To you, who are no longer my captain

Well well, this wasn’t as bad I expected. But I thought we’d at least get some answers or at least HINTS out of Meliodas. But he dodges the question like a pro. What we got instead was more information onm King’s Desaster though, he’s like… a governor or life and death, only that his only skill seems to be making things like illnesses and wounds and whatever even worse. Well, we also saw that with Chastiefol he has some kind of healing ability too. But being able to worsen wounds, that’s one hell of an ability. Especially since in a fight noone comes out unscratched normally. Well, King won’t use this power often probably, just like Ban doesn’t use Snatch to steal his enemies’ strength, even though the battles would get SO much easier if he did. Maybe all those powers have a limit or some sideeffect like that Ban gets sluggish after he’s used his power.

Another thing that’s mentioned is that King doesn’t have wings, even though he’s a fairy. I thought that might be because he’s the fairy king. That fairy kings just don’t have wings for some reason but the other fairy kings indeed had wings, very prominent ones on top of that if you trust Meliodas on that. And Elaine doesn’thave wings either but they still fly…  King was even fast as hell when he competed against Helbram. It seems we still have a lot to learn about King’s past

But… were there really only 3 fairy kings in all…? King obviously, the former king Dahlia and the very first one Gloxinia. There’s also the age thing. In the guide book it was mentioned fairies can get 1300-1500 years old (which means King is really an “old fart”… if he isn’t REALLY a fairy king) Through a question in one of the chapters we learned that fairy kings get older than that though. I don’t know HOW much older but let’s just say they can get 2000 years old and once a king dies another one takes his place. So King became king 1300 years ago, Dahlia became king 3300 years ago and Gloxinia 5300 years ago… Realize something? Meliodas knows ALL of them. Sorry, I’m still hung up about the fact that Galan mentioned demons don’t get older than 1000 years normally. We all thought he was about 3000 years old, which is already VERY old for a demon but now it seems he might be even older? Zeldoris probably is a few hundred years old too and Meliodas is the older one. It’s pretty obvious that Meliodas is not normal but what if he’s something entirely different? He could be the demon king if demon kings live longer than normal demons just like fairy kings live longer than normal fairies. Not sure about that though since that would be too easy, especially after Meliodas said King wouldn’t believe him. It wouldn’t be that easy would it?

Now, they’re interrupted and Meliodas gets his strength back AND IT’S HELLA HUGE. A Goddess Amber that enormous?! And when freed his power spread over the whole sky! And he just took it in as if it was nothing. He doesn’t look that different from normal but there’s no doubt something changed.

And the 10 Commandments felt it too. I guess the one greeting next chapter must be one of the commandments huh?

I’m worried about King too… Sudden pain? Definitely worrying. I guess it has something to do with Meliodas’ Full Counter attack. It didn’t seem to have an effect but I think it DID have an effect after all… If you think about the location of the pain, it could have something to do with his wings.

PS: Concentrated power of darkness, hmmm~ That will find a way in the upcoming chapters for sure!

For the blind oc for the team, I didn’t really know biomes and stuff, so here is an oc based off the Himalayan Mountains . If she’s not good, I’ll make another one. 

Name: Isabelline Frost

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexual Orienation: Demiromantic Homosexual

Aura: Pale Plue

Weapons: Dual Sickles, the blades can turn into pistols. (More to come, this isjust the basic info)

Appearance: She has messy hair that reaches up to her shoulders that she keeps in a messy ponytail. Her eyes are an artic blue and her hair is a pale pastel blue. She’s tall, reaching six feet exactly without her boots on. She has dark skin. She tends to wear gloves to cover her hands since they have so many scars from living in the mountains, training her whole life. 

Personality: She is independent and doesn’t like to socialize, which is a sideeffect from her life of solitude. She isn’t necessarily a cold person. She does have a few people that she enjoys and is quite clingy. She is easily scared, the sounds of a toaster can be enough to scar her. 

Semblance: Frost Bite-She can temporarily slow down people’s movement, as if they were slowly freezing over. She can control up to 5 people at a time, but only for a minute. She can keep one person in this state for ten minutes (but it drains a lot of energy).

She uses Ice Dust the most, since she’s most familiar with ice and is most comfortable in her element. 

She wears goggles to help see in the harsh icy environment but when she goes to beacon (or whatever school to team is at), she wears them on her head because she has no reason to wear them. 

Outfit: Coming soon

I was diagnosed with neuropathy after 8 rounds of chemotherapy in 2004. I have it in both my hands and feet. To this day I take 12 neurontin daily to help with its effects, but I’m still dropping stuff ALL the time! I can’t write for long periods of time. I stumble a lot also. The Dr says, I’m always tripping because I can’t feel my toes, as I walk.

Does anyone else have this problem? Has anything given you any relief? Please chime in.

My life after cancer…… ~ Madame President
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GoKo Fitness über Insulin und die Bauchspeicheldrüse

Wie immer war auch am vergangenen Sonntag ein SideEffect Sunday bei GoKo Fitness. Diesmal wurde das Thema Insulin und die Bauchspeicheldrüse behandelt.


I think it I say it.
Da question dats roamin in my brain right now like HOW? #SideEffects #HangOva


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Young women facing breast cancer know what we’re talking about: chemo brain. The mental cloudiness experienced before, during and after chemotherapy has been a source of worry, jokes and annoyance for most of us. Chemo brain, the mental and cognitive difficulties associated with treatment, is one of the most frustrating side effects of chemotherapy.

Women attribute symptoms like trouble concentrating or multitasking and forgetting details or common words to chemo brain. Some have a subtle, short-lasting experience. For others, it happens immediately and can last a long time. Many fall somewhere in between. Whatever your experience, the tips below can help you cope and continue living well after treatment. As always, talk to your healthcare provider for more information and resources.

Use a daily planner or PDA to keep track of your daily schedule and personal contacts. Keeping “to-do” lists can also help you stay organized and provide reminders.

Regular physical activity not only makes your body stronger, it also decreases tiredness, improves your mood and can make you feel more alert.

Like a physical work out, a positive mental workout like word or math puzzles or a class may help to exercise your brain and keep you more alert.

Get plenty of rest and sleep.

Maintain a healthy diet, including plenty of vegetables and water-based fluids.

Make an effort to focus though it may be difficult. Try to avoid distractions during tasks.

Strive to keep your home and workspaces organized so you can find things in familiar places.

Identify the times, situations and places where you have problems. Journaling or keeping a written record of your memory problems might help you figure out strategies of your own that work even better for you. {youngsurvival.org}

Chemo brain is real! Our lives after breast cancer ! ~ Madame President
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I was just thinking about how valuable cracker packets used to be when I was going through treatments. I was constantly snacking on things like crackers to prevent vomitting or fainting. I still am do so g smashed up cracker packets in the bottom of my purse. Lol