I have a cold at the moment, which means I’m too out of it to write – so I thought I’d do another 2014 -> 2015 redraw. Left is July 2014, right is July 2015. I draw this guy pretty obsessively in my notebooks so I have a lot of practice at his face/body nowadays – though normally, I draw him in his other outfits.

I think I’ve posted Sinbad before, but if I haven’t, quick intro: this is Sinbad. He’s a sailor. He’s part of a large group of immortal characters I have, and he holds the honour of being my fourth-oldest OC. He’s a character in Inverness Nights, so I need to tiptoe around spoilers for now, but basically he’s a very nice merchant with a very bad influence of a boyfriend (named Porfirio) and together they go on adventures and bicker a lot. Sinbad is cowardly, but compassionate; Firio is brave, and blase when it comes to anyone other than the pair of them. Sailing the seas, Firio’s positive traits tend to find a lot more use than Sinbad’s, which has contributed to Sinbad devaluing his kind, reasonable nature. He needs a pep talk, and probably also to find a third crew member who won’t tease him for being apologetic.

Annnd I’ll sign off this one recommending that anyone who wants an indication of Sinbad’s character from there should listen to these:

Untitled - The Dear Hunter

Wicked Little Town (reprise) - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

: D!

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I do believe that Alibaba will be back during the clash of Kouen and Sinbad. Since his body is kept in Balbadd, he will wake up right there. I am really curious how Ali will react to this and which side he will join. On that note i hope, that he will stay on Kouens side and help to atleast push back Sindria. I really like Kouens and Alibabas synergy with fire and wonder if its able to overpower Sinbad in some way - he is just to strong and needs to be kept cool (hot).

You know, I have recently been wondering how the whole “returning to his body” thing will work. While it’s pretty obvious that he will have to be in Balbadd, I’m not sure how he will “reclaim” his body, especially since we have absolutely no idea what kind of being he is right now.

I remember reading haniwa were thought to be containers for the souls of the deceased, so maybe someone (Ugo?) made that container for him to move around?

As for what side he will join… I personally would like him to join neither (he can join the old people club now though ohoho). It’s strange… I know he already “joined” Kouen’s, but for some reason I still find it a little off… but again, maybe it’s my own bias getting in the way.

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Po (yes it's me again XD), if you could pick one other person in the Studio to spend an entire day with, who would you pick and why?

Hmmm, well I’d probably pick somebody I haven’t gotten to hang around with that much. I mean, I don’t really wanna get closer with Eris or Pitch because they don’t seem to interested in us, “heroes” as they like to call us. Valka seems to be pretty nice, plus she’s Hiccup’s Mom, so I bet she has TONS of awesome stories to tell. Heh, when she first got here she was studying me like crazy, it’s weird, you think she’d never seen a panda before! Oh, plus she has this cool looking dragon named Cloudjumper who I could totally ride on! I’m a bit heavy for Toothless, Stormfly can support me for only a short while, but Cloudjumper, man, he could carry me for miles. I still have to earn his trust though, he didn’t seem to keen on meeting me.


Ok, is2g if I see another post about age difference I will slap you in the face.
I wouldn’t step in since laughing at this fandoms exaggerated posts or ignoring became a hobby of mine but since its making most my friends uncomfortable I set my foot in fanalis style and crack your guys dash to say eniugh;s enough.

I’m not saying this as an alimor fan myself nor hakumor but the whole age difference brought now is bull shit since girls Morgiana or Kougyoku’s age in this series are offered as brides to men as old as Sinbad or Kouen.

Wake up fandom its just a fiction reality!Why take this serious and compare to real life matters? ITS NTO A REAL LIFE CRISIS ITS AN ANIME!
Also since when shipping Mor with either boy’s became a crime? whether Alimor, Hakumor or Massmor? You are  just ruining other people’s ships or like in said character and in this is Morgiana herself.
I know she’s young and I know she’s a former slave which is why it makes her unable to comprehend love or maintain a relationship since it never crossed her mind! Cause who’d date a slave? LMAFO

But whoever she ends up with OR if people ship a ship LET IT BE AND LET IT GO!

If you want a ship based on same age then the most canon thing would be her and the Toran guy she met.

I mean



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Hey Mari!! Would you mind telling about the different outfits your chibi!Ja'fars are wearing?

Sure anon! Sorry for not answering right away, I was busy!

Well uhm

First one is 6-year-old Ja’far after killing his parents :’( His clothes are similar to what Alibaba wore at the slums. Second one is assassin Ja’far (10-11 years old) with his usual clothing.

These are the Ja’far “twins”, from when Sinbad entered Ja’far’s mind. The white one has the same outfit assassin Ja’far has but without covering his mouth and without wearing the weapons. Darker Ja’far is wearing the exact same clothes of assassin Ja.

First one is 11-year-old Ja’far with his usual white outfit of SnB, he’s holding a scroll to represent that he’s studying under Rurumu’s teaching and enjoying it. Second one is 20-year-old Ja’far or something. I have seen him wearing the regular Sindrian official uniform like that in several doujinshi and fanart. I don’t know the hc behind it but I have my own. I think that Sindria’s uniform for officials was supposed to be like that, but since Ja’far became the head of the officials he needed some way to look different at some point, so Sinbad came up with the golden crest he wears in Magi. I also picture that they didn’t realize Sindria’s weather was gonna be that hard on Ja’far’s skin, I picture he got burned even if he worked inside the palace most of the time, so Sinbad came out with a keffiyeh that matched the uniform. Furthermore, I think Sin gave him the red jewel he wears, because he thought it would look good on him (I can’t picture Ja’far picking that for himself tbh). 

Last one is 11-year-old Ja’far in Immchak with a coat and choosing an egg to sell in Reim (before they went to Reim). He appered like that in SnB volume 5 in a small doodle Ohtera did as separation between chapters.

The left one is 12-year-old Ja’far, I copied the pose from SnB volume 6, because I love how he looks there. And the right one is regular 25/27-year-old Ja’far :3

I hope that answers you question, dear anon! See original post here.

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so apparently, Oprah had an interview with them sometime ago about them remaking the show. but idk when. have you heard stuff like this?

I have! Debbie Allen said they were trying to work something out but they were going through some legal issues. And a friend of mine mentioned the reboot to Sinbad on Twitter and he replied with “we’re working on something” so fingers crossed!