*sighs* i love their friendship so much


         I suppose I owe you a ‘thank you’ for getting me out of the lab every now and then.
                                       Well now, we have husbands and kids.
                  But that doesn’t make our relationship any less important.


Twice bonding with other girl groups at ISAC~ ♡♔

Elliot and Angela kiss

me: oh wow, what a great friendship

Tyrell grabs Elliot by his shoulder, caressing him gently

me: look at that, true love, so pure 

Heartbreak Insurance

Words: 10.9k
Genre: FLUFF.

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Ring Ri-

He bursts into a bright huge grin, despite not being seen. “Thank you for calling Heartbreak Insurance. My name is Jimin! How may I help you today?”

There’s a long silence over the phone until there’s a slight sniffle and the woman on the other line explodes into a hysterical sob. “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHH…nnn..nnn-” It’s a type of uncontrollable bawling howl that makes your snot drip inside your mouth .

“I’ll connect you to our customer services~ Please don’t hang up the line. One moment please!” Jimin moves the phone handset into his other hand while he presses some buttons, successfully transferring her over a second later.

The average person falls in love 4 to 7 times before marriage and 40% to 50% of all marriages end in divorce. 85% of all relationships end with a breakup. Don’t just be a statistic!

At Heartbreak Insurance, we are committed to be there when you need it most. Affordable and comprehensible solutions to meet your needs today! With our Heartbreak Insurance, you can find a plan that fits your needs. We cover and care for you in your most vulnerable times, offering paid time off, therapy sessions and care packages.

Because heartbreak is pain too.

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How Long?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: I love peter parker? he’s been my favorite superhero since i was like, two and seeing tom holland, who i’ve loved since the impossible and seeing him blow it out of the water as my sweet angel spiderman was like a christmas present in july so here’s this

Originally posted by vintagejosh

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700 Celebration (7/100)

Request: Anonymous: “62 and 66 Steve Rogers!”

62. “Do you ever get tired of being perfect?”

66. “That was ONE time!”

A/N: I’m going to start adding the tag list to these, since they’re definitely not drabbles at this point. I don’t know what this gif is; I couldn’t find a good one for this.

Originally posted by susanneleist

You had been cooped up in your room for the better part of two days. You weren’t sick, injured, exhausted, or grieving. You were avoiding someone.

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There’s so much that I still want to tell you.


sorry- h.s song imagine

I’ve missed your calls for months it seems

Don’t realize how mean I can be

Harry’s name flashed on your phone screen in front of you. You rolled your eyes as you ignored the call once again. Your friend glanced at your phone with a slight pout, slight guilt running through her body as this was Harry’s tenth time calling you in the last hour. “Y/N. Come on. Just pick up for the poor guy.”

You swallowed a sip of your beer as you settled more into the couch in your friend’s apartment. You stared blankly at the wall. “He ruined everything.” you shook your head, already feeling your anger creeping back into your body.

Your friend sighed as she leaned her head on her arm as she stared at you, “What did he do anyways?”

You glanced at your friend and took another gulp of your beer before muttering, “He fell in love with me.”

I didn’t mean to try you on

But I still know your birthday

Groggily Harry opened the door to see you smiling with a small bag in your hand and a bottle of champagne in the other. Harry was about to open his mouth before you interrupted, “Happy birthday!”

Harry glanced at the clock on the wall behind him, “You came all this way just to be the first to wish me happy birthday?” Harry’s heart swelled at the kind gesture you’ve done. Like he often does whenever you’re around, his stomach started feeling butterflies.

As Harry let you inside, you wrapped your arms around him, “Of course, H.” He smiled brightly as you turned and made you way onto the couch. You placed the items on the coffee table and patted the set next to you. “Come on! Open your gift!”

Harry let out a chuckle, any sign of tiredness leaving his body. As he sat next to you, you placed the bag in his lap and cuddled into the side of his body. He placed a kiss on your head before saying, “You didn’t have to get me anything.” You leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek, “It’s your birthday, H. I’ll be crazy if I didn’t get you anything. Now open it.” Harry let out another smile as he took the tissue paper out of the bag. He reached in and pulled out a black leather journal with his initials engraved on it. “Open it” you smiled. Harry opened the journal to see on the first page, written in your handwriting, “To my best friend that always has a million thoughts going through his beautiful mind, Happy birthday. x”

So I’m sorry to my unknown lover

Sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really

Starts to fall in love with me

Harry looked at you with a sense of panic on his face. He tried reaching out to hold your hand but you were quick to pull it back. He sighed and with a shaky voice he said, “Please Y/N. Say something.”

You looked at his eyes filled with worry. “You…love me?”

Harry nodded his head slowly and looked down at his shaky hands. “You’re my best friend. You’ve seen me at my worst and my best. You are the kindest and most beautiful girl I know…How could I not?”

You quickly shook your head and stood up from the couch. You were about to storm out of Harry’s apartment before you turned around. “You can’t be in love with me! We’re friends! That’s it! You’ve ruined everything!” You turned towards the door before Harry gently grabbed your arm, “How did I ruin things! I can’t control how I feel!”

You pulled your arm out of his grip forcibly, “Because Harry! I don’t love you!”

Sorry I could be so blind

Didn’t mean to leave you

And all of the things that we had behind

You chuckled softly at the picture in front of you. In the picture was you and Harry when you guys were little. His hair was an absolute mess while you had that terrible bowl haircut every girl has had at least once in their life. You guys were chasing each other while your mom and Anne were smiling in the background.

Your mom placed a cup of tea in front of you as she sat across from you. Your mom was staring at you with a hint of sadness in her eyes. You glanced up from the photo album you were going though. You let out a small sigh, “What’s wrong?”

Your mom shrugged her shoulders as she stared at the mug in front of you. “I just always thought one day you guys would end up together.”

You quickly looked away before she continued, “Harry is such a wonderful guy. He’s always taken care of you, him and his family.

You nodded your head sadly in agreement, “That’s why it hurts so much. I wish I were able to love him the way he loves me but I can’t. I’m afraid this ruined our friendship completely.”

I run away when things are good

And never really understood

The way you laid your eyes on me

In ways that no one ever could

Harry let himself into your apartment with the spare key he had. While placing the bags of takeout he brought, he shouted out, “I hope you’re hungry Y/N! I went a little crazy when I saw this new-” You turned the corner with tears in your eyes. Harry immediately walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you, “What’s wrong, love?”

You buried your face into his chest and choked out, “Grayson was cheating on me.” Harry closed his eyes and pulled you tighter against him. You continued, “And she’s absolutely beautiful. No wonder why he got tired of me.”

Harry pulled back from the hug and held you at arm’s length. You were looking up at him with a broken heart and tears in your eyes. He stared at your face intently. “You’re absolutely gorgeous Y/N. Both inside and out. Any, ANY guy would be lucky to be able to call you theirs. Grayson is an idiot for hurting such an amazing girl.”

Your eyes teared up again, but not from sadness this time. They were tearing up that someone thought so highly of you. Harry pulled you back against him, “You’re fucking gorgeous, Y/N.”

And so it seems I broke your heart

My ignorance has struck again

Harry yelled out in frustration and sadness as you ignored another call. He threw his phone across the room and placed his head in his hands as he let out a cry. He didn’t think him telling he loves you would get you so furious. He always thought you guys shared a special connection and deep down, he thought you would have some sort of feelings for him. Never would he have thought you would tell him you didn’t love him. Every time he heard your voicemail when you didn’t pick up, he could feel his heart breaking more and more each time. He could feel you slipping away. At this point he wish he never said anything just so you can be in his life. At this point, he’s afraid he’s ruined everything.

Someone will love you

But someone isn’t me

After two weeks, you finally managed to pick up the phone and call Harry back. You arranged to meet him at the cafe you two loved so much. As you stepped inside, you saw Harry looking down at his mug with his foot tapping anxiously. You let out a sigh as you were about to let him down once again. You slowly made your way over to him, “Hey.”

Harry quickly looked up, “Y/N! I didn’t think you would show up.”

You gave him a slight smile as you sat down across from him. “I arranged for us to meet. Of course I would come.”

Harry was about to reply but he quickly closed his mouth. He was afraid of saying the wrong thing again. You noticed quickly and you could feel your own heart breaking seeing Harry so vulnerable. You reached over and took his hand. “I’m sorry.” you said.

Harry shook his head and gave your hand a squeeze, “I’m sorry for laying that out on you like that.”

You were about to speak before Harry continued, “But that doesn’t change how I feel. I love you, Y/N.” You visibly winced before speaking up, “I don’t think we should be friends anymore, Harry.”

Harry gasped, “No Y/N! This wouldn’t change anything! We can still be-”

You looked down at your lap, “But I don’t love you Harry. And I couldn’t live with myself knowing that if we continue being friends, you’re still pining after me when someone could be loving you the way that you love me. You deserve to be happy.”

Harry let a tear slip from his eye as he squeezed your hand tighter, “I can’t just let go of you, Y/N. You’re my best friend. That means something doesn’t it?”

You looked up at the ceiling as tears blurred your eyes. You looked back at Harry, “Please understand I’m doing this because I’m your best friend.”

thank you guys so much for the kind words! i hope you guys loved this as much as i did writing it! i hope it wasn’t too cliche lol don’t forget to let me know what you guys think/ want me to write next! 

Save Yourself

Summary: Jaime Lannister had been a good friend of you since you were just a child only did you start crushing on him a while ago. Now you made it your mission to save him from Cersei. But that would only work if he wants to save himself, too.

Words: 1562

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Reader

Originally posted by dreamsaddictedfangirl

Warnings: mentions of Lannister incest, small spoilers of 07x04, I kind of altered the timelines a little (which you probably won’t notice in this one yet)

A/N: So this is my first ever Game of Thrones fanfiction and I still have to warm up to the trope so don’t expect the best of me yet. I feel like this could have the potential for a second part, would that be something you want? Please leave some feedback! Also if you want to be tagged in eventual future GoT stuff, let me know!
AO3  Part Two  Part Three

Living in King’s Landing had never been easy for you or anyone here. At least not with the Kings and Queens you had. And with Cersei on the throne? You believed you were all doomed. Especially Jaime because he was just too blind to realize.

It was no secret that you had been close to the Lannister brothers, Jaime and Tyrion since you were a child. You used to play a lot because their father was good friends with your father. Cersei though, she was a whole different thing. She always envied you whenever you would just spend the slightest time with Jaime. You were surprised she didn’t find a reason to behead you or make you leave King’s Landing.

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If Only

In which Harry loves Y/N but Y/N has a girlfriend

Y/N sat crying in her flat over her girlfriend, Aya for the second time this week with a bottle of cheap red wine in hopes of numbing her pain. It was no secret that Y/N and Aya had an unhealthy relationship. Everyone in their circle of friends grew use to the endless cycle of fighting and yelling.

Harry sat helplessly watching his best friend and the girl he has loved for years slowly crumble to pieces. If only Harry thought.

If only

If only she could love him the way he loved her but the fact is no matter what she can’t. Y/N had been with Aya for years, even before she met Harry and who was he to get in the way of that.

Y/N and Harry met through mutual friends of both Y/N and Aya and they instantly clicked. Harry was convinced they were soul mate best friends and well she was also his soul mate lover. He couldn’t bare the thought of loving someone the way he loved Y/N.

Harry’s thoughts were interrupted by a loud sob echoing throughout the room. His attention immediately turned towards Y/N. She was curled up and sobbing into her knees. “Why am I never good enough?” she asked as another sob ripped through her petite frame.

“Awh petal c’mere” Harry cooed as her scooped her up into his lap and wrapped his arms tightly around her as if he was trying to hold her together to keep her from breaking.”S’alright, yeh okay petal” Harry whispered while pressing soft kisses into her hair.

Petal, a pet name Harry had given Y/N when they first met. It was because he claimed she was the most beautiful, precious and delicate thing ever. At the beginning of their friendship this would make her blush and giggle like a school girl which Harry found absolutely adorable.

Y/N’s cries soon stopped and her breathing evened out indicating she was asleep. A soft sigh escaped Harry’s lips as he slowly slipped away from Y/N’s grip and tucked her into bed.

“I know you can’t hear me, but I love you so much petal, always have and I always will” Harry softly spoke and pressed a lingering kiss to her forehead. He then slipped out to head home.

The next time Harry saw Y/N they were all out for drinks. Aya’s hand was slug around Y/N as she whispered in Y/N’s ear causing a giggle to escape her lips. Harry glared intently at the couple and if looks could kill there was no doubt that Aya would be dead

Harry watched as Y/N’s giggles turned to scowls and then to her storming off and that was the funny thing about Aya and Y/N. One minute they were the happiest couple and the next they were doing and saying everything in their power to hurt each other.

“Well aren’t you smitted” Nick spoke as he approached Harry with a smirk plastered across his face. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed, it’s so obvious yet she’s so oblivious to it and also you haven’t taken your eyes off her for the night” Nick continued. “Shut it mate” Harry grumbled before walking over to Y/N.

“Hi there petal” Harry spoke as he approached Y/N, his voice laced with sympathy. “Hi H, I’m okay don’t worry” she replied as she leaned in to give Harry a hug.

“Petal yeh know I love you and want what’s best fo’ yeh yeah?” A loud sigh escaped Y/N’s lips because she knew exactly where this was going. “Why do yeh stay with her if she continues to treat you like shit” Harry questioned.

Y/N could feel her blood boiling and anger bubbling within her. She hated when people asked that, she hated when people gave her pity because of her fucked up relationship.

There were only a few things Y/N hated in this world and pity was one. She absolutely despised pity.

“You just don’t understand!” Y/n exclaimed her voice laced with desperation and anger. “No one seems to fucking understand.” She continued “All you and everyone else seems to do is fucking take pity on me and I hate it.” she cried.

Harry was shocked to say the least, she was never one to get angry. “Baby yeh know tha’ s’not it” Harry calmly spoke his eyes conveying sympathy.

“Stop that!” Y/N yelled. Harry’s brows furrowed in confusion. “Stop what petal?” Harry asked. “Stop looking at me like that, like I’m going to fall to pieces!” she screamed her voice filled with frustration.

“I don’t need this in my life.” she muttered before storming out of the pub and with Harry hot on her heels chasing after her while her so called girlfriend Aya stood at the bar effortlessly flirting with another girl causing Y/N’s heart to break even more if possible.

“Petal please, yeh need t’ calm down f’ me!” Harry yelled from behind her.

Y/N’s head suddenly snapped in the direction of Harry. “Calm down? Didn’t you fucking hear me?” she questioned her voice laced with anger. “I said I don’t need this bullshit in my life Harry, I don’t need pity and sympathy and I sure as hell don’t need you!” She yelled before storming off to God knows where.

And that was it.

Harry felt his heart shatter into a million pieces and he swore his entire world came crashing down right then and there.

Hi lovelies, I’d love if you gave feed back on this please. All the love- K xx

First Love

Inspired by episode 481

This was her happy place. Her sanctuary. Her home away from home. The only other person who knows about this place was her new best friend, Ino. 

Until now. 

Sakura hears the rustling of leaves and then the sound of a boy’s voice. Quickly, she dives underneath a blanket and clutches her stuffed rabbit.

“Hey, is this your place?”

She blinks underneath the blanket. The voice sounded somewhat familiar. Slowly, she lifts her head from underneath the pink blanket and gasps. “Sasuke-kun?” 

“Oh, hey. You’re in my class. Sakura was it?”

She nods meekly as this was the first time she has ever talked to a boy before. But his eyes seem warm and friendly as he stares back at her. It is silent as they stare at each other but finally he breaks the silence again.

“I was trying to look for cosmos around here. I heard they grow near here. Is that true?”

She nods again.

“Do you know where?” he asks.

She nods and points to the outside trees. 

“Over there? Can you show me?”

She didn’t really want to. That would require more social interaction than she is used to. And with a boy also. She didn’t know what to say to them. But Ino told her that to get over her fear, she has to be brave and step out of her comfort zone. Which might mean requiring to speak to this boy. 

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I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. But just because I’m gone, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care. So I need you to tell me: Do I worry about you? Or don’t I?
—  🖤
The Truth is Out There [on Netflix]

Characters: CastielXReader ft. Sam and Dean Winchester, Crowley

Word Count: 1600

A/N: One-shot written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge with prompt – The X-Files. Castiel searches for the truth of the human condition on Netflix…with a little help from his friends and a pair of fictional FBI agents who exemplify something it turns out he very much wants to believe. Off-beat humor and saccharine fluff.

The fateful day Sam instructed Castiel how to go about accessing Netflix was the day life in the bunker irrevocably changed. When not assisting with a case, the angel could reliably be found in his room binge watching yet another series, or two. You often tarried at the threshold of his ajar door on the way to bed to appreciate the television illuminated enraptured dopey smile glowing upon his normally austere features.  Frequently you surrendered to the temptation to join him, swiftly drifting to sleep listening not to the television, but to his gentle laughter. He didn’t seem to mind the company, regularly and uncomplainingly obliging the use of his shoulder as a makeshift pillow when your drowsy head rolled sideways. Generally speaking, you were happy he found something to distract him from his myriad of woes and fill his long no-sleep-required angelic nights, not to mention the perfect pretext to spend more downtime with him without drawing unwanted notice and subsequent teasing from Sam and Dean.

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Just Go - Part II


Word Count: 1218

Player: Nico Hischier (New Jersey Devils)

feat. Nolan Patrick

Warning/s: none

Originally posted by intermissionpenguins

“Hello?”, you muttered distractedly. 

All you wanted to do was watch TV after your classes. But somehow every time you tried relaxing for the last two weeks, your phone was ringing. Sure enough, it had been Nico the whole time and not an unknown number. He had tried reaching out to you, but you made it pretty clear what he was doing when you walked out of the door. It still hurt, even now only seeing the shocked face of your roommate when you picked up the phone.

“Y/n? Hey, it’s Nolan.”, a familiar voice greeted on the other end.

You furrowed your brows in confusion. There was no plausible reason for him to call you out of nowhere. “Oh. Hey, Nolan. Didn’t expect you to call.”

“You didn’t?”

He seemed sure that you had known he would call you, the irritation clear in his voice.

“No, I didn’t. Why are you calling though? Is something up?”

“Yeah, it is. I just- I thought it was best to call you and talk about this. I’m in town and I wanted to visit Nico. What happened? He was angry at me out of no reason. He looks miserable.”

You barely held back the sigh. “I don’t know what’s going on with him. I’m sorry that he’s pushing you away.”

“Wait, what? YOU have no idea what’s going on with him?”

“Nolan… things aren’t like you got to know them. Nico and I- We haven’t talked in two weeks.”

“WHAT?” The pure shock was obvious in his words. “Okay, this is… weird. You’re his best friend. Why aren’t you talking?”

“I don’t know. He pushed me away and I guess I let him. We had a really nasty fight two weeks ago and after that, he tried calling but… I really don’t want to tell you the rest.”

“Y/n, please. He’s my friend and something’s going on with him.”

“I have no idea either! And when I tried finding out he ended up yelling at me. He said hurtful things, okay? Things that aren’t forgiven easily.”

Nolan was silent for a moment, his mind working. Why would Nico be like the way he was now? Quiet and unhappy? And then it dawned on the Flyer. He suddenly knew why Nico was acting the way he did. And it explained a whole lot.

“What exactly did he say?”


“Just tell me. Please.”

You sighed and rolled your eyes. Nolan was nice and you didn’t want to be a dick to him. He just tried helping Nico. And if Nico didn’t want you to do it, maybe Nolan could. Just because he didn’t want to see you anymore and hurt you, didn’t mean he deserved being miserable. And it would ease your mind a little.

“He pushed me away after we moved here. And I tried being there for him. I thought he was homesick, but when I mentioned it he started yelling. He didn’t like that I missed home, apparently. So he asked me why I was there at all.”

“And what did you say?”

“I told him that I moved here because I wanted to be with him. And then he yelled that he didn’t need me anymore and kicked me out of his Apartment.”

Silence. Absolute silence on the other line. And then, Nolan spoke up again. “I know what’s going on.”

“And what is it? What is his problem?”


“I can’t believe you talked me into this without even explaining what you mean.”, you muttered, spotting Nolan in front of Nico’s door. The other one just gave you an assuring smile and motioned to the door for you to unlock it.

It felt strange. Nico had practically kicked you out the last time you were there. It felt like you were breaking in, not like coming home as it used to.
You opened the door and stopped in the dark hallway while Nolan moved directly into the living room where Nico was sitting, watching sports highlights. 

“Nolan?”, he asked in confusion when his friend entered.

“Hey, Hisch.”, he grinned stopping in the doorway. “We wanted to hang out, remember?”

"I don’t know man. I really don’t feel like it. How did you get into my Apartment?”
Nolan turned around and motioned for you to come over. Taking a deep breath, you stepped next to him into Nico’s line of sight. His eyes widened in surprise and he sat up straight in his spot on the couch.

“Y/n?”, he asked, unsure what was happening. You had ignored his call for weeks, how could Nolan possibly figure out about that and have time to convince you to come with him?

“Hey.”, you said quietly, avoiding to meet his eyes. Instead, you stared at the coffee table next to him.

“Figured you two needed to talk. I’ll wait in the kitchen.”

There was no sound but the closing of the door behind you.

“I’m so sorry.”, Nico said quietly. There was honesty in his voice, you could tell he was telling you the truth. But you kept your eyes focused on the table.

“Nico… what you said, that-”

“Was stupid and I totally didn’t mean it. You’re my best friend, Y/n. Of course I need you. I just… I was an idiot.”

When you didn’t reply right away, you heard Nico sigh.

“Can you please look at me?”

Your eyes moved up to meet his. They had no trace of anger, just regret. Nico wordlessly patted the spot on the couch next to him. You gave in, just because you finally wanted to know what was going on. And you missed him.
You missed him so much.
When you sat down next to him, still looking at him, you finally found your voice again.

“What did I do?”

“Nothing. I just… I was angry at myself and when you tried to help… I didn’t want to let you and then I projected it onto you.”

“But why were you angry with yourself?”

Nico took a deep breath, just hoping your reaction wouldn’t be what if feared.
“I thought that I was ruining our friendship. Because I fell in love with you and I was too scared to tell you the truth.”

It was like a wave of feelings. Confusion, hope, sadness that he was angry with himself.
“Wha- What?”

“I thought that if I spent too much time around you, you would notice how I felt so I tried being less obvious. But it just ended with you storming out of my Apartment. I’m really sorry, Y/n. Can we please just forget this? It doesn’t change anything, I promise.”

You sighed, a small smile making its way onto your face.

“Nico… you could’ve just said it. You’re not ruining anything. At all.”, you smiled, one of your hands coming up to brush against his cheek. Nico leaned into the touch, but he didn’t fully comprehend what you were saying.

“Do you mean what I think you mean?”

“I love you, Nico.”

home videos - part 1

Pairing: lee jeno x reader

Summary: “A daily dose of Lee Jeno’s home videos.”

Part: 1/?

“Uh, why are the older members in the Dreamies dorm?”

“Especially when it’s this early?” Jeno asks, yawning and checking the clock as the two of us come out from his room. The rest of the Dreamies look up at us, laying around and shrugging while the older members sit around the tv.

“They woke me up earlier to open the door, but didn’t explain why,” Mark mumbles, rubbing his eyes. I narrow my eyes at the older members, wondering what they’re up to. They look at me with innocent smiles, but there was a mischievous glint in their eyes.

“What is that you’re hiding?” I ask, taking a seat next to Jeno on the floor in front of Yuta and Winwin.

“Nothing, but!” Taeyong pauses with a grin.

“But?” Jeno raises an eyebrow.

“We got a gift from Jeno’s parents,” Doyoung says.

“Why did you get it instead of Jeno getting it?” I ask.

“Reasons that cannot be explained right now,” Johnny says and Ten nods.

“Let’s just appreciate this beautiful gift,” Yuta says, smirking.

“Why do I have a bad feeling that this isn’t going to be good?”

“Just trust us,” Taeil says.

“Last time I did, I got locked out of the dorm for two hours because you forgot where you put the key.”

“That was one time and it was Haechan who had the key last,” Yuta says.

“I did not! It was Mark!”

“I didn’t have it!”

“Can everyone be quiet? I’m tired,” Jisung whines.

“Everyone, settle down. Y/N, Jeno, you’re going to love this,” Taeyong says and I sigh before it registers in my mind.

“Wait, why me too?” I ask, my eyes widening and Doyoung raises a finger to his lips. I gulp, nervous as to what was going to be on the screen. The content of the video loads, making me grip Jeno’s hand for support. He rubs shapes onto my hand with his thumb to keep me calm.

It’s beginning.

“Time for bath time! Jeno, Y/N! Say hi to the camera!”

As those words come from our mothers’ lips, both Jeno and my jaw hang open. This isn’t possible.



“TAEYONG, GIVE ME THE REMOTE!” I exclaim as I lunge for him while Jeno sits, shocked at what was on the screen. Jaehyun holds me back from nearly strangling their leader.

“Ah, can’t do that.”


Jeno and I are placed down in the bathtub, squirming around. That was until we find entertainment in the toys floating around us.

“Aww, they’re so cute,” The older members coo as the younger ones giggle, smirking.

“We can use this as blackmail.”

Jeno and I splash each other with water, making us erupt in giggles. Our mothers coo at how cute we are, putting our hair up into mohawks. Jeno grips the side of the bathtub, trying to stand up and escape.


“Aw little Jeno’s trying to stand up,” Haechan taunts as we’re exposed to something. My eyes widen, making him cover them in a hurry.

“Come on!”

I follow after Jeno, holding onto the side to stand up. We turn to each other and grin. Stomping our feet at the same time, we attempt to put on a little dance.

“Ah, they’re so cute.”

“Maybe they’ll end up together one day.”

“I hope so,” Jeno’s mother says and ruffles my hair. “You already make my Jeno so happy and you’re barely two.”

“Mother, please,” I say, watching the video in horror.

“Did my mom just say-”

“Yes, yes she did,” Renjun says.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” I say, hiding my face in the crook of Jeno’s neck. I wrap my arms around his arm, giving it a squeeze.

“Why? You don’t have to be so embarrassed,” Doyoung coos, stifling a laugh. I turn to him and glare. He laughs.

“I bet you and Taeyong are probably enjoying it more than you should because you’re both such moms.”

“You two were so cute,” Taeyong hums.

“You were so chubby back then, how cute!” Ten grins.

Slightly moving towards Jeno, I hold onto his arm. Since he wasn’t stable himself, we fall back onto our butts and water splashes everywhere. We stare at each other before bursting into laughter.

Adding in a bottle of soap, the water starts to form bubbles around us. Jeno grins and grabs a handful, smearing it around my mouth. I copy him and put some on his chin, then his hair. We continue smearing soap onto each other until we’re completely covered. We stare blankly at the camera before grinning widely.

“Say bye bye!”

“Ahh!” We squeal and try to reach for the camera.

“Wow, you guys were really cute,” Winwin says, his mouth hanging open.

“Finally, it’s over.”

“You think this is the only one that was sent?” Yuta snorts.

“What-what do you mean?”

“There’s a whole stinking pile of them, baby.” Johnny says, revealing the huge pile in the corner. Jeno and I stare in disbelief, wondering why our parents would possibly do this to us.

“No, no. This is just a one time thing. This is not happening ever again.”

“Tomorrow will be another day to view these masterpieces,” Hansol says.

“Hansol!” I whine, pouting at him. He smiles.

“So this is going to be an everyday thing now?” Jeno asks and everyone nods.

“We need to see more videos of the both of you,” Jaemin laughs.

“I wonder what else they could’ve done that was embarrassing,” Chenle says.

“I heard Jeno and you had your own talk show,” Taeyong says, making everyone immediately sit up in excitement.

“Did you really?” Hachaen asks. Jeno and I sigh, nodding.

“We thought it would be fun, so we made one in his living room.”

“We have to watch that one tomorrow,” Kun says.

“You have practice tomorrow, you’re too busy to watch these.”

“We can make room, trust us,” Jaehyun says.

“Please don’t.”

“I just texted our manager to see if we could watch a little in the studio as well,” Johnny says, putting away his phone.

“I’m never coming to the studio or the dorms ever again. Friendship canceled.”

“Oh please, you love Jeno too much to leave him,” Yuta scoffs.

“I’m sorry, Jeno, but it looks like I may have to sacrifice our friendship.”

“Stop being so dramatic.” He chuckles and presses his cheek against my shoulder as he pulls me into a tight hug.

“I’m so going to love holding these against you and Jeno.”

“That’s it. We’re no longer friends either, Haechan.”

“It’s okay, I treasure these videos more than our friendship anyway.”


Leave Me (Jaime Reyes x Reader)

Request: Could you do a blue beetle x reader where the reader is from el Paso and is a close friend with Jaime and is the only one who knows he’s blue beetle but the reader gets kidnapped and blue has to save them? Sorry to bug…

This one kind of took on a mind of it’s own. I was not expecting any of this to happen, but I hope you like it. This is also my first gender neutral piece, so be kind. I found it so difficult to write gender neutral, I hope nothing is too awkward

Trigger Warnings: Fighting, Running Away, Kidnapping, Sadistic tendencies (Mentioned super briefly), Teen angst

Originally posted by dcvertigodaily

“That is it! When I grow up I am moving to Canada.” You huffed falling down onto your best friend Jaime Reyes’ bed. It was another unbearably hot summer day in El Paso and you were wearing shorts and a breathable tank top and it was still too hot. Jaime didn’t look up from the book he was reading. He too lounged across his bed, shirtless and looking comfortable.

 “You wouldn’t last a minute in the north Y/N.” Jaime answered not looking at you as you sighed dramatically. “I know, I’ve been there. You haven’t”

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let go.

wow okay so i just recently figured out that it’s klangst week and even though my fanfiction blog is still, fairytail, i’ll probably write a lot more about klance ..  @klangst-week

klangst — ANGST, T (language&PDA) — 1.1k words unrequited pining / love

tumble out of bed.
dizzy in the head.
now you won’t let go.

Keith woke up earlier than usual, running his hands slowly against the fabric of his sheets as he fully became conscious and aware of his surroundings. A quiet, deep sigh broke the silence of his room, his heart pounding in his chest and a cold sweat on his forehead due to the reason he was no longer sleeping.


It was a slow drag as he brought himself from under the covers, feet gently hitting against the cold flooring of the castle as he left his room and wandered down the hall to stand in front of a familiar door. It felt as if it took him minutes, hours, days before he was able to gain enough confidence to softly knock. The person behind it and the comforting smell of his bed were the things he sought after, his tired eyes staring at the door decor to pass time.

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Word count: 623

 You’re done with the initiates for today and plan to dance a little before going back to your apartment. But just when you get to the Pit, Eric stands on your way. Your friends offer you a sad smile, leaving you to deal with Eric alone. You stare at the man, way much taller than you, with an amused smirk on his face.


 “Excuse me, lovely leader.” You sigh, rolling your eyes. “What the hell are you talking about?”

 “You allowed the initiates to go out yesterday night. It’s forbidden.”

 “I didn’t do it.” You lie, trying to walk past him, but he grabs your arm, dragging you God knows where.

 “I can’t keep covering you, (Y/N)!” You both stop on a dark corner, not a single soul walking by. “If Max finds out you will be punished.”

 “They needed a little fun! Our initiation beat the shit out of them.” You were always too kind, different from Eric. The initiates love you, and you enjoy wasting time with them after training. You’ve made a lot of new friends.

 “They can have fun once they’re Dauntless members. Did you understand?” Eric whispers, careful with the cameras and you use all your strength to push him away.

 “I’m sorry, dear, I can’t hear you.” You smile. Being sassy with Eric is dangerous. You never know when he’ll yell at you for something stupid.

 “You should be thankful. I could just tell Max and you would never train the initiates again.” Eric grabs your arm, making you turn away to face him again.

 “Good thing I have my hero to keep saving my ass.” 

 “I’m done saving your ass. It’s time for you to quit being stubborn.” He pulls your hand, leading you back to the Pit. But you had the best idea.

 “No. I should spend more time with Four. He wouldn’t get tired of covering me.” You hiss, giving a step back.

 Eric turns to you, starting to get really angry with you. “Don’t say it again. Never.”

 “I have this theory that he may be a better company than you.” You giggle, moving away from him into the empty hall. Eric’s breath gets heavier as he slowly walks to you. “I should start running, shouldn’t I?” And that’s exactly what you do.

 The footsteps behind you are loud. He’s near. You run through those empty corridors so nobody will see you acting like crazy teenagers. Laughing too loud, you manage to keep distance, but you get tired, being forced to run to an alley to catch your breath. Eric is close, but you keep silent hoping to deceive him. But it’s useless. He suddenly grabs your arm, out of nowhere.

 “God, Eric. I always have so much fun with you. We can be stupid teenagers running like crazy forgetting about all our responsibilities. I like to be with you.” You say, before noticing what you just said. You love Eric but tried not to let him know that. The two of you had fun, learning to deal with each other through a very weird friendship. That’s enough to him and should be enough to you. “Sorry.” You sigh, looking down to your feet.

 “What are you sorry for? You’re absolutely right. The best part of my day is whenever I’m with you.” Eric rubs your cheek delicately, something rare.

 “I know.”

 “Why aren’t we dating already?”

 Your heart stops. Then you jump into his arms, pecking his lips. Eric gives a step back, a beautiful smile on his lips.

 “We’re dating from now on. It’s that ok?” You ask, staring his icy blue eyes. You couldn’t be happier.

 “Yes, babe. Now let’s go dancing a bit. We need to celebrate. ”

A/N: Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

thestarbirdfromtheashes  asked:

1. A kiss that shouldn't have happened, but neither regrets it. -OR- 2. A kiss even though "we're just friends" (a "platonic" kiss that is anything but). Please? ☺️

I chose 2, but it could conceivably fit both? Oh, and it’s modern au, hope that’s ok :-)

“Happy birthday, Jyn.” Cassian smiled as torn pieces of wrapping paper went flying, knowing how eager Jyn was to get to the present inside the box.

“Cassian…?” There was a long pause as Jyn stared inside the box, her head bowed, hair falling into her face.

“Is it okay?” Cassian asked nervously. He’d wracked his brain for weeks trying to find the right present for Jyn, annoying Kay and Bodhi in the process. They’d both just told him to get her what he’d been getting her since the beginning of their friendship, since they all knew how notoriously difficult Jyn was to shop for.

“I’m telling you, the latest Star Wars book is a sure thing. You know how much she loves that stuff.” Bodhi had told him over a beer. Kay had sighed beside them, as Cassian shook his head.

“Not this time Bodhi. I want to get something special.” Bodhi and Kay had both turned to Cassian at the same time, their eyebrows raised questioningly.

“NOT what I meant. I just mean something different. Star Wars books are boring.” Cassian had huffed, turning away so his friends wouldn’t see the burning he felt in his cheeks.

Jyn was still staring, unmoving.

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