“I think filmmaking is filmmaking and I love all aspects of filmmaking, and I’m also at the beginning of my career so I’m curious about doing different kinds of movies. I do want to be able to do kind of everything and not be told that I’m not going to be good because audiences don’t recognize me from this or that. I kind of like being able to do whatever I want without y’know, being pigeon-holed into one certain kind of area of film.” - oscar winner jennifer lawrence for elle (june 2011)

HOLLA i get like 746 asks per week about bullet journals so i thought i would compile a bunch of resources here 4 u lovely people ~ these are for the people who have never heard about bullet journaling, for the people that want to try it, or for the people who have been doing it for months :]

tutorial set ups

cute spread insp

page/list ideas

other jounals

+ masterposts

hope this was helpful xoxo sareena