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Why is there so much Garda hate she's just a sassy girl is it because she's not human that's ridiculous the Djinn aren't human either in all technicalities like why the Garda hate??? Just think of her as a Djinn. No probs there. STOP GARDA HATE!!!!

I didn’t hate. So calm your tits down, I just sighed deeply. No one is hating on Garda.

Happy Birthday, Tooru…

Because stargazing is a Birthday tradition with them. And noone can convince me otherwise. Also: more gentle Iwa… <3

Yes yes… my first year in this fandom, I went with the traditional Oikawa birthday theme. (◡‿◡✿) … just because.
I am NOT too late… somewhere in the world it’s still the 20th…. *flails*

Hazy | Park Jimin x Reader

Word count: 1'583

Warnings: Smut

You woke to the smell of cotton, thick and dizzyingly fresh to your drowsy senses. Early sunlight tickled your bare shoulder and you sighed deeply, pressing your cheek further into your pillow.

Warm breath ghosted across the back of your neck and you held back a sleepy smile.

‘Baby,’ he murmured, and you felt yourself go boneless as he nosed down your spine, his heavy palm resting over your hip as his soft lips left butterfly kisses across your back. ‘Wake up, baby…’

You shifted, letting out a little hum as you feigned sleep. After all, there was no point in getting up when Jimin was being so affectionate.

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Lost in Time

Here is the second chapter of my new AU! And yes I am still continuing Lightened Soul, so you can stop yelling at me in my inbox :) Here’s a wee peek at Jamie’s mindset. Enjoy and lemme know what you think!

Part 1

Jamie sighed deeply and relaxed his shoulders as he was met with the warmth of fire and the smell of onions and peat surrounding him as he walked through the door. 


Though, Lallybroch was sorely lacking even the basic of necessities during the famine, it was still leaps and bounds better than the chill of his cave.

He had finished skinning the stag he had brought down and was bloodied and muddy from calves to cheeks. He hoped Jenny wouldn’t see him or she would have a fit about him getting muck on her precious rugs. He hadn’t been due back to the house for a few weeks yet, but the stag presented a good excuse to make the trek home. Even though Fergus would have been able to bring the meat home, Jamie needed human contact once more.

He quickly stoked the fire in the kitchen and set about getting the meat cooking.

The chair creaked under him as he sat down a few minutes later, letting the feeling of peace settle into his bones like a tonic, easing him of the pain that came along with his isolation.

It could be worse, he thought. The family could be starving. At least if he had to live out this purgatory without his wife and child, it gave him some comfort that he was able to do even a little to provide for his sister and her children. And his Fergus. The closest thing to a son he would ever know.

Without conscious thought, he reached up to his neck and rubbed the beads of the rosary Jenny had given him before going to war. Let her be safe, she and the child.


Looking up from his prayers, he saw his sister standing in the doorway with a shawl wrapped around her shoulders.

“We didna expect ye until later this month.” She came around and placed a hand lightly on the hand he was tightly clutching the rosary with. “I’m sorry. I didna mean to interrupt your prayers.”

Jamie smiled and patted her hand. “Ye did no such thing. I caught a stag and I needed to skin it before the meat went bad,” he nodded to the fire where the meat was roasting.

He heard her stomach growl at the sight. It had been a good many weeks since everyone in the house went to bed with their bellies full.

“Good, that will do for nearly a week! I could even make a pie!”

Jamie’s own stomach rumbled at the thought of a meat pie.

“What are ye doing up at this time?” He asked to make his own belly forget about the smell of roasting meat.

“Kitty was sick earlier and I was making sure she was sleeping easy when I smelled the food.”

Jamie touched his beads again. “Is she alright?”

Jenny nodded and sat down in the stool next to him. “Aye, she’ll be fine.”

A small amount of relief went through him as he heard this. What would he do if someone in the family got ill? There was nothing to be done. He would be helpless to them. The only healer Lallybroch had ever known and would most likely ever know was gone. And never to return. A spasm of grief went through his body like a musket ball. In a way, it was harder to deal with his lost wife’s absence in the house. A place where they had lived happily together as a family. As the laird and lady.

He could almost see her coming down the stairs, her curls framing her face as she walked towards him with a smile. He saw the two of them stealing kisses in front of the fire when Mrs. Crook had her back turned. He saw her in the potatoes that were keeping their family alive, her healing touch still with them even after she was not.

In the cave – a place she had never been – it was a bit easier. He thought of her and their child always, but it was easier to bare in a place she had not been and would never be.

“You’re thinkin’ about her. Claire. That’s who ye were praying for.”

He glanced up sharply at his sister. She had disappeared from his sight as the past had overwhelmed his senses. Unable to face her gaze, tender and sorrowful, he looked to the fire. The orange and blue flames dancing around in a hypnotic dance.

“Aye,” he answered simply.

“She’ll always be wi’ ye, brother. She lives in the walls of this place, just as Mother and Father do. She lives on in everyone here. Not only through her healing, but from her mind. The potatoes have kept us from starving more than once.”

Moisture threatened to escape his eyes as he clenched his fists to try and reign in his emotion. He never talked of Claire to Jenny. Or to anyone. Even Fergus, who had known her as a motherly figure, had stopped trying to talk get him to talk of her. Perhaps, he spoke to Jenny. He hoped anyway.

“The suffering is too much to bare sometimes,” he whispered, eyes still fixed on the fire.

Jenny made a small noise and reached over to grasp his hand tightly. “I ken, brother.”

“No, ye don’t.” He felt a tear escape the corner of his eye and he made no move to wipe the evidence of his ache away. The ache of the last four years without her. The ache of sending her away.

“Ye have Ian and your bairns. And ye didna ken what it’s like to lose one. Not once, but twice.”

Jenny started at that, leaning back a little as she absorbed the words. She looked down at her hands as she wrung them in her lap.

“No, I dinna ken that kind of pain. But I do know pain, Jamie.”

He stood and walked to the hearth fire. His eyes overflowing from the pain and the smoke. The weight of his heart was too heavy and he needed to release it before it became all too much. Before he had to go back to that awful hole in the earth.

“She was with child, when I…when she went.” His hands clutched the mantle for support as he remembered that last night with her, cradling the child, whispering his love to her belly while she slept. The only words he would ever speak to him. And though he knew it impossible, he wished that somehow the bairn would remember his voice, somewhere in the deepest part of their mind, when they needed it the most.

He took a shaky breath in as he fought to speak through his thick throat. “And we lost our wee Faith in France.”

“Oh, Jamie,” Jenny whispered and came over to hug him tightly from behind as he wept into the flames.

She rubbed his back in a soothing manner as he fought for control. The control he desperately needed least he fall to pieces and into oblivion.

Jenny took a deep breath and grabbed his hand, an anchor in the misery he was drowning in.

“Come wi’ me.”

They stood in the Laird’s study with a few candles lighting the room from the darkness. Jenny reached up and grabbed the large book that his father had started when he and mother moved here. She brought it over to the light and opened it to the family tree.

Jamie glanced at her for a moment, wondering what her mind was up to before glancing down at the page himself, seeing both his mother and father’s script.

He saw the dates of Willie’s birth and death. His own birth and Jenny’s. And his father’s hand that recorded the death of his little brother and his mother.

And then the breath went out of his body and he feel to his knees as they failed to support him. Underneath his name and Claire’s –which he had added as soon as they came home the first time after she chose him at the stones – he saw his wife’s neat script.

Faith Fraser.

He bowed his head as he traced the lines left behind her. One of the only tangible things he had to remember her by. He could picture her here, fighting back tears as she wrote their daughter’s name.

“Ye see, they aren’t gone, Jamie. They will live on as long as we do.”

And then, Jenny dabbed a quill into the ink pot and added a name next to Faith’s.

Baby Fraser

And with that he simply grabbed onto his sister and wept.

Based on my own tags★.

I want a fic with Lilo as flatmates going to a Halloween party. Liam being Liam wants a Batman suit because reasons. Louis is responsible for renting their suits—Liam suspects he’s dating the guy who works there. How else would they get a 50% off?—and will pick them on his way back from work. They’re going as Deadpool and Batman. Or so Liam thinks, till Louis comes back with a Deadpool suit (yay) and a Sexy Bunny (not so yay).

Liam’s mortified.

Li: “Why did you think this would be a good idea?”
Lo: “This was the closet thing to Batman they had, Liam. It’s not THAT different. Look: pointy ears, mask, all-black suit—”
Li: *shrieking* “YOU CAN SEE THE NIPPLES!”
Lo: “Well, it’s called ‘sexy bunny’ for a reason, Payne.”

After hardcore cajoling on Louis’ part, Liam accepts to dress the dreaded thing. He’s going to be masked all the time, and he can’t possibly refuse it when Louis agrees on cleaning the bathroom for the next 6 months. Well, Liam hates cleaning the bathroom. Weighing pros and cons, he can easily trade an hour or two of anonymous embarrassment for 30 hours of NOT cleaning the bathroom. He also would feel bad for paying for the bloody suit for naught. (it’s cheaper than the one he wanted, but still!)

And So Lilo arrive at the party nearly two hours after it started. Liam makes it there with most of his pride intact (he has a coat on till they have to get out of the car). They go in, and not 5 minutes after Louis introduces Liam to his “friend” Harry, Liam’s left to wander and mingle. Hopefully. He’s not really the kind to feel comfortable not knowing anyone there. And Louis had assured him they would stay together, but then it all changed when that mix of Ziggy Stardust and Willy Wonka appeared. But in Harry’s defence, he IS a nice bloke and he’s also giving Liam 50% off.

50% off on a suit that has his nipples out and his parts vacuum sealed.

Wardrobe malfunction aside, let’s say that Liam bumps into a random guy there. Like, literally. He almost ends up spilling soda on both of them. That would’ve sucked because he still has to give the suit back AND he does not plan on paying for any damage; no one’s paying for all his emotional damage when everyone he meets keep staring at his chest.

Like this guy dressed in the batman suit that should be his for this night.

“Eyes up here, mate.”

The guy doesn’t seem fazed. “That’s an… interesting choice.”

*snorts* “Because you stole mine.”

And okay, maybe Liam is being unreasonable, but he /IS/ Batman. He’s now this walking around like “Ariana Grande meets bara manga meets the Hawkeye Initiative” because this guy decided to get the Batman suit. His Batman suit.

But then the guy is incredibly nice to Liam? Like, he confirms he got it from the new shop—in fact, he happens to be friends with Harry, the Ziggy Wonka guy—and apologises (though he really doesn’t have to) for essentially making Liam dress like a sexy bunny. Well, sort of. It seems more like the guy is flirting with Liam, and he looks cute under mask, so Liam accepts the bloke’s apologies/flirting. He accepts it, and soon he’s forgotten about Louis leaving his arse alone in a party he knows no one. He’s more interested in this dorky batman that has more in common with him than either could have guessed.

(Cue for a night of soda, cheesy puns and blatant flirting that ends with them agreeing on a date next week. Everybody is happy.)

BONUS: A Catwoman runs approaches Zayn but he dismisses her with a “Sorry, ’m allergic to cats. I’m more of a bunny man meself.” and leads Liam outside by the waist, saying “Gothan needs us”.

Double BONUS: Everything has been accord to Louis’ plan. And Harry helped, of course. They find Zayn and Liam engaged in some snogging outside.

ultimate bleach otp ヽ( ᐛ )ノ

honestly i don’t expect/want any ships to become canon when bleach ends, but if i had to pick one, it’d be these dweebs.


Cuddle Drabbles Part 26

Word Count: 318

Warnings: None

Summary: Just more disgustingly cute domestic floof.

A/N: Just one more part after this, you guys! I’m so sad to see this go! :( you all have been so kind!! <3 Tomorrow, 11 am central time!

[Cuddle Drabble Masterlist]

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“Buck, did you fart?”


“Okay.” you sighed deeply, nestling into Bucky’s side. A foul odor accosted your nose, and you let out a disgusted noise. “Augh! Bucky!” you smushed your face into his ribcage. “Dude, that is rank!”

He laughed and apologized, kissing whatever part of you he could reach. When you felt like it was safe, you looked up at him accusingly. “Dude, that’s how you know you’re in it for the long haul. You never woulda done that when we first met.”

“I didn’t think it was gonna be that bad.” He answered honestly, causing you to laugh at his sheepish smile.

“That makes me wonder how many times you’ve done that, now. I feel like I should shame you or something.”

“You’re so childish, doll.”

“You only think so because you’re ancient.”

“Ancient, huh?” He sits up to straddle you, and you automatically cross your arms over your sides protectively.

You know what’s about to happen. “Oh, God, no! Buck–I’m sorry!” His fingers brush over your sides, down your neck and collarbone, anywhere he can reach. You’re a squirming, screaming mess below him. Bucky loves your laugh. It’s like a drug to him. He stops suddenly and you sigh in relief just before he crashes his lips to yours. You laugh into the kiss and chase after his lips when he pulls away. You slot your mouth against his and jerk your arms to your side when you feel his hands come to wrap around you. When you deem that you’re safe, you wind your arms around his neck and kiss Bucky fiercely.

He breaks away and presses his forehead to yours, breathing harshly against your mouth. When you open your eyes, those clear blue orbs are already gazing so lovingly into your soul. “You know I’m gonna marry you one day, right?”

Smiling, you place a sweet kiss to his lips. “You’d better.”

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When I see Hanni*gram posts with quotes Hannibal said about/to Clarice

When I see posts about that shit version of Will being Hannibal’s soulmate
When I pretty much see any post about the tv show Hannibal

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k so I know it's not really your thing but picture this: sansan cinderella au where instead of it being who you think it is, sansa's the prince(ss) and sandor's cinderella and it's a mask that fits his face to cover his burns



god I can’t possibly do it as it deserves rn but

have a snippet you totally seduced me I might expand on it when I don’t have an exam looming on friday because this really has merit

Sansa sighs deeply and takes a look at the hall again, and at the endless faces that look too much like Joffrey Baratheon for her to actually pretend that she wants to dance with them.

To think that once upon a time if her father said that he’d hold a ball for her hand she’d have felt like the protagonist of a song and she’d have jumped at the chance. But that was before her engagement to Joffrey, who did look like a true knight and like a prince out of a tale and who instead had turned out to be everything but, and before she came back North after he pretty much discarded her for Margaery Tyrell out of thin air. Maybe if Father hadn’t died falling off a horse in King’s Landing he might not have -

But there’s no use crying over it. She did enough of that, after all.

Robb did understand the situation. He spent three years and so deflecting every marriage proposal he received for her hand, and Sansa loves him for it, truly, but then he came to her looking like he was devastated and said that given the political situation it wasn’t something he could postpone anymore.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “but I have about twenty bannermen who came with an offer and if I keep on refusing they’ll take it as a slight. And with Father gone - I just - I’m not in the position to tell them no much longer.”

Sansa had understood - Robb is barely eighteen and it’s already a feat he’s managed to keep everything under control since he was fifteen. And he did look truly devastated.

“However,” Robb had said, “I convinced them to make a compromise.”

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