Question for all you lovely writers on the Yacht

How do you back up your files? Do you use a USB drive? Or stick em in the cloud? Or an online storage thing? How much space have you used for fics?

The dummy that’s never backed up her files and is now sincerely regretting it.

Hm… This is difficult for me to respond to. Cause I don’t want to offend anyone. (And also idk if you even ship KD or CS, or none of them at all?)

But I see a huge difference, since it is two completely different relationships. Yeol is a friend and bandmate to Soo, while Nini is smth a lot more. I don’t have any issues with CS, they’re friends. But you can tell that Soo acts in a different way with Nini, than he does with Yeol.

There’s been several occasions where some of them have teased Soo, and Nini doesn’t tease him the way the others do. He doesn’t go as far. And on the rare occasions that he does, he often doesn’t get any retaliation back from Soo. But if Yeol messes with Soo, you can almost always guarantee that Soo will get his revenge. But when it’s Nini, he will just throw him a glance or even laugh and smile.

Soo dotes on a lot of them, and idk if it’s cause i’m obviously biased af, but I find that he takes care of Nini a lot more?? He looks out for him a lot more. Like he wants to protect him, be there for him. I’ve talked about this many times, but KD always has each other’s backs. They’re always there to assist the other in time of need. Their bond is very special and deep. Chemistry wise it’s also different, I never sense a romantic vibe from CS, since they’re friends so *shrugs* idk anon..

Like idk what to tell you…… Again, I don’t want to offend anyone. And I don’t like comparing his relationship with Nini to his relationship with Yeol, cause it’s two ENTIRELY different things??? So idk what to tell ya bruh.. sorry :/

  • Johnny Depp: *works voluntary for the Make a wish foundation*
  • *visits sick children in hospitals*
  • *donates millions to charity*
  • *works for free as a favor for friends*
  • *helps his friends and family in any way he can*
  • *is super sweet and generous with his fans*
  • *stands up for lgbt+ rights*
  • *has helped countless of people with his work*
  • *gets accused of something, it doesn't get proven and charges are dropped*
  • social media: omg he is pure evil, why do people still support him??????