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please tell us all your f/f and m/m andromeda pairings!!

Right so far:

-I really like Suvi/Lexi. It’s probably because I have this weird need to protect Suvi and I think Lexi does too. I would love to see them having a good and happy relationship, always taking care of each other

-Peebee/Lexi intrigues me because both seem to fixate on each other. I’m not too far into the game to guess what Peebee’s true issue with Lexi is (other than the usual)

-Cora/Peebee where Cora manages to surprise Peebee so much that she realizes Cora doesn’t always play by the rules. In fact, she’s constantly inventing new rules so Peebee has to try and follow 

-BroRyder/That Flirting Sniper on Voeld :))))

-Peebee/Vetra because I bet that would take both of them by surprise but it could make sense in the long run. I definitely see the odd family they could make together with Sid 

-BroRyder/Efvra: I would probably like this in the most angstiest way 

-Liam/BroRyder. I would actually love to read the most gorgeous “oh my fucking god I might actually not be straight” coming out story from Liam’s pov that is also a Liam/BroRyder slowburn fic. I’m not asking much, am I? :D

-Liam/Jaal because yeah. What was that????

-BroRyder/Tiran Kandros: you can have all sorts of dynamics there, but I like all their interactions

-BroRyder/Director Tann………… Listen……………………………………. I have weird pairings okay……………………

-Vetra/Kesh seems really obvious and really cute :)

And that’s it. 

tbh if Kallo wasn’t so young, I would probably like Kallo/Gil. But as it is, it feels kinda weird to ship them. 

What are yours? Does anyone have Milky Way/Andromeda pairings? 

A game of Monopoly with Rick and Negan
  • <p> <b>Rick:</b> *lands on 'Go To Jail'*<p/><b>Negan:</b> I want you in handcuffs and a prisoners jumpsuit.<p/><b>Rick:</b> *lands on 'Electric Company'*<p/><b>Negan:</b> I have a TV needs fixin'. Just bend over a little and see if you can get the sparks flying.<p/><b>Rick:</b> *lands on 'Free Parking'*<p/><b>Negan:</b> We'll go to a drive-in movie. You hold the popcorn on your lap, I'll cut a hole in the bottom.<p/><b>Rick:</b> *lands on 'Community Chest'*<p/><b>Negan:</b> I actually need to see <I>your</I> chest for this one. Get rid of your shirt now.<p/><b>Rick:</b> *lands on 'Chance'*<p/><b>Negan:</b> Yeah there's no chance you're keeping your pants on either. Take them off.<p/><b>Rick:</b> *lands on 'Waterworks'*<p/><b>Negan:</b> Actually put your shirt and pants back on. I want your clothes clinging to you when you're wet.<p/><b>Rick:</b> *lands on an expensive property of Negans*<p/><b>Negan:</b> Forget the fake money, I want paying in sexual favours.<p/><b>Rick:</b> *picks a 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card*<p/><b>Negan:</b> *rips up the card* The fuck you going? You're staying in those cuffs until I land on the 'Just Visiting' space.<p/><b>Negan:</b> *lands on 'Just Visiting', flips the board over and pounces on Rick*... I win.<p/></p>
100 word fic: Careless

Right as winter seemed to be leaving for good, the temperature dropped and refroze the slush and, subsequently, every street as well. While most roads have been either salted or sanded, there’s always that one patch that remains a slippery hazard. Guy-Man should know, since he just stepped on one. In an instant, all balance is lost; he would have fallen flat on his ass if Thomas hadn’t caught him.

“Careful,” he admonishes with a honeyed chuckle. Guy-Man mumbles a reply, cheeks reddening. If being careless means having Thomas’ arms around him, there’s no reason for him not to be.

– Hum… Maybe… – Slash says a little shy.
– Some people told me that you loves talk about her! – the interviewer says and Slash shrugs. – You can tell us one more thing about her?
It’s difficult to Slash keeps the secret that we two are dating, you don’t want to tell anything.
– So… do you love her? – but when the interviewer asks this question for Slash he smiles again and just say it:
– I love her so fucking much!

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Listen… There’s no straight explanation for what Jaal and Liam were doing together naked in that room


the more I think about your comment the more I think you’re right 

like at first I thought there was an explanation with the armor but really 


liam/jaal. that’s a pairing I didn’t think of but really like :)


Slash & Steven Adler in Wild Thing 

A survey of fanfiction readers and writers.
As primary research for my research essay, I have created this survey to better understand who consumes and produces fanfiction, as well as to discover which categories, genres and fandoms are the most popular, and why.

Dear fanfiction lovers, please do me the biggest favour in helping me out with a research essay by filling in my survey! 

Any and all fanfiction readers and/or writers are welcome to respond, so pass it on to your friends/fandoms/communities - the more the merrier! Thank you xxx

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I like BroRyder/Tann too; their dynamic just seems interesting to me. I love everything on this list, and the only one I’d personally add is Suvi/Vetra. I just have a feeling that they’d work really well.

omg someone else likes that pairing!!!!! it is really interesting

And I would really like Suvi/Vetra :)

liamxryder replied to your post “please tell us all your f/f and m/m andromeda pairings!!”

how about sisRyder/Addison? (also i might be 2k into writing that ‘liam realizes he’s not that straight’ fic…)

I haven’t figured Addison out yet, but why not? Also Addison/Kesh :)

and yay for the fic!!!!