Skype Date | Sophie + Peter

Sophie was now in DC, after having been in Montreal earlier in the day. From what she knew, Peter was back in Bayview. She loved Paris, and had enjoyed it while it lasted. At the same time, it was nice to get away. Along with romance and sweetness, there had been drama there. The couple made up, of course. In a quite steamy matter. She was excited for him to meet her in Montreal with Zelig. They’d all stay in a hotel room together, which meant no intimacies between Sophie and Peter. She’d have to live with herself. He’d be healing from his surgery, anyways. It broke her heart that she couldn’t be there for it. Made her feel as if she were a bad girlfriend. This project was big and important, but Peter was important, too. No matter how much he would reassure her, she would feel awful about it. Opening Skype on her laptop, she found his name. She clicked ‘video call’. It rang for a few moments before his face popped up. When it did, she grinned. “Hi, handsome. How are your sweet hands?”

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bruce jenner said he wants to be called "he" until he is further along in transition. he specifically said to call him "he" in the interview he did tonight. please stop.


i didnt fuckin know this so thank you for telling me and actually answering my question bc i didnt watch the interview

though i dont really appreciate the “please stop” lmao dont fucking roast me for not being caught up in current events and media since im a 50 year old man


Una de misión imposible de andar por casa

Si los signos fueran un cuento de hadas:

El interés amoroso que pertenece a la realeza: Leo
El interés amoroso que NO es de la realeza: Piscis
El villano que quiere separarlos: Capricornio
El brujo malo: Escorpio
El brujo bueno: Cáncer
Los consejeros sabios: Virgo y Acuario
El amigo inteligente: Aries
El amigo simpático: Géminis
Los padres del enamorado NO real que les dice en un recuerdo que nunca se den por vencidos en el amor: Tauro y Libra
Persona al azar que realmente no importa en el cuento: Sagitario

  • Charming:Wait. So Gold's plan to turn Emma dark is to have her kill a known criminal who's threatening Henry's life?
  • Author:Yeah.
  • Charming:But that's not evil.
  • Author:Sure it is.
  • Charming:No it's not. Killing someone for personal gain or for no good reason is evil. Killing someone who's trying to kill a child will get you a medal and a parade.
  • Author:But killing equals bad.
  • Charming:It's not that simp--look. What's Cruella's happy ending again?
  • Author:Regaining the ability to kill people.
  • Charming:Yeah, I'm still thinking we should have a parade on stand-by for when Emma gets back.
A mi nadie me pide mi whatsapp, nadie se acerca a hablarme, a nadie le gusto, a nadie le importo, ni siquiera soy un poco simpático como para caerle bien a las personas, no soy lo que podrían considerar “lindo”, mas bien podría ser considerado “raro”, no soy lo que alguien desearía de novio o algo por el estilo, no tengo un cuerpo lindo, aveces me odio tanto!!