another came in, using your leg you swiped it from under its feet, shooting it dead in-between its eyes.  Harley went to check her hair and makeup when another came through the ceiling, dropping on top of you. “Today is not my day!” you exclaimed, as Harley attacked it, putting out a hand for you to take. The elevator pinged again when you reached the top floor, the rest of the squad waiting outside for you two. “Hey guys!” Harley chirped, stepping over the monsters body. “Come on then, let’s go!” you told them as you followed Harley.

You got to this large office type room, following behind Rick. You had your gun in one hand, with your other rested on your knife pouch. “Flag; there are heat signatures all around you. Move with extreme caution.”

The roof of the room came crashing down on top of you, with more of the creatures coming to attack. You began shooting anything that moved towards you, you would never admit it but you were scared of one of these things killing you before Flag could. You saw out of the corner of your eye that Flag was being carried away by those creatures, “Guys! Flag’s nearly going to be dead!” you shouted out, making the rest of the squad rush over to him, to keep him alive. You felt selfish as the only reason you all wanted him alive was so you didn’t die yourselves but oh well. You honestly didn’t want to die for him.

You eventually cleared all of them out, making your way out of the office. You all came to a balcony, leading to other sets of offices, when some more of the army came out of nowhere and started shooting at you. You and Boomerang dropped to the floor, crawling army style past everyone. “Hey man! Are you going to just stand there?!” Deadshot shouted at El Diablo. “Trust me man, its better this way.” He tried to reason with him. “Come on princess, I wanna see something.” Deadshot pushed him against the glass window. “Don’t touch me!” he exclaimed, as Deadshot tapped his head repeatedly. “Look, I’m touching you. I’m touching you!” El Diablo forcefully pushed Floyd off him, shooting the army with the fire coming out of his hands.

You stared at him, watching him easily incinerate everyone, finding a new respect in him. El Diablo stopped and looked back at Deadshot who put his hands up in surrender. “Hey man, I was just trying to get you there.” He defended himself, as you and Harley kissed Diablo on either cheek. “We knew you had it in you.” You told him, patting his shoulder.

Rick’s squad blasted a hole in the wall, allowing you to get through to the staircase. “God, I need to work on my cardio.” Harley said, gripping the railing on the staircase, looking down.

“Be careful… Do not say this oath thoughtlessly.” He placed his tattooed hand on Harley’s mouth, staring deep into her eyes, you watching from behind him. “Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power. Do you want this? To join your sister and rule over Gotham?” Her eyes flickered over to you. “Yes.”

You did the same, looking up at the more stairs there were to climb.

“I just want her safe J.” you told him. “My dear, you have no worries.” He purred, trailing his hands down your arm. “No J, if it comes to it, you need to be able to leave me. Whatever the cost, I want her safe.” You looked deep into his eyes, pleading that he would agree. “You have my word.” He stated, kissing your temple, running over the side of the platform to get Harley. You let out a deep breath; you knew it was only up from here.

“Y/N? Y/N?” a muffled voice shouted, you whipping your gun around to them. It was Captain Boomerang; you hadn’t noticed the tears spilling down your face. “Have you ever been in love?” you asked, tearfully.  “Nah, I’m more of a one night kinda guy.” He said, but you could see through the screen he clearly had up. “Bullshit.” You said, a small laughter hinting at the end. “Darlin’ you don’t betray as many partners as me and rob their personal items if you feel girly shit like love.” Boomerang stated, taking a sip of his lager.

this got some girly feelings and shit

anonymous asked:

Ooooh it's open already! Can you write about kagami being really really sick that he collapses in a match against kirisaki daichi due to doubling the sickness with pain from their dirty playing and aomine gets really worried and angry but cannot do anything but take care of him once he's checked out of the hospital. Idk man, I never ask someone to write any of my ideas because they kinda suck. I hope u won't get bored writing it.

More fluff, and omg Kagami at the end… OTL This was fun to write, don’t worry Anon!! Especially Kagami…just read it and you’ll get what I mean XD

“Yeah, I’ll see you…” Kagami broke off in a cough. “I’ll see you at the match, I have to go.”

Aomine frowned at Kagami’s reedy voice over the line. “Hey, you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Kagami mumbled. “Just a bit tired.”

“You have a practice match against Kirisaki Dai-ichi, can you afford to be tired?” Aomine started but Kagami cut him off.

“I’ll be fine, Aho,” Kagami rolled his eyes. “I’ll see you in the stands. Coach is getting impatient.”

“Take care…” Aomine pursed his lips when Kagami disconnected.


When it happened, it happened in slow motion.

Aomine could tell something was off from the beginning. He’d been playing with Kagami for over a year, he knew when something was wrong.

He also knew Kirisaki’s dirty play, but he was sure Kagami could handle just that. Just that. Not coupled with whatever was going on with Kagami, the way the redhead was swaying on his feet. He even nearly missed a pass.

And the second Kagami’s knees buckled, Aomine stood up. The second Kagami’s head hit the court floor, Aomine felt his heart being ripped out.

Shouts, whistles, people running. He didn’t care about any of it. He could only stand and stare at Kagami’s seemingly lifeless body.

No. Oh please, no.

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Second Chances

This was born of a late night thought. Normally I put this kind of thing in the middle of a bigger fic but I’m trying not to force myself to write epics about every idea that  I come up with so I’m posting this here instead of AO3 :D 

Dex is enjoying the wind on his face from the rolled down windows as they drive. He doesn’t normally particularly care for other people driving his truck; he’s just controlling enough that it bothers him to ride shotgun in his own vehicle. But Nursey has done pretty good, and Dex is feeling so content with how the long weekend went and how his family accepted Nursey- Derek- right away.

It makes him, unfocused, he lets his guard down and just enjoys the ride back to Samwell. Dex’s mom had asked for him to come home for the weekend and given he had no homework, no games and no practice either he couldn’t say no. He didn’t want to say no. 

But his mom had been adamant that Nursey needed to come with.

Her words actually were something like, “and bring that Derek boy, he needs a home cooked meal too.”

It hadn’t been too hard to convince Nursey. Everyone else had plans for the long weekend. Bitty was sneaking off to Providence to see Jack on the DL, Ransom and Holster were spending the weekend watching tape of their opposing teams and Chowder was having Farmer over for a weekend of movies and careful use of Bitty’s kitchen.

And the weekend had been, well, better than anticipated.

But now they’re driving home and Dex is lazily sprawled across the passenger seat, stealing glances of Nursey as he drives. The radio had been settled on a station playing a little bit of everything, just to avoid the potential argument and it’s been working. There’s enough classic rock that Dex is satisfied and the more current stuff that plays has a limited amount of screaming or dubstep so he can manage.

They’re just getting back into Samwell proper, into the winding streets surrounding the college when Dex hears the familiar intro start to play and reaches forward to turn the volume up at the same time Nursey does.

It’s too cliché, but Dex feels a happy pit of warmth in his gut at the small touch and the smile Nursey sends him before he bats Dex’s hand away and turns it up, the sound of Hooked on a Feeling blasting through the speakers.

He’s thinking about watching Guardians of the Galaxy when they get back, when he feels Nursey drop his hand on top of his own. It’s smooth as a slice of Bitty’s silk pie to intertwine their fingers, and rest them on the console between the seats. His first instinct is to hide his face and look out the window, but he doesn’t. 

He turns instead to look at Nursey and sees the pickup truck coming right for them as they cross an intersection.

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Love is Weird

A/N: here’s a bit of post-Mockingjay drabble with our favorite girls that stemmed from that particular quote. I’ve never actually written anything fanfiction-y before, and it’s unbeta’d, but hopefully you enjoy just the same.

“Love is weird.”

Katniss recalled being surprised enough by the dull ache that she had heard straining Johanna’s voice that day that she had chanced a look at Johanna’s eyes. She remembered, very clearly, looking into them and realizing that she actually saw in them that vulnerability and numbing pain for just a second before Johanna quickly let them harden back into a glaring smirk. Katniss had never been good at emotions, as clearly demonstrated by the way everyone but the Capitol had had a hard time truly swallowing her love story. She had always been all about survival: hunt, fight, kill, act; play capitol sweetheart, play lover, play revolutionary, play Mockingjay. All the surviving she had to do had left very little room for actual love, beyond the love of family and friends. But then, look where even that much love had landed her: alone with blood on her hands and a dead heart that had stopped when she saw her sister die. Katniss had realized, on that beach in the arena, after that small glimpse into Johanna’s eyes, that Johanna was all about survival, too.

Katniss couldn’t really fathom what Johanna was like before her games, but love was clearly not a welcome presence to post-games Johanna, with her brash personality and overt self-sexualization and unpredictable (closed off) attitude. Back then, Katniss had still allowed herself to love a little, but Johanna had said, in a hard-yet-heartbreaking voice, that the jabberjays couldn’t hurt her because there was no one left that she loved. Katniss remembered feeling a dull ache begin in her chest at those words when she had heard them, but quickly quenched it; she knew that Johanna would hate her even more for her pity. For Katniss, there it always was, constant and ever bearing, no matter how dull the vibe, and she often thought that it made her weak. That moment in the arena, she wondered if Johanna thought so, too. She knew that love came in many forms, with many results: sometimes it felt like a warm blanket, and other times like a nagging cough that just wouldn’t let go. She knew that it terrified Johanna, despite the cool exterior, and made Katniss herself more than just a bit wary.

When it came to Johanna’s feelings toward Katniss, Katniss suspected that they had undergone a kind of metamorphosis over the course of the last couple of years. They had started off as a very short-lived admiration, then an absolute, scalding loathing, then a dull dislike. After Johanna had been rescued from the Capitol, Katniss had reevaluated Johanna’s feelings toward her, and had been hard-pressed to come up with anything except morphling-numbed pain and harshly worded disdain. Eventually, after spending time together in the hospital, she had felt a bit of begrudging acceptance. Once they became roommates, the vibes had changed to a reluctant sort of caring, and actual appreciation for their friendship. Occasionally, Katniss had felt a heavily disguised pity, but it was always brief, and they seemed to have an understanding that neither would welcome the other one’s pity. Their relationship had moved beyond forced camaraderie, and into an unexplainable sort of relationship that went beyond friendship. They understood each other, without words, and they both gave their care and protection silently and with a sense of caution.

The first time was when Katniss had woken up from one of her usual nightmares, sweating and shaking, with a biting scream on her lips and the taste of blood-bile in her mouth. She had been about to sit up, only discover that Johanna had tucked herself into Katniss’ bed. She hadn’t questioned it, had only reveled in the comfort, and neither girl mentioned it the next morning. The second time was when Katniss pushed open the bathroom door to find Johanna huddled in a bathtub full of five inches of water, arms wrapped around her thin frame, shivering, her teeth gritted together and her lips twisted into a half-grimace. Katniss’ heart had dropped sharply at the picture, and she had wanted to run over and run her fingers through Johanna’s hair, telling her that the water wouldn’t hurt her. Instead, Katniss had simply grabbed Johanna’s washcloth, dipped it in the water, and very carefully scrubbed down Johanna’s body, softly humming the tune of the meadow song.

Eventually, these small moments, these details of their shared suffering, had woven into a pattern that became a part of everyday life in District 13. Every night, Johanna would tuck herself into bed with Katniss, usually with a “how can I even try to sleep if you make such a racket all the time? Move over, brainless, your feet are cold.” Katniss would always be the one to toll her eyes at Johanna and tell her she really needed a bath, then follow the scowling girl into the bathroom and help her wash.

Katniss supposed, now, that all of those things might have constituted as a part of a loving relationship. She never really thought of it as such, she merely thought of it as the way she and Johanna were, two broken people who were just trying to survive, as they always had. Now that the rebellion was over, Katniss was positive that she would never let love be a part of her life again. And yet yesterday she had grown tired of being in 12, tired of seeing the ruined remains of her town and the constant reminders of Prim. Tired of seeing Peeta shoot her both frustrated and pitying looks, tired of seeing him settle down and be happy, tired of everything. There were times that she had honestly missed her time in 13, missed their “prison of paradise,” as Johanna had called their room. Missed the closest thing she had had to normal, no matter how dysfunctional it was in her relationship with Johanna. So Katniss had grabbed her bag and her bow and taken off on the train to 7. She had marched straight from the platform to where she knew Johanna to be living, and without allowing herself a second thought, knocked hard on the door. Johanna had answered in nothing more than an oversized flannel shirt, dirty and sweaty, clearly having been interrupted in the middle of changing out of her wood chopping clothes.

Seeing Johanna now was like taking a long gasp of fresh air after having spent too long underwater. There were no words exchanged, but Katniss watched Johanna take in her haggard expression, read the mourning and pain in her eyes, and saw Johanna’s expression shift slightly. Katniss was looking at Johanna’s eyes once again. There, on the doorstep of Johanna’s house in 7, Johanna was using her facial expression to press down on Katniss chest, crushing it into a slow CPR, restarting it. She said nothing, still, but her heart ached again, and she could feel Johanna not trying to fill the gaping hole in Katniss’ heart, but rather creating a memorial around it, as though in memory of her pain she could somehow find some kind of life again. It was the same hole that caused her dead heart, had eventually pushed Peeta away from her after the revolution, that had now pushed her toward Johanna. But her heart wasn’t dead now. Suddenly she could feel emotions in droves, working their way in wavelengths up through her body as Johanna stared at her with an unreadable expression from the doorway.

Love is weird. Katniss hadn’t known her plan, just had known that she had to get out, to try and reclaim her sense of normalcy. But nothing was normal, was it? Love is weird. Katniss hadn’t known what to say that day on the beach. Johanna had basically said that she never wanted to love again. Katniss didn’t know, now, if she wanted to love again, either. Yet here it was. Katniss couldn’t say anything at all, because there was nothing to say. There was no actual name for the thing she felt boiling up in her chest around that gaping hole. So she acted on instinct. She hadn’t had a plan coming here, no, but she knew that she had to change something. She took a deep, shuddering breath, and pressed her lips very softly to Johanna’s. She felt Johanna’s face break out into her signature smirking smile, and kiss her back. Eventually, after what felt like an age, Katniss pulled away. Johanna still had that odd smile on her face as she stared Katniss up and down. Katniss felt fear flow down her throat and land in her stomach, where it settled into a heavy rock there. What had she done? Finally, Johanna spoke.
“God, brainless. What took you so damn long?”

"First Fight"–– Preference #155



    “Oh, my god, Dan!” you sighed in exasperation, throwing a small pile of papers onto the tabletop. “It’s not like I’m moving to Manchester, I’m just getting a new flat in the more… central part of central London!” Dan groaned and gestured about dramatically with his arms.

    “Your farther away! What if you get shanked while your walking home? I can’t get there to stop you from bleeding out!” he announced with a voice just as dramatic as his movements. Crossing your arms, you shot him an unamused look at the little faith he seemed to have in you.

    “I’m not going to get shanked, Dan; it’s central London, not Assassin’s Creed.”

    “Yeah, well, it happens! Not often, but it happens! Look, I’m sure you could figure something out with your landlord or something––”

    “Dan! It’s not as simple as that!” You fell into your seat and rubbed your temples; you and Dan had never really thought before, so the surprise of the heated, tense language and atmosphere was truly doing nothing for the already stressful situation. Dan braced his arms against the kitchen counter and let out a long breath, head dropping to hang between his shoulders. But if your assumption was correct, you’d both take a moment to calm down and try to talk about it like the adults you were supposed to be; and hopefully that would end with a countless amount of giggles, wondering why you had even been fighting at all.



    Utterly exasperated, you threw down the set of instructions in your hand, staring at the problem that lay out across the floor before you and Phil.

    “Who provides ten more pegs than you need?” you muttered, holding up a wooden peg that was supposed to fit into one of the numerous holes in the cabinet you were trying to assemble. Tossing it down again, you glanced over the impossible to read Ikea instructions, trying to figure out what the arrows were trying to tell you what to do. Phil, in the mean time, pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose as he got back to deciphering what needed to go where without the provided packet you held. You looked down just as he tried to push a peg into a hole that was clearly too small for it. “Phil! What are you doing!”

    “Um… putting a circular peg into a circular hole?” he said, voice forming a question in his confusion. You shook your head vigorously, pulling out the now half destroyed dowel.

    “You’ve just ruined one of the pegs!”

    “Well, like you said, we’ve got ten extras!” he exclaimed, cupping them in his palm.

    “Well that one could have been the ultimate peg! The king pin! The one that holds everything together!” Sighing, Phil dropped all of the tiny pieces of wood scattering them across the floor. “Now they’ve gone everywhere and we’ve probably lost even more!”

    “Then you shouldn’t have been complaining!” The two of you gaped at each other for a minute before suddenly breaking out into laughter. “Have we just fought over wooden pegs? Is that what our first fight is going to be about?”

    “Well,” you managed to gasp between laughs, “It certainly seems wacky enough for us!”



Sorry about being late; senior year is crazier than I thought it would end up being!