Sigur Ros - Fjogur Piano (mystery film experiment)
This film has been made as an entry for Sigur Ros's music video competition, 'The valtari mystery film experiment'. The track we chose is the last on the alb...

ჰანს შნირს ერთხელ კითხავენ – რა კაცი ხარ შენ სინამდვილეში? ის კი უპასუხებს, – კლოუნი ვარ და წამებს ვაგროვებ.

Aimer collaborates with Taka from ONE OK ROCK, TK from Sigure Ling Tosite and Yojiro from RADWIMPS

Aimer is on a roll with her collaborations. In May, she worked with Hiroyuki Sawano and chelly from EGOIST on the single, “ninelie”. Now, three more collaborations have been announced! Taka from ONE OK ROCK, TK from Ling Tosite Sigure, and Yojiro from RADWIMPS will be producing her 10…

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Salt Water
The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. -Isak Dinesen

I made a 25 track fanmix for Cryptid!AU featuring songs that follow the full arc of Stan and Crypid!Rick’s relationship. Nearly every song’s annotation is an excerpt of my own writing- both from fics posted here and ficlets I haven’t posted that were written specifically inspired by each song. I spent forever making this thing and it’s honestly a musical fanfic. Hope you enjoy listening and reading it!

I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU - [a 3x16 mix for clarke and lexa]

1. the rope - hurts
2. into my arms - nick cave and the bad seeds
3. nowhere - aqualung
4. love like this - kodaline
5. only love - mumford and sons
6. gale song - the lumineers
7. goodnight, travel well - the killers
8. stay - alt+ctrl+sleep
9. chances - athlete
10. hurts like hell - fleurie
11. dauðalogn - sigur rós

♫ listen ♫

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01. whispers in the dark . mumford & sons ★ 02. kiss . mélanie laurent ★ 03. angry sea . mother mother ★ 04. rose quartz . toro y moi ★ 05. basic instinct . the acid ★ 06. life on the nickel . foster the people ★ 07. awful sound (oh eurydice) . arcade fire ★ 08. me and the devil . soap & skin ★09. burial at sea . mono ★ 10. ekki mukk . sigur rós