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Marauders (mainly Remus), are you familiar with Newt Scamander. I love the work he did!

Remus: Am I familiar with Newt Scamander?  Are you kidding?!  Newt Scamander is a legend!  I love his book and I love everything I have heard about him.

Sirius: I heard he was hot in his day… 

James: For Merlin’s sake, Sirius.

*whispering* just let……a black female character…….be a love interest…….PLEASE

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For the drabble challenge? Number 11 please.

Dammit, sorry. I sent that without finishing. Number 11 + winteriron for the drabble challenge please? 

11. “Dear Diary, …” Of course, bonbon!

“Oh my god, Tony! Just…seduce the guy already!” Pepper exclaimed, reluctant to part with the champagne bottle since Tony started bemoaning James Barnes existence for the umpteenth time. She was unwilling to bear it sober. 

Rhodey snickered at Tony’s scandalized expression and signaled Pepper with his hand, counting down: …3, 2, 1.

“I won’t to such thing, Ms. Potts!” Tony proclaimed and Rhodey mouthed “Told you” before laughing outright. “Must I remind you, we tried to kill each other.”

“Yeah and then you got him pardoned and gave him a shiny new arm.” Rhodey pointed out and Pepper raised her bottle. “I mean, Tones…”

“E tu, Honeybear?” Tony pouted, just a bit put out my his friends’ observations, they were supposed to help him sink deeper into denial, By Newton!

“Be real now, Tones.” Rhodey prods, “I bet somewhere in this place you have a little journal that goes; “Dear Diary, today James opened a jar of pickles and I wonder about the probability of being handle in such…”

“Ok, enough! First of all, I do not have a diary, second I don’t want to be handled and twisted like a misbehaving jar of pickles, third I don’t call him James in my head or anywhere else…”

“But you refer to him as Thighs of Betrayal, Boss.” Friday added to top it all off, Pepper lost her grip on the bottle and Rhodey wheezed with laughter as Tony just gaped. “Perhaps, there’s some merit in employing seduction techniques…”

“MUTE! Why do I even keep you assholes around?” He turned to huff and puff and deny his attraction to Roger’s best friend some more but… “And what if I wanna take a ride on those thighs like a disobedient and rebellious pickle, not like I’m gonna do it or any…thing.”

Bucky stood frozen just a few feet away, a tub of ice cream in his arm and flushed cheeks. “Friday misplaced my groceries?”

Tony wanted to launch himself out of the window sans suit because Oh no! “She is a little shit, so she would.” He tries his best not to choke on his own spit, this was a hallucination, it had to be… This was so awkward, for Darwin’s sake! 

“I do like my pickles to be on the disobedient side.” Bucky whispered and Tony’s eyes went wide. The fucker was still blushing but there was a spark of challenge and the beginning of a smirk. “and naughty pickles get to ride more than just my thighs, if that’s something they’re into.”

“You…you…” Tony sputtered, hoping against hope that his blood stopped plummeting south at the insinuation, jeez. 

“Whenever you’re ready, Tony.” When Bucky said it, Tony flushed for very different reasons and could do nothing but watch as the man walked away.

“Dear Diary, today I think Bucky suggested he wants to eat me and damn, I want that. All of that.”



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