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Cred ca ar fi minunat sa lase fiecare admin cate un mesaj cu o experienta de viata din care au avut mult de invatat.. un mesaj scurt :) Sunteti geniali, pupici.

Eu una am invatat ca-i mai bine sa tii unele chestii pentru tine. Sigur, e bine sa impartasesti unele experiente, dar eu una m-am lasat purtata de val, am zis niste chestii prea personale, care mai apoi au zburat din gura-n gura, si destula lume stie inca de lucrurile alea. Cum ziceam, trebuie sa ai o balanta intre ce poti spune, si ce trebuie sa tii pentru tine.

Tin sa mai mentionez un lucru: am invatat pe propria piele si printr-o faza dureroasa ca nu trebuie sa tragi niciodata de nimeni, si nu trebuie sa te lasi calcat in picioare pentru inca cateva clipe de fericire langa cineva.



Hmmm, o experienta din care am avut de invatat… La moartea mamei am avut prima dar singura tentativa de suicid. Am avut puterea sa ma opresc singur. Am invatat de atunci ca viata merge inainte si ca aceste intamplari tragice ce au loc in viata noastra sunt ca bornele kilometrice de pe sosele. Ca viata nu se termina acolo, ci ea continua. Ca noi decidem daca mergem inainte sau renuntam fara sa luptam. Asta e doar una din zecile de experiente ce le mai am.



Am mai multe experiențe, doar că îs doua majore în ăștia 19 ani pe care i-am trăit: lupta mea cu autismul ce m-a învățat ca oricât de greu poate fi, mereu există o șansă de a învinge și o relație lungă ce m-a învățat că… oricât de frumos ar fi totul, mereu trebuie să fim realiști și să nu cădem în patima visurilor, căci în final, s-ar putea ca acele visuri naive să ne inghită.

Oricât de fericită ai putea face o persoană, dacă ea pleacă, las-o să plece. Știu că ți-ai găsit fericirea în acea persoană, dar acum vei învăța printre picături de lacrimi că de fapt, fericirea se află în persoana ta.



Cand ma gandesc la trecut ma gandesc la suferinta si lectii. Am avut putin din toate. De la parinti abuzivi si alcoolici, batai, abandon, bullying, boala, spitale, probleme cu mine si cei din jur, depresie, droguri, pierderi, tentative de suicid, self harm, si lista poate continua. Din toate astea vreau doar sa va zic, ca se merita. Chiar se merita la sfârșitul zilei. Nu ai cum sa schimbi trecutul, dar il poti intoarce sa te influențeze intr-un mod bun. Fiti propria voastră tornada.



O să povestesc o întâmplare despre dragostea la distanță. Era acum 2 ani jumătate, totul a pornit de la un grup de chat pe Facebook, era acolo o fată cu 1 an mai mică decât mine, super prietenoasă si drăguță foc. Trec vreo 3-4 luni si deja scapasem de bac, eram admis la facultate si am încercat să mă dau mai serios la fata. Vorbit pe Skype, telefon, stat cu webu deschis cu orele, tot tacâmul. Până la urmă ii zic că o plac…soc, sunt un prieten foarte bun, clasicul friend zone. Mă chinui eu juma` de an să ies de acolo, am fost cel mai drăguț băiat, mereu am fost lângă ea când a avut nevoie, dar nici o sansă să se îndrăgostească de mine…tot ce puteam să obțin era doar sex, prea puțin pentru mine. Facultatea mea este în Bucuresti, ea în Cluj, asa că am “plusat” si am zis că renunț la facultatea asta (singura din țară pe profilul ăsta) si mă duc în Cluj, nu m-a lăsat să fac asa ceva. 2015, Crăciun, fata îsi găsește iubit (este si acum împreună cu el), relația noastră se răcește puțin. 2016, întâlnesc o fată super, în prezent sunt împreună cu ea.
Fata de care mi-a plăcut acum este o prietenă foarte bună, 0 sentimente în schimb…si tot nu mă iubește :))))
Morală: poți să faci tu tot ce vrei, dacă nu este să vă iubiți te chinui degeaba, si câteodată relațiile de prietenie sunt mai misto decât alea de dragoste. Si oricum se găseste mereu ceva mai bun.


Ok, so I have to come out as Mexican, I’ve never mentioned it here before. I have an important announcement to make:

I’m scared, our government increased the prices of oil by 20%, with that everything becomes more expensive (because we don’t have any important natural energy supporting us), our salaries barely increased $90

I my self, don’t understand why. They said it is prior the liberation of the gasoline prices, because until now my country only had one national company but next year international companies will be allowed to sell gasoline too. The opinion of the people is that, since the presidential period ends in 2018 and almost all the personal personal is changed with the president, they are filling their pockets with our money. All I can say is that our politicians had proved to do worst things that running away with the people money.

So the people have taken the streets and closed some gas stations (so they don’t sell, non violently) for the pass three days, but today we woke up in a worse situation, anarchy groups, delinquents (and some say government infiltrates, yes they have done that before so is a fair possibility) are assaulting big stores like Walmart, gasoline from the gas stations, small businesses, public transport, houses and people in the streets. All day we’ve been listening to police sirens our local main store closed early in the morning and the neighborhood is organizing in case something happens. We can’t go out, we can’t go buy vegetables and fruits for our weekly meals like people usually do here, students still on vacations specially the kids aren’t allowed to go out and play with their friends.

And believe me, we been living in fear for many years because the violence rates have been high but we’ve manage to make it to the next year and the next one, but right now it really feels like things are crumbling down, is a bad surreal scenario. Only that this is our reality.

I wanted all of you to watch and learn, no civilization should ever go through these injustices. No one should live in this constant state of violence and fear. I remember my childhood as a peaceful one, I went to the countryside and admired the life it nurtured, the people greetings and the cool water in hot days.

Now we are going down hill

This is the film that started it all. The film that taught me about Twin Flames. I have watched it over and over and over. I absolutely detested it the first time, not really understanding the weight of the relationships being depicted. But the more I watched it, the more it all made sense. Realization came crashing down around me. I sympathized with the characters but I understood why things happened the way they did.

This film shows what happens when Twin Flame and Soul Mate collide. I can only suggest that you watch it multiple times, as there are many things to be discovered with each viewing. Also, the soundtrack and cinematography are AMAZING!!

I didn’t know whether or not my Twin was out there after watching this the first time, but I had a feeling that something/someone extremely special was waiting for me. I knew it. So hearing he was my Twin a year after was a small “ah ha” moment, although I deduced that much. It was more like, “well, of course he is.”…

Even though I knew of Twin Flames before the journey began(thanks to this film), it didn’t prepare me for what I would face. Nothing could have. But I’m here and there’s no going back. I know I’ve likened this all to Neo and the Matrix before but that keeps coming back to me. That’s what it is, there’s no going back to how it was before. My life has been divided into two parts. Me before this awakening, and Me now. Two wholly different beings. The latter being more attuned to the outer-world. Sometimes I look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself. All in all, I’m here. For a reason unbeknownst to me at the moment, I’m on this road with this amazing person beside me and no matter how fucking difficult it gets, I’m anxious to see it to the end.

tl;dr watch Cafe de Flore if the idea of twin flame/soul mates remotely interests you. And let me know what you think! It’s in French but should be streaming on Netflix with English subs.

"Unravel" Orchestral Cover
  • "Unravel" Orchestral Cover
  • TK [Covered by Mike Reed IX]


This time its a cover of “Unravel” by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure, the Opening for Toyko Ghoul.

More covers to come.

Hope you guys like it.


A group of preppy Slytherins gather in front of the fire, the girls sat at table, pet black cats on their laps, the boys lounging in green armchairs with their ties undone. They drink black coffee and eat jelly snakes. The prefects do not send them to bed when it gets late, they know they are studying for a potions test and let them work until the early hours, when they finally fall through their green bed curtains and into a deep, undisturbed sleep. 

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“Somewhere else in the universe we are together in infinite time, remember that.”

by gaysweaters / xLiesForALiar