I converted 8-3′s Henry Vacuums to use in sims 4 because I haven’t seen it around yet. I also did a few recolors that may or may not be up to snuff, but here they are:

Original v. Recolor:

I took off the face because I don’t need my appliances judging me - LOOK AT ITS SMUG FACE! After taking these shots and putting the packages in my dropbox, I realized “Henry” is not in simlish at all.

I attempted to remedy that, but my text game is weak. It turned out better than expected, though.

If anyone’s interested, you can download them HERE. The simlish version is not in the merged file! The shadows might be off because those are magic.


Feel free to do whatever, just no pay sites and credit 8-3 for the mesh. If you do a simlish recolor, let me know - it will definitely be better than mine and I want it in my game! Huge thanks to s4s tutorials and Saudade Sims for her photoshop tutorial and a template to mangle so I could figure some of this stuff out.


As I’m sure you all have noticed, activity lately has been almost at a stand still. This is, of course, not anyone particular person’s fault, and I do understand that the stress of the update or even the fact that school is starting again may have gotten to us over the past few days, however it’s still very important to keep as active as possible! I was planning on doing an activity check, but I feel this would be more convenient and perhaps even more effective, as well. So, members, if you would like to keep your roles, please be sure to post a starter or reply to a thread between SEPTEMBER 3RD and SEPTEMBER 6TH and like this post once you’ve done so. If you fail to do this, your roles will be reopened. Honestly, now, all I can say at this point is thank you guys so much for helping to create such a fantastic environment, and I hope we’ll be able to continue to build on our lovely little community as time goes on.

Also, those of you who are on a hiatus are, of course, exempt from this for the time being. If you could shoot a message to the main sometime this week, though, just so I’m aware that you’re still hanging in there, that would be fantastic! 

I finally got the place settings to show up properly in game! I don’t know what I did the first time I tried converting it, but whatever it was, I shouldn’t do it again. I’m not sure if this one’s been converted or not because most of 8-3′s stuff has been, but I wanted to practice using blender.

I’ve been slowly working on recolors to throw a halloween incognito party in game - they’ll probably end up throwing out a stuff pack with all sorts of cool halloween items at the end of October and I’ll probably squeeze out a tear or two.

The first two are presentable - recolor on the left, original on the right:

The next two… well. I ♥ the halloween plate and I wanted to try something colorful with a strong pattern. I’m sorry. I will not try something colorful again.

You can download them HERE - this one is design tool compatible! 


Feel free to do whatever, just no pay sites and credit 8-3 for the mesh.


Like a sunflower in the summer
Swaying in the afternoon breeze, carefree
Beautiful black girl, carefree
Evolve into the primrose that blooms in the eve
In the presence of the moon
You remove inhibitions and walls fall
Shed all that hides the one…
The one that arrives and illuminates the night
At dusk comes alive
At dawn disappears…
Yet, she lends me her ear
And I return the favor
Continuous exchange for hours
Exchange of power
Consume food for thought from her oral…
At a time when hunger occupies mind
Voracious appetite and she feeds me
Into the morning, she leads me
I notice the roles change without our consent
All the same, not a second spent, I regret.
And in the daylight, I patiently wait for the time
The moon rises and her presence is once again mine.

Hey guys, so my fellow admins and I have been talking this subject over, as it’s come up a few times, and have finally reached a decision. We’re going to allow our members to have an unlimited amount of characters so long as you are able to handle all of them and keep proper activity. That being said, you will have to wait one week, whilst maintaining activity before you are able to apply for another character, just like how it worked when applying for a second character originally. Please like this to let us know you’ve read it!