it’s 10pm and the finale is on my mind and i literally cannot stop thinking about what would happen to amy if rosa and jake end up in jail


rosa is her best friend, they have each other’s backs and they support each other so well like who else is going to gonna help amy out? gina?? mmm doubtful it seems like they’re not yet on a super friendly-friendly level of…well, friendship. rosa actually brings out the fun and “badass” parts of amy we wouldn’t usually get to see it’s like the ideal dynamic and their storylines are always fun. also b99 wouldn’t be the same without rosa threatening violence.

and jake. oh man. as if him going undercover at the end of season one after confessing his feelings for amy wasn’t bad enough, then having to push those feelings aside the whole time they were each dating different people, THEN jake going undercover again for six months in florida. if jake left again, i can see exactly how that would ruin amy. and their relationship is so!!!! good!!!! right now it would be so sad to see them separated bc that’s the last thing that should happen just give them a wedding already

in conclusion @ b99 pls don’t hurt amy’s feelings by taking her bff and bf away she’s just a smol ball of sunshine she doesn’t deserve it be nice to her in these last episodes

wtf is with straight echoes fans and their obsession with policing things that fall outside the canon pairings 

like chill dude, if you like them so much you have your game right there for you, let people who enjoy alternate scenarios live plz. especially if what you’re policing is gay stuff  

oh yeah btw to reiterate there is not a single heterosexual character in Fire Emblem: Echoes not one


Just need to YET AGAIN make a public announcement and warning about a gif thief @just-some-teen-hipster

I’m so tired of dealing with rude reposters over and over again. Let me tell you how I always approach when I see my gifs reposted. Like THIS, a nice message asking them nicely to remove my gifs. Because I don’t believe in approaching a problem with rage.  

Many people are nice and say they’re sorry and remove it. But yet too often, what do I get? People telling me I am being rude. Also in this common case A BLOCKING so I can’t send message and the post is still up on their blog! And it’s not only my gifs in this post http://just-some-teen-hipster.tumblr.com/post/158137542855/i-love-gotham

You are so damn disrespectful! I can’t say enough times how much time and effort gif making takes. Gifs just doesn’t fall from the sky for free use! I’m gonna promote this amazing post again for people who don’t understand gif making: http://thepunisher.tumblr.com/post/145622378333/gifs-are-not-witchcraft

Well I have reported you now since I can’t write to you and you seem to think blocking me will solve your ”problem”. Well it won’t. Please don’t reblog from this person!

anonymous asked:

NO OKAY so pls don't be bitter. I saw this thing awhile back where Justin Beiber's manager said something about why he wouldn't go to South America or something and it's because of like insurance reasons or something? Idk it's something weird. I assume that's why harry isn't going there. I'm sorry you can't get tix tho :( <3

it’s just- south america isn’t really a stranger to artists, especially big names. bieber toured here in march, bruno mars and ariana grande are coming this year too. and i’m just naming the ones i can remember right now. damn, this isn’t in south america, but metallica even played a show on fucking antarctica a few years ago. they can come down here, they just choose not to for whatever reason.

and you know what pisses me off the most? the fact that crowds are so freaking good here. take 1d as an example. liam’s instagram video in chile, josh making a keek in colombia… the energy was just different, almost overwhelming. and i have no doubts it would be the same if harry played a concert here too.

i guess i’m just scratching my head here, anon. latin fans are so dedicated and enthusiastic that it’s not really a smart move to completely ignore them. i’m aware he can release dates in the future, but we’re always left behind and it fucking sucks.

Rewatching Iron Fist.. And man, I wish they had actual flashbacks in the show. 

Idk, show how caring Danny’s parents were, show how he was pampered, how his dad cared so much about the purpose of Rand Enterprise (so we’d actually feel something for what he lost??), show his dad being best friends with Harold (which would make it easier to believe why he could trust him so much in series, like a second dad, making the betrayal feel real).

Show the kid!Danny’s time with the Meachum siblings. How they were really best of buddies and were like family, why Danny has so much faith in Joy’s kindness, and why he mentioned he looked up to Ward, (there was a time Danny mentioned how Ward was the only one who knew about the skateboard injury, spin that into a brotherly moment of Ward bringing him to a hospital??), despite Ward’s weird moments and tendencies of being a jerk (which the series later reveals was because of Harold’s treatment of him. we had a bit of this in the series, the flashback when they were playing monopoly and it sounds like even back then Harold treated Ward like shit.. the whole “dad said rules are for pussies” and the whole Danny getting lots of “hugs and kisses” from his parents, as if Ward couldn’t fathom the idea.)

And then flashbacks of K’un-Lun??? Time spent there? And some of those times he spent training with Davos? How they ended up growing close. How they were made into weapons, forced to remove any traces of their humanity? And how badly that kind of repression and abuse took a toll on Danny??? And why he couldn’t control his anger and how he could seem very immature when he went back home and wasn’t welcomed back with open arms by the only people left he considered family??

It’s a shame. There were a bunch of ideas I was fond of in the series. But there was too much “telling” and not enough “showing”…

PSA seeing as I’m getting comments about it again: a character specifically written as queer, or a character written as being uncomfortable with labels or not wanting to label their sexuality is different from an author being uncomfortable using the term bisexual to describe their character and refusing to give them a label because of potential backlash.

The first is a valid choice and something I, as a queer person who does not label, want to see more of. The second is biphobic.

Learn the difference.