endgame Taako becomes Kravitz’s partner in hunting down souls for the Raven Queen and Kravitz approaches an undead being and is all skeletal with his black cloak draped around him and he’s like on fire with black mist surrounding everything and a huge scythe and in a horrifying booming voice goes “YOUR TIME HAS COME, MORTAL!” and then Taako appears from a portal behind him in all pastel and sheer and lace with striped thigh-highs and lacey boots and a ribbon on his big hat and says “sorry I’m late honey!” and the whole intimidation thing is ruined.

Come to think of it, GB was never really a proper skeleton.  He had a skull face, and that was about it.  And in this redesign, he’s got skeletal features indeed, but…

With that bit of “skin” that stretches between his jaws when his mouth is open wide, and with an otherwise connected body throughout his midsection, he’s really more of a ghoul.  A… golden, ghoulish, cape-wearing, kind-of-robot-kinda-not thing… who has an inexplicable association with bats.

Aye aye aye.

musain-de-revolution  asked:

Heyo! What are five hcs you have for Joly?

oohHHH my son

1) so i made a post about this awhile back, but it’s my absolute favorite for joly. he has anatomically correct bone structures tattooed all over his body. they taper off toward the more readily visible parts (his forearms/lower legs/neck). But his torso has the outline of all of his ribs and all that.

they’re not super detailed, so it’s not hyper realistic skeletal stuff. but it’s like the small outline of all the bones

2) he’s a huge tea drinker. he basically has a teavana store in his kitchen because of how much he accumulates (so does jehan tbh)

3) he absolutely loves the color yellow because it reminds him of the sun and happiness. his bed sheets and curtains are yellow, his favorite mug has sunflowers all over it, and he keeps dandelions behind his ear on summer days

4) he’s ambidextrous, but his handwriting changes depending on the hand he’s using. his left hand has a more blocky style, and his right hand is more fluid and cursive like

5) he can play the harmonica really well. for no real reason other than he was super bored one day and decided to teach himself, and then kept at it

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consider: since she never actually dominated naturally and is only alive do to the ring of life, caliopes growth is weird, instead of normal feathery wings she gets skeletal wings

they get v itchy as they grow and her girlfriends help her put lotion on