A quick compilation of artwork of Star Wars ocs I’ve redone! Most of the originals were done in ‘13 save the one done in '11. Sigrid is still darker skinned I just need to learn how to shade with a pencil better.
1.) Sigrid Menbo'berenza- chiss/arkanian offshoot, I never decided on her class.

2.) Elodia Santiago- cyborg, smuggler my first swtor character. In an rp I had planned she was going to be an escort for a Jedi, they were ambushed and she looses her left arm.

3.) Pod'zeni'chev Menbo'berenza- chiss, agent turned sith. Dogmatic, cold, calculating, and politically ruthless. He was taken down by the Jedi and their troopers. He was the father for Sigrid and Sigur, the twins being hybrids were not excepted by his followers.

Copilasul: Esti un inger? Fata: Poftim? Copilasul: Tati a spus ca persoanele care au taieturi pe maini sunt ingeri… Fata: Nu sunt inger. Copilasul: Sigur ca esti. Tati a spus ca doar ingerii se ranesc singuri, lor nu le place viata pe pamant. Aceasta lume ii distruge asa ca incearca sa ajunga acasa, in cer. Ei sunt prea sensibili la durerea altora, la durerea lor.. Fata: Stii, tatal tau e o persoana buna! Copilasul: Stiu. Si el e un inger dar a ajuns deja acasa…

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Many of you wanted a full version of unravel. Hopefully you like it as much as the tv-sized version :)

PS: tumblr didn’t let me upload the audio file because it’s too big. :/

Original Song: “Unravel” by TK from ling tosite sigure


Won’t you tell, please just tell me
how all of this should work
Please tell me exactly
Who’s inside of me

I am broken, I’m so broken
Amidst this hateful world
You laugh and smile with me
But you’re blind to everything

I’ve broken down, and i’m suffering now, but I just hold my breath
And I can’t be, unraveled, I can’t see the truth that lies underneath… freeze

I’m breakable, unbreakable, i’m shakeable, unshakeable
I’ll come to find you soon somewhere

In this shaken world that’ll always hate me
I’m becoming transparent and I’ll never be seen
Again so please don’t bother looking for me
Don’t look at me
I don’t want to hurt you so keep your distance
This world came from someone’s imagination
I’m begging you please remember the old me
As vivid as I was

My true being is spreading fast, this solitude won’t let me back
The memories of when I laugh
My innocence comes crawling back
I cannot move, I cannot move, etc.

Unravelling the world

I have changed, I can’t return to being who I was before
No matter if we intertwine, we’ll perish and be left behind

I’m breakable, unbreakable, I’m shakeable, unshakeable
I can’t let this happen to you too

In this twisted world that’ll always hate me
I’m becoming transparent and I’ll never be seen
Again so please don’t bother looking for me.
Don’t stare at me
Someone set this trap for me to fall right into, and bring forth the unraveling of my solitude
I’m begging you please, remember the old me.

As vivid as I once was!

Please don’t forget me, don’t forget me, don’t forget, don’t forget me

The fact I can’t go back has left me paralyzed
Nothing is recoverable within a paradise
I’m crying out please remember the old me

Please tell me, please tell me

Who’s inside of me?
Who’s inside of me?


Unravel Acoustic Cover - Tokyo Ghoul

I shared it on my YouTube and used my most recent HideKane drawing for the background.. no i’m not crying.

I liked this at first but not so much anymore. Oh well, I spent a good amount of time on it so might as well share it :P

(headphones recommended)


“Warrior” - Sarah Shepherd, MDC teen, performs her contemporary solo at Hall of Fame Ontario CA 2015 ♫ Sigur Ros “Með Suð í Eyrum” (“With a Buzz in Our Ears”)