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The Mom Ch. 6

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: First words

Warnings: Flirting, fluff, the beginnings of angst. This chapter has it all! lol

Author’s Note: Remember that cliffhanger I left you with back in chapter 3? Yeah, it’s finally coming back into play. Sorry it took so long for me to work back around to it.
Also, thanks for being understanding about the delay with this chapter. I really appreciate having awesome followers like you guys! <3

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


It was only about a week into tour & Seung Hyun was already missing you and the twins terribly. He’d just finished his shower after coming back to the hotel once the show was finished. The others were all out partying, but his current foul mood didn’t make him good company to tag along. So instead he had just dragged his tired, moody self back to the hotel alone.

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Wendigo Present (Wendigo!Josh x Reader)

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Fandom: Until Dawn

Character: Josh Washington

Persona: Female

Word Count: 507

Request: A wendigo!josh from until dawn Christmas imagine please? Thank you! 

A/N - I’ve never wrote a wendigo!josh before, enjoy! Happy 25 Days of Fic-Mas <3

“JOSH PUT THAT DOWN!” you shouted chasing after him as he raced around the lodge with a present in his mouth. “THEY’RE FOR TOMORROW JOSH! NOT NOW!” you scolded him, he wasn’t listening though because he raced up the stairs away from you; with the present still in his mouth.

You gave up on your chase and went back to rearranging the remaining presents under the Christmas tree, grumbling quietly to yourself. You could hear Josh banging around upstairs, “I hope you aren’t making a mess” you grumbled to yourself. Once you had finished putting the presents under the tree, you sat on the sofa. The lodge was decorated festively, there wasn’t a single place bare of ornaments. 

It was your first Christmas with Josh the way he was now: a wendigo, you honestly didn’t think he had survived until he appeared in the lodge one day, scaring the life out of you.

On the t.v. jolly Christmas music played as you sat watching it, you would wait for Josh to come back. There was no use chasing after him now, you’d only be taking part in his little game, it would last longer then. Soon enough he came crawling back, the present still gripped tightly in his mouth. You pretended not to notice.

Josh climbed onto the sofa and sat next to you, he was staring at your face, when you continued to ignore him, he placed his head on your shoulder: the present made it an awkward position. “No Josh”, you said firmly and gently pushed his head off of you. He started to whine, he tried to rest on you again but you gave him the same result, “I said no Josh” you weren’t going to give in yet until you got what you wanted.

Josh climbed off of the sofa, he crawled slowly across the floor only stopping in front of the television. He was still trying to get your attention, “Really?” you asked him, a deadpanned look on your face. Josh gave you a cute expression, the present in his mouth made him look even more dopey. 

Pulling out your phone you diverted your attention to it. Josh growled at the small object, he didn’t like not having your attention. Eventually he waddled over and dropped the present on your lap, it knocked your phone out of your hand, Josh looked at you as he waited for your reaction, “Thank you” you praised him, patting his dark hair.

You picked up the present and tried not to reel away from it, the box was coated in thick strands of saliva, “Gross” you muttered, quickly throwing it under the tree then jumping back onto the sofa. Josh sat next to you again and this time you let him place his head on your lap, you patted it as he purred, “Merry Christmas Josh”. 

He replied with a growl that sounded like ‘Merry Christmas”, he hadn’t quite mimicked human speech yet, but it was next on his agenda…..after he had claimed you.  


When I couldn’t will myself to not be sad, I became frustrated and angry. In a final, desperate attempt to regain power over myself, I turned to shame as a sort of motivational tool. But, since I was depressed, this tactic was less inspirational and more just a way to oppress myself with hatred.

Which made me more sad. 

Which then made me more frustrated and abusive.

And that made me even more sad, and so on and so forth until the only way to adequately express my sadness was to crawl very slowly across the floor. The self-loathing and shame had ceased to be even slightly productive, but it was too late to go back at that point, so I just kept going. I followed myself around like a bully, narrating my thoughts and actions with a constant stream of abuse.

Red Hands, White Knuckles

Would you mind doing a very dominant reader x revenge Frank? Thank you very much I love your account

Frank… But wearing lingerie and being very submissive. Damn.

So this is a bit of a departure for me… but I’m so excited for this! I don’t have much to say before this one… hope you all enjoy it! Bit of a long one, but I think for this it’s worth it :) The italics in the story denote text messages, the bold ones are Frank the plain italics are Y/N.

At the time i posted this, I really wanted to get this up. So while I have proofread it a few times, I haven’t been as thorough as I wanted to be. It’s still readable I just haven’t been as scrutinizing as I normally am. In the morning I’ll be editing it a bit more extensively, and I’ll post when that’s done! 

Warnings: D/S undertones, SMUT, interesting kink choices, language…. That’s about it!

This was easily your favourite way to see him. Perched on his knees in the middle of your bedroom, gazed fixed on the floor as you looked him up and down. It seemed as if every time he came home from tour, when the pair of you did this, there was always new ink for you to explore on his body. 

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I'll Keep You Safe

Prompt:Dan and Phil get stuck in a lift at the BBC, all would be fine if Dan didn’t have claustrophobia and starts freaking out when he finds out they won’t be out for a few hours, Phil tries to help calm him down, when they finally get out the lift, Dan is taken to hospital for shock, that evening when they get back home Dan is still a bit scared and can’t sleep on his own so Phil cuddles him to sleep.”

Genre: Fluff, angst, panic attack/shock.
Warnings: Angst, panic attack.
Words: 2.630

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The Second Lacrosse Game Part 2

Before The Lacrosse Game

After The Lacrosse Game

Days After The Lacrosse Game Part 1

Days After The Lacrosse Game Part 2

The Second Lacrosse Game

A/N: I’m sorry this was posted a bit later on. I’m just going to post what I have and edit things a bit tomorrow. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Furniture fumbles over and glass breaks loudly above causing you and Brett to jump slightly. Both of your movement brings you two closer together without realizing. There is a crash of another object above. 

“It sounds like it’s looking for us.” Brett whispers, his eyes go wide as he looks above.

“No it’s just redecorating,” You respond looking up at the ceiling. The light fixture vibrates from the crashing of object. “ Or having a good old time trashing Derek’s house, I’m sure Kate would appreciate that.”

The screen of the phone you left on the floor lights up distracting  your gaze. The name Stiles is flashes across it. Slowly and cautiously you crawl over the wooden floor and pick it up eyeing the line of Mountain Ash at the door. Stiles’ call ends before you can tap the answer button. There were 5 missed calls and a few text messages. Shakily you dial Stile’s number and he picks up. With the sound of another object breaking, Brett reaches over and snatches you back toward him against the wall. His arms reach around your shoulders almost locking you into place. You open your mouth to protest, but Stiles shouts through the phone.

“Where are you?!” Stiles yells into the phone, you can practically imagine the spit flying from his mouth. “Why haven’t you been answering my calls? I’ve call 6 times now! You weren’t at the bleachers when we got out!”

“Where is she?” Liam is shouting, his phrases slowly turned into growls in the background. “She didn’t pick up her phone or text back.”

“I’m on the phone with her right now.” Stiles says almost calmly.

“Stiles I’ve got to make this quick, there isn’t much time,” You take in a deep breath and look over at Brett who was staring at you. “I’m at the hale house and don’t come looking for me!”

“What-why are you at the Hale house?” Stiles stutters. “Are you by yourself?”

“A Berserker chased me and Brett into the woods and circumstances lead us here.”

“Brett? Why are you with Brett?” Stiles asks shocked. “A Berserker? Here?”

“Brett? Is she with Brett? Why is she with Brett?” Liam rambles on sounding angry. “A berserker? Where is she at? Stiles you’re not really doing anything for this right now!”

“It doesn’t matter why I’m here with Brett,” You look over at the door way. It was getting quiet. “I think we are safe for now, but I’m not sure. I lined a doorway with Mountain Ash that I found in one of the old rooms here. Not so sure if I have the ability to instill it’s power, but will see.”

“We think Kate has Scott and Kira in Mexico, that’s why they didn’t show up for the game.”

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Resurrected (Laz’ab/Caspira)

After hours of grueling operations and rest it’s finally time for Caspira to face Lord Laz’ab, or is it Darth now …

Hours had passed since the doors to the operating room closed on Lord Laz’ab. What little sunlight could struggle through the thick smog of Nar Shaddaa’s atmosphere filtered in through the slit windows in the break room, where Caspira waited anxiously alone on the couch.

Despite the uninterrupted sleep her and the former Chief had shared, neither of them felt particularly rested. When the lead surgeon finally appeared in the doorway Sorvik had leapt to his feet so fast stars exploded behind his vision and he had to cling to the armrest for support.

“The operation was a success,” the surgeon relayed to them. “There were no complications and Lord Laz’ab is in stable condition. He should recover almost completely in time, given adequate rest.”

He prattled on about more technicalities like exercise and nutrition in order to regain his former strength before Sorvik was finally allowed to see him. Being Laz’ab’s trusted aide before the Zakuulian incursion he was requested to come alone, leaving the ex-Cipher to wait in the sterile silence of the break room.

The minutes stretched by into what felt like hours, the sunlight slowly crawling across the floor until finally his clipped soles echoed down the corridor. He dipped his head in a small apology when he appeared in the door.

“Sorry for the delay, Caspira,” he muttered. “There were some important matters he wanted to discuss with me.”

The wait had made her antsy. Caspira wasn’t entirely sure why she felt such an off sensation in the time between when Sorvik stepped into the room and came back out again and she could only think it had to do with the uncertainty of what would await them all. Laz’ab was stable, would recover. And then what?

Head lifting sharply as Sorvik stepped out, she offered a wary smile. “No, I understand.” That meant is was her turn. Pushing away from the wall, she nodded slightly at Sorvik before stepping past him and into the room to make her visit with the wounded Darth.

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I....uhhhh..just...EH I tried lol

        “He just wan to scope out da dancer dem.” Nicki spoke in her patois accent. “An fly dem out to Toronto.”

Sherika laughed at the craziness that was her best friend of seven years. She watched how they interacted with each other and just shook her head. These fools.

        “Me no wan dem!” Drake laughed, his body gravitating towards her by instinct. “Me wan da real Queen. Me no wan dem”

Even in the dimly lit area, he could still see her radiant smile. He just found himself looking at her lips move and not registering the words coming out. Looking over at Sherika, he saw her smirk knowingly at him. This was the happiest he had seen Nicki and he only hoped that he was the cause.

       “Nic, we need you two on set.” Colin called from across the room. Drake looked over at Sherika thinking he was referring to her. Sherika grinned at him, as if she knew something he didn`t. Nicki looked at him with her head cocked.

       “You coming?”

Drake walked to the chair slowly. The pads of his Wolf Greys hitting the smooth concrete. He sat down and looked around, seeing nothing but darkness. He was not sure what his purpose was but Nicki just told him to sit down. Then music started to play. A bright fluorescent light shone across the room. Drake looked in front of him and lost his breath.

Nicki crawled across the floor slowly, making sure to arch her back to give him a good view. Drake caught on and spread his legs licking his lips, his sight presently focused on her thick backside.Her face rubbed against his arm sweetly, like a cat purring. And she made eye contact with him. Nicki ran her adorned hands down his toned body and squatted easily.

When she started to throw it back Drake almost lost it. He and Nic had a history but he didn`t know she could move like that. She started to bounce on his lap and Drake could feel his anaconda rise. And when she looked back and smiled he knew she could feel it too. She`s such a tease.

Nicki moved her body slightly and he immediately missed the warmth of her. She smoothed her hands down his legs and to the floor. Drake bit his lip and rubbed her thigh. Seeing her super-thin black thong peek from her skin tight pants. Without thinking he slapped her butt, harder than he meant to. Nicki smirked to herself and rose back up easily. Sitting firmly on his lap, she leaned her head back and rested against his broad shoulder.

      “You`re not allowed to touch Papi.” she whispered sexily in his ear biting it the way he liked. Nicki ground her hips into his hearing him groan involuntarily. His hands snaked their way up her belly and thumbed the bottom of her bra.

      “And if I do?” Drake`s head tilted back stiffly as her movements increased. She hit directly on his lap, giggling at his expression.
      “You`re going to be punished.” She stood up quickly. Drake readjusted his pants for the fifth time. The song started over and Nicki rounded the chair. Thinking of ways to mess with Drake more.

Yeah, she`s a bitch like that.

Nicki arched her eyebrow as an idea popped up. She hitched her leg up and over the chair, resting her foot on his thigh. Drake closed his eyes as her unique scent drifted to his nose. Her nails ran down the side of his face softly tilting it up to her angle. His eyes opened slowly at her hand drifting down his chest to where he needed her most. Nicki made eye contact with him as she kissed his soft lips. His bottom lip pursed up to meet hers quickly. She smiled and tugged on his wet lips, running her tongue along the edge. Her hand brushed against the very noticeable lump in his pants and she rubbed it discreetly. Drake opened his mouth against hers.

She was the only woman that could make him feel this way. Like he couldn`t ever get enough of her.
She manipulated and controlled him so easily…and he could`t get enough.


Unforgotten Past (Part 2)

Group: BTS

Genre: Angst/fluff

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Word count: 1775

Plot: You keep bringing up the past in arguments, unable to forgive him for cheating on you (which turned out to be a misunderstanding).

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

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The Move, Part I

“Dan, I’m never moving again.”


“This floor is the most comfortable thing that has ever existed and I’m never moving off of it.”

“I’m not hand feeding you, Phil.  You’re going to have to get up eventually.”

“No.  I will never move from this spot.  My Spotty.”

Dan laughed, rolled over and punched Phil in the shoulder.

“Ow!” Phil yipped as he quickly sat up.

“I thought you were never moving,” Dan teased.

“You hit me! That wasn’t fair!” Phil laughed as he fake-pouted.

“Ugh, we need food but I can’t imagine using my legs again.”

“We could call for a pizza and then just roll on the floor to the door,” Phil suggested.

Dan rolled his eyes. 

“I said roll to the door, not roll your eyes.”

Dan slow-blinked at Phil then they both burst into laughter.

The day had been a long one, what with moving all their belongings from their old London flat to their new air-conditioned apartment.  After the over-packed box had been carried up the stairs and the front door had been locked, they had both dramatically collapsed onto the floor under the AC vent and soaked up the cool air. 

The decision to move had been a difficult one.  So many good memories lingered in the old London flat.  But the new apartment had so much more room for all of their knick-knacks and it had a third bedroom that they could use for filming gaming videos…and of course, the AC was a bonus.   It was quite a bit more expensive, but they decided that together, they could afford it.

“I don’t think I have the energy to put my bed together tonight,” Phil began.

“I call the sofa!” Dan cut in.

“No fair!”

“Sorry, called it.”

“Where am I supposed to sleep then?” Phil whined.

“On your “Spotty”.  I thought you loved it?” Dan teased.

Phil rolled his eyes.  “You’re going to have to make room for me on the sofa because I am not sleeping on the floor, Howell.”

“Okay, fine,” said Dan as he slowly sat up.  “But only because I don’t have the energy for a rock/paper/scissors battle right now.”

Slowly, they crawled across the floor to the sofa, their aching muscles complaining with every stride.

Dan made it to the sofa first and hefted himself up onto his sofa crease.  Phil climbed onto the other end and lay down.  Immediately, their feet and lower legs became entangled.

“This is not going to work,” whined Dan, “we’re too tall!”

“Well, I don’t know what to tell you because I’m not moving off this sofa.  I might never move from this spot again.  Spotty 2.”

Dan laughed and closed his eyes. 

Two hours later, he awoke to find Phil’s head buried in his chest. He wrapped his arms around him and nestled his chin in Phil’s hair. 

Of course, in the morning, he’d act offended and appalled and all of that; but tonight, he just wanted some comfort and his best friend was a good cuddler, so he just let it go.  As his heavy eyelids began to droop, he looked at the mess of boxes and furniture that was their new place.  He could feel Phil’s heartbeat and the rise and fall of his chest with each breath as he held him in his arms. 

And he smiled. 

And all was well with the world. 

New in the Neighborhood - 9

PART 1  -  PART 2  -  PART 3  -  PART 4  -  PART 5 -  PART 6   -  PART 7  -  PART 8  -  PART 10   -  PART 11  -  PART 12

a/n: yo so i got carreid away and this part is super long, i hope you enjoy it shout out to my bro Sayyid and @liveandbreathgeek

Suicide Squad// Captain Boomerang & OFC

word count: 2,332

9. Waiting (Digger)

There isn’t much to do in solitary confinement. That’s what it was designed for; to lock you in a small room with yourself. His first time in the hole had been hell, even if it had just been for a day. Afterwards he was always anxious and jittery. He jumped at everyone who looked at him, even the most passing glances. Soon Digger found a way to cope, a way to keep himself distracted from the ever looming, ever growing, demon of self-hatred.

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First Hijack Of The Year;

Title: Drunken New Years 
Word count: 1870
Pairing: Hijack

Maybe it was more then one drink, or … five. Either way, everything was spinning in a sickening yet wonderful way, and that included Astrid who had the most interesting of smirks on her face that on most days would make Hiccup shudder and run away with his hands over head in fear that she was going to use him as a test but anyhow, it was as Hiccup so wonderfully flirted with her and the wooden post she leaned on because it was a beautiful post. “You … are so strong, you know that? So very strong and study and reliable.” Wait was that to Astrid of the post? Either way, Hiccup wasn’t giving up on the awkward attempt at flirting.

Jack faired no better as he gave a small hiccup of a sound before he snickered oh so charmingly to Aiana who was slowly with small pushes and prods moving him away from the alcohol and open bar and to the living room … that was getting narrow. Ooh hey, it’s a hallway! “Your teeth sparkle.” He slurred.

She resisted the charming and cunning comment of her oral hygiene as she looked over her shoulder in what Jack could only assume drunkenly as a check to be sure she doesn’t knock into the side table the Haddock household had in the hall that years being friends with the Haddock youngster had never once brought an answer for it’s location. Wait … Jack blankly looked at the walls, what was he doing in this enclosing space again?

Oh right, seducing.

“They are like the diamonds of the sea, sparkling like fresh powdered sugar on the doughnut of life and how late do you think Denny’s is open?” Aiana snorted loudly and rolled her eyes as she reached out to the crooked star spangle tie that Jack wore and pulled him further to the hallway before suddenly oh so suddenly and wait, she was smiling. Was it going to work this time? Was … he was going to get lucky on this new years eve . . day … it was after midnight so fuck it all. Either way, Jack wasn’t sure if it would be of proper etiquette for him to take off his pants now or later as Aiana reached out to the door handle of some room behind her and pushed it open.

“That is either what the French call the loo or what the French call … a uh … closet. Or do they call the bathroom the wee wee? Or was that yes?” his nose scrunched in thought, opening his mouth once more only for a finger to press to his lips.

“Shhhhh, close your eyes, Jack. Now … I may be a bit rough but know it will all end up with things being right.” Aiana cooed. Jack let his eyes flutter oh so drunkenly closed and he pursued his lips out in the classic duck expression. He yelped as he was pushed into the closet. A body pressed to his own not long after, more of flattening him to the 50’s shag closet carpet but still.

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I Let Go - part 12

OMG YOU GUYS, this is it. Final part! Thank you, to those of you who have liked and/or reblogged this story, and thank you to those who have messaged me. I luv you kids. And thanks again to yotoob for being an uber fantastic beta. So, hartbig, sfw, sff.  Eep!

Enjoy :)

I Let Go

Part 12

Grace was tired.

So tired.

The kind of tired that fills you and makes you sluggish, but somehow heightens your awareness and makes you strangely and slightly painfully alert.

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anonymous asked:

okay but what's john's reaction to the tmnt onesie?

(this was going to be a simple answer and then it involved into a minific and *Eliza voice* I’m not sorry) 

When John comes home after a long day at the hospital, all he wants to do is curl up with his boyfriend and watch one of those terrible documentaries on Netflix and listen to Alex dispute the narrator to the point of shutting it off halfway through. It’s an odd craving, but something about the energy surround Hamilton when he’s on one of this tirades is comforting, domineering yet safe. He didn’t expect it would be hard to request, so that’s what John had set his mind to as he made his way back to their apartment. He thought he’d find his boyfriend working on yet another project that he’d whine about being pulled away from until John pressed persuasive kisses along the warm, tanned skin along his neck and Alex ultimately relented – but that was precisely the opposite of what he found when he finally entered the apartment. 

Alex sat in the middle of the living room, cross legged and holding one of John’s turtles up to his face with both hands. He was absolutely swallowed by the green fabric of what John recognized as a TMNT onesie after a minute, a red belt falling too low at the waist and the hood pulled up to the edge of his hair line. Alex seemed to be staring intensely at the turtle, brows drawn together as he pursed his lips and concentrated on the turtle’s face. John’s entrance had not broken his concentration, so John set about to quietly putting his bag down, slipping out of his jacket, and toeing off his shoes before padding closer to his boyfriend. He realized that Alex was not just holding one of his turtles, but he had two others on his lap and the fourth was crawling slowly across the floor in front of him. Something in John’s chest constricted at the sight of his boyfriend surrounded by his pets and his worries from the day melted away as a laugh bubbled up to his chest. Alex started, whipping his head around hard enough to knock the hood back and reveal the messily constructed pigtails his hair had found its way into. John could cry, his boyfriend was so cute

“You’re home!” Alex chirped, sitting the first turtle down gently before carefully removing the others and finding his way to his feet. John wrapped his arms around Alex’s waist when the other man shot into his arms, rubbing a hand over the soft green fabric of the onesie. Alex pulled back to press a sloppy kiss to John’s cheek, looking up at him with a lopsided grin and wide, warm, loving eyes. John choked on emotion, leaning down to press a sweet kiss to Alex’s lips before he could finally speak. 

“What the hell are you wearing?” He asked, voice quiet as he looked Alex’s outfit over again. “And what are you doing with the turtles?” 

“We’re bonding.” Alex responded simply, proudly, and god, this man was going to kill John. 

“I thought you didn’t like them,” John started slowly, and Alex was shaking his head before he even finished his thought. 

“I just didn’t understand them,” Alex said, pulling his hood back up. “But, I had a talk with Washington and I realized that I needed to try harder. So I borrowed this from Laf,” - Alex held his arms out and gestured to the outfit, and John would wonder why Lafayette had a TMNT onesie later - “mostly so they’d feel less threatened by me. You know, I look like I’m one of them now, to put them at ease. I’m a turtle daddy now, I have to get to know my children.”  

John was caught between a laugh and a sob and his vision was definitely blurring, but he was going to blame that on the emotionally exhausting day he’d just had and coming home to his boyfriend bonding with his turtles had just pushed him over the edge. Alex’s face switched from excitement to concern in a flash as he reached out to cup John’s cheek, thumb brushing a tear from beneath his eye. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” 

“Nothing,” John shook his head, leaning down to kiss Alex again, harder. “I just had a long day, and then I come home and you’re the most adorable human I’ve ever met.” Another kiss, longer. “And I thought you were getting pissed about the turtles, but then you do this.” Another kiss, deeper. “God, I love you so much.” 

“I love you, too.” Alex wrapped his arms around John’s neck, not letting him part from the next kiss, pressing closer to his lover and whining when John finally did move away to take a breath. Alex tried in vain to pull John back down and the man only chuckled. 

“Not in front of the children, darling,” he whispered, dropping a peck onto Alex’s nose. 

“Children really do ruin a sex life,” Alex muttered, throwing a mock glare over his shoulder to the turtles. John laughed again, pulling Alex back into a hug and burying his face into his shoulder. It wasn’t cuddling and listening to Alex argue with a movie, but this was definitely something John needed tonight.