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Listen if we get to see what haruka is doing after graduation, I hope it’s one or all three of the following:

-OLYMPICS for Christ’s sake


Hannibal Season 1 Episode 1: Apéritif 

I shoot Mrs. Marlow expertly through the neck. This is not a fatal wound. The bullet misses every artery. She is paralyzed before it leaves her body. Which doesn’t mean she can’t feel pain. It just means she can’t do anything about it. This is my design.


                     “ Do not push me, Faye. I mean it. ” 
“ Do you wanna try that again, ‘cuz I didn’t quite buy it. Did you? ”

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can u do one where josh is away on tour but ty calls u because josh is sad and u liek drive out or something to make sure he's ok? thnaks love ur writing <33


You groaned as your alarm went off on the bed side table.  You slung your arm over lazily, sitting up.  You really needed to start going to bed earlier-

Your eyes narrowed in on the clock as it read half past two.  

Your alarm wasn’t set to go off for five more hours.

Then you saw the name flashing across your screen.  Why the hell was Josh calling you this late?  Your throat tightened as you answered cautiously.  

“Hello?” your voice was raw from sleeping.  

No one responds, and at first you think he’s just pocket-dialed you, but then you hear the choppy breathe and your heart immediately sinks.

“Josh?” you say softly.

“I’m sorry-“ he chokes, his voice a whisper. “I know it’s late, I didn’t mean to wake you up, but-“ he sighs heavily, “It won’t stop, Y/N.  It won’t go away.”

You sit up, full panic because you knew.  

“Breathe“ you say immediately.  

You hear Josh inhale sharply, but his exhale is interrupted by a sob.

“I can’t,” he hiccups, “Y/N, I can’t breathe-“

Tears are immediately falling down your cheeks.  Your chest aches for him.  You wanted to hold him, tell him it would be okay.  You longed to stroke his hair, press his forehead against yours, cry with him until he fell asleep.

But you were hours away.  They’d be home in three days.  You wished he could’ve held off until then.  

You bit your lip sharply, trying to think of something you could say to make it all stop.  

“You can, Josh.  Just breathe, you can do it,” you instructed.  

You contradict yourself and hold your own breath, as you listen to him through the line.  

Josh finally gets his breathing under control before sighing, “It’s getting bad, Y/N.  I can’t make it stop.”

You squeezed your eyes shut and try to make your voice sound normal.  “I know,” it’s deep and unnatural sounding, “I know, it’ll be okay though.  It’ll all be fine, I promise.”

“Hey, Y/N?”

“Yeah?” you ask.

“Thank you,” Josh breathes.

You smile slightly.  “Anything for you.”

Josh finally falls asleep around 3.  You only hang up after his breathing has steadied and you know he’s resting peacefully.  

Even with that comfort, you can’t sleep yourself.  Your stomach is in knots just thinking of him being in so much pain, so far away.  You hurt the rest of the night for him.

The day drags.  You’re a walking zombie, exhausted and mentally so far away from reality.  You sigh in relief when four o’clock comes and you’re finally free to head home.  You imagine your bed.  Cozy and warm and ready to be slept in.  You’d skip dinner.  You didn’t even care.  All you needed was sleep.

You pulled your phone out as you walked to your car.  

You narrowed your eyes in on the four missed calls from Tyler, all within the hour.  


Your tired eyes suddenly didn’t feel so heavy.  

You dialed him back quickly.

“Ty?” you say as soon as he picks up.

“Y/N,” he says urgently.

“What’s up?” your voice was full of worry.  

“It’s Josh-He’s freaking out.”

“What do you mean “freaking out”?”

“Won’t come out of his bunk- says he doesn’t want to perform anymore.  He said it’s too much, said he can’t do it- I don’t know what to do, Y/N, he’s really freaking me out-”

“I’m on my way,” you blurt out, not thinking twice.  


“I’m on my way, I can get there in like three hours, okay?”

“Y/N, are you sure?” Tyler asks.

“Yeah, he needs me, I’m coming.”

You didn’t bother stopping at home first.  That would only delay you all the more.  Instead, you filled up your gas tank and made a straight shot to Detroit, navigating the venue with your GPS.

When you were about half an hour away, you called Tyler up again, reminding him to let security know you were coming.  He said he would, before giving you a quick update on Josh.  He still hadn’t left the bus.  You cringed just imagining how much pain he was in.  

You pressed down harder on the gas pedal.  

Finally, you found yourself pulling into the already-crowded venue.  It was seven o’clock, the show should be starting in an hour.  You doubted that would be happening, though.  

Security stopped you, of course.

“It’s important-“ you protested.  

“I need to see a pass,” the man stated.

“I don’t have a pass,” you whined, pulling your phone out.  You dialed Tyler quickly.  “I’m with the band!” you said desperately, before realizing how cliche that sounded.  

“Y/N, where are you?” Tyler answered quickly.

“Come get me, security won’t let me through,” you said impatiently.

“Damnit,” he groaned, “I’m on my way.”

Sure enough, moments later, Tyler’s clambering off the tour bus and waving you through.

“Good?” you asked the man.  

He nodded, clearly still surveying the whole situation.  

You didn’t stick around for him to change his mind.  Instead, you bolted towards the tour bus.  

“Where is he?” you asked, brushing a loose strand of hair out of your face.

“He’s on the couch out back.  Pulled the curtain, he keeps yelling at anyone that tries to go in.”

You nod, cautiously making your way onto the bus.  You see the dark curtain drawn and pause.  Maybe Josh wanted to be alone.  Maybe he’ll find it super invasive that you drove all this way.  Maybe he doesn’t want you here.  

You swallow your insecurities and slowly pull the fabric around so you can fit through.

Your heart sinks when you see him, curled up on the couch, his back facing you.  His head is resting on the leather, his arms crossed tightly across his body.  

You walk over instantly, wanting nothing more than to cradle him against your chest like a child and rock all his pain away.  But you hesitate.

Josh hears your footsteps and groans.  “Go away,”

“Please don’t make me drive all the way home this soon,” you say quietly.  

Josh’s head snaps to the side upon hearing your voice.

“Y/N,” is all he says.  

“Hey Josh,” you whisper back.

“What’re you doing here?”

“Ty called me,” you explained, “said you were having a hard time.”

He nods slowly, his puffy red eyes never leaving yours.  

“Why didn’t you call me again?”

“Didn’t want to bother you,” he says quietly.

“You could never bother me,” you say, “it’s physically impossible.”

His face scrunched suddenly and his eyes start to glisten with tears.

You break the gap between you immediately, folding into his side on the couch and wrapping your arms around him.  Josh instantly hugs you back, clinging to you like his life depended on it.  A few tears turned into heavy sobs and you couldn’t do anything but hold him.  

Your stomach hurt, hearing his cries and knowing that you couldn’t take the pain away.  You rested your chin on his shoulder, stroking his back softly and whispering in his ear.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here.  I’m right here.”

“Make it stop-“ Josh says.  His voice was all blubbery and full of pain.  

You squeezed your eyes shut, wishing more than anything that you could.  

But you couldn’t, so you sat with it, listening to the broken sounds of a broken boy.  

After Josh’s sobs had finally subsided, he pulled back slightly, “I’m so sorry-“ he hiccuped.  

“No-‘ you protested, “No it’s okay, you’re allowed to feel all this, it’s okay-“

He’s shaking his head and wiping his eyes, clearly embarrassed, “I can’t do it- I can’t play tonight, I’m sorry.”

You nod, “That’s okay, Josh. I’ll tell Tyler.  You don’t have to play tonight.”

He nods slowly, letting out a sigh of relief.  His head falls back against the couch and he closes his eyes.  

“I’m gonna go tell him,” you whisper, getting up and leaving the room.

Tyler is waiting outside the tour bus, chewing furiously on his nails.

“What happened?” he asks immediately jumping towards you.

“He can’t play tonight,” you state.  

“What?” Tyler asks in disbelief.  He’s clearly distressed.  “What about the show?”

“Ty-“ you say, “He’s not okay right now.  His mental health is way more important than this show.”

Tyler sighs, closing his eyes, tilting his head back and nodding.  “You’re right,” he finally says.  “I’ll go take care of it.  You stay with him, yeah?”

You nod, “Of course.”

Josh is in a deep sleep by the time you’re back.  His chin is nuzzled against the crook of his shoulder, his neck bent and looking like it might be sore in the morning if he stayed in that position too long.  You sigh a breath of relief though, because at last, his face looks peaceful.  

A couple of hours later, you hear movement from the couch, so you look up.

Josh’s eyes are opened and he’s staring at you.

“Hey,” he mumbles, his voice deep.

“Hi,” you say back, putting down your notebook.

“What time is it?” he asks groggily.

“Half past nine.”

Josh squeezes his eyes shut again, sighing, and sounding frustrated.  

“I can’t believe I missed a show.”

Your face softens and you stand up, making your way over to the couch.  Josh sits up, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands before you sit beside him.

You let your head fall softly on his shoulder.

“It’s more important that you take care of yourself,” you say.

He nods.  “I know.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” his voice slightly breaks on the last word.  

“Nothing, Josh.  Nothing.  We’re gonna get you help, it’s all going to be okay.”

He grabs your hand then, intertwining your fingers and squeezing slightly.  

“Thank you.”

You smile softly to yourself, squeezing his hand tightly back.  “Anything for you.”


what are you doing? waiting for you.
- [you’re still here with me, and my heart is right there in that coffin with you.]

Tom Holland x Reader

This is not a request:

Prompt: Reader is long-time best friends with Zendaya and meets Tom. She doesn’t really know much about him because she was never one for movies/films. But Tom makes a fool of himself due to him being a nervous wreck.

“How was filming? I was stuck at home taking care of the monsters.” I huffed while speaking to my best friend in the entire world, Zendaya Coleman. By monsters, I meant my younger siblings.

“It was great, you’re going to love everybody, they’re really chill.” She smirked as we spoke in a hotel room. I purchased the room for three days because I wanted to visit Zendaya and take a look around New York, they were attending a premiere for the film Zendaya was in. I don’t watch too many movies because I’m usually busy with work or taking care of my siblings if my mom is busy at work. Zendaya felt that I needed a break so she told me to come down and watch the movie premiere with her and just visit like we used to do.

“If they’re as dorky as you are, I’m sure I’ll love them almost as much as I love you…but you’re quite a dork, not sure how anyone can be on your level.” She scoffed and nudged my shoulder. We both laughed and I picked up a chip before eating it.

“I miss your family.” She sighed with a tired face. “I miss your dad’s wonderful cooking, and your mom showing me baby pictures of you, you’re family is so amazing.” Zendaya smiled as we both agreed, I missed having her around the house most nights. Ever since she started acting at a young age we kept our friendship strong, but it was difficult at times when I was always stuck at home and she was out there making films and having fun. It was lonely at times, but she always included me as much as she could.

“Yeah, they miss you so much, as well.” I nodded and leaned back against my pillow. “Meet any cute guys?” I yawned while tying the chip bag up and placing it on the bedside table.

“No one could ever take my attention from your beauty, my dear friend.” I laughed as I readjusted my ponytail, we always complimented each other in that comedic tone. We were practically sisters. “Let’s get some sleep, tomorrow is a big day, Loser.” I threw a pillow at her face and rushed under the covers before she could hit me back. Giggles escaped my lips as I felt a soft impact from the pillow she threw at my blanket covered state.

“Shut the lights off, goodnight, Dork.” I spoke from under the blankets and laid down comfortably with my head deep into my soft pillow.


“You’re going to wear that?” Zendaya rose an eyebrow at my attire. I looked down at my outfit in question.

“What’s wrong with it? It’s extremely cold outside and it’s like six in the morning. Why are we meeting them at six in the morning, anyways?” My eyebrows furrowed, I was wearing sweatpants and a soft, comfy sweater. I laughed to myself as I looked at my converse, they stuck out from my entire outfit.

“We have a couple of interviews today and I figured you’d dress up a little bit sense you’re meeting the cast.” She smiled.

“I’ll be fine in this, they’re just people, Z.” I shrugged with a laugh as I pulled my hair into a bun. “Should I be nervous…?”

“Of course you shouldn’t be nervous, you look cute like always, let’s go.” She opened the door for me. Zendaya wore dark pants with a shirt and a jacket. Her boots looked warmer than my shoes. “They should be at the interview a few minutes before us.” I nodded and followed her to her car. I didn’t feel as nervous as I should feel, it felt more like excitement in hopes that I’d be able to make more friends.

“Are you sure it’s okay with what I’m wearing? I don’t look too sloppy?” I pulled at my sweats. I began feeling that my outfit wasn’t up to par. I sat in the passenger seat and drummed my fingers on the door handle.

“Yeah, sorry about my comment, you look good in literally anything, don’t worry about it. You can make a trash bag look like a million dollar dress.” She winked and caused me to let out a laugh in response. “Please don’t go around wearing a trash bag.”

“Aww, man, there goes my Friday night plans!” She drove to the destination and I began thinking of the worst case scenarios in my head. What if they think I’m a slob? What if they think I’m a loser because I don’t make as much money as they do? I mean, I’m only (Your age), I’ve still got time to figure my life out. But what if they just don’t even talk to me?

“Stop stressing, you’re doing that thing again, breathe (Y/N).” I looked down to see my hands shaking, it was something I did when my anxiety became too much. I’ve had it since I was younger, but Zendaya was the only one who noticed it and made it her mission to help me through it. “We’re almost there. Honestly, (Y/N), you’re amazing. You don’t need to be nervous or anxious. I’ll let you in on a little secret, from how much I talk about you to them, they’re the ones who are nervous to meet you.” I rolled my eyes because she was probably making that statement up in her mind. “I’m serious!” She scoffed while parking in a lot near a tall building. “You’ll see, this is going to be great.” Her smirk made me raise an eyebrow in suspicion to her words. “Let’s go, Dork.”

“Whatever, Loser.” I muttered under my breath and stepped out of the car.

“What did you say, Missy?” She snapped jokingly. Zendaya pulled her phone out and held it to her ear after dialing a number. “Hey, yeah, I’m here. Yes, I brought her with me. No, you can’t, don’t ask her that. Because then you’re going to scare her off. You don’t ask people that when you first meet them, Jacob. Whatever, we’re coming up.” She laughed and ended the call. “You ready to be greeted by some of the most strangest people alive?” 

“You are so over exaggerating, Z. They can’t be much weirder than you.” She let out a loud laugh as we stood in an elevator. My stomach began feeling queasy no matter how hard I tried to calm my nerves down.

“You have no idea how weird they are.” We arrived on the fifth floor and I allowed her to lead the way. I breathed deeply in further attempt to push the nerves away. “You ready?” I nodded slowly with a nervous smile on my face. “We have arrived!” Zendaya made a dramatic entrance as I meekly stood next to her. “This is the lovely ray of sunshine, (Y/N).” There were a few people who I recognised from Zendaya’s Instagram account, and there were other workers running around and getting things done.

“Oh my gosh, Hi! I have been dying to meet you!” A girl exclaimed with dark brown hair and tan skin. “I’m Laura! You are so cute, I can never get my hair in a bun like that.”

“Th-Thank you, Your lipstick color really suits you, what color is that?” I pushed my nerves away while trying to ignore the stares and murmurs from people around me.

“Burgundy, I can lend it to you, I love the color. How was the flight? Must have been tiring.” She ad a really warm smile and it made me feel calmer around her than before.

“It was okay, New York is so gorgeous, I’m excited to explore.” I smiled.

“They’re calling you, Laur.” Zendaya pointed to people with suits on. 

“It was so wonderful meeting you, I can’t wait to learn more about you.” She rushed off and left me to be pulled by Zendaya to greet another person.

“This is-” Zendaya started to speak, but she was cut off.

“Batalon…Jacob Batalon.” A guy with a buttoned up shirt and khaki shorts smirked, causing me to giggle at his expression. “Are you single?”

“I told you not to ask her that, Jacob.” Zendaya pinched the bridge of her nose in disappointment.

“What? I was curious…Can you blame me? Look at her!” He gestured to my awkward stance.

“Leave her alone, she is mine.” Zendaya jokingly warned, I laughed and shook my head with a blush forming on my cheeks. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and set her chin on top of my head. I used to be taller than her…when we were seven. 

“Z…” I whined in her grasp, I’m sure my cheeks were turning a deeper shade of pink. She laughed and guided me to greet more people.

“Jacob, stop harassing my Love.” The nickname she gave me made me feel like my face was on fire. I wanted to pull my sweater over my face and hide my red cheeks, but I couldn’t. “This is the dork I was telling you about, and that’s Harrison.” 

“I-I- uh-…” A boy with brown curls and kind eyes stuttered. I did the first thing that came to mind and pulled him into a hug. It was a little awkward because he was taller than me and Zendaya continued to hold my shoulders. “Uh- oh- um…” She finally released my shoulders so I could hug hi correctly.

“You know…a hug usually works both ways.” I giggled and was about to pull away, but he shakily wrapped his arms around me with a nervous laugh. “Nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N)”

“I-I know.” He nodded as we pulled away from the hug. “I’m Thomas, Tom, I mean, hi, I’m Tom.” He held his hand out and I shook it. 

“I’m Harrison, his assistant and best friend.” A boy a little taller than Tom grinned and pulled me into a hug. “Nice sweater.” He complimented and pulled away from the hug.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“Alright, since you’ve all met her, I’m taking her to hang out in my room until the interview begins. Bye dorks.” Zendaya waved and pulled me away. I looked back at Tom’s innocent expression, he had a small smile on his face and gently rose his hand to wave to my retreating figure.

“Nice meeting you! Bye…” I said with a smile.


I Hope You Remember Me

Steve Rogers x Reader

Avengers-XMen crossover

Genre: Family, Angst
Rated: Everyone
Warning: Swearing, kidnapping, angst

The Avengers couldn’t cope with your kidnapping 5 years ago. They had yurned their backs for just a minute and then you were gone. But there was one person who couldn’t cope. Your boyfriend Steve. He kicked himself over and over, cried himself into a panic attack, and started ignoring the world around him. It was like Peggy all over again. However, the Avengers didn’t know that the X-Men had saved you when you were impaled and had your skull cracked open. You lost your memories of the Avengers, bits of your family moments, and where you used to live. Charles Xavier had carried you himself to the jet, Logan trained you, and Raven comforted you when you cried in grief for your past life. Fast-forward 5 years, in Berlin Germany. The Avengers were called into a mission. The only catch was the X-men had to help. So when the Avengers saw you in the old black suit and conversing with Erik and Charles, they dropped everything. Charles turned towards them and Steve whispered staring at you.
You turned towards the Captain and got a confused look on your face.
“Who are you? How do you know my first name?”
Steve felt a lump form in his throat and Charles sighed, looked at you and stated.
“Miss (L/n)…I need yo show you something. Mr. Rogers, would you mind letting me show (y/n) your memories of her? Perhaps all of you?”
The Avengers nodded furiously and Steve nodded. You asked, looking at Charles.
“Charles, what do they have to do with my past?”
Charles stated.
Charles put two fingers to his temple and you gasped when you saw your life play out. It seemed like hours but it was only five minutes later when you came back to reality and hugged Steve tightly.
“Steven…oh my god, I’m sorry.”
Steve held you to him like a baby and cried. The X Men and Avengers watched with smiles on their face with the exception of Logan, who looked like an asshole who had something crawl up his ass and die.