Two weeks ago I got my 3 month depo lupron shot. PURE HELL. Hell on earth. Hell in an injection. I can’t even tell if I have pain anymore because my side effects are out of control.
1. Crazy ass mood swings. When I say crazy… I mean completely fucking PSYCHOTIC. I wouldn’t consider it mood swings actually. I either hate everything/bursting into tears or nothing. I’ve literally pushed every person close to me away.
2. Hot/cold flashes. One minute I’m stripped down to my underwear in my house and the next I’m shivering with a hoodie and beanie on. This happens every few minutes. So I’m constantly taking off/putting on clothes.
3. Stomach issues. Nausea/vomiting. So far I’ve thrown up 5 days in a row. Have hardly has anything to eat in a week. (could be the metformin I am on but I’ll blame the lupron).
4. Sleeping like shit. You’ll go to sleep and wake up and not think you slept. I usually wake up with my entire body stiff and in pain.
5. Losing your damn mind. This one is the most fun side effect. For instance, I got into the shower with my socks on and put my sandals in the washing machine. I usually forget where I left my things such as keys/purse but that’s probably just because I’m bat shit crazy.
5. Calling the on call doctor. Yesterday I called the after hours line and cried to the on call doc… Told her I was most definitely confident that the world was ending that night and I didn’t want to die that way. She told me the world wasn’t over and gave me some new meds.
6. Add back hormone therapy. A complete MUST. The above listed side effects are what you get while taking the add back hormones. Imagine what it would be like without them.

Let this be the last depo lupron horror story you read. Let this post make your decision to NOT take the drug. I put off taking it for years and thought the side effects couldn’t be that bad. I was horribly WRONG. Seriously, save yourself.


January 20, 1997

Kip is a fourteen-year-old boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He was adequately groomed and casually dressed in a green sweatshirt, black corduroy pants and a black leather jacket. He was oriented as to person, place and time with no evidence of delusional thinking or other thought disorder symptoms. His attention and concentration were adequate for interview purposes. His speech was logical, coherent and goal-directed He was initially sullen but became more cooperative as the interview progressed. He became tearful when discussing his relationship with his father. He reported his mother views him as a “good kid with some bad habits” while his father sees him as “a bad kid with bad habits.” He feels his father expects the worst from him and was not supportive of counseling because of the expense and his belief that it will not be helpful. Kip reported he often feels angry but does not know why he feels this emotion. Kip reported he makes explosives from gasoline and other household items and detonates them at a nearby quarry to vent feelings of anger. He denies intent to harm people or property. If he has a “bad day” at school, he feels better after detonating an explosive. I cautioned Kip that gasoline is very dangerous and advised he not use it for such purposes. When asked with whom he can talk about personal issues he identified his friends and, to a lesser degree, his mother. He cannot discuss his feelings with his father for fear he will become angry with him. He feels he has little in common with his parents and finds talking to them difficult. He is receptive to ongoing therapy. Occasionally tearful when discussing his relationship with his father. Kip is very angry and vents this anger by antisocial acting-out and detonating explosives. He is at risk for accidentally harming himself or others with explosives. He is also high risk for continued antisocial behavior. He is angry toward his father whom he regards as very critical of him and has inadequate strategies for venting this anger. A See in one week with a focus on appropriate strategies for managing anger and improving communication between Kip and his parents.

January 27, 1997

Good week. Temper under good control. Bill making a strong effort to be more positive with Kip and they had a good talk yesterday. No further use of explosives or playing with weapons. Feels less angry and is pleased with his father’s efforts. Less angry and less depressed. See in three weeks.

February 26, 1997

Faith reports Kip is doing very well. Kip is feeling less angry and recently achieved a 104% in math class. He met with Dr. Crumbley this morning who assigned thirty-two hours of community service will require he write an apology letter to owner of car he hit with a rock and pay for damage to car ($50.00). No prosecution planned though, if he is arrested within six months, he will be prosecuted for this event and the rock throwing Faith feels Bill is making an effort to be more positive with Kip though he sometimes continues to add a negative comment after praising Kip. Kip predicts he will be able to stay out of trouble in the future. He is not practicing specific techniques for managing anger Suggested he consider riding his bike, running, shooting baskets or tearing old magazines(old phone books or newspapers) when angry.  Good effort by Kip to manage anger. He continues to feel depressed several days per week but denies suicidal ideation.

April 30, 1997

Kip and Faith in. Kip angry and upset about two suspensions in the past week. Last week he was suspended for two days for kicking a peer in the head after this boy has shoved him. Kip is angry that the other boy, who started the altercation, was not punished. Yesterday, Kip was suspended for three days for throwing a pencil at another boy. The teacher, Mr. Boom, saw this as an assault, therefore the three-day suspension. Both Kip and Faith have questions about how these incidents were handled by school personnel. Recommended parents consult with school officials, perhaps  Mr. Nelson, to inform them of how much progress Kip has made and show them the excellent grades and positive teacher comments from this past term. Kip may have overreacted but feels unfairly treated by school officials. It is important he feels supported by his parents and that school personnel acknowledge his improved behavior and performance.

June 02, 1997

Behavior under good control but his mother is concerned he seems too cynical and disinterested in participating in Summer camps. His father continues to make a strong effort to reach-out to Kip and to be positive with him. Discussion with Faith about possible use of antidepressants. She agrees Kip is having ongoing difficulty with depression symptoms and is receptive to considering a trial of an antidepressant. Kip reports, “Eating is like a chore.” He complains that food doesn’t taste good. He often feels bored and in irritable. He feels tired upon awakening most mornings. He reports there is nothing to which he is looking forward. He denies suicidal ideation, intent or plan of action.

June 18, 1997

PROBLEM: Depression. DATA: Dr. Geisler started him on Prozac 20 mg. A.M. twelve days ago. He is sleeping better and there have been no temper outbursts. Kip is taking the Prozac as prescribed and reports no side-effects. His father is making a good effort to spend time with him and Kip is pleased with this change. ASSESSMENT: Kip appears less depressed though it is certainly too early to assess the usefulness of the Prozac. PLAN: See in three weeks.

July 09, 1997

PROBLEM: Depression. DATA: Faith in with Kip. He missed two days of Prozac while camping with friends but is generally taking it as prescribed. She reports he is less irritable and generally in a better mood with no temper outbursts. His energy remains low but he is sleeping well and his appetite is normal. He is getting long well with his parents and his father continues to make efforts to spend time with him. ASSESSMENT: Kip appears less depressed and is generally doing well. PLAN: See in three weeks.

July 30, 1997

PROBLEM: Depression. DATA: Kip continues to do well. He is taking Prozac 20 mg. A.M. daily with no sideeffects. He does not appear depressed and denies depression symptoms. His mother reports his moods have generally been quite good. He recently returned from a family reunion in San Diego and was very well behaved and seemed to have a good time.

[FF Rec] Hawaii five 0

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Foxy Danno - Series

Autor: klutzy34

Fandom: Hawaii Five 0

Like a Fox

Main Characters: Danny Williams & Steve McGarret

Word Count:  52.741

Warnings:  -

Tags: Shifter!Danny, Team as Family, series of ficlets

Complete: no 

Whumpee: Danny Williams

Whump: insecurities about revealing, painful changing, grazing shot, kidnapped, changing against will, [poisoned by silver, fever - chapter 24] 


  • ❤: 2/5
  • 🔪: 1/5
  • ★ : 4/5

Summary: A year before Danny moved to Hawaii, an attack on a stakeout gone wrong left him with one hell of a secret: he’s a werefox.For six years, he managed to keep the secret from everyone until an attempt on Steve’s life required him to shift and out himself to his partner and best friend. A series of ficlets about the Five-0 team and their Jersey werefox.


Main Characters: Danny Williams x Steve McGarret (just really mentioned in the epilogue)

Word Count: 34.967

Warnings: Graphic Depiction of Violence

Tags: Shifter!Danny, Team as Family, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence,  Supernatural Elements, Shifters

Complete: yes

Whumpee: Danny Williams

Whump: kidnapped, trapped in fox form, captivity, torture, forced to fight, hurt paws, shaffing collar, painfull shift, emotional whump, unable to talk, being taken again, almost getting clawed to death, 


  • ❤: 5/5
  • 🔪: 5/5
  • ★ : 5/5

Summary: AU for Like A Fox.Steve McGarrett thought his life might get a little calmer once he established Five-0 and settled in one place for the first time in years. Instead, he becomes wrapped up in the mystery of a missing detective when he acquires a skittish fox shadow and makes friends with a little girl looking for her father.An investigation into human smuggling left werefox Danny Williams stuck furry and on four legs. Now free of his captors, he’s stuck figuring out how to get back to the life he once had while trying to figure out what it is about his old partner’s new boss that keeps drawing him in.


I LOVE shifter fanfiction. Unfortunately there aren’t nearly enough of those out there. Here are two of the ones I really like. The first one isn’t very whumpy and the format of short ficlets doesn’t give much room for a lot of exploration of the whump or the aftercare. It’s still worth reading though. 
In extreme contrast to the first one, is the second one, which started out as an AU, same universe, different setting, different plot, different everything. It’s not just an AU from it’s own story, but also from H50 itself. After starting his life in Hawaii as a police officer with HPD, Danny gets kidnapped and forced to fight in an illegal fighting ring, because of his powers. During the raid he escapes and has to find his own way back home. Unable to turn back to human form he puts his trust into one certain, but unknown to him, H50 Commander. 

The story is mostly about him recovering, finding himself again, trusting again and overcoming the effects of months of torture and manipulation. He doesn’t just have to fight with his own insecurites and temporary “disabilities” but he also has to fight against his own fox!instincts and against people from outside, who want revenge or who don’t think he can make his own decisions anymore. 

monsterbookworm  asked:

What ace attorney character has changed the most and least due to translations?

The series has a TON of characters, so this is a quite difficult question. Allow me to limit myself to the recurring main characters:

Honestly, Phoenix is the most unchanged. His speech doesn’t have any sort of odd quirks that would have been hard to translate, so, aside from tweaking his snark a little to preserve the effect in English, most of his lines are straight-up translations.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Trucy. 

Her character in Japanese was entirely based around the fact that she has a “Stage Persona” which she almost never breaks, not even in private. You see, despite Trucy being a High School Student, her dialogue in Japanese has several qualities usually associated with veeeery young girls in Anime: She uses her own name to refer to herself (which is the equivalent of speaking in third person, albeit in Japanese this doesn’t come off as creepy as it would in English), she uses very simple sentences made up mostly of Hiragana and Katakana, with very few Kanji… Basically, her speech can be described as “Adorably childish”. However, you can also tell, that this isn’t her really being immature as much as just a conscious choice of hers, since whenever she starts talking Magic, the number of Kanji-words and professional language in her dialogue increases drastically, and when a situation is more serious, she’ll sometimes (though very rarely) use “Watashi” instead of her own name. 

By the way, Apollo’s nickname, “Polly” is entirely an invention of the English version. In the Japanese version, Trucy always, rather politely, refers to Apollo as “Odoroki-san”, which is more akin to “Mr. Justice”, and tends to speak in polite Desu-Masu forms with him. This makes sense, since she first meets Apollo as an “Audience Member” to a trick of hers, and he’s a lot older than her and doesn’t stand in any closer relationship, so in a Japanese context, it’s only natural that Trucy, even in her cutesy-Persona, would be polite to him by default. Still, in English it would seem odd for a character who’s clearly teasing another to do said teasing while using polite forms, so this aspect of Trucy’s character was omitted in the English version, which had the unfortunate sideeffect of making her a bit less distinct from Maya.

(By the way, Apollo suffered from details like this being omitted as well: In Japanese, he uses a lot of Teenage Boy slang and refers to himself as “Ore”, which makes his speech sound a lot more aggressive and less down-to-earth than Phoenix’. Since that didn’t really carry over in the translation, Apollo sounds a lot more similar to Phoenix than he should in the translation.)

[Manga Rec] Tokyo Babylon | X/1999

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Tokyo Babylon (Prequel of 2 characters)

Author: CLAMP

Volume Count:  5

Warnings: -

Tags: spiritual fantasy, ghosts, japanese culture

Complete: yes

Whumpee: Subaru Sumeragi


  • Volume 1: dizzyness, unconscious,
  • Volume 2: exhaustion as sideeffect of work,hit by Kamaitachi, unconscious, emotional whump
  • Volume 3: unconscious, emotional whump
  • Volume 4: flu, sliced with knife, emotional whump
  • Volume 5: emotional whump(!), broken arm, beaten up, (probably) punctured lung,


  • ❤: 3/5
  • 🔪: 1/5
  • ★ : 5/5

Summary: Tokyo. The cultural and economic hub of the Eastern world. Not unlike the legendary city of Babylon, its man-made tower stretches toward the heavens … a symbol of its people’s ambition and their indomitable spirit. Nowhere on Earth will you find such vanity … or such beauty.
This is my home.
My name is Sumeragi Subaru, and I hunt the dead. Then I return them to peace. No matter where my work leads me, I suspect I’ll never leave Tokyo in spirit. But then again, it seems so few people do these days …

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lmao perfect, so you guys know, Tumblr decided (probably as a sideeffect of an update, I refuse to believe it’s an actual update) to cut the activity page so that it doesn’t load too much. 

As a result I can’t see the notes in the activity bellow the cut

If you tagged me or replied to one of my post and that I don’t react, it’s most likely that it’s because tumblr doesn’t allow me to load my activity further, i’m sorry :/

penny222000  asked:

Ok but arin comforting Dan after having a v v bad nightmare, one where Dan couldnt get arins soul back & hes just clutching arins fur so tightly, head buried in his chest, trying to ground himself w the feeling of arins warmth & heartbeat & that hes there and a live & now sinking at the bottom of the ocean. & arin just softly telling him hes there, hes ok, & petting his head. Im sorry, I just really love angst+fluff bc Im a bad egg. I might draw it once I figure out how to draw cat arin qwq

Before i continue, i wanna give you props for going through sO MUCH of my blog; i was at work and it said i had 50+ notifications in an hour. And im like, from who?!!😂😂 And im right there w you; angst/fluff, hurt/comfort is honestly my favorite genre(?), its honestly so rewarding in the end aaaa

But yes, imagine they go to bed, Danny as a human and Arin transformed (its cold!). Its nice and calm, but a few hours later, Arin yelps, jolted out of his sleep with his fur practically ripped off of his chest, skin caught in a vicelike deathgrip. Normally he would be fucking l i v i d bc dUDE thats like my fucking hair how would you like it if I pulled YOUR hair?? But Danny is staring right through him, hyperventilating and shaking, cheeks slightly damp w fresh tears and Arin instantly tries to go into Overprotective Mom Mode™

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randomnessandfantasy  asked:

Kimura's medicine's able to revive Kirigiri.

Passing the Fourth Time Limit

Four people fell unconscious and only three of them woke up.

Kirigiri was the excepteion. She was doomed to never wake up after the fourth time limit passed. She knew this for a fact ever since she had first checked her NG code. There was just no way for her to circumvent her forbidden rule nor did she want to even try. That’s why she had long accepted that no matter what, her forbidden rule would be triggered. It was also part of her hopes to have it triggered in the first place because that would mean Naegi’s survival.

It was precisely because she had calmly accepted her situation that she was able to think through it. She took precautionary measures in the event that she did pass away. She investigated and wrote everything down in a notebook that might assist the rest of the survivors.

And she also took a gamble in trying to bypass the code. Cure W.

There’s no guarantee that she’d survive with this medicine, she’s not even completely sure of what its sideeffects were, but it was a risk she was willing to take. After all, she had nothing to lose and she only had her life to regain.

So she held onto this hope.

Sobs filled her senses as she slowly regained consciousness. Her body felt heavy and at the same time it felt like nothing at all. To be specific, she had lost all feeling from her whole left side. She tried to open her eyes but only her right eye complied. It seemed that the medicine had saved her. However, it was only half of her.

But half was still better than none at all.

“Kirigiri!” Cried Naegi’s blurry face.

“Kyouko!” Shouted Asahina from out of her vision.

And it’s only when two of her most precious friends embrace her that she could confirm without a doubt that she survived. She was still with them. She was alive. Despite losing all feeling from her left side, it didn’t diminish the feeling of relief that washed over her. She felt very much alive in this moment and not even the aftereffects of the poison could take that away from her.

For the fourth time limit, four people fell unconscious in a room and exactly four people woke up.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about a Love Live! Heroes AU? like Maki has telepathy, Nico has Rapid cell regeneration, Nozomi Telekinesis, Eli Pyrokinesis , Rin Super Speed, Honoka Space-time manipulation , Umi Enhanced strength, Kotori Invisibility, Hanayo Phasing. All of them are trying to keep their secret from coming out, though Maki accidentally hears Nico's thoughts and witnesses her popping her arm back in place right after jumping off the school roof after school.

Oh man, Heroes AUs are my favourite things, I just love them so much. There’s so much room for drama, not even just between the couples but as a group. 

I love the idea of Nico having rapid cell regeneration and testing it’s extent. I think that when Maki eventually found out about Nico’s powers and what she was doing to herself she would just hate it. I think the best part of anyone having powers is the possible side-effects of them so I guess Nico’s would be like…she has little sensitivity to pain but she has little sensitivity to everything else too. Oooh maybe she could like find some way to make herself feel as much as everyone else, like I don’t know a drug or something, and it works but the only bad thing is she really feels the pain when she does things like jumping off roofs. I can only imagine that Maki would be devastated about what Nico is doing to herself. 

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anonymous asked:

I was really motivated at the beginning of the semester and I got a few very good grades. Last few days I had a one week break. I haven't been able to study much and I lost all of my motivation. Today has been my fisrt day back and I srewed it up completely. How should I get back on the right track?

Ah, the big bad motivator.. I think a lot of us has reached that point where nothing really is happening in terms of exams and finals, and finding the inspiration and motivation to actually just put down the work can be really hard. Motivation is hard in it´s self, considering how individual it is. But the good thing about this does also mean that it is hundreds of way of finding that motivation, and you still have a lot to try out. These are some tips of what I have figured to be my keys to motivation.

  1. Do not beat yourself up over lack of motivation. I can not stress this enough. Being angry with yourself for underachieving is not going to solve anything. The grades that have happened are in the past, and you can not change them. So dust it off, and know: you can always start a new page.
  2. Attach yourself. Find something that you can nourish and grow, conected with studying. Something you have to stick to. My best advice is to find yourself a hobby in planning, and make it personal. Fill it with quotes, pictures and things that matter to you. Make it as cliche as it has to be: just stick with it. Let this mark the start of a new beginning. 
  3. Ask for help. A lot of students are struggling with motivation, and think that fatigue and lack of drive is a sideeffect on this. Unfortunately that is often wrong. If you are finding yourself in hopelessness and lack of motivation - seek help. Talk with your professors, advisor and nurse. Do not hide away and drown in despair. 
  4. Nutrition, sleep, water and work out. It is no secret that the stated factors effect your personal life and studying quality. Student life can be such an hectic atmosphere to be in, and do not let that drain you. Being mentally and physically drained, in lack of energy, will effect your profit. Do not let it.
  5. New study techniques and supplies. A lot of what effect our motivation is the sense of feeling like you are continuously walking in the same old paths. Try something new! Google goal sheets or studyplans, and buy some new stationary to make it exciting. Always award yourself when you have reached a goal. Put down the effort to change. 
  6. Use your social network. Use your teachers, family and friends for what they are there for! Make them a part of your study regime. Ask your friend or family if then can help you remind yourself to study, if then can hear you out on new information and give you constructive critic. Communicate with your teacher, engage in your subject. Use the resources you have at hand. They are there to help you fight through this.

Best of luck!

haha wow i, rendered an oc of mine into a gemsona, wOW! besides the point!! she’s a red diamond, her gem is located on the surface of her right hand,, however, she hides the fact its lightly cracked beneath a glove along with obscuring the area of concentraction where most of its sideeffects reside,, underneath the veil of hair covering an eye,/

her weapon is a boomerang that doubles as an interchangeable sickle, scythe sorta thing//

here are some answered questions i get really often:

1. how old are you? - i’m turning 18 in a month (june the 21)

2. for how long you’ve been vegan? - for two years now

3. why did you decided to become vegan? and what are the reasons? - i met my boyfriend like two years ago and he was already living a vegan lifestlye. i ate meat and diary products and someday he said i could watch earthlings. 3 days later i started to cut out animal products and about 2 weeks later i completely stopped eating them. i’ve done a lot of researches and watched films and videos about factory farming etc and i was really shocked and cried and just don’t wanted to eat animal products anymore. i also learned a lot about the health benefits and this was like a nice sideeffect which is really important to me!

4. did you lost weight? - no, i was really underweight before turning vegan, so i gained, but it tooks me a longer time than it would be with animal products i think. but i know, if i had turned vegan 4 years ago when i was a bit heavier and some sizes bigger i had lost weight because i was only eating fast food and unhealthy things and too much at all (really).

5. do you eat unhealthy things sometimes? - YES I DO! i have a dessert everyday which isn’t healthy at all. i need it because i absolutely have a sweet thooth and i’m the biggest fan of chocolate ever. i often eat vegan cakes or chocolatebars or icecream for dessert :) i’m also eating outside like once a week, which means i’m eating what i’m craving (a pizza, or vegan schnitzel with potaoes or asian food etc)

6. i want to turn vegan, but don’t know what to eat/cook/care for, do you have any tips? - start cooking on your own. make grocery shopping lists and plan what to eat. look for vegan restaurants around you and eat there with friends or family. cook with friends or family, look for recipes online or buy a vegan cookbook of your choice. DON’T just eat veggies and fruit if you’re not living the 80/10/10 lifestyle. you need nutritions. try out tofu, seitan, vegan cheese, beans, grains, dairyfree milk etc. be sure to get enough vitamin b12. it’s really important and one of the only vitamins you REALLY have to care for in a vegan lifestyle. i had a lack of it after a half year of being vegan and experienced a lot of symptoms like being all day exhausted, sleeping more than 12 hours a night, depression, headache, numb arms/feet/legs. some people don’t have problems with b12, but i always would make blood tests to check it.

7. i eat a lot of fruit, is it bad or i eat a lot of nutbutters and nuts, is it bad? - to be honest, i don’t know. everyone says too much of everything isn’t healthy but i’m eating a lot of both of them everyday! beside my breakfast i ALWAYS have half a litre fresh smoothies (only fruit) and i’m eating for lunch or dinner (depends) something with fruit again. like oatmeal with fruit and nutbutters. which means i have nutbutters also 2 times a day, and i always use around 1 or 2 tablespoon for every single meal.

soooo i hope i could help with these answered questions! :) have a nice day everyone, i’m always open for new questions.

Kai (yes my name is really Kai, and yes i’m a girl anyway haha(