Equalists motif
  • Equalists motif
  • Jeremy Zuckerman

Another leitmotif compilation for you all! This is (primarily) the leitmotif used for the Equalists in book 1, and generally also for the sinister or corrupt (i.e. Tarrlok and his taskforce or metalbending cops). Compiled chronologically with their use in the show.

Note how the first half dozen or so iterations are primarily very sinister. From when Amon declares the revolution during ‘and the winner is…’ onwards the leitmotif goes into increasingly action- and warlike variations, concluding with a hint of tragedy with Beifong’s sacrifice. 

I have a feeling a hint of the leitmotif is also used in the finale (in the track ‘Hiroshi and Asami/Korra Airbends’) in the hallway before Korra airbends, or at least pieces of its specific arrangement of notes - but if it is, it’s altered too far to be fully recognisable as such anymore, so I left that out of this compilation.

Have fun and remember - Amon is the solution.

“The not-at-all sinister sounding Corvus Corporation, a ‘Post-Occult Resource’ conglomerate” ft. proto-cult with their candles and the humming

Because this is obviously what’s going down in the pit right???

Laf thinks it’s mind control. Listen to Laf.

someones looking DESPERATE (a billdip mix)

Melt (ft Kilo Kish) / Chet Faker ⧋ Sacrilege / The Yeah Yeah Yeahs ⧋ Every Other Freckle / Alt-J ⧋ Ulysses / Franz Ferdinand ⧋ Sinister Kid / The Black Keys ⧋ Long Way Down / Robert Delong ⧋ Dangerous (ft Joywave) / Big DataI Can’t Decide / Scissor Sisters ⧋ Run For Your Life / The Beatles Devil’s Flesh and Bone / Eliza Rickman ⧋ Tainted Love / Hannah Peel 

Current reading: The Debt to Pleasure, by John Lanchester

A gorgeous, dark, and sensuous book that is part cookbook, part novel, part eccentric philosophical treatise, reminiscent of perhaps the greatest of all books on food, Jean-Anthelme Brillat Savarin’s The Physiology of Taste. Join Tarquin Winot as he embarks on a journey of the senses, regaling us with his wickedly funny, poisonously opinionated meditations on everything from the erotics of dislike to the psychology of a menu, from the perverse history of the peach to the brutalization of the palate, from cheese as “the corpse of milk” to the binding action of blood. (Amazon)

I am so enjoying this book! Delicious prose, fascinating historical tidbits, and wonderfully sinister protagonist. Bon appétit! –Nobody


With a sinister smirk, Etsuko tiptoed his way towards Ishimaru. Today was a grand day to prank the hall montior, considering he was just standing there in the middle of the hallway. With a small snicker, he finally came in full view of Ishimaru, looking devil like.

“Yoooo Ishi! Have ya seen your textbooks anywhere? I couldn’t find ‘em! Maybe they’re lost or somethin..”

Sure, this was petty and a lot less than what he wanted. But he knew that moment come when he’d feel bad about the prank anyway. So mine as well get in it now. Besides, it’s pretty harmless.

He stood for multiple minutes, staring straight at Ishimaru. Why wasn’t he doing anything?

Kiss Me On Clover Hill: First Thoughts

The first thing I noticed was that the backgrounds are super pretty and soft like a watercolor painting, which is a very nice touch in my opinion.  

The next thing I noticed was that the characters look a bit….off? Their color is more intense and their outlines are really harsh against the background. This is going to take some getting used to. 

Not holding out any high hopes for strong-willed MC though. *sighs and hangs head* 

Pretty sure, Bunta has ADHD. 

I feel like if I played Chihiro’s route it would be more of a relationship with him and his piano than with the MC. Seriously bro, quit telling me not to touch it…it only makes it that much more tempting…. *sinister laughter* 

PFFT! Confidence isn’t everything my friend. Even if the story line is a little bit forced, it was worth it for this asshole. 

Seasons of ???

This is a weird way of doing sequels, but who knows, it might actually have something to do with each season as it goes. 

anonymous asked:

any demonkin positivity? (specifically a gay lust demon)

Demons are the best- I’ve always been fond of them. They’re very vague creatures, and can be portrayed as a 12 year old’s emo OC, or a very complex dragon-beast thing. The possibilities are endless, which makes you all the more interesting! Whether you’re sinister and sly, or really pastel and endearing, demons really spark a conversation for the greater good! Religious, nonreligious, any demon is a rad demon. I can’t say much for the lust part- but I am sure you do your devious job very well. Have a good one!


College of the Piper - A Sinister Bardic Class (And Background) for D&D 5th Edition

Your years of ridicule, discrimination, and being labeled a social pariah have slowly driven you beyond the brink.  For ages, you’ve toiled over many schemes to get back at all those who have caused you wrong.  Rather than trying to resolve the turmoil in a sensible way, you let your festering insanity guide you on the path to revenge…  Or rather, prepare an epic ballad about revenge, with you as the lead character!  However, as your decaying state continues to worsen, you may begin to see all opponents as those who have wronged you in the past… or perhaps mere pawns to use for what you want.  You’ll make the public adore you or you’ll kill them trying!  Will you ever come on top as the “hero” or will your obsessions be the end of you?  The world is your stage, the upcoming events are the unfolding drama and you are the director and main actor of it all!

Unlike other bardic colleges, you focus in manipulation and sabotage above all!  While others bolster their allies, you humiliate and tear down your foe…

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Monk comes down to the mountain 《道士下山》 : conférence

The Monk (2015 film)
Directed by Chen Kaige
Produced by Chen Hong

   Aaron Kwok / Wang Baoqiang / Lin Chi-ling / Fan Wei
   Wang Xueqi /  Li Xuejian /  Vanness Wu /    Jaycee Chan
   Lam Suet / Danny Chan /  Wang Zhifei /  Yan Bingyan

In the film, when a young monk is forced to leave his impoverished monastery, he relies on his extraordinary martial arts skills to survive in the outside world. In search of a mentor, he crosses paths with a Kung Fu master who is in possession of the Book of Secrets, which reveals the lost art of the deadly Ape Strike Kung Fu technique. The rare book is coveted by a sinister father and son who will go to any extremes to obtain it. The monk finds himself immersed in a deadly battle to protect both the book and his master.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWTRwj9t-vU)

This is one of the single most powerful makeup videos I’ve ever seen. Truly inspirational to overcome people that can be so cruel and hurtful. It’s outrageous that we live in a world where wearing makeup is always for a sinister motive. You’re either wearing it for men, or wearing it to hide yourself, never just as the work of art that it is. Makeup is a form of art and expression, and at the end of the day, if you can say those hurtful things to another person, you’re the disgusting one, not Em.

Cheers to you!