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Random question but for your ocs do you have any real life/live action face claims that you think would fit them? Tnx and have a nice day! :D

I do have a few. I would like to find more actors/models to act as face claims mainly because it’s easier for me to have a real life person to use as reference when trying to draw them then trying to use a game model. (especially for SWTOR since it has a much more cartoony style.) 

For Rossa I use Julia Almendra.

For Lucwayn @elemeta1st made a pretty good case for me to use Tyler Hoechlin. I’m still not 100% sold but he is good enough for now. Lucwayn is really hard to find a match for.

And my D&D character Lark is a blatant rip off Katie McGrath.

Thanks for the ask!! <3

Title: Three on a Yacht, by Sapphire_Princess 

Rating: E for Explicit

Summary: AU as of the end of Casino Royale and incorporating elements of Skyfall and Spectre, this fic features a James and Vesper who survive CR and go on to hunt down the Spectre network, only to find that they have a technologically-inclined ally hiding in the shadows and helping them. At the start of the fic, they are driven to return to Six by Silva’s explosion. James and Vesper both meet Q, and all three of them fall in trust and then in love. 

Recced by: @castillon02

Why it’s awesome: This James/Vesper/Q story is the ultimate wish fulfillment fic and it’s FANTASTIC. I love James and Vesper as happily married! I love that Q is the boffin who’s been helping them from the shadows, who they can’t help but trust and begin to love. I love the ensuing hot threesome sex and the slight h/c as they navigate Q’s uncertainty and begin a relationship! I love the Q and Vesper scenes and the way this really is an equal trio, not James/Vesper or 00Q with a third on the side. I love that this is a fic that says “FUCK YOU, WE /CAN/ HAVE IT ALL” to canon. HAPPY ENDINGS FOR EVERYONE! (Well, not for Silva and Denbigh.) Seriously, this is 21k of an amazing OT3 and a fic that makes me smile every time I think about it! What a beautiful canon AU.     

the beautiful thing about Travis Scott and his music is that he is very abstract…..i mean Skyfall was masked as a song about drugs when REALLY it was about old rappers not being able to connect with Travis (or the fan) anymore……that gives you a whole new perspective with his music now doesnt it?