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Guess What's Showing Up In Our Shellfish? One Word: Plastics
Scientists predict that plastic in the ocean will eventually outweigh the fish there. Where is it all coming from? And is it making our food unsafe? Researchers are trying to find the answers.

Really terrible. And the problem will only worsen bc there’s so much plastic in the ocean, and much of it hasn’t degraded yet. When it does, it’ll be easier for it to get caught up in the food chain, basically poisoning everything.


On the plus side, The Ocean Cleanup Project is testing it’s next phase prototype now. With any luck, they’ll start making a dent in that problem in the next few years.

But what we really need is more research and regulation. Good thing our current commander in chief recognizes the importance of this… *facepalm*

// im really sorry for my absence – to put it lightly, i’ve been a really bad depressive slump for the past two weeks. combined with other events, i’ve barely had the motivation to do to class, let alone do anything else– i cant enjoy my hobbies right now. the rhythm games, the otome games, even just talking on discord–all of it takes such a huge toll on me that it’s just not enjoyable for me. i know i should see a therapist or a doctor, but put simply, that’s not possible right now.

so this blog is on an official semi-hiatus until i can get my life back together. i’m really sorry, and i hope everyone can forgive me, but i understand if you unfollow.


ladies meme → [1/5] ladies of comedy
      Monica Geller

So saw my doctor today to see what this lump is about and my doctor saying it might be a cyst wHich I really hope it’s not cuz this shit is on my fACE

Half my face is like swollen now and it’s starting to itch. Idk what it could be, every asks if I hit my face somehow but honestly idk about that.

And I still gotta see my doctor for my diabetes today and hoping I at least get some good news there cuz I’m lacking in faith already

Ice Cream

Characters: JinxReader
Length: 3023 words
Genre: Fluff
Comments: Merry Christmas, beautiful people! I hope this time of year is filled with love and joy whether you celebrate something or not! I love you all

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The hot air blasting from the ACs in the ceiling made your skin tight and dry, and you could feel sweat stains forming under your arms. With December’s frosty grip on the city, the department store you worked part-time at tried to combat the cold by turning the crowded floors into regular saunas, and you could see men in suits and heavy coats wiping their faces with cotton hand towels, and teenagers ripping off their down jackets as soon as they walked through the entrance doors.

You were working on the first floor in the jewelry section; not that you knew much about stones and carat. Most days, you liked to stray over into the makeup and perfume section to gain inspiration for your personal shopping, but with Christmas day being tomorrow, you were tied to your post by groups of blabbering housewives and guilt-ridden husbands.

The holidays reminded you every year that you really did not want a career in retail.

You stole a glance at your watch. Part of you was relieved that your shift would be over in ten minutes, the other part was already panicking about the assignments and reports that were due over the next few weeks, and just thinking about that made a sigh escape your lips. On the plus side, you thought, you didn’t have anyone to spend Christmas with anyway, so you might as well spend the holiday doing homework.

You had no idea why people would ever describe Christmas as magical.

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Give Into Me: XX

I woke up the next morning tangled up in the sheets, Nate still sleeping next to me. And as much as I would have loved to stay in bed and cuddle, I needed a shower. I promised my mom we would go out to lunch today, me her and Kendall.

So I got out of bed and picked up the clothes from last night and got in Nate’s drawer to find a bra and panties to put on when I heard a raspy voiced Nate.

“damn ma. now this is definitely a sight I don’t mind waking up to.” he laughed, causing me to turn around.

“morning babe.” I smiled.

“what’re you doing?” he asked as I walked over to him and kissed his lips briefly.

“I was just gonna shower. You wanna join me?” I asked, looking into his eyes.

“what kinda question is that” he laughed.

“okay” I smiled, leaning down to press my lips to his, running my hand above the sheet, up along his thigh and then palming him through the sheet where there had been a little tent in before. “maybe I can help you out with that.” I whispered in his ear before turning and heading into the bathroom and turning on the water.

Climbing in the shower I was soon joined with Nate.

“mmmmm damn baby. you look good.” he groaned, wrapping his arms around me and sucking on my neck, causing me to let out a little moan.


“fuck Nate, harder.” I moaned out as I was bent over in the shower, Nate having a hard grip on my hips and pounding into me from behind me.

I was close, clenching around Nate and earning a loud moan to come out from Nate.

“fuck babe, do that again” his voice raspy. And when he slammed into me again I clenched around him, lunging forward though from how hard he was going.

It wasn’t long before I was screaming Nate’s name as I came, Nate pulling out and pumping himself, his load shooting onto my back.

I stood up breathless, turning in Nate’s arms and placing a lazy kiss on his lips.

“god” I breathed out earning a little chuckle from him.

“turn around lemme clean you up a bit” he laughed, taking a washcloth and cleaning up my back from his cum, finishing up, I turned around to face him again, just admiring him.

“alright, as much as I enjoy the sight of you with water all over your sexy ass, you got lunch with your mom and Kendall today.” Nate muttered as his hands traced up and down my sides.

“I know.” I sigh, turning off the shower “plus you’ve gotta get to the studio.”

“yeah, but I’ll see you tonight babe.” he smiled.

“yeah. I might stop by the studio later, if you’re okay with that?” I asked as I had a towel wrapped around me.

“of course babe. I love when you come see me in the studio.” he smiled, a towel hanging low on his hips.


“I’m so happy you and Nate are finally together.” my mom said as we were out to lunch, Kendall humming in agreement.

“if you ask me, you shouldn’t have dated Jack at all and just dated Nate to begin with.” Kendall spoke.

“I agree with Kendall. It seems to me it’s always been you and Nate. For heavens sake you guys have been inseparable for what seems like ever.” my mom smiled.

“I think Jack was just a new thing. I think you really weren’t aware of your feelings for Nate, and he was oblivious to his feelings for you, but I think that all changed once you and Jack started dating and then the shittier Jack was towards you the more you realized it was Nate all along.” Kendall nodded cockily.

“I mean…I’ve never felt this way with someone before.”

“You’re in love.” my mom spoke.

“mom, we’ve only been together 3 months.”

“oh please. It’s so obvious you’re in love with him. and he’s completely head over heels for you honey. My goodness, he looks at you like John looks at Kendall, and you look at him like she looks at John and they’ve been together how long now? 5 or 6 years. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with him…when you know, you know.” my mom preached, her years of experience with love and heartbreak adding to her wisdom.

I didn’t reply, I just smiled and a little blush came to my face as I looked down and played around with the remaining food on my plate.

My mom and Kendall slipped into a conversation shortly after that, and we went about the rest of our lunch just making a few small conversations.

After we were finished, my mom left, heading off to the grocery store for a cookout next week, and Kendall and I headed towards the studio.


Walking into the studio I was hit with a cloud of smoke. Walking into the room further I saw Nate and John sitting on the couch along with Sammy and Stassie.

“hey babe.” John greeted Kendall, her walking up to him and squeezing in next to him.

Nate got up and walked to me, kissing me briefly, Stassie squealing a bit since ‘she’s always shipped us’ and was so happy we were actually together.

“are you gonna do that every time?” I laughed, sitting next to her as Nate headed into the booth with Sammy.

“no” she smiled. “I’m just so happy you guys are finally together. I honestly love you two together. Jack was an ass.” 

“yeah. I know.” I laugh, sitting back and watching the boys in the booth.

After they finished we all just kinda hung out and talked. It was on the ride home that Nate kinda took me by surprise.

“hey babe.”

“hmm?” I asked, playing with his hand that was locked with mine.

“you know I’ve never felt like this about anyone before right?”

“yeah” I smiled, bringing his hand up to my lips and placing a delicate kiss on his knuckles. “I’ve never cared about someone as much as I care about you.” I muttered.

“I care about you so much Audrey, you have no idea. You mean the world to me, and I hate that I the world doesn’t get to know that…” he trailed.


“I wanna tell the fans. I mean if that’s okay with you. I know we wanted to keep it lowkey for a while in case anything happened, but I don’t see us ever not being together. I’ll be dammed if I lose you.”

“so you wanna go public?” I asked, just to clarify.

“damn right baby. I want everyone to know how much you mean to me, and how happy you make me. and I don’t wanna have to worry about trying to control myself around you out in public now. I want everyone to know that Audrey Swift was the girl that got Nate Maloley to finally cuff.” 

“okay” I smiled, leaning over to kiss Nate, just getting the corner of his lips so he could focus on the road.


When we got home Nate and I cuddled and watched some movies, and then eventually we posted a picture on instagram basically confirming that we were together.

laying around in Nate’s bed when we got home just making small talk more than anything. Nate’s hand tracing shapes on my thigh.

“Audrey.” he muttered after a minute of silence.

“hmm?” I hummed, turning to look at him.

“you’re the best damn thing that’s happened to me.” he muttered, nuzzling into me a bit more, and closing his eyes.

It wasn’t long before Nate had fell asleep, and I was still up on my 7th episode of prison break when my phone went off. Finding it strange that someone would be texting me at 2 in the morning, I groaned and grabbed my phone, shocked at who it was.

Texting back, the conversation took a turn for something I didn’t expect at all.

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Anna trying to reenact the "spiderman kiss"

“Anna, I’m fairly sure this is a bad idea.”

“But it’s not! It’s the best ever!”

“Anna, it’s the worst you’ve ever had.”

But Anna remained stubborn and oblivious as she dragged Elsa along the pier. Here was the cherry tree under which they had first met, a few years ago, and Anna meant for it to be their special place.

“Elsa, please, it’s our one-year anniversary. We have to do something unique.”

“I told you I wanted to take you out to dinner and buy you something pretty. No need for you to break your neck.”

“You can take me to dinner after this.”

They reached the tree and Anna immediately began to fire instructions.

“Alright, so you are going to stand here,” she positioned her wife. “No, a bit more to the right. Perfect! And then I will climb over here and then hang down this thing.”

“Anna, please.”

“What, would you like to be the one hanging down, then? We can do that.”

“I would like you to be sensible for one time in your life. We’re in public. That tree doesn’t look safe. And we’re dangerously close to the water and you know I don’t like water.”

“I taught you to swim, Elsa, if anything happens you’ll be fine. And who cares if there’s anyone around us, I want everyone to see what a pretty wife I have.”

Anna began climbing up the tree, while Elsa’s worried eyes followed her every move.

“Love, are you sure that branch can hold the weight?”

“Who you callin’ fat, huh?”

“No one, no one, but that branch looks weak and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“None of that. I know what I’m doing and this baby will hold, I’ve climbed it before. There we go. Step back, Els, I’m going down!”

Elsa jumped in surprise as Anna released herself. The redhead was still holding on to the branch with the back of her knees, but everything else was hanging down, positioned exactly to be lip-level with her wife. The blonde cocked her head to the side, amused; this new view of Anna’s freckles was as startling as it was beautiful.

“See?” Anna grinned smugly. “Nothing to fear.”

She cradled Elsa’s head tenderly and smiled. The blonde couldn’t help smiling back. And, even before the redhead could make a move, Elsa had claimed her mouth.

She began to giggle at the feeling –though she had certainly kissed Anna in a hundred different ways, nothing had ever felt quite like this. Anna’s tongue was playful, also getting used to the new position and the new universe of ways to kiss her wife. Elsa’s fingers laced carefully through Anna’s upside down hair and stroked her cheek. It was perfect. So much for superheroes and superwives…

Halfway through the kiss, however, Elsa felt Anna fumbling with something. Inside Elsa’s own clothes. Though at first she thought her wife was simply trying to get to second base at the worst of moments, she soon realized it was something much worse. God, who did I marry? For Anna had actually been looking for Elsa’s phone, and she finally found it after a few seconds of blind searching and, fine, perhaps lingering a tad too long around her waist.

One hand held Elsa firmly against her lips, and with another Anna managed to get into the phone’s camera. Such a moment could not possibly go by without something to capture it forever. She opened her eyes briefly, just to make sure she was logging into the right app. Once she had checked it was the right distance and it wasn’t out of focus, Anna closed her eyes again and got back into the kiss to get just the perfect shot.

But it was too late. She’d been on the branch for too long, and twisting around it while looking for the phone had only made it worse. Anna didn’t hear the creaking in time to climb off, or to warn Elsa. With a snap crack, the branch broke and Anna fell.

The impulse threw her right on top of Elsa. The blonde tried to catch her, while Anna tried to push the branch away so it wouldn’t hit either of them… effectively dragging both into the water.

They splashed loudly and headfirst. Both began to kick frantically to get back to the surface, smashing each other in the process. Finally, Elsa made it out into the pier and pulled Anna along.

“Aaaahhh! Anna!” she gasped.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m wet!”

“But alive?”

“I hope so!”

They rested on the wooden surface to catch their breaths and recover. When she had first fallen off the tree Anna had let go of the phone, so to Elsa’s enormous relief it hadn’t gotten wet along with them. Once she had made sure Anna had no broken bones or major injuries Elsa allowed herself to reprimand her.

“Anna…!” she whimpered.

“I’m so sorry, Els. I really wanted this to work.”

Anna’s pout and the way she looked down revealed how embarrased she truly was. Elsa hugged her, mussed her hair, and kissed her cheek.

“Don’t worry, love, I know you meant well.” She wringed her hair and sighed. “On the plus side, this is definitely an anniversary I’ll never forget. Once we’re dry, may I please take you to dinner like a normal person?”

Anna finally smiled. She kissed Elsa’s lips and nipped at her earlobe. “And on the plus-er side… I did manage to get the shot.”

Designated Sexpot

This is a story from a year ago, when I met up with a friend—henceforth to be referred to as Coofy—for lunch. I’ve known this girl since childhood and we try to get together every week or so for a marathon bitch-fest at Panera.

Last year, she moved into an apartment with two other people: a guy and a girl. The guy is inessential (as most men are—ba boom) but the girl—we’ll call her Footish—is the subject of this post.

Footish pays her rent by doing sex work on the internet. She mainly sends pictures of her feet to paying customers, or has designated times for video shows of her feet…being feet? Hence, Footish. I don’t really get it, but it pays the bills.Viva la feet.

Coofy and I vented about terrible roommates over mac and cheese for hours.There were the usual roommate problems—no one does dishes, there’s garbage and laundry piled all over the place, Footish comes into Coofy’s room without knocking.

There was also a non-standard roommate problem: Footish decided her brother’s ex-girlfriend (Homeless) could live in their apartment indefinitely while she got back on her feet.

Coofy put down her spoon and looked at me, suddenly shy behind her glasses.

“Jen.” She began.




She sighed. “You know how Footish does sex work? Videos and stuff?”

I confirmed that I remembered Footish’s unique career choice.

“Well, she decided to make a video with Homeless to bring in some extra money.”

“A foot video? Like four feet at once?” I asked, already marveling at the sheer number of toes fanning out on-screen.

“No. Not feet. Like, lesbian dominatrix porn.”

“Please go on!”

“So they decided to do this video, to try and get Homeless some money to get back on her feet. Footish wanted to use her dildo—a silicone dildo—on Homeless in this video.”

“Sounds like par for the course to me.”

“Right. Makes sense. But she had previously used this same dildo on her boyfriend. You know…in his ass.”



“There’s the issue.”

“Not quite! Footish is smart enough to know she had to clean it—really sanitize it—before using it on Homeless. So she decided to boil it.”

“I’ve heard that works, I think?“ I offered.

“Yeah, it does. It’s a legitimate way of cleaning it. But you see, we only have three pots in the apartment…”

“Oh God.”

“One,” she gestured with her hands, making a small circle, “is really tiny. Basically useless.”


“Another,” she mercilessly continued, “is medium-sized, good for some pasta for like one person.”


“The third one—”

Was just right?!

“The third one,” she plowed on, “is big. Big enough that we use it to make a lot of pasta, you know, for everyone.”


“She boiled the dildo—”


“In the big pot—”

“Tell me you threw it away!”

“And then she made dinner in it. And didn’t tell us about the dildo.”

By now I had slid halfway off my chair, shrinking in terror, clutching the table.


“And we ate it.”

Nooooooooooooo!” I covered my eyes, trying to unsee the image of ass-pasta going into unsuspecting mouths, in what was possibly the most indirect ass-to-mouth incident of all time.

“YES. I know. She told me about it later and when I flipped out, she said it was sterile.”

“Not the pot!”

“Not the pot,” Coofy confirmed, with the same haunted expression on her face as when she told me Goosebumps stories on the playground as kids.

At this point all I could do was moan feebly. “Nnng. Hrrg. Mph.”

“Yeah. I told her there was residue. It sanitizes the dildo but not the pot! Now we can never eat out of it again.”

“But it’s already too late!” I said, in another echo of horror stories and sleepovers past.

Coofy nodded solemnly. “I’m glad you’re as freaked out about it as I am. She didn’t care at all.”

“Like, if anything,” I ventured, “you should have a pot specifically for boiling sex toys.”

“Exactly! Not the one you use for food!”

No, you absolutely need to have a designated sexpot.”

“Thank you!” Coofy sighed.

“On the plus side, Designated Sexpot would make a great name for a band.”

On an unrelated note, the power went out on-campus today about half an hour before my lecture (there was a serious accident down the road, as we found out later — no one got hurt, but they blew a transformer). 

I was sitting around with one of my colleagues by the emergency lights, just kind of drumming my heels.

“Do you need a computer for your lecture?” said colleague asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. Why would I need a computer for a presentation on determining website credibility. *sigh* I don’t know what the fuck I’m gonna do.” 

“Well, on the plus side, you can just move them all down towards the front and have them talk about Star Wars. Extra credit for arguing in favor of Kylo Ren’s redemption arc. *laughter*”


“…oh my God, you’re totally going to make them do that, aren’t you.” 

“… … …maybe.” 

(They ended up sending us all home for safety reasons but it would be critical analysis okay it would be relevant to the course)