*silently weeps in the corner*


Poor Hanzo, so much dragon potential but nothing in game to show for it.

The Lunar New Year stuff is great! I’ve already got the new Mei skin but I’d really like to pick up that new Reinhardt one as well. 

EDIT: So apparently I’m the least culturally aware Chinese person on the planet and that’s actually a lion head. I’ll just go silently weep in the corner now.

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I just want to say that you are a God's gift to every fandom. I adore your art so much and you just don't know things your art do to me *weeps silently in the corner*. Thanks, thanks and many thousand thanks just won't be enough.

this is such a nice thing to say thank you so much……i’m going out to get coffee and i’m sure my coffee will taste 120% better because of this rad message bless your soul nameless blogger truly & sincerely

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YES! And awesome princess daughters continue!!! Thank you ^-^ Noctis is just such a good dad! <3 I just imagine those sweet non-fighting cuties going on their own road trip! Noctis is all serious and tells his daughter to walk tall. The princess bows to her dad and turns to her friends and they start giggling about their shopping spree! Gladio and Prompto thought they were going with them and get sad. Ignis is just silently weeping in the corner because his daughter is all grown up <3

Omg yes. This is PERFECT!!! :D


This post brought to you by Composer Friend, I present Eric Whitacre’s When David Heard. A video with recording and score, for those of you who are interested. 

(Sam strongly recommends you take a listen, and would tell you herself except she is still silently weeping in the corner in an attempt to emotionally recover from this piece.)

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"Such a beautiful specimen." ((Choose the muse, to go under the knife.))

Dam didn’t know where he was. He didn’t know who this man was. All he knew was that he wanted his Daddy. Little Damian began to silently weep in the corner of his cell, wondering why fate was toying with him.

((Sure you can operate on a kid, Wyatt? Are you that cruel?))