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Hello! Do you mind if I request for Sharrkan, Sinbad, and Lo'lo where their fem!s/o is a dancer, and they are watching her performance, but she has to perform a rather intimate dance with her male dance partner.

By Admin Kadia


-In the beginning he couldn’t wait to see his S/o and now he wanted it to be over as soon as possible. Sharrkan gets so jealous, growling under his breath when eyeing your partner. 


-He tries to keep a cool mind through the whole thing after that intimate dance. Sinbad knows how hard you had been working for this and doesn’t want to ruin it because of that one thing.


-As long as your partner knows you belong to him, Lo’lo is chill or he can get really protective. He would be asking if you would do that dance with him later and teach him how. 

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if your still doing the request thingy, would you plz do sinbad cuddling with his s/o??

(Yes I’m open forever since you’re only my second request lol)
Sinbad sighed, Ja'far had finished chasing him for the day now all he wanted to do was find his S/O and snuggle them into oblivion.
His S/O, to his delight was just getting out of the bath when he came back to your shared room.
“This is a pleasant way to end the day~” he announced, wrapping his arms around his S/O before you could get away.
“I’m not even dressed yet you dolt!” You blush deeply as he picks you up and falls onto the bed with you on the bottom.
“You don’t need to get dressed to go to bed” he kisses your cheek before nuzzling your neck tenderly.
“Aw did Ja'far bully you again today?” You guessed at his affectionate nature this evening.
“Can a man not just cuddle his lover??” Sinbad feigning hurt at your accusation.
“Oh you poor baby” you tease and finally wrap your arms around him, rubbing his back to comfort him.
He paused for a moment.
“Well….Ja'far IS really mean….” You giggle as he pouts for more of your affection.

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Scenario where Sinbad,Kouen and Muu have a s/o that is a "cursed doll"(they look and 'feel' like a normal human and can have feelings but can't completely understand some of those feelings)

By Admin Kadia

Sinbad: His interested about this whole ‘cursed doll’ thing. Sinbad wants to help you understand those feelings and take you everywhere, experimenting with things you might feel though he’ll ask for your permission before anything.

Kouen: He asks you so many questions about this whole cursed doll situation and answers honestly to any questions you might have and what some feels were. With your permission, Kouen wants to help you explore many of those feelings.

Muu: Whenever you have a feeling you can’t understand, Muu will try to explain it to you even if that feeling is something more mature. If there is someway to help you understand, he’ll take it, wanting the best for his S/o.

17. When he says he’s worried about getting older, tell him people are like fine wine, they become a better person (or looking if you’re looking for some extra brownie points) with age. [How to make Sinbad smile]

[All these ideas belong to @tori102098 . Here is the link to the Ways to make Sinbad Smile,  http://tori102098.tumblr.com/post/143991024015/how-to-make-sinbad-smile-from-snb-and-magi.]

17. When he says he’s worried about getting older, tell him people are like fine wine, they become a better person (or looking if you’re looking for some extra brownie points) with age.

The night had already settled in Sindria, leaving you with a candle to read the book in your hands with. Sinbad had been in the bathroom, looking in the mirror for the past 30 minutes till he returned to the bedroom with a worried look. “(Y/n), I’m getting old.” He whines, standing in front of the bed. You looked up from the book with a raised eyebrow.

“So am I. Sinbad, people are like fine wine, they become a better person, and looking, with age.” You say. The king’s face lit up a little while a small smile appeared, he seemed to have his glow back.

“Really? I’ve become better looking?”

“You went from being cute to being handsome and now one of the most gorgeous people in this world. So yes Sin, you have.” You could see his golden eyes sparkling as they told you just how happy he was.

“I love you (Y/n).” Sinbad mutters, kissing your forehead and laying in the bed next to you, snuggling you close to him. Chuckling you went back to your book, letting the king’s thoughts wander off to sleep.

Time for random anime recommendation!

On Netflix, there’s a series called Magi (Labyrinth of Magic, Kingdom of Magic, and Adventure of Sinbad (in that order)). Labyrinth of Magic is only 25 episodes long and so is Kingdom of Magic. Adventure of Sinbad is not yet dubbed, but it’s also really good.

This series is really good and it’s both good and bad that it’s so “short”. Good in the sense that I don’t watch much anime, so when I get into an anime watching mood, this series is really easy to get into and I love it to bits. Bad in the sense that I can marathon through it really quickly.

The art style is really nice and all of the places and dungeons look really nice and the designs are solid in my book.

Also Sinbad is a plus.

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I love him.

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It’s a really good series. Even though I started watching it because Matt Mercer recommended it to me about a year ago.. Without telling me that he plays Sinbad.

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Kuroko Tetsuya, Alibaba Saluja, Ranging Gucchi, Sinbad, Ja'far, Camus


Is this you Queenie? XD


Push off a cliff-  Ranging Gucchi, cause eh

Kiss-  Alibaba Saluja…OH NO HE’S CUTE O_O

Marry- Kuroko Tetsuya, cause I atleast somewhat know who he is, and he’s cute


Wrap a Blanket around- Sinbad cause he reminds me of a slightly less cute Gakupo

Be Roommates with- Ja’far…he’s kinda cute, but not cute enough

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Head cannons for how yunan would discipline his children and how would sinbad discipline his?

Updates will most likely become more frequent. Sorry for everybody waiting. Side note, this was done on my phone, and early in the morning.


  • He hates disciplining them, but will do it.
  • He will most likely sit them down and explain to why that’s wrong.
  • If necessary he will get them to apologise, but he isn’t to extreme.


  • He can be quiet strict with them, or very easy. 
  • He will often make them do work, or something they dislike.
  • Sinbad tries not to be to tough so they don’t hate him, normally causing Ja'far to do it.

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um hi i was wondering about a random thing about "what if Masrur was freed by Mu instead of Sinbad?" how different would things be if Masrur was Mu's right hand man?

Things would be pretty different, like Sindria would only have seven generals and I don’t think Sinbad would have became a slave then if Muu freed him. It  possible that Masrur would show more emotion but I really don’t think so. ~Kadia