people who say poo = people who think dane cook is funny

people who say poop = the median line, absolutely normal people who like how i met your mother or some other normie show

people who say poopy = puppetmasters of humor culture

my mystic messenger high school AU!

i wanted to share some headcanons from my high school AU with you guys, so please enjoy!


  • instead of the RFA, everyone is in the schools party planning committee
  • PPC
  • they meet every monday right after school
  • school colors are grey and gold
  • school mascot is badger
  • Seven/Yosung were childhood friends and Jeahee/Jumin/Zen were childhood friends and they all squaded up in middle school
  • MC is a sophomore


  • sophomore (second year) :3
  • childhood friends with Seven
  • he’s that guy who will be like “hehe that test was so easy i feel great about it!”
  • when really he got like a D+
  • him and MC have this really cute thing where they will mess up each others hair all the time, it started on the first day of school when they first met
  • doesnt like to drink but he will if he’s at a party but he’s a whiny drunk
  • navy blue jansport backpack with this LOLOL pin on it
  • brings exrta food to school in case MC forgets their lunch
  • i know this is cannon but he actually never stops gaming
  • PC all the way
  • duties for PPC: hiring a caterer


  • senior! (last year)
  • MAJOR theatre kid
  • skips classes all the time to hang out in the theatre
  • lead of almost every show
  • people either are obsessed with him or hate him there is no in-between
  • Jaehee has been his best friend since they were kids
  • ran away from home in middle school and now lives with his bum uncle whos a drunk and a smoker
  • picked up drinking and smoking from his uncle
  • theatre keeps him too busy for a job, so he sells weed to make money but he only smokes cigs
  • only rides a motorcycle because he cant afford a car
  • takes Jaehee to his senior prom as a thank you for supporting him for all those years
  • duties for PPC: hiring a photographer/decorations


  • junior (third year)
  • drum major of the marching band
  • otherwise, clarinet/oboe
  • taking 6 AP classes out of 7 classes total (the one non AP class is her band period)
  • the busiest high schooler you can imagine
  • “no time for boys”
  • Jumin is her step brother
  • he always pushed them around as kids and he just kind of never grew out of it, although he was way meaner when they were little
  • lives with Jumin but they take separate cars to school and she’s not close with his father at all
  • has had a crush on Zen since she was 6 years old
  • but she pretty much just assumes he doesnt have feelings for her and never says anything
  • he doesnt even find out until his senior year of high school
  • hates spirit week but since Seven and her are in the same grade he always forces her into it
  • duties for PPC: book the venue and handle ticket design


  • senior
  • current head of the party planning committee
  • good student
  • popular af even though the only person he can tolerate at school is Jaehee
  • often picked up from school by a driver, but likes to take his own car every once in awhile
  • freshman year he brought Elizabeth 3rd to school in his backpack
  • cause he was like i dont want her to be alone all day
  • but then Jaehee was like “Jumin, do you really think Elizabeth likes coming to high school? not even we like it, dude”
  • and he was like “yea i guess youre right” :(
  • his father always tries to push C&R responsibilities onto him even though he told his father he doesnt want to work until high school is over
  • but when he gets too busy he makes asks Jaehee to do his homework or take care of Elizabeth
  • duties for PPC: shares decoration responsibilities with Zen, orchestrates ticket sales/ticket handling at the actual dance


  • junior
  • always at school, never in class
  • always cuts class in the same abandoned computer room
  • in the storage closet of this room, he moved a bunch of his own personal equipment in and made his own little place he could do hacking from at school
  • drives a fancy ass sports car to school everyday
  • A’s in all his classes even though he never shows up
  • works for google (probably something in tech support but it basically takes up all of his free time)
  • lives alone
  • dont worry, Seven has reasons to push MC away in my AU too
  • (this is also still kind of fuzzy but basically) Seven suffers from depression and it causes him to lash out at people close to him, which is why he decided to leave his family and live alone
  • “i’m dangerous” would be him saying to MC that he’s afraid he’ll lash out at them, so he tries to keep his distance
  • really bad at mario kart
  • really good at all other video games
  • spirit week is so important to this boy
  • he doesnt even know the rules of football but he’ll paint his face and go to every game with Yoosung and just scream “sports” the whole time
  • duties for PPC: anything tech-wise they need, hires a DJ, and no one asks but for every party Seven sets up a photo booth
  • once Seven hired himself as the DJ and i swear everyone thought Jumin was going to actually kill him

  • college frashman
  • forced into expensive out-of-country school by Rika
  • has a lot of student debt because of it
  • works like 6 jobs so he can never call or visit
  • everyone resents him for it cause they dont understand his situation
  • Yoosung hates him because he feels like he let Rika abandon him by going to college in another country
  • calls Seven every once in awhile

Saeran (still developing this tbh)

  • junior
  • resents Seven because when Seven moved away he moved to a better neighborhood
  • so Saeran had to grow up in a poor, sketchy neighborhood by himself
  • probably has grillz of some sort idk
  • his mother wasnt abusive, but she could never hold down a job and got drunk a lot
  • when Seven first moved away Saeran was all weak and got beat up all the time
  • but then he got hard af
  • probably been suspended from school
  • has to work some crappy fast-food job to feed him and his mother
  • and probably pay rent too
  • he’s known where Seven’s living for awhile but never visited him because he didnt want to leave his mother all alone
  • his junior year his mom gets a boyfriend and moves in with him
  • and Saeran as like “where the fuck am i supposed to go”
  • and his mom is like “how about you move in with your rich ass brother”
  • so, feeling once again abandoned but having nowhere else to go, Saeran moves in with Seven halfway through their junior year


  • college freshman
  • ran for student council president when she was a sophomore
  • didnt win and was bitter AF
  • so she blackmailed the student council prez into letting her take over the branch of the student council that planned school dances
  • and thats how she started the PPC
  • went to an out-of-country school and dragged V with her
  • she was all like “i’m sick of this shit town”
  • and V was like “but what about all of our friends?”
  • and she was like “fuck them i need a change of scenery”
  • smh


  • he’s MC’s guidance counselor
  • but the PPC is like tight with him
  • cause Seven, through hacking, found some shit Vanderwood was trying to hide from the principal
  • so to keep Seven quiet he lets the entire PPC cut class in his office whenever they want

thats it for now! still developing some parts a bit. it you have any questions/requests regarding this, please message me! c:


how is lili reinhart homophobic when she’s posted about being proud to be irish because they were the first to have marriage equality and she also tweeted this

she made one comment (the fan fiction one) which i agree was a bit off but she explained herself here. she meant that beronica is fan fiction in the same way that a jughead and veronica relationship would be, in that it is unlikely to happen on the show

people are going too far with the hate, as far as i know she made one comment (which should have never been made) but it has been misinterpreted and all of a sudden she’s a homophobe??????

Royal Rumble Predictions

People who probably won’t win the Rumble due to storyline purposes
-Brock Lesnar
-Triple H
-Seth Rollins
-Big Show

People who it would make sense to win the Rumble
-Sami Zayn
-Finn Balor
-Chris Jericho
-Braun Strowman
-Bray Wyatt

People who I want to win the Rumble and who I’d like them to face at WM

  • Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens or Roman Reigns - The story would be that Finn is reclaiming what he lost due to injury. Finn & KO have history and that could add to this. Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns have a slight bit of history as well. Finn beat Reigns to become #1 contender at SummerSlam to face Seth Rollins for the new Universal title which he won. That would also be a match you’ve only seen once and haven’t seen in a long time.
  • Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens or (heel Roman Reigns) - Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens, enough said. Sami Zayn is a natural underdog baby face. A heel Roman Reigns could be a strong monster threat.
  • Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens - This has been building and building. I’m not sure if the Universal title is necessary for this feud or even winning the Rumble. I think if KO loses the Universal title to Reigns, he should tell Y2J that he deserves to be United States champion because he also won the United States championship when it was a 2v1 handicap match against Reigns.
  • Bray Wyatt vs. AJ Styles - I am pretty confident we’ve never seen this match. I’m also not sure who would be the face or who would be the heel, all I know is, it’ll be good.

I do think someone from RAW is going to win the Rumble because there has been pretty much 0 hype or talk from anyone on Smackdown talking about it aside from Bray but he’s probably going to fight Orton at Wrestlemania anyway.

I haven’t watched NXT in months but I hope to expect 2 out of 3 of either Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, or Tye Dillinger.

I don’t think Undertaker needs to win it even if Cena beats AJ Styles. I prefer Cena not win the title unless it’s at WrestleMania. My personal preference for WrestleMania is AJ Styles © vs. John Cena vs. Undertaker.

I will absolutely be sickened if Roman Reigns wins the Universal title and Braun Strowman wins the Royal Rumble and for WrestleMania, it’s Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman. That would be hot garbage.

Reposting myself because today’s the Royal Rumble

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For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot about the earlier days of the WOY fandom, and we had some pretty good times IMO

  • Shipping characters before the show even properly began
  • Tons of creative ship names (skeleton dance, black eye, wandering eye) for like everything except Sylander
  • Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, Commander Peepers and Emperor Awesome being paired together in an infinite number of combinations
  • The term “star nomad” for Wander’s species (which was actually ascended to canon in season 2)
  • Everyone having star nomad OCs, or star-sonas
  • The rise and fall of Watchdog roleplay blogs (I’m honestly really glad they’re making a comeback)
  • The tragedy of Minnie the watchdog
  • Also everyone freaking out when a watchdog with the same name as her fiance (Teddy) showed up in an episode
  • Like 40 Peepers rp blogs
  • RP/ask blogs for body parts/props of random characters
  • I wish I was joking there were blogs for Sylvia’s mane, Hater’s right arm, Wander’s banjo (which I think people shipped with Hater’s electric guitar?) and Peepers’ helmet. Among others
  • Running jokes about the fandom being unable to handle hiatuses
  • Using the Galactic Greetings postcard maker in ways it was never meant to be used
  • Craig McCracken liking everyone’s fan art
  • Craig McCracken commenting on posts
  • Just Craig being awesome in general
  • People drawing fan art of random smears from the show
  • People drawing Wander as a terrifying, multi-eyed serpent because of this frame (that was on screen for a split second):

(I tried so hard but I couldn’t find any pictures of Wandersnake and I’m honestly not convinced I didn’t hallucinate all of them)

  • Lots of fake episode ideas (most of which were actually really good)
  • My personal favorite will always be “Wander gets a hold of Hater’s gloves and their evil magic starts to take control of him (a la Ice King) so Sylvia and a very whiny and powerless Lord Hater have to talk some sense into him”
  • A bunch of fanart for that premise
  • Everyone predicting Sylvia’s past as a bounty hunter
  • Fanfics of Sylvia having a bunch of older brothers and a dad who basically forced her to learn to fight
  • Surprisingly few origin fanfics for Wander
  • Dark!Wander
  • Wander and Hater role switch AU
  • Wander and Sylvia role switch AU
  • Tons of crossover art (mainly with Gravity Falls)
  • Horrible, horrible eye puns. Everywhere.

That’s all I can think of for now but by all means feel free to add to this (tbh I made this post specifically so I could remind everyone of Wandersnake)


1) clem’s new look. telltale rep says that she’s now in her early teens and also say they are much closer to the current time in the comics. in the comics, around 6 years have passed since the apocalypse began, meaning Clem could be anywhere between 13 to 15 or 16 

i am also VERY VERY pleased to note that telltale has kept her hair ties and her hat and made her skin noticeably darker (twdg s2 drama *ugh*)

2) she’s missing a finger, specifically the ring finger on her left hand (i believe). theories on how this happened: 

a: it varies depending on your ending choice in s2. like, you go to wellington with kenny and something happens there to cause clemmy to lose her finger, or something happens at howe’s to cause clem’s finger to be chopped off, or something happens when clem is alone, blah blah blah

b: clem got bitten and either she or someone else managed to chop off the finger in time for her to not turn. cue sadness over the fact that this wasn’t enough to save lee 

c: something cooler

3) she’s got a new buddy, or perhaps reluctant ally (since the telltale rep said they have common goals or something similar to that), or a new companion: javier, a dude who has not had an easy life according to telltale and that marking on his neck (see below)

javier looks older, definitely not lee age but maybe around (younger) than luke

and most importantly we will also be playing as javier, similar to the game of thrones and tales from the borderlands set up!!!!

4) “that one was marked too…we must be getting close” the walker clem kills has the same mark on its back that javier has on his neck

this reminds me a lot of the wolves in twd show

people who mark up walkers and their own people cant be trusted probably

javier might have escaped from a really bad camp but has to make his way back with clem for some reason (maybe he’s got family in there? who even knows man), maybe he and clem are reluctantly forced together to confront this probably shady place they are heading towards?

5) “just hold on…” GAVE ME CHILLS… i have a feeling we’re all gonna fall in love with javier. 


1) AJ - WHERE THE FUCK IS HE TELLTALE??? maybe that’s why clem is with javier…???? AJ would be around 2-5 years old by now. maybe he got taken, or clem misplaced him, or maybe he is with them, or something 


i am 99% sure we will get resolution in regards to christa. i thought she would be a protagonist alongside clem but they ended up using javier, a completely original character, instead. i have a feeling if/when (i really genuinely believe she will be back. it would be a GREAT cliffhanger to have javier meet her and not realize who she is, or have clem reunite with her when clem and javier are in grave danger) they reintroduce her, it will be just awesome

3) kenny or jane. s2′s multiple endings pretty much assured that neither of them would be main characters. i feel like telltale probably will not start off by telling the player what exactly happened depending on your s2 ending choice - it will slowly be revealed to the player as clem perhaps opens up more to javier/other characters, or through her actions or thoughts or behaviors 

4) other characters besides our 2 playable protagonists

Changing Names, Genders, and Sexualities

people can get a name from a show

people can get a name from a book

people can get a name from a movie

people can change their name as many times as they want

people can change their gender as many times as they want

people can change their sexualities as many times as they want

people can do whatever the fuck they want because its their life, not yours


Now on YouTube!!! Watch Ramin Karimloo on Broadway.com’s ‘ShowPeople’! 

ALSO people said Louis couldn’t sing No Control live

and he killed it every fucking show

People said Louis couldn’t do Zayn’s part in DFWYB

and he killed it every fucking show

Yet people still try and pretend like Louis wouldn’t be able to sing parts live…