Imagine Request - Leaked Nudes

So last year a lot of celeb nudes got leaked and was wondering if you could do that with y/n like scooter or someone has to tell her they leaked them from J s phone or something like that

“What’s up?” I smiled over at Scooter, sitting down on the couch. I hadn’t the slightest idea why Scooter suddenly needed to talk to me, but I was curious to find out.

“I need to talk to you about something,” His hand flew to the back of his neck, scratching it as he looked down at the ground. “I don’t really know how you’re going to react.” He seemed nervous.

I sighed deeply. “What did he do this time? Did he dye his hair again? What animal did he get now?” I questioned, figuring it could only be something Justin had done.

“It’s not just Justin, it’s both of you.” He sighed. “Someone somehow got access to Justin’s phone, and for some reason, that boy has some graphic photos of you.” He sent me a sympathetic look as my face dropped.

“Please tell me this is a joke.” I chuckled, leaning forward, my elbows rested on my thighs. “I’m going to kill him; I told him that they weren’t secure on his phone but he insisted.” I muttered.

Hey!” The door shot open and Justin walked through cheerily, making me grumble. I jumped up, storming towards him. “What’s wrong?” His eyebrows furrowed as he examined my face.

“Justin, come sit down.” His eyes darted to Scooter who sat patiently in his seat, speaking up now so I didn’t attack the defenceless Justin stood before me.

“What? What’s going on?” He slumped down in on the couch, bringing his arm around me once I sat next to him.

Scooter sighed, knowing he had to reveal the truth one more time. “Someone got into your phone, they leaked the photos you had of [Y/N].” He sent Justin a glare.

“Oh.” Justin nodded his head, not phased. A few seconds later, his face dropped and he looked between Scooter and I. “Oh, shit.” He whispered.

“Justin, you knew it wasn’t safe. Why could you possibly need them so much that you’d risk [Y/N]’s privacy?”

Justin’s leg bounced up and down nervously. He sighed. “I’m away a lot, okay? I need..something to..help me.” He grabbed a hold of my hand and looked over at me. “But I never thought it’d actually be a problem! I didn’t think someone would actually get hold of them, I’m so sorry.”

I came to a realisation. “To be honest, it’s not your fault, Justin; guys in relationships have photos like this of their girlfriends all the time, just because you’re a celebrity, doesn’t take away your right to be able to have these.” I gripped his hand in mine, letting him know it was okay. “I’m just so embarrassed.” I chuckled.

“I wish there were something we could do, but there out there now. I guess you’ve just got to wait for it all to blow over and Justin, we’ll have to get your phone secured again.” Scooter stood up, wiped down his shirt. “I’ll let you know if I hear anything, I’ll see you both later.” We nodded and Justin said his goodbye, we sat alone in silence.

“Do you know which photos they were?” Justin muttered, looking down at the black TV screen in front of him.

I turned to him. “What does it matter? My everything is still out there for the world to see.” I threw my head back agains the back of the couch.

“Some were worse than others, you know? Some were just you posing with a sheet around you and some were good enough they got me off in minutes.” He chuckled, his face dropping when he saw me glaring at him. “Sorry.” He muttered, pulling out his phone.

It was quiet for another few minutes. I laid still, force to drown myself in the fact that everyone had now seen the me I only wanted Justin to ever have the privilege to. From beside me, Justin let out a low groan, but he didn’t move. “What?” I gazed over at him.

“Shit.” He mumbled. “Well, there’s about four of them; they’re not so bad, only one of them is of you fully nude and I’m also in one of them too.” He looked over at me sympathetic. “You look hot in all of them though.” He shrugged as though it was supposed to make me feel better.

“Will you get bashed for the one you’re in?” Worry flooded me as I imagined the media trying to take him down.

“Well I’m naked so, probably.” He chuckled, running a hand through his hair. “But we’ll manage this together, right?”

“We always do.” I chuckled, nudging my body into his.

Shh.. [Jimin]

Genre: Seduction?? INCUBUS AU

Part: 1/1 Oneshot

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: As long as you didn’t wake up, everything was fine.


His hand, pressed flatly atop your chest, applied more pressure, holding you down on the mattress. The added weight, constricted your breathing and you had to force yourself to calm down and take slow, deliberate breaths to avoid discomfort.  You couldn’t move to begin with, only shiver at his touches, but he didn’t seem to mind. The sheets rustled as he intertwined his legs with yours, controlled breaths panting across the dampened skin of your collarbones. 

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I probably shouldn’t have done it since it is making me so angry, but I searched “April Nardini” on twitter and people are just so cruel about a fictional character that didn’t even cause the breakup! 

Also, it’s been 10 years! Stop being bitter about it and stop hating on an innocent character who was just a kid who wanted to get to know her dad! Luke loves her and he would be devastated if she died or was hurt, so don’t wish for her death! If you love Luke, you should love her too.

Blame ASP for introducing April to cause tension between L/L! Don’t blame April for something she didn’t do! Luke and Lorelai
(also Chris/Anna had a small part)  were the cause of their own breakup!  

“Don’t play dumb. You implied something about Potter and me. You did it in the hospital room, too. What are you on about?”

“Sorry, Malfoy. I keep forgetting it’s not common knowledge.”

“What’s not?”

He heaved a sigh, looking deeply uncomfortable. “That he fancies you.”

Draco touched his face. Yes. He was awake. “And you’ve been letting me sponge bathe him for two days without letting on?”

“You’ve been sponge bathing him?” Weasley threw his head back and laughed. “Good for Harry. That pervert.”

—  Hello, China! (Nattish)

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Ok but iko is like my spirit animal I love her so much I'm she's basically all of us really like if we saw Kai in real life we'd be her

We’re all Iko tbh. Iko is us. 

I remember a scene in Scarlet where Thorne says something like “Cinder has a crush on the Emperor Kaito” and Iko ─as a ship─ sighs deeply and says “don’t we all?” and I was like 


It was yesterday, a really long day
So long that it made me realize something:
I was so madly in love with you back then
And I still am

It was yesterday, I realized I miss you too much that I couldn’t hold back the feeling to myself

It was yesterday, I couldn’t stop texting you
Telling you how my day was going and secretly thinking about how much it would be better if you were here

It was yesterday, I was looking for my hoodie that you wore once
I saw it, I wore it, then I inhaled it
“Doesn’t smell like you,” I told myself in disappointment

It was yesterday, I hugged a pillow, Hoping it would feel like having you here in my arms
The feeling isn’t quite the same

It was yesterday, I even held my mom and wished it would feel like holding you
And it still didn’t feel like what I expected

It was yesterday, I sighed deeply

It was yesterday, I quoted the song ‘Transatlanticism’,
“I need you so much closer…”
Hyperbolic? Yes
You’re only 17 miles away
But why does it feel like you’re half the world away?

— Alex
Missing someone really does make you go crazy / You’re gonna be home today, and everything’s gonna be okay

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Damn Jace! Damn Clary and her mundane best friend! Damn everything! He watched the car drive off before kicking a trash can and stalking off. He was going home. To hell with all of them! Izzy stopped him though, saying they might need help, and Alec sighed deeply. “Clearly Jace doesn’t need me anymore.” He huffed but Izzy just looked at him until he groaned and kicked a rock.. hard. “Fine!” They walked over to Magnus’ loft but when they got everything was chaos. Izzy started arguing with Jace but Alec rushed over to the wounded werewolf and noticed Magnus was working hard and looking very unsteady. “Hey. Are you okay?” He asked, placing a hand on the warlock’s shoulder. Nobody else seemed to care.

Narrow paths-Kade || Rowan

With his hands in his pockets, Kade walked aimlessly down the old familiar sidewalk. His eyes scanned the people that walked by, and he couldn’t help but think about his simple human days. He was just like these people in some ways. Normal.
He sighed deeply, no use in thinking of the past now. His thoughts soon came to a halt as a familiar scent filled the air. “Shit.” He mumbled under his breath, turning around to see Rowan a few feet behind him. There was something off about her though. Her eyes weren’t the soft eyes he was so familiar with. She seemed almost, loopy. He walked over to her, stopping right in front of her and blocking her path. “You’re high.” He stated, not asking. He knew the signs.


I hope so. I hope for the fans. It’s what they want. Whatever I think is best for the show and best for the fans, I hope that occurs. Listen, Amy wants to do this right and she’s been back and forth for years trying to get this thing off the ground and its finally happening and I think she’ll do the fans right. Of course I want that to happen. That’s the love letter we want to give to the fans because that’s one of the prominent themes throughout the show — this romance. So we’ll see. Fingers crossed.
—  Scott Patterson about Luke and Lorelai being married/getting married in the revival.